Vongformed Jedi, Chapter 4
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Bethany Handcuff

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“Good Jeedai,” Intendant Lah said as she stroked her crotch, causing the implanter to pulse inside her.

Jaina moaned through her gag as she caught her breath from the run. Then she felt Intendant Lah's breath on her ear.

“You've really taken to your training, Jeedai slave,” she told her as she twisted her nipple.

Jaina helplessly moaned again as the sadobug to bit down on her nipple and vibrated.

“I've got to go for now, but I'm sure someone else will be along soon to try out Domain Lah's new Jeedai pet,” Intendant Lah said as she gently bit Jaina's ear. “Until then though, I'm sure the senalak will take care of you.”

Jaina stood blind and restrained as Intendant Lah walked away. After a couple of moments, Jaina thought about assuming the poon ugg position, but decided not to for the time being.

True to Intendant Lah's word, it wasn't even a minute before Jaina heard someone else approach her. Then she felt them flick the sadobug on her right nipple. Jaina moaned in arousal and pain as it bit down and vibrated. She heard the Yuuzhan Vong equivalent of a laugh, from which she deducted that it was a male, then felt him tug on her reins, apparently testing them out.

That caused the spiky protrusions in the gag to come out, and stick painfully into Jaina's mouth and gums. Luckily for her, he was satisfied after testing each of her reins just once. After a tug of her tail, she felt him climb into the vhlor. A moment later, Jaina felt the sting of a sadostaff on her ass, and she was off.

Over the next couple of hours, Jaina was taken out by eight more members of Domain Lah. Most of them only kept her out for five or six minutes. She usually only got a minute or two of rest between runs, although once she felt someone climb into the vhlor as soon as the previous one climbed out. A few had left her in the poon ugg position, but most simply tied her reins to the senalak, and left after flicking her nipples, or pulling on her tail, or slapping her somewhere, or something like that. Jaina was pretty sure that quite a few Yuuzhan Vong stopped by just to do some of those things to her as well.

Finally Jaina was left at the senalak for several minutes on her own. Her last Master had left her in the poon ugg position. After a couple of minutes, Jaina began to wonder if she could get up on her own. Yamtsa Lah hadn't said one way or the other. Every other time someone had come along and told her to duwin, or pulled her reins to get her up.

After another minute or so, Jaina slowly began to climb to her feet. When she reached a crouch, she was suddenly hit with a painful lash around her lower thighs. Jaina screamed in pain through her gag as the whip cut into her. After a split-second, she quickly dropped back down to the poon ugg position, and the whip went away, although the pain lingered. Whatever that was, it wasn't a sadostaff. Since she was blind and gagged, Jaina didn't even know if it was someone that hat whipped her, or some sort of automatic reflex of the senalak or something else nearby. Whatever it was, Jaina knew that she would be staying in the poon ugg position until told otherwise.

Jaina rested on her knees a couple of more minutes, then another member of Domain Lah came by and took her for a run. Almost as soon as she got back from that one she was taken out again. Jaina completed three more runs for various members of Domain Lah. Afterwards, she was resting in the duwin position for her next run when she heard Intendant Lah's familiar voice.

“Having fun, Jeedai?” she asked her.

Jaina grunted in annoyance through her gag. While being restrained, gagged, implanted, and forced to haul around various members of Domain Lah was arousing and submissively satisfying, it wasn't fun—especially after doing it nearly non-stop for so long. Then Jaina felt Intendant Lah opening her blindfold. Jaina squinted her eyes as they adjusted to the light. She had been blindfolded for hours now.

“How are your arms, Jeedai?” Intendant Lah asked as she patted Jaina's upper arm.

Jaina grunted again, this time as a simple response. She had been using the Force to keep the blood flowing in her arms for awhile now. Then Intendant Lah surprised her by releasing her right wrist from her left arm.

“Take a minute to stretch them out,” Intendant Lah said as she released her left wrist from her right bicep cuff.

“Dwi, a'Tsaosk,” Jaina tried to answer obediently through her gag as she flexed her sore arms.

