Vongformed Jedi, Chapter 2
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Bethany Handcuff

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“Hello my little Jeedai pets,” Intendant Nar announced as she re-entered the chamber. “I hope you've enjoyed yourselves?”

Jaina moaned into her gag. She wanted to orgasm so bad. She was vaguely aware of other Yuuzhan Vong entering the room. Jaina felt a sharp fingernail go down her spine, then the hand spanking her ass sharply.

“It's time for you and our other new Jeedai pet to meet some more Yuuzhan Vong,” Intendant Nar explained as she flicked the sadobug on Jaina's nipple.

The sadobug bit down harder, and vibrated, causing Jaina to moan in pain ... and pleasure.

“However, there isn't enough room in here for all of them to get to know you better,” Intendant Nar said as she lightly tugged on Jaina's hair. “So we're going to split you and the other Jeedai pets up, so more Yuuzhan Vong can spend some time with you.”

As Jaina tried to listen to Intendant Nar, she distantly heard the other Yuuzhan Vong in the room talking, but it just sounded like they were speaking gibberish, just like Intendant Nar had told her it would. Still, she was pretty sure it was Intendants Rapuung and Choka.

After a moment Jaina felt Intendant Nar do something to the straps across her back, and both popped free. Then she felt her do something to her bicep cuffs, and her wrist cuffs, and Jaina was able to move her arms again. Her head and ankles were still stuck to the table however. Even if she could have moved, the Jedi Knight admitted to herself that she was far to out of it to resist the Yuuzhan Vong at this point, though. After being kept on the edge for hours, all Jaina wanted to do was cum. She immediately lifted her hips off the table, and tried to reach her soaking cunt with her hands.

“No, Jeedai!” Intendant Nar shouted emphatically.

Suddenly Jaina felt a fiery lash across her ass. She instantly tried to protect herself from another blow by stretching her hands over her ass. Almost as fast as she did, she felt Intendant Nar grab both her hands in one of hers, and hold them together for a brief moment.

When she let go, Jaina found her yorik coral wrist cuffs firmly attached together. She groaned in frustration and pulled on them as hard as she could, but they held tight.

Intendant Nar responded with the Yuuzhan Vong equivalent of a laugh, and a stiff slap on Jaina's upper thigh. Then Jaina felt her pull her biceps together behind her back. Just like with her wrist cuffs, Jaina's bicep cuffs were attached to each other when Intendant Nar let go. Jaina wasn't used to having her elbows touch behind her back, but thanks to her Jedi training, she knew she could handle it for a while.

Next Jaina felt Intendant Nar release her ankles, and finally her head from the massage table. Then Jaina was being pulled up off the table by her upper arm. She was still gagged, and the implanter was attached to her crotch, and flexing deep in her pussy. The sadobugs were also still clamped onto her tender nipples. Jaina felt a little weak-in-the-knees, but Intendants Nar's strong hand on her bicep kept her steady.

For the first time since being gagged and stuck to the table, Jaina was able to look around. Both Tahiri and Alema Rar were cuffed, gagged, nipple clamped, and had implanters over their pussies. Neither seemed too alarmed that the Yuuzhan Vong were splitting them up. As Jaina watched, Intendant Rapuung attached a whip-like leash to the front of Tahiri's collar. Jaina glanced over, and saw that Intendant Choka was doing the same to Alema Rar. Just as Jaina wondered if she would be getting one too, she felt the Yuuzhan Vong's tattooed hand at her throat, then the tug of a leash on her collar.

Jaina obediently followed Intendant Nar out of the grashal, with the other Intendants leading Tahiri and Alema Rar. The implanter seemed to pulse with each step Jaina took. She knew she should try to stop all this, but somehow couldn't bring herself to. Right now she was more concerned with getting the kriffing implanter out of her, or at least orgasming, one way or another. Neither Tahiri or Alema Rar seemed too worried about what was going on either.

After a few moments, Jaina noticed that the Intendants were leading them to three separate nearby buildings. To Jaina they looked like they were made out of shells, just like the grashal they had just left, only smaller.

