Vongformed Jedi, Chapter 3
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Bethany Handcuff

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By the time the various members of Domain Choka finished fucking her, Alema Rar had long since lost track of the time. Eventually she fell asleep gagged, with her hands cuffed behind her back, and her collar leashed to the floor. Someone had put the implanter back in her pussy at some point, and the sadobugs were still firmly in place on her nipples.

“Time to get up, my Jeedai,” Commander Ushk Choka said as he struck her ribs with his sadostaff. “We've got someplace to go.”

Alema Rar tried to smile around her ring gag as she opened her eyes. Getting awoken with a flogging really took her back. She scrambled into the submissive kneeling position she had learned the day before as quickly as she could. She glanced around, and was somewhat disappointed to only see one other set of Yuuzhan Vong legs in the minshal. By the tattoo pattern, she knew they belonged to Intendant Choka.

Commander Choka reached down and removed her leash from the floor, then pulled her to her feet with it. Once Alema Rar was upright, Intendant Choka began changing her restraints.

First she wrapped a fleshy waist-cincher tightly around the Twi'lek's mid-section. It was like a robeskin, except thicker, tighter, and brownish-red. It went from just under Alema Rar's ribcage to just above her hips. Then Intendant Choka helped Alema Rar into a pair of matching knee-high vonduun crab boots. The boots fit snugly, but had a wider part at her ankles that fit over her anklecuffs. Both the waist-cincher and boots tightened once they were on.

The rigid boots held Alema Rar's feet at about the same angle as a pair of fifteen-centimeter heels, but without actual heels. Instead, she pretty much stood on the balls of her feet in the tight boots. The thick soles had the pattern of a ronko or similar beast of burden on the bottom. When Alema Rar noticed this, she had a pretty good idea of how Commander Choka intended to get to wherever it was they were going.

Next Intendant Choka released Alema Rar's wrist and bicep cuffs from each other. Then she pulled Alema Rar's right wrist up and attached the cuff to the bicep cuff on her left upper arm. Intendant Choka promptly repeated the process with her left wristcuff and right bicep cuff, crossing her arms behind her back.

Alema Rar flexed against her restraints in an effort to ease the strain. It wasn't the most stringent bondage she had ever been in, but it was definitely uncomfortable. Still, she knew she would be fine for at least a few hours. It wasn't like she had any choice in the matter anyway. The implanter in her pussy kept flexing and pulsing, helping to keep her hyper-aroused, not that she needed help in that department. How could a girl not be hyper-aroused in tight bondage and with a dominant Master ordering her around?

Once her arms were secure, Intendant Choka pulled Alema Rar's gnullith gag out, and pushed a fleshy object into her mouth. Alema Rar immediately recognized it as a bit gag, just like a lot of beasts of burden across the galaxy were forced to wear so their Master could easily control them.

The fleshy object was a cylinder, and went across her mouth horizontally. The middle part went between her teeth while a spider-web of straps fanned out from each end. Alema Rar obediently bit down on the gag as Intendant Choka tightened the tentacle-like straps around her head and lekku, forming a harness. Two of the tentacles had flaps that extended forwards on the outside of each of her eyes at her temples, severely limiting her field of vision.

Last of all, Intendant Choka shoved a large, fleshy blutt-plug into Alema Rar's ass. It had a tentacle-like tail that started about as big around as the butt-plug, then slowly tapered until it was only about as wide as her little finger, and extended down to her calves. After a few seconds, the butt-plug and tail changed color to match Alema Rar's blue skin perfectly. The butt-plug also expanded in diameter a few centimeters inside her, which would keep it firmly in place until a member of Domain Choka wanted it out. Then Intendant Choka lead her outside.

Alema Rar wasn't surprised to find Commander Choka waiting for them, next to what she assumed was the Yuuzhan Vong equivalent of a ronkogirl cart. The cart-creature was mostly gray, with some green and brown mixed in. Alema Rar was relieved that it only looked big enough for one rider. The implanter was still doing it's thing, keeping her horny to the point of distraction.

