Vongformed Jedi, Chapter 1
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Bethany Handcuff

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Nearly a year after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War ...

“I can't believe Tahiri is still living with the Yuuzhan Vong,” Jaina said to her companion as she flew the ship down to Zonama Sekot.

Alema Rar glanced back at her from the co-pilot's seat. “It's better than living with Hutts,” she replied. “And it hasn't even been a year. That isn't that long. Besides, she was with them for a couple of weeks on Yavin 4 too.” Then she thought a moment before adding, “Although I guess that was different.”

“Yeah,” Jaina replied sarcastically. “They were torturing and brainwashing her to try and shape her into a Yuuzhan Vong then. And even though the war is over, it's still hard not to think of the scarheads as the enemy,” she added as she sat the ship down in a clearing about half-way between Zomana Sekot's equator and southern pole. A large Vongformed city was a few dozen klicks away.

“Yeah,” Alema Rar agreed. Then she glanced over at Jaina. “Are you nervous about wearing a robeskin?”

When Tahiri had asked them to visit, she had informed them that they would have wear Yuuzhan Vong robeskins or cloakers while on Zomana Sekot. When Master Skywalker had found out about the invitation, he had insisted on them visiting, to see how things were going. Since Jaina and Alema Rar were both more than a little curious anyway, they accepted Tahiri's invitation.

“A little,” Jaina answered. “As long as it's not like that Vong stuff on the Trickster, though.”

Alema Rar grinned at her as she unfastened her safety harness. “I seem to remember you enjoying it,” she said, still grinning. “Maybe we can find one of those awesome strap-on dildo's you had?” she suggested as she eyed Jaina's crotch.

“Alema Rar!” Jaina replieded, blushing. “Maybe I can find another collar and quirt to use on you,” she countered as they walked towards the the landing ramp.

As Jaina half-expected, Alema Rar responded by winking back at her, and playfully slapping her ass. “Great, I'll find your strap-on, and you find your quirt and my collar. We'll have a blast!”

Jaina chuckled to hide her arousal. She didn't think she was fooling her friend though. “What about the one you're wearing?” she asked, reaching up to tug on the nerfhide collar around the Twi'lek's neck.

Another thing Tahiri had asked was for them not to wear or carry anything obviously manufactured when they left the ship. That meant Alema Rar had to leave her durasteel belt, spiked wrist cuffs, and collar behind. Jaina also had to leave her bangle bracelets. Tahiri had also asked them not to bring their lightsabers. After discussing it a couple of minutes, they decided to at least keep them until they talked to Tahiri in person.

When the landing ramp lowered, they found Tahiri waiting for them in the clearing. The blonde Jedi was wearing a very brief Yuuzhan Vong robeskin; a tan garment that clung to her lithe body. It had a strap over one shoulder, and came to about mid-thigh on her. Tahiri was also barefoot, just as she liked to be.

“Hey Jaina, Alema Rar,” Tahiri greeted them cheerfully. “Thank you so much for coming.”

“Hey Tahiri,” Jaina replied as she walked down the ramp. “I'm so happy to see you!”

Then she noticed the yorik coral collar around Tahiri's neck.

“Tahiri!?” Jaina asked in disbelief. “What's that?” She sensed curiosity from Alema Rar through the Force, and desire.

“What?” Tahiri answered in confusion. Then she realized what Jaina was concerned about. “Oh, my collar,” she said, absently brushing her hand across the six-centimeter-wide band of rough brownish-red yorik coral encircling her neck. “I've been wearing it awhile now. It was a gift,” she explained.

“Well, okay then,” Jaina replied. Then she quickly stepped forward, and gave her a friendly hug.

“Can I have one?” Alema Rar asked with a flirtatious smile as she hugged Tahiri too.

“Actually I have quite a few gifts for both of you,” Tahiri replied with own smile, glancing at Jaina. “For now though, why don't the two of you go ahead and change,” she added, holding out a tan robeskin to each of them.

Jaina glanced at Alema Rar, who winked back nonchalantly as she began opening her skin-tight bodysuit.

“Alema Rar,” Jaina chastised her. “Why don't we change on the ship?” she suggested.

Alema Rar looked at her in mock-disappointment. Then she glanced at Tahiri. “Do I have to?” she asked sweetly, holding the top of her bodysuit half-way closed.

“Yes, you do,” Jaina answered, grabbing Alema Rar by the arm and pushing her up the ship's ramp. Jaina didn't see anyone around, but she wasn't about to let Alema Rar strip naked out in the open. Tahiri politely followed along, smiling.

Once they were out of sight, Jaina took one of the robeskins as Alema Rar took the other one. Jaina began slowly pulling off her jumpsuit. She glanced over to see Alema Rar pulling her—much tighter—one off as well. Jaina's gaze lingered a brief moment. Alema Rar noticed, and winked back at her. Jaina rolled her eyes at her, and looked away. She hadn't been looking like that. Well, not really.