“Come, my Jeedai pet,” Intendant Nar said as she tugged harder on Jaina's leash. “I have someone who is very interested in meeting you.”

Maybe they'll let me orgasm, Jaina thought as she followed along.

A few dozen meters later, they arrived at the smaller shell-looking building. Inside Jaina found another Yuuzhan Vong, and what was obviously a bondage dungeon. For some reason she didn't feel particularly alarmed at being in a Yuuzhan Vong bondage dungeon.

The Yuuzhan Vong waiting in the dungeon looked like a high ranking warrior. He was heavily tattooed with blue and red swirls, but with practically no scars, other than a distinct gash across his face, almost ear-to-ear. One of his legs was obviously a replacement though, with bluish scales and three clawed digits instead of a foot. His skin was dark gray, and he looked to be just under two meters tall. He looked vaguely familiar to Jaina for some reason.

“Supreme Commander Maal Domain Lah, here is your pet Jeedai,” Intendant Nar said, passing the warrior Jaina's leash.

Jaina stared up at the towering warrior. Then his name hit her. Lah! As in Warmaster Tsavong Lah, the Yuuzhan Vong leader who she had killed on Ebaq 9! Jaina flexed against her cuffs in fear. Then she calmed herself. Surely he wouldn't hold what she had done in the war against her now. Jaina looked back at Intendant Nar, who was looking down at her with the Yuuzhan Vong equivalent of a smile, and tried to moan through her gag, but of course no sound came out. Even though Intendant Nar had forcefully restrained and cruelly whipped her, Jaina still felt somehow betrayed by her now that she was turning her over to a warrior from Domain Lah.

“Thank you Intendant Ona Domain Lah,” the warrior replied.

Lah? Jaina thought with more betrayal. Had they been planning this all along? she wondered as she looked back at the Intendant.

“We didn't want to frighten you so soon, Jeedai,” Intendant Lah explained as she slapped Jaina's ass—hard. “You might have tried running away or something before you learned to properly submit to Domain Lah.”

“She'll do some running tomorrow,” Supreme Commander Lah commented. The gash across his face made the Yuuzhan Vong smile look even more frightening.

Jaina wondered if Tahiri knew about this as she turned back to see Intendant Nar—Lah, pulling an Ooglith Masquer off her body. As she did, Jaina saw that she had the same distinctive gash across her face as Supreme Commander Lah did. The same one that Warmaster Tsavong Lah had. The rest of her scars and tattoos seemed to be identical to the ones on the Masquer.

“See you tomorrow, Supreme Commander,” Intendant Lah said as she turned to leave. “Have fun with our new slave,” she added as she walked out.

Jaina's helplessly watched Intendant Nar—Lah—leave, and the hatch-sphincter close behind her. Then she looked back to Supreme Commander Lah, who was still holding her leash, and silently staring down at her.

“So this is the infamous Jeedai Knight that killed my creche-brother,” Maal Lah said as he pulled Jaina closer. “And that led the raid on Ylesia, where I lost my leg,” he added, tapping his replacement limb.

Jaina stared up at him in as she tried to calm herself with the Force. Not only was she unarmed, and virtually naked, she was cuffed behind her back by both her wrists and upper arms. If he wanted to take revenge, there was nothing she could do about it. At least they seemed to plan on keeping her alive, even if as a Yuuzhan Vong slave.

“Come my Jeedai pet,” Maal Lah said as he yanked Jaina's leash towards the middle of the chamber.

As Jaina scrambled to follow along, or get dragged by her neck, she saw that there was a tentacle-like thing about as big around as her thumb hanging from the ceiling. Maal Lah guided her underneath it, and to Jaina's surprise, instead of attaching it to her collar, she felt him attach the end to her wrist cuffs, which were still behind her back. Then Jaina felt the tentacle pull taunt, and her cuffed hands were pulled up behind her back, forcing her to bend forward at the waist to keep her shoulders from being wrenched out of their sockets.

“As much as I like the way you look with your gag, I love to hear my slaves scream,” Maal Lah said as he reached down and ripped the gag out of Jaina's mouth, and off her face. “And I have a couple of questions for you, my pet.”