There were two stiff rods extending out from the front of the cart-creature, which Intendant Choka quickly guided her to. Then Commander Choka attached the rods to either side of Alema Rar's waist cincher. Next he attached a pair of tentacle-like reins to her gag, at each end of the fleshy cylinder in her mouth. Once she was properly secure, Commander Choka climbed into the cart-creature and picked up the reins with one hand, and held his sadowhip with the other hand.

Alema Rar heard him say something to Intendant Choka, but the tizowyrms translated it into gibberish. Intendant Choka responded with the Yuuzhan Vong equivalent of a laugh, and a sharp slap to the Twi'lek's ass. Alema Rar tried to turn her head to grin back at her, but Commander Choka was holding the reins tight, so she couldn't turn her head.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Go,” Supreme Commander Lah commanded his Jeedai pet.

There is no way I'm going to pull him, Jaina thought as she stood there, attached to the weird looking cart-creature that Yamtsa Lah was currently sitting in behind her. Getting bound and fucked by multiple members of Domain Lah was one thing, being used as a ronko was another. Still, Jaina almost wanted to obey, just to please Yamtsa Lah, which she knew would turn her on. Well, turn her on even more, as the implanter in her pussy was doing a good job of that on its on.

Before Jaina had been attached to the cart-creature, Intendant Lah had changed around her bondage some. Now Jaina was wearing a tight, brownish-red waist cincher of robeskin material and knee-high vonduun crab boots that had a pattern on the soles like a beast of burden. Her arms had been pulled painfully up behind her back, with each wrist cuffs attached to the opposite bicep cuff.

The implanter was back in Jaina's pussy, keeping her hyper-horny, and Intendant Lah had shoved a large fleshy butt-plug up her ass. At first it had expanded inside her, which was a little painful, but now it felt ... interesting—almost good. The butt-plug had a tapering tail that hung down to her calves. The tail seemed to move on its own some, but Jaina had figured out that she could somehow control it a little by how she flexed her ass muscles. It was almost like it was a part of her.

Intendant Lah had also strapped a new gag around Jaina's head. This one had a fleshy cylinder that went horizontal across her mouth, with a spider-web of tentacle-like straps fanning out from each end, forming a harness around her head. There were small flaps on the outside of her eyes that cut off her vision to either side. Currently Jaina was staring ahead, at the grass a couple of meters in front of her.

The cart-creature that Yamtsa Lah was sitting in behind her had two long rods extending from the front that were now attached to Jaina's waist cincher. Intendant Lah had also attached a set of tentacle-like reins to her gag, and Jaina was sure that Yamtsa Lah was holding the other end.

“Go, Jeedai,” Supreme Commander Lah repeated, this time with a sharp flick of his sadostaff.

Jaina screamed through her gag as she felt the sadostaff strike her right upper thigh, just where it met her naked ass. Almost without thinking she jerked forward, to evade another blow. Another strike landed on her left thigh. One step quickly turned into two, then three.

Before she realized it, she was jogging swiftly across open ground, pulling Yamtsa Lah along behind her. Since she was pulling someone behind her, it took her several more steps than normal to get up to speed, which was still no where near as fast as she could run under normal circumstances.

“Good Jeedai,” Supreme Commander Lah said from behind her, flicking her ass with his sadostaff again.

Jaina couldn't help but feel a flash of arousal at being called a Good Jeedai. She didn't want to pull Yamtsa Lah at all, but she wanted to be whipped even less. The feeling of helplessness made her even more aroused. The implanter helped keep her there.

When Supreme Commander Lah tugged on one of the reins, sharp, needle-like spikes came out of that side of the gag, and stuck the inside of Jaina's cheeks and mouth. When he wanted her to go faster, he simply whipped the back of her thighs or ass harder with the sadostaff. With those motivations, Jaina quickly learned to follow her Master's directions practically instantaneously.

The waist cincher made it hard for Jaina to breathe deeply, but she managed to adjust. She also had to get used to running gagged, and with her arms stringently bound high behind her back. The implanter in her pussy and butt-plug in her ass made her feel strange as well, especially while she was running. The butt-plug's tail swung back and forth, brushing against the back of her legs about every other stride. That took a little longer to get used to; it was very annoying. The knee high vonduun crab boots were surprisingly easy to run in though.