After Jaina stripped off her jumpsuit, boots, and underwear, she began pulling on the tan robeskin. Tahiri waited patiently and looked around the ship, pretending not to pay too much attention to them while they changed. Jaina wasn't fooled though—she had noticed Tahiri glancing at both her and Alema Rar a couple of times.

Jaina's robeskin was almost identical to Tahiri's. It came to mid-thigh, and only went over one shoulder. It was tight, clung to her skin, with a strange feeling to it. It felt like soft nerfhide, but with a thin layer of warm jelly-like material inside it. She glanced back over at Alema Rar, to see how she was coming along.

The Twi'lek had torn the middle out of her robeskin, leaving her entire mid-section—from a few centimeters below her breasts to a few centimeters below the top of her hips—exposed. The tan robeskin contrasted nicely against her blue skin.

As Jaina and Tahiri watched, Alema Rar tore the middle section of the robeskin into pieces. Then she took one piece and wrapped it around her forearm. The ends sealed themselves together, making a sort of arm-sock. She repeated the process with her other forearm.

While Alema Rar was accessorizing her outfit, Jaina quietly picked up their lightsabers and locked them in one of the ship's secure storage compartments. Since it was obvious that Tahiri was fine, and the Yuuzhan Vong didn't seem to be waiting in ambush, she didn't think they'd be needing them.

“So, how long until I get my collar?” Alema Rar asked Tahiri once she had finished her arm-socks.

“Um, it shouldn't be long,” Tahiri answered curiously. “Why?”

Alema Rar smiled back at her a moment. “Well, there's no hurry, I've got one,” she said with a grin.

With that Alema Rar tore a strip about eight centimeters wide off the bottom of her robeskin skirt, turning it into a micro mini. Then she wrapped the strip around her neck, and ripped off the extra material. “I love this stuff,” she announced with a smile.

Jaina glanced down at the brief remains of the Twi'lek's robeskin skirt. “Far too much,” she added with a wry smile of her own.

“If everyone is ready?” Tahiri asked them expectantly.

The three Jedi walked barefoot away from the ship. Jaina had forgotten just how ... invigorating Zomana Sekot felt. She definitely understood why Tahiri had chosen to stay.

“So, how's life with the Yuuzhan Vong?” Jaina asked as they walked, trying hard to sound cheerful.

“Wonderful,” Tahiri answered with a broad smile. “I've met so many great Yuuzhan Vong, and Zomana Sekot is fantastic. I'm glad you and Alema Rar finally came to visit me. I know you're going to have a great time.”

“Oh, okay,” Jaina replied with a friendly smile. She was glad that Tahiri was happy, she knew how much she had loved Anakin. Then another question occurred to her. “Hey, where's Danni?” she asked. Jaina was referring to Danni Quee, a scientist who had been one of the first people to discover the Yuuzhan Vong. Danni was also living on Zonama Sekot with the Vong now.

“She's um, a little busy right now too,” Tahiri replied. “And away. I'm sure you'll get to see her before you leave though,” she added with a brief smile.

Jaina wasn't sure exactly what Tahiri meant by that, but she decided to let it go. “So, where are we headed now?” she asked.

“We're going to the purification grashal,” Tahiri told them. “You've got to be cleansed from all that technology,” she added, almost spitting out the last word.

Jaina glanced at Alema Rar, who seemed as puzzled as she was. “What do you mean, cleansed?” Jaina asked in confusion.

Tahiri grinned back at them. “It's just a little ritual to cleanse outsiders who have been in a lot of contact with technology and stuff. They'll bathe you, give you massages, and some other stuff,” she explained with a smile.

“A Yuuzhan Vong massage?” Alema Rar responded. “Sounds more like torture to me,” she added with a mischievous smile.

“I'll be right next to you, going through it too,” Tahiri answered, still smiling.

“That makes me feel soooo much better,” Jaina replied sarcastically.

Before Tahiri or Alema Rar could say anything else, they passed a group of about twenty Yuuzhan Vong who were headed in the opposite direction from them. Jaina involuntarily started to reach for her lightsaber, only to remember that it was on the ship. They looked like workers and not warriors, but even so, the sight of the Vong made her more than a little wary, especially since she was defenseless.

The Vong all seemed curious about them, but when Tahiri explained who they were, they seemed satisfied—even amused. At least Tahiri said that was what she'd said. Neither Jaina nor Alema Rar spoke Vong ... Yuuzhan Vong, she reminded herself again.

A minute or so later they arrived in another small clearing, with a group of Yuuzhan Vong buildings. They headed towards one on the left that Jaina assumed was the purification grashal. To Jaina it looked like a big whitish shell lying on its side. It was about three meters wide, and about three meters high. The entrance looked like the opening of the shell. Tahiri gave them an encouraging smile, and led them in.

Inside Jaina was startled to find three female Yuuzhan Vong. All three were tall and slim, with lean, muscular bodies. They had the pointy ears and small, broken-looking noses typical of their species. They were also heavily tattooed and scarred, although their tats and scars looked to be just above average, for a Yuuzhan Vong. All three had parallel lines scaring their cheeks. The one on the left had bluish-gray skin, while the other two's skin was more yellowish-gray, though the middle one's skin was several shades darker.