Jaina took a couple of deep breaths as she worked the soreness out of her jaw. As she did, she looked around to see the towering warrior kick her feet apart.

Ugh! Jaina grunted as more of her weight went to her wrenched shoulders. She watched as Supreme Commander Lah quickly grabbed her left ankle, attached another tentacle-like thing to the outside of her anklecuff, then attached the other end of the short tentacle to a spot on the floor.

“Hey ... ” Jaina said as he grabbed her right foot, pulled it a little farther from her left one, and attached that anklecuff to the floor with another short tentacle-thing. She watched between her legs as he stood up, and stepped forward until he was in front of her. Then she felt him grab her hair, and pull her head up and back until she was staring up at him. She felt soooo submissive—and aroused—looking up at him.

“Now, Jeedai,” Lah began. “Have you enjoyed your visit to Zonama Sekot so far?” he asked her.

Jaina thought for a moment. While the bondage and submission wasn't quite what she had planned, she couldn't deny how aroused she was by it, and how much she had enjoyed it, in spite of the pain when Intendant Nar—Lah had whipped her.

“It's been interesting,” Jaina replied as she looked up at him. She noticed he had an amphistaff coiled around his left forearm, which caused her to run through another Jedi calming exercise. As she did, the amphistaff slithered down his arm, and formed a short whip about fifty centimeters long. The rest stayed wrapped around his forearm and wrist.

“This is a sadostaff,” he informed her, gesturing towards the snake-like thing on his arm. “It is a cousin of the amphistaff, that's specifically for punishing slaves, without causing lethal damage” he explained. “At least if the user is careful,” he added absently. “And you will answer Belek tui, Yamtsa, Jeedai,” he instructed her with a moderate strike to her breast with the sadostaff.

The blow, combined with her involuntarily trying to jerk her chest away, caused both sadobugs to vibrate and bite down harder on her tender nipples. Jaina let out a yelp of pain from the blow, and sadobugs. Then she did her best to run through a Jedi calming exercise.

Whenever one of the Yuuzhan Vong spoke, the tizowyrms in Jaina ears had translated it into basic, except when they just let her hear gibberish. This time, the tizowyrms hadn't translated it, so while she knew what he wanted her to say, she didn't know what it meant.

“Be-lek tui Yamt-sa,” she corrected herself as best she could. She hoped it didn't mean she was vowing to be his eternal slave or something like that. Maybe just for a couple of hours or so, Jaina thought with a flash of arousal.

Belek tui Yamtsa,” Supreme Commander Lah repeated, with another moderate strike, this one to her side. He was still holding her head up by her hair with his other hand.

Belek tui Yamtsa,” Jaina tried again, after another yelp of pain from the sadostaff strike.

“Much better, Jeedai slave,” he replied, patting her head with his other hand. “Belek tui means 'command me,' but also signifies submission and agreement from a subordinate, which is what you are, right Jeedai?”

The twinge of arousal Jaina felt instantly told her that he was right. She just wasn't quite sure how to say it. How he wanted her to say it. “Dwi, um, Supreme Commander Lah,” she responded after a moment's thought. One of the few Yuuzhan Vong words she did know was 'yes,' but she didn't know their word for his rank.

Yamtsa is Yuuzhan Vong for Supreme Commander,” he replied, gesturing casually towards her exposed and tender tits with his sadostaff.

“Dwi Yamtsa,” Jaina quickly replied, hoping to avoid another strike ... but more out of the simple desire to obey. “Belek tui.”

Supreme Commander Lah smiled down at her, as the sadostaff coiled itself back around his forearm. “Good my pet. Now, do you want to keep experiencing interesting things like you have been?” he asked her.

Jaina felt so aroused being bound and helpless. The danger of being bound and helpless with not just a Yuuzhan Vong, but the creche-brother of Warmaster Tsavong Lah, who she had personally killed in battle made her even hornier. It brought out her submissive streak as well.

“Belek tui, Yamtsa,” she responded after barely a moment's thought; and with a flush of arousal

Supreme Commander Maal Lah smiled down at her. “And tell me some of these interesting things you want to keep experiencing, my Jeedai pet,” he told her as he tilted her head a little farther back.