Jaina was more than a little wary of Intendant Lah's sudden kindness. Ever since she and the other Intendants had started domming her and Alema Rar yesterday, this was the first time any of them seemed concerned for her comfort. Jaina also noticed that she wasn't making a move to take off any of her other restraints. Since Intendant Lah wasn't, Jaina obediently didn't try to either.

While she was getting the circulation back into her arms, Jaina surveyed her surroundings. They were in a small courtyard, with a large, greenish, star-shaped damutek nearby. She could see about thirty or forty Yuuzhan Vong buildings around them. Jaina recognized several more damuteks, as well as some smaller whitish grashals and minshals. She also saw a double handful of Yuuzhan Vong walking between some of the buildings.

After nearly a minute, Intendant Lah pressed a bladder to Jaina's mouth, and ordered her to drink. The nozzle of the bladder wriggled between her gag and upper teeth. Jaina obediently began drinking the sweet tasting fluid inside. As she did, she noticed her gag expanding in her mouth a little. As she held the bladder for her, Intendant Lah explained that the gag was absorbing some of the nutrient fluid, and would slowly release it as she bit down on the gag, keeping her hydrated as she ran.

Jaina nodded her head appreciatively as she emptied the bladder. She had felt like the gag had gotten smaller, but she had just figured that she was getting used to it.

“Now, Jeedai, we are going on one more run,” Intendant Lah told her as she began restraining her arms back behind her back again.

Jaina obediently allowed her to cuff each of her wrists to her opposite bicep behind her back, just like they had been before. Next Intendant Lah patted the implanter in her pussy, causing it to flex inside her. Then Jaina watched her take her reins off the senalak, and felt her climb into the vhlor. Jaina let out an inquisitive grunt, reminding her that she had forgot to blindfolded her.

“Since you came here to see Zomana Sekot, I decided to leave off your blindfold this time, Jeedai,” Intendant Lah explained.

A moment later Jaina felt the sadostaff strike her ass, and she took off.

While Jaina appreciated being able to see while she ran, she had to adjust to being able to see where she was going. When she was blindfolded, she had to completely trust whomever was controlling her reins. Since she could see now, she found herself trying to guide the vhlor a bit. Intendant Lah quickly regained control with a few hard lashes of her sadostaff and tugs on her reins though.

Another habit Jaina had to unlearn was trying to look around. The flaps at her temples cut off her vision to either side, but she kept getting glimpse of things, then trying to turn her head to get a better look. Intendant Lah responded by immediately tug back on her opposite rein, making the spikes come out of the gag, and stick the inside of Jaina's mouth. Jaina only made a few distracted glances to the side before she learned to keep her attention firmly where Intendant Lah directed it.

Intendant Lah was definitely keeping her at a slower pace than most of her other runs though. She even let her walk a bit a few times. Jaina also had to learn to ignore various Yuuzhan Vong that passed by. That wasn't much harder than when she was blindfolded.

Thanks to the implanter, bondage, and general submissive nature of pulling her Mistress like a ronkogirl, Jaina's arousal quickly grew to near-orgasmic levels. She wanted to stop and let someone—anyone fuck her—but she wanted to keep running and pulling Intendant Lah too.

After about two hours or so, Intendant Lah stopped her at the grashal where the Yuuzhan Vong had bathed and dommed the Jedi the day before. There was another vhlor there, empty and with no one attached to it. Jaina wondered who had been pulling it. Intendant Lah quickly climbed out of the vhlor Jaina had been pulling, removed the poles from either side of her waist cincher, and led her inside by her reins.

As soon as Jaina stepped through the hatch-sphincter, she felt Tahiri's presence though the Force. Tahiri felt her presence too, and sent her a cheerful greeting, which Jaina promptly returned. A half-second later, Jaina saw her friend as well. Tahiri flashed her a smile, and waved one of her hands, which were cuffed crossed high behind her back like Jaina's. Jaina smiled back as best she could around her gag, and fluttered her fingers in a wave behind her back.

