Wedding Ring Effect
Rating: PG
Diana deRiggs, Wraith6, PotBelliedPig

They'd sat closer than side-by-side, their heads both peering out of the same tiny portal. They were approaching the planet on the dark side, the distant sun hidden by the black orb looming larger before their view. Nearly everyone on board wanted to see, for the ship's approach would allow then to observe "the wedding ring effect" — the eclipsing planet would allow the bright light of its sun to be viewed as a thin line around its whole disk.

This was breathtaking enough, but today's approach would align a series of tall volcanic sinters with the planets edge, from their approaching viewpoint. The light would be blocked by the planet, but in that one area in the planet's otherwise perfect disk, the light would percolate through, in an effect not unlike a beaded necklace. It was kind of like when an eclipse would happen, dirt-side. As the ship titled upward, the blockage would drop away, allowing the line of light to thicken and glimmer — then burst where one spot on the edge of the planet would allow the light to beam through, into a dazzling round localized ball of luminosity!

There were oohs and ahhs as the light scintillated and played into the darkness of space. "It does look like a wedding ring, with a big corusca gem!" whispered Tahiri. She was referring the piece of jewelry for which many women and girls yearned ...

Without looking down, Anakin pressed an object into her hand and waited patiently, knowing the beautiful sight out the portal would soon end. He found himself holding is breath as Tahiri removed her hand from him, to bring the object up to the periphery of her eyeline.

He knew she'd seen it, because her breath caught in her throat, and then ...

She didn't even turn away from the brilliance beaming through the portal window. But she softly whispered, "Dummy ..."

Twisting his lips toward her cheek, he gave her a dry peck on her cheek. Then, feeling it wasn't enough, he poked his tongue out to lick her, too ...

Without moving her head, she elbowed him hard in the ribs, "Stop, you'll ruin the view." It was a quiet whisper. And she put her hand back over his, letting him know that no other response was forthcoming, nor was it necessary.

Anakin felt the ring on the fourth finger of that hand. He smiled, as they sat, closer than side-by-side, even after the portal had grown dark.

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