“Um ...” Jaina replied, trying to gather her thoughts.

Supreme Commander Lah reached down and flicked her nipple, causing the sadobug to bite down and vibrate again. “Tell me, do you like being bound and helpless, my Jeedai pet?” he asked her.

That was an easy question. She loved tight bondage, and submission to strong Masters. “Dwi Yamtsa,” Jaina answered obediently.

“And do believe you should be treated as a slave of Domain Lah?” he asked, flicking her other breast with his sadostaff.

“OW!” Jaina shouted in pain from the blow, and the kriffing sadobug that bit down and vibrated again. “Dwi Yamtsa!” she added hastily, once again hoping he didn't mean forever.

Maal Lah smirked down at her. “Good. Because in Domain Lah we like to keep our slaves bound and helpless,” he said as he casually swung his sadostaff across her back.

Jaina screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the head of the sadostaff struck her ass, and the implanter, which caused it to flex inside her, and caress her G-spot. She barely noticed her new Master step away a moment, then return with another Yuuzhan Vong creature in his hand.

“Open wide, Jeedai slave,” he commanded her as he held the creature in front of her face.

Jaina was far more concerned with when she would get to orgasm that what Supreme Commander Lah was doing. Almost without thinking she opened her mouth, and he pushed the creature in.

The creature was a small ring of yorik coral about five centimeters in diameter, with two wide tentacles coming off opposite sides of the ring. The two wide tentacles quickly split off into more, just like the gnullith gag. Supreme Commander Lah pushed the ring past her teeth, then quickly wrapped the tentacles around her head.

“That will keep you helpless for this,” Supreme Commander Lah announced with a sneer.

With that Jaina watched him dramatically rip off his loin cloth. She stared in shock as he revealed his nearly twenty centimeter long cock. It had the same pattern of red and blue swirls tattooed on it as the rest of his body. Before she could even think of trying to close her mouth, Yamtsa Lah took advantage of her gagged state by quickly pushing it about halfway down her throat. Jaina gagged a moment, then, with no other choice, began sucking it.

Supreme Commander Lah held her hair with one hand, and began whipping her ass, tits, thighs and anywhere else he could with the other. Even though the flogging wasn't as hard as before, Jaina definitely had trouble sucking him off while getting whipped.

With one hand holding her hair, Supreme Commander Lah was able to completely control the pace. As he slammed his cock all the way into her mouth, Jaina did her best to suck and lick him around her ring gag. Giving head with her arms stretched up behind her back was definitely a new experience, but Jaina was loving it. She would have to try this again!

Supreme Commander Lah kept whipping her as he continued pushing his cock in and out of her ring-gagged mouth. Jaina felt the sting of the sadostaff all over her body. The implanter seemed to pulse in rhythm with the thrusts of his cock, adding to her arousal. After about five minutes or so, she finally felt him hold her mouth tight against his crotch, and ejaculate down her throat. Since she didn't have any other choice anyway, Jaina obediently swallowed every drop. As soon as he finished he moved around to her backside.

“Do you want to keep this in your infidel pussy?” he asked, patting the implanter attached to her crotch. “Or do you want me to take it out, and put something in there that will drive you to orgasm?” he said, pressing his still hard cock against her thigh.

Jaina groaned through her gag. Luckily for her, he didn't really want a response. He reached down, and forcefully yanked the implanter out of her, causing her to gasp in surprise and arousal. Then Jaina felt him attach a leash to the back of her collar. As he pulled back on the leash, she felt him slide his cock into her soaking pussy.

With his other hand, Supreme Commander Lah resumed whipping her with the sadostaff. Jaina moaned through the ring gag in ecstasy as he fucked her from behind and whipped her. He kept pulling hard on her leash, straining her neck. Her ankles were still tied about a meter apart to the floor, and her arms were still being pulled up behind her back, and she was loving every second of it!

“Oohh!” Jaina moaned out as Lah slammed his dick into her pussy. At the same time, the sadostaff struck her thigh.