“Jaina, Alema Rar, this is Intendant Ona domain Nar ... Liis domain Rapuung ... and Seef domain Choka,” Tahiri said, gesturing first to the one on the left, then the, middle, then the right.

Jaina recognized the name Rapuung. That had been the name of the warrior who had fought alongside Anakin on Yavin 4, and helped rescue Tahiri from the Yuuzhan Vong. Nas Choka was the Yuuzhan Vong's last Warmaster.

Then Tahiri turned and said something to the Vong in their language. Jaina assumed she was introducing them to the Vong, and smiled politely. The Vong returned what Jaina guessed was a smile, for them.

All three Vong were at least twenty centimeters taller than Jaina. Seef was also a few centimeters taller than the other two. Ona's tattoos and scarring seemed to be a little more elaborate than her companions.

“Nice to meet you,” Jaina said as she reached out to shake Seef's hand.

Alema Rar did the same towards Ona, who was closest to her. The three Vong stared back at them blankly.

“Oh, Yuuzhan Vong don't shake hands,” Tahiri told them quickly. “Normally the lower-ranking person would respectfully bow to the higher-ranking one, but don't worry about that right now. I'll translate for you,” she explained.

“Okay,” Jaina replied as she lowered her hand.

After a few moments Ona Nar began to speak in rapid Yuuzhan Vong. The only word that Jaina caught was Jeedai, the word they used for Jedi. When she stopped talking, Tahiri quickly translated.

“Intendant Ona domain Nar greets the Jedi. She says that you should refer to her, as well as her companions by the title a'Tsaosk, their forename, and their domain names while there is more than one of them in the room. When you are alone with one of them though, you may simply call them a'Tsaosk, unless otherwise instructed,” Tahiri translated. “She also says that it is time for you to start being purified, and wants all three of us to take off our robeskins,” she added.

Jaina glanced at Tahiri, wondering just how much she had toned that down. She was mildly annoyed at the phrase unless otherwise instructed, but let it pass. Apparently the Vong weren't interested in being polite. Jaina also wondered just what a'Tsaosk meant. Tahiri had made it seem like it was some sort of sly inside joke.

“Just think of it like an exotic spa,” Tahiri told them as she began stripping off her own robeskin. “I promise, you'll enjoy it.”

Jaina glanced over at Alema Rar—only to discover that the Twi'lek had already stripped off her top.

“Come on Jaina,” Alema Rar encouraged her as she pulled off her tiny miniskirt. “Tahiri told us about the baths and massages and stuff. What are you waiting on?”

While Tahiri had mentioned something like that when she had invited them, Jaina still wasn't quite sure exactly what she had meant. Since both Tahiri and Alema Rar were already naked though, except for Tahiri's collar, Jaina sighed and began pulling off her robeskin.

Once all three Jedi were naked, the Intendants led them into the next chamber of the grashal. The building seemed to be laid out in a spiral pattern, with one room leading inwards to the next, towards the center. There they found a trio of bath tubs, with the top rims just a few centimeters above the floor. There was a thick, reddish-yellow fluid in them. The Intendants guided each of the Jedi to one of the baths. As Jaina stepped in, her skin immediately began tingling, almost painfully.

“What is this stuff?” Jaina asked as the fluid rose past her calf.

“It's a sort of super-cleanser,” Tahiri answered with a smile as she sat down in her own bath. “Trust me, you'll be fine.”

The three Jedi settled down neck-deep in their baths. Then the Intendants pulled a yorik coral lid from a slot in the floor at the end of each bath.

“Just relax,” Tahiri encouraged her friends as the Intendants closed the lids over the baths.

The lids each had a half-circle slot in them that closed around the Jedi's necks. Jaina was fully aware of how vulnerable she was now. She ran through a quick Jedi calming exercise.

“Everything's fine,” Tahiri said contently from her own bath.

Jaina glanced over at Alema Rar. She had her lekku draped back over the edge of bath, onto the floor, with her eyes closed, relaxed.

Then the Intendants each sat down behind their Jedi, and began massaging more of the cleansing fluid into their scalps, and in Alema Rar's case, her lekku. Since Tahiri and Alema Rar didn't seem to be too talkative, Jaina just closed her eyes and let Intendant Nar do her thing. As Jaina relaxed in the bath, the three Vong began chatting amongst themselves. Jaina couldn't understand them, but she did catch the word Jeedai a few times, as well as the Yuuzhan Vong word for worker. She didn't worry about it too much though. Tahiri would tell them if anything was wrong.

Ona Nar was taking care of Jaina, while Seef Choka took care of Alema Rar, and Liis Rapuung handled Tahiri. Jaina wondered if there was any significance to Tahiri being taken care of by someone from the same domain as the warrior that had fought alongside Anakin on Yavin 4. She made a mental note to ask her about it later.

About ten minutes later the Intendants set a flat disk-like creature down in front of each of the Jedi. The creatures were pinkish-brown, and looked a little like the robeskins, except they had tiny cilia on the side facing up. Tahiri told them that the creatures were for their faces, and that