Tahiri was naked except for her brownish-red collar, the cuffs which locked each of her wrists to the opposite bicep, and the matching ankle cuffs they had gotten at the same time. She also had a pair of sadobugs on her nipples, and was still wearing one of the weird heelless boots like Jaina had on. As the hatch-sphincter closed behind her, Jaina watched Intendant Rapuung pull the boot off her.

Intendants Rapuung and Lah exchanged greetings as well, but all Jaina heard was gibberish. Then Intendant Rapuung glanced at Tahiri, and said, “Poon ugg.” Tahiri was down on her knees in a flash, with her head between her thighs. Without even thinking about it, Jaina dropped into the required position almost as fast.

As soon as she knelt, Jaina realized that Intendant Rapuung had been talking to Tahiri. Then she heard both of the Intendants respond with the Yuuzhan Vong equivalent of a laugh.

“Good Jeedai,” Intendant Lah commented. “But we've got to get you naked again for your bath,” she added with a tug on Jaina's reins.

Jaina quickly rose to her feet with embarrassment, and after a moment's thought, didn't assume the duwin position. Since Intendant Lah didn't whip her with her sadostaff, Jaina guessed she had made the right choice. While Tahiri waited in the poon ugg position, Intendant Lah began taking some of the ronkogirl gear off Jaina.

First she removed her harness gag, then the waist-cincher. Jaina worked her jaw to relieve the soreness, and took a few deep breaths for the first time in several hours. Then Intendant Lah reached down and squeezed the base of her tail. Jaina gasped softly as the butt-plug shrank inside her, allowing Intendant Lah to easily pull it out of her ass.

Jaina felt strangely empty without the butt-plug. She flexed her sphincter muscle, and missed her tail brushing against her legs. Before she could think about it anymore though, Intendant Lah began pulling the tentacle-like straps that were attached to the implanter off her. Then she got a grip on the implanter, and yanked it out of her.

Jaina gasped in arousal as the implanter came out. Intendant Lah gave her an evil look—which was basically natural for a Yuuzhan Vong—then pushed the implanter back in, and quickly pulled it back out, causing Jaina to gasp again.

“Don't worry Jeedai,” she said as she slapped her wet pussy. “I'm sure Yamtsa Maal Lah and the rest of Domain Lah will put something in there soon.”

“Dwi, a'Tsaosk,” Jaina answered, grinning in anticipation.

“A'Tsaosk means intimate female superior, while Tsaosk refers to an intimate male superior,” she explained absently as she leaned down to take off Jaina's boots.

Mistress and Master, Jaina mentally translated with a smile. “Dwi, a'Tsaosk,” she replied as she lifted her right foot to give her a'Tsaosk better access to her ronkogirl-girl boot. Then Jaina remembered Tahiri's inside joke tone of voice when she had translated a'Tsaosk the day before, and understood. Intendant Lah was definitely her a'Tsaosk.

“The terms are mostly used by slaves who don't know the Yuuzhan Vong language, or how to read Yuuzhan Vong rank markings,” Intendant Lah said as she took off Jaina's other boot.

“Dwi, a'Tsaosk,” Jaina replied obediently as she carefully set her foot back down, letting her calves adjust to having to stand flat-footed again.

As she did, the hatch-sphincter opened, and Jaina sensed Alema Rar entering. The two of them exchanged quick greetings through the Force, and Jaina felt Tahiri and Alema Rar do the same. Then she glanced towards the blue-skinned Twi'lek.

Alema Rar was in ronkogirl bondage gear as well, and being led in by her reins, held by Intendant Choka. Intendant Choka exchanged greetings with Intendants Rapuung and Lah, then began stripping off Alema Rar's bondage gear.

Meanwhile Intendant Lah flicked the sadobug on Jaina's nipple, and said “Poon ugg, Jeedai,” to her.

Jaina immediately dropped to the appropriate position. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Alema Rar doing the same. Jaina smiled in amusement, and sensed Tahiri's through the Force as well. Apparently Domain Choka had used Alema Rar as a ronkogirl like Domain Lah had with her. Then Jaina heard Intendant Choka say something to Alema Rar—that her tizowyrms translated to gibberish—and watched her scramble back to her feet out of the corner of her eye.