He had the rhythm down perfectly. With every stroke of his dick, he hit her somewhere with the sadostaff, and pulled back on her leash hard enough to choke her. As a result, Jaina had to time her breaths with him easing up just a bit on her leash, which was also when he was pulling his dick part-way out of her pussy.

Since the implanter had kept her hyper-aroused for so long, it didn't take her very long to get to the edge of orgasm. A few thrusts—and strikes—later, Jaina was there.

“OOOHHH ... AHHHH!!” Jaina screamed incomprehensibly through her gag as she blasted over the edge into an orgasmic haze.

She barely noticed Supreme Commander Lah cumming into her a couple of strokes later. He pulled hard on her leash as he pressed his dick all the way into her pussy. After holding it there several moments, she felt him ease out of her.

“Wow,” Jaina tried to say through her ring gag as she floated in her orgasmic fog. That was amazing, she thought to herself. Then she realized that she wanted to do it again. She groaned again and pushed back towards Supreme Commander Lah's crotch with her still soaking pussy to get his attention.

“Not now, my pet,” he replied as he casually whipped her ass with the sadostaff. “A slave gets fucked when her Master wishes, not the other way around.”

As he spoke, he moved back around to her head. Then he grabbed her hair, and lifted her head up. Next, without saying a word, he pushed his still-hard cock past the ring gag, and into her mouth.

Jaina obediently began licking him clean as best she could. While she did, he amused himself by reaching down and flicking and playing with each of her nipples, causing her to squirm in pain—and arousal. Just as Jaina finished cleaning his dick off, she heard more Yuuzhan Vong entering the chamber. He pulled his dick out of her mouth, but kept a firm grip on her hair. Jaina strained against her restraints as she stuck her tongue out through the ring-gag and tried to lick the tip of his dick, but it was just a few centimeters too far for her to reach.

She heard gibberish as Yamtsa Lah spoke with them a moment. The she heard him say, “Jeedai, since you belong to Domain Lah now, Warleaders Qurang and Zhat Domain Lah have come to command you. I expect you to greet them as enthusiastically as you did me.”

Jaina hoped they didn't want to whip her as much as Yamtsa Lah had been doing. She didn't know if her skin could take that sort of punishment, and she didn't want to have to explain the welts to Uncle Luke or her parents.

“Dwi, Yamtsa,” Jaina tried to answer through her gag. What came out wasn't really intelligible, though.

Then two more towering, heavily scared and tattooed Yuuzhan Vong warriors stepped into her field of vision. “Belek tui ... Warleaders,” Jaina tried to say through her gag, not knowing the Yuuzhan Vong word for their rank. Then she wondered if maybe she should have called them a'Tsaosk, like Intendant Lah had told her to call her and the other Intendants. Jaina didn't think the Warleaders or Yamtsa Lah understood her anyway.

Neither seemed to interested in what she had to say either. The one on the left said something to the other one, and Jaina understood the word Zhat. Based on that, she assumed the one on the left was Qurang, and the one on the right was Zhat.

Warleader Qurang Lah moved behind her, and Yamtsa Lah stepped aside so Zhat could step in front of her. She watched helplessly as he ripped off his loincloth, just as Yamtsa Lah had a little while ago. His cock was nearly as tattooed as Yamtsa Lah's, and with scars too. Jaina smiled around her gag as he slid his tattooed cock into her mouth. At the same time, she felt Warleader Qurang push his cock into her still wet pussy.

Warleader Qurang pulled her leash as he fucked her just like Yamtsa Lah had done. He also whipped her with his sadostaff just like Yamtsa Lah had done. Warleader Zhat held her by her hair with one hand, and whipped her with his sadostaff with the other one as well. Breathing was a bit of a challenge with one of her Masters pulling on her leash from behind, and the other one pushing his dick in and out of her ring-gagged mouth.

Before she knew it, Jaina didn't care about anything other than cumming again.

Jaina moaned and grunted in ecstasy as she got fucked from both ends. She felt the Warleaders' lashes all over her body as she got closer to orgasm. Several minutes later Warleader Qurang came into her pussy. Soon afterwards Warleader Zhat came into her mouth. Since she didn't have any other choice anyway, Jaina swallowed as much as she could, and felt some leak out of her mouth and onto her chin.