Yamtsa Lah kept a steady rhythm on her ass and thighs with his sadostaff. Soon Jaina was nearly sprinting, and pulling him along behind her. She was sure she had run at least a few klicks by now.

Suddenly Jaina felt a sharp tug on both of her reins, and heard Yamtsa Lah ordering her to stop. Jaina craned her neck back, and brought the cart-creature and her Master to a halt as quickly as she could. Then she began wondering why he had chose to stop here. They seemed to be on a deserted path, with grasslands on both sides, not that she could see much with the blinders on though. Next she felt the rods attached to her waist cincher shift as Yamtsa Lah climbing out of the cart-creature.

“How are you doing, my Jeedai pet?” Supreme Commander Lah asked her as he approached her from behind.

Jaina moaned through her gag as she struggled to catch her breath from running so long. She was so close to an orgasm it was driving her crazy.

“Eager to get going again, Jeedai?” he asked her as he reached out and flicked the sadobug on her left nipple. With his other hand he caressed her side.

Jaina moaned again through her gag, this time in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the sadobug bit down and vibrated on her nipple. Supreme Commander Lah responded by reaching down and tugging on the tail extending out of the butt-plug in her ass. Then he reached up, and pushed the flaps at her temples inwards to cover her eyes.

Now she was blinded as well as bound. “Let's see how you run without your eyesight, my Jeedai pet,” he said as he reached down and patted the implanter in her pussy.

Jaina moaned in arousal as the implanter expanded and flexed inside her. Then Yamtsa Lah casually slapped her ass with his hand as he walked back towards the cart-creature.
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Jaina had the momentary urge to take off running when she felt him spank her ass. She fought it, and ran through a Jedi calming exercise as Supreme Commander Lah climbed back into the cart-creature. The implanter was keeping her very horny—but she would have been pretty turned on just with the bondage and submission. She even felt strangely aroused pulling Yamtsa Lah around like a ronko.

“This will teach you to completely trust me, and obey my directions, Jeedai pet,” Supreme Commander Lah said as he flicked his sadostaff towards her.

Jaina felt the sting on her thigh, and immediately took off. Just as before, she quickly felt another lash, then a third. She did her best to get up to speed, so he wouldn't have to whip her so much.

Running while blind was a new experience for her—especially with her arms restrained high behind her back. She opened herself totally to the Force, both for strength and guidance. She wasn't able to gain very much guidance though. She couldn't sense anything from Yamtsa Lah, and she wasn't familiar enough with life on Zomana Sekot to feel safe running around blind. Jaina would just have to obey Yamtsa Lah's directions, and trust him to keep her safe.

After a few dozen meters, Jaina realized that running blind was really no different than when she was helplessly bound and he was whipping or fucking her. Either way, she was completely under his control. All she could do was obey Yamtsa Lah. The realization gave her a surge of arousal, and she boosted her speed a notch for her Master.

Supreme Commander Lah kept whipping her on the back of her thighs every couple of strides that she took. Even though her tail was still swinging back and forth, he never hit it with the sadostaff. He also never hit her waist cincher. Every blow found its mark on her thighs or ass. Almost without even realizing it, Jaina began to anticipate the strikes, and started to get used to them while running.

Soon Jaina was concentrating on running so much she almost forgot she was blind, bound, and pulling Yamtsa Lah behind her like a ronko with her pussy and ass implanted with strange living Yuuzhan Vong creatures. At the barest tug on one of her reins, she would change direction while still running at full speed. The sadostaff hitting her ass and legs became a natural part of running, just like having her arms pulled up behind her back, the tail brushing against her legs, and breathing with her waist cincher pulled tight. The implanter seemed to pulse with every stride she took as well.

Every so often, Jaina heard other Yuuzhan Vong as they passed by. The tizowyrms translated everything they said into gibberish though. She did hear Yamtsa Lah call her Jeedai several times, but the rest of what he said to them was gibberish to her as well.

Jaina groaned in frustration through her gag. She was starting to realize just how helpless she was. She was being forced to pull her Master, while he effortlessly controlled exactly where she went, and how fast. Even though she was doing all the work, Yamtsa Lah was in complete control. She was nothing more than an animal for him to use to travel. She was a tool for him to get from here to there. She would say she was nothing but a speeder to him, but she knew Yuuzhan Vong didn't use machines. They used Jeedai slaves.

When they arrived at their destination, she would no doubt be exhausted, while he would be relaxed and well rested. It was the ultimate form of slavery. The realization made Jaina so horny she orgasmed on the spot. Thanks to Yamtsa Lah's sadostaff, and her own submissiveness, she didn't miss a stride.

Eventually, Jaina felt Yamtsa Lah pull her to a stop, and heard at least two Yuuzhan Vong speaking to him. Thanks to the the tizowyrms, all she heard was gibberish though. Jaina knew she was turning red with embarrassment as she stood there helpless while two strangers looked at her naked, restrained, and attached to the cart-creature like a beast of burden. She also knew there was nothing she could do but endure it. The implanter kept her hyper-horny, and on the verge of orgasm. The thought of orgasming in front of the unknown Yuuzhan Vong only added to her arousal.

While Yamtsa Lah talked with the Yuuzhan Vong, Jaina wondered if Alema Rar was being forced to haul someone from Domain Choka around like a beast of burden like she was. Then she wondered if that's what Tahiri and Danni were used for by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Then she felt Yamtsa Lah climb out of the cart-creature, and heard him talk with the other two Yuuzhan Vong. After a few moments, Jaina felt a hand on her side, then someone flicked the sadobug on her nipple. While she moaned in pain and arousal from the sadobug's vibration, Yamtsa Lah told her where they were.

“We are at Domain Lah's compound,” Yamtsa Lah told her. “Many other members of Domain Lah want to take you out for a run,” he explained as he forcefully fondled her ass. “So I am going to leave you here, so they can just climb into the vhlor and grab your reins.”

Jaina couldn't believe she was going to be left out so anyone that wanted to could just make her haul them around. To make matters worse, she was still blindfolded, so she wouldn't even know who was controlling her. At she finally knew what the cart-creature was called, assuming that's what Yamtsa Lah was referring to when he said vhlor.

“Now, when someone is finished with you, they'll bring you back here, and tie your reins to this senalak, so you don't wander off, Jeedai.”

Jaina groaned in frustration through her gag. If he would just let her see, then she wouldn't feel so helpless. Then she squeezed the implanter in her pussy. Feeling helpless turned her on, and she knew that her Master knew it.

“However, Jeedai, you won't have to stand up all day,” he explained as he twisted her nipple. “When you're tied to this senalak and want to rest, or if someone gives you the command poon ugg you will go to the position I'm about to show you.”

“Dwi, Yamtsa,” Jaina tried to answer, but of course her gag rendered her words incomprehensible. She still didn't even know what a senalak was, other than something to tie her reins to.

At Yamtsa Lah's command, Jaina first knelt, then sat on her boots, then put her forehead between her knees. Her nipples—and the sadobugs—were pressed against her thighs. Her arms were still bound high behind her back as well. The tail sticking out of her ass curled underneath her. The position wasn't exactly comfortable, but at least she was off her feet.

Then Jaina felt the end of Yamtsa Lah's now rigid sadostaff pushing down on the back of her head. She submissively lowered her head to where he wanted it. Yamtsa Lah made several more adjustments to her position with his sadostaff. Then she felt his three toed foot on her back, holding her down. One of his large talons was on her arms, while the other two were on her upper back.

“Now, Jeedai, when someone pulls up on your reins or leash—” Yamtsa Lah paused to tug her reins while keeping her down with his foot—“or tells you to duwin, then you will instantly stand up,” he told her.

Jaina felt his foot on her back a couple more moments, then he took it off. A second later, he casually said, “Duwin.” Without a second thought Jaina stood up as quickly as possible.

Getting up was a little difficult in the boots, and especially with her arms bound behind her back. Still, Jaina thought she had done it reasonably fast.