Intendant Choka had taken off Alema Rar's harness gag and waist-cincher before she had dropped to the poon ugg position. As she pulled her butt-plug out of her, Jaina saw that it was blue, perfectly matching the Twi'lek's skin. Suddenly Jaina felt a sadostaff touch the back of her head.

“Eyes down, Jeedai,” Intendant Lah said as she nudged her head with the rigid sadostaff.

“Dwi, a'Tsaosk,” Jaina replied obediently as she locked her eyes on the grashal floor a few centimeters away.

Jaina listened to the sound of Intendant Choka stripping off Alema Rar's bondage gear, while Intendants Rapuung and Lah made a couple of comments. Less than a minute later, the two Intendants ordered Jaina and Tahiri to their feet alongside Alema Rar. All three still had each of their wrists cuffed to the opposite bicep, and they were wearing the ankle cuffs that they had gotten the day before. Jaina and Alema Rar were also wearing their matching collars, while Tahiri was wearing her brownish-red one. A sadobug was attached to each of their nipples.

Next the three Intendants stepped behind them, and began releasing their arms. The freedom was short lived however. As soon as Intendant Lah released her wrists from her opposite biceps, Jaina felt her pull her hands together and attach her wrist cuffs to each other. Jaina stretched out her arms behind her back with relief. She was much more comfortable like this than with her arms bound high behind her back like they had been before. She could probably stay like this all day without any problems.

Once all three Jedi's wrists were secure behind their backs, the Intendants stepped back in front of them and removed the sadobugs from their slaves' nipples. Jaina gasped as the blood flowed back into her sore nipples. She heard Tahiri and Alema Rar do the same, and sensed a mix of pain a pleasure she had gotten familiar with. Jaina wanted to massage her tender nipples, but her hands were still restrained behind her back.

Next the Intendants guided the Jedi into the baths on the floor, and helped them in. Jaina stepped into the thick, reddish-yellow porrh fluid, and sat down. Just like the day before, her skin quickly began tingling, almost painfully. Then Intendant Lah closed the lid over the top of the bath just like the day before. The lids had a half-circle slot in them that closed around their collars, keeping them in place.

Once the Jedi were all secure, the Intendants sat down behind them and began massaging more of the porrh cleansing fluid into their heads. When the Intendants finished that, they put the pinkish-brown disk creatures on the Jedi's faces, and left them soaking in the baths a while.

Jaina reached out to Tahiri and Alema Rar with Force, and felt them reach back to her. The three Jedi relaxed contently, hands bound behind their backs, trapped in Yuuzhan Vong baths, and with strange creatures on their faces.

A while later the Intendants returned, and got the Jedi out of the baths. Yesterday the baths had been followed by the Intendants giving them their jewelry, then the massages. Since they were still wearing their collars and cuffs, Jaina assumed they wouldn't be getting that. She was definitely hoping for another massage though.

Suddenly Intendant Lah was holding a gnullith gag in front of Jaina's face. Without being told, Jaina opened her mouth, and allowed her to push the phallus-shaped gag in. As her a'Tsaosk wrapped the tentacles around her head, Jaina saw Intendants Rapuung and Choka doing the same to Tahiri and Alema Rar.

Once all three Jedi were gagged, the Intendants attached leashes to their collars, and led them out of the grashal. Jaina glanced over at Alema Rar, winked at her and sent her a cheerful goodbye through the Force as they were each being led off in different directions. The blue-skinned Twi'lek replied with her own cheerful farewell, and flick of her lekku as she obediently followed her a'Tsaosk away. Jaina could sense Tahiri's happiness as well, but she didn't seem to be paying any attention to Jaina and Alema Rar.