When both Yuuzhan Vong had cum, Jaina was close to her own orgasm. Unfortunately they suddenly pulled out. Jaina groaned through her gag in stunned frustration. To her relief, they simply switched places. Of course each one had to give her a lash with their sadostaff as they did.

A few moments later Warleader Zhat began fucking her. Then she tasted a mixture of her juices and Warleader Qurang's cum as he slid his cock into her mouth. Soon both were fucking and whipping her again from both ends. This time, it didn't take Jaina very long at all to reach her own orgasm.

“Oommpphh!” Jaina screamed out through her gag in orgasm a few minutes later. Both Warleaders continued fucking and whipping her. It didn't take Jaina long to recover from her orgasm, and start after another one.

Nearly ten minutes later Warleader Zhat came into her pussy. A couple of minutes later, Jaina swallowed another load, this one from Warleader Qurang.

This time both Warleaders pulled out, and stepped away. Supreme Commander Lah walked back in front of her, and removed the ring-gag from her mouth. Next he grabbed her by the hair, and lifted her head until she was looking up at him.

“You are showing excellent promise as a slave, Jeedai,” he told her. “The one you called Danni Quee resisted for nearly a week before she gave in to her true nature.”

Jaina couldn't help but be happy that Yamtsa Lah was pleased by her performance as a slave, in spite of the fact that she wasn't supposed to want to be a Yuuzhan Vong slave. Then she wondered if Tahiri had given in to her true nature as well, and how long it had taken her. She had little doubt Alema Rar was currently pleasing her Yuuzhan Vong Masters, in whatever way they wished.

“What are you supposed to say, Jeedai?” Yamtsa Lah asked her with a casual strike to her reddened ass with his sadostaff.

Thank you, Yamtsa, was the first thing that came to Jaina's mind. Unfortunately she didn't know how to say that in her Master's language. Then she realized the correct response. One that would be appropriate for her to say to her Masters almost all the time.

“Belek tui, Yamtsa,” Jaina replied with a smile.

“Good slave,” he replied with a tug of her hair.

Then Yamtsa Lah stepped away, and Warleaders Zhat and Qurang returned. They quickly released Jaina from the tentacle hanging from the ceiling, and her ankles from the floor. They also released her bicep cuffs from each other. That, and not having her arms pulled up by the tentacle-thing were a relief to her sore shoulders. She was glad they didn't release her wristcuffs though.

Warleader Qurang Lah lead her by her leash over to a low, wide, table-like thing. As he shoved Jaina onto it, she saw that it that looked suspiciously like the one she had strapped Alema Rar to, when she had fucked her on board the Trickster. The similarities became further evident when Warleaders Qurang and Zhat began strapping Jaina to the table-thing.

First they released her wrist cuffs, pulled her arms around and forward, and and attached her wrists to two tentacles that stretched out over the far edge of the table. From the corners where her wrists were attached, the edge of the table curved inward to her jawline, leaving her head partially hanging off the edge. Then the two Warleaders quickly leaned down.

Jaina felt them pull her feet apart, and attach her ankle cuffs to something that held them about a meter apart. As soon as her ankles were secure, the tentacles attached to her wrist cuffs tightened, pulling her arms out at about a forty-five degree angle from her body. Once her arms and legs were secure, the two Warleaders pulled a tentacle-like strap tight over her upper back, and another over her lower back.

The sadobugs were still firmly attached to Jaina's nipples, only now they were pressed into the table-thing. When she had been pushed onto the table, they had responded by biting down harder. To make matters worse, the table was covered with small, needle-like spikes that stuck her everywhere her skin touched the table.

As Yamtsa stepped up behind her, and slid his dick into her wet pussy, Warleader Qurang grabbed a handful of her hair, and lifted her head to give himself better access. Then he pushed his dick past her ring-gag, and into her mouth. As Jaina strained against her restraints, she knew it would be a long night. Still, she loved serving Domain Lah!

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