“Faster Jeedai,” Yamtsa Lah commanded her with a moderate strike to her side with his sadostaff. “Poon ugg.”

Jaina immediately dropped back down to her knees, and lowered her forehead. Yamtsa Lah adjusted her posture with his sadostaff a couple of times, then paused while she held the position.

“Duwin,” he commanded her after a couple of moments.

Jaina scrambled to her feet as quickly as she could, and stood up. She knew she had gotten up faster then before—but was it fast enough to satisfy Yamsta Lah?

“Much better, Jeedai,” he announced with a moderate strike to her crotch, causing the implanter to flex and wriggle inside her. “Now poon ugg!”

Jaina instantly dropped back down, and assumed the submissive rest position he had taught her. She definitely felt submissive—and aroused—kneeling in front of Yamtsa Lah. He made a couple of adjustments to her position, then commanded her to duwin, which caused her to immediately stand back up.

Jaina practiced dropping to the rest position, and climbing back to her feet on Yamtsa Lah's command another half-dozen times or so. After she did the maneuver several times in a row to his satisfaction, he ordered her to kneel, and allowed her to rest. Jaina was grateful to actually get some rest after scrambling up and down so many times.

“Good Jeedai,” Yamtsa Lah told her as she held the rest position. “You will only assume this position when given the command poon ugg, or you are tied to this senalak.”

“Dwi Yamtsa,” Jaina tried to answer through her gag. She didn't even consider raising her head. Yamtsa Lah seemed to understand what she meant, in spite of the gag.

Less than a minute later, she heard a familiar voice talking with Yamtsa Lah. Even though her tizowyrms only allowed her to understand gibberish—except for the name Jeedai—Jaina recognized the newcomer as Intendant Ona Domain Lah.
“Alright, Jeedai, rest time is over,” Intendant Lah said as she pulled her to her feet by her reins. “It's time for me to take you out for a run.”

Jaina quickly climbed to her feet. She still couldn't believe she was being forced to haul around anyone that wanted to hop into the vhlor that was harnessed to her waist cincher. At least she knew who her first rider was though. She also couldn't deny how aroused she felt at being so helpless—and being used like this. Jaina felt the poles shift as Intendant Lah settled into the vhlor. She took as deep as breath as she could with her waist cinicher and gag, and ran through a Jedi calming exercise to prepare herself. Then she felt the sting of a sadostaff on her ass, and she promptly took off running.

Intendant Lah wasn't quite Yamtsa Lah's equal with the sadostaff, but she still managed to land most of her strikes on Jaina's ass or upper thighs. She did hit her tail a couple of times though. The butt-plug responded by painfully stinging her asshole with dozens of tiny cilia. Jaina quickly learned that she would rather be whipped that allow her tail to take the lash. Unfortunately she couldn't control where Intendant Lah's sadostaff struck. It wasn't long before another strike landed on Jaina's tail, causing her to be painfully stung again.

Jaina still had no idea where they were going; she simply ran while Intendant Lah controlled where she went, and whipped her every other stride or so.

After several minutes of jogging swiftly while Intendant Lah whipped her from the vhlor, Jaina began to wonder why they just didn't tell her to run, or go faster, or something like that. Then she decided that they probably just preferred to whip her instead. After another strike of Intendant Lah's sadostaff, Jaina decided that she probably preferred it to just being told to run too, other than the occasional painful lashes to her tail; not that they asked her opinion.

A couple of minutes later Jaina felt a much harder strike on her ass than the other ones Intendant Lah had been giving her. Jaina immediately increased her speed, but her next blow as just as hard. Jaina obediently ran faster, practically sprinting, and hoping she didn't hit her tail with one of these blows.

Intendant Lah kept her at that pace nearly a minute. Then she gently pulled back on her reins to slow her back down to a swift jog, and kept her there the rest of the run. Jaina had no idea where they went, but she estimated they were only out about fifteen minutes. Finally they stopped back at Domain Lah's compound—at least Jaina assumed that's where they were at, she was still blindfolded after all—and Intendant Lah climbed out of the vhlor.

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