Jaina knew that this was because Tahiri was very devoted to Domain Rapuung. Jaina was starting to feel the same way towards Domain Lah, and idly wondered just how devoted she would end up towards her Yuuzhan Vong masters before she had to leave in a few days. Then she wondered if she would even want to leave in a few days. Maybe they'll just keep me here, Jaina thought idly. Then she wondered if they would start giving her tattoos and stuff like the Yuuzhan Vong had. Then she wondered why Tahiri didn't have any, since she was obviously so devoted to her Domain Rapuung masters.

A few dozen meters later, Jaina and a'Tsaosk Lah arrived at the same smaller shell-shaped building they had been to the day before. Inside Jaina found three Yuuzhan Vong warriors. Jaina smiled when she saw that they all had the distinctive gash across their faces of Domain Lah. None of their tattoos and scars were as elaborate than Yamtsa Lah's, or those of Warleaders Zhat or Qurang Lah. Intendant Lah handed her leash off to the one that looked to be the highest ranking by Jaina's estimation.

“Have fun, Jeedai,” Intendant Lah told her as she hit her ass with her sadostaff.

“Dwi, a'Tsaosk,” Jaina tried to answer through her gag as Intendant Lah left the shell-looking building.

The three warriors quickly pulled Jaina to the middle of the room, and surrounded her. One of them reached out and began fingering her wet pussy, while another began taking off her gnullith gag. Jaina happily spread her legs apart to give him better access, and pushed her sadobug-clamped breast out towards the other one. Less than a minute later Jaina found herself on a low table-like platform, with one of her Tsaosks in each of her holes.

Jaina spent the rest of the evening being fucked by various members of Domain Lah. She orgasmed at least five or six times herself, but she knew it was more important for her to keep her Masters happy. Eventually they leashed her to the corner of the bed-platform, and left her to sleep. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back, and her ankles were cuffed together with a short tentacle. Her implanter was deep in her pussy, and her gnullith gag was strapped into her mouth.

The next morning, Jaina was awaken by a young and lightly scarred Attendant who introduced herself as Nuaq Domain Lah. Since she was a member of Domain Lah, Jaina happily obeyed her. Nuaq fed Jaina, then changed her back into her ronkogirl bondage. She did leave the blindfold off though. Next Nuaq took her out to the vhlor, and rode her back to Domain Lah's compound. Just like the day before, Jaina spent the morning and early afternoon giving a vhlor ride to any Lah that wanted one. Yamtsa Lah even stopped by to ride her again. Jaina only noticed he was there because he told her how happy he was with her progress. She smiled around her gag, happy to obey her Domain without question.

Several hours later, Attendant Nuaq rode her back to the purification grashal, where they met Tahiri, Alema Rar, and someone from each of their Domains that had brought them. The three Jedi were given baths, then split up to spend the night pleasing members of their Domains again. Jaina didn't feel bored one bit by the routine. She loved pleasing her Domain Lah Masters, enjoyed the relaxing Yuuzhan Vong baths, and even learned to get off on being a helpless ronkogirl. Jaina and Alema Rar had come to visit Tahiri, but she hadn't even been allowed to speak her since the first day. Jaina was enjoying herself too much to care though.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A week later ...

“Bye Riina,” Jaina said as she gave Tahiri a hug.

“Bye Jaina, Alema Rar,” Tahiri replied as she embraced first Jaina, then her Twi'lek friend.

“Maybe next time we can actually visit with you instead of playing ronkogirl all the time,” Alema Rar commented with a smile.

“Or we can be ronkogirls together?” Jaina suggested absently.

Both Tahiri and Alema Rar glanced at her, and shared a brief laugh.

“Let's go, Ronkogirl,” Alema Rar said as she hooked a pair of fingers underneath her collar, and pulled her towards their ship. “Time to get back into the infidel machine and go back to Coruscant.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Authoress's notes: Sorry for the abrupt ending. I realized that this story could go on for quite a bit longer, and I had no good place to end it. Perhaps someday Jaina, Alema Rar, or another Jedi will visit the Yuuzhan Vong again. It would also be a good place for Tahiri to hide after she escaped from prison in the Fate of the Jedi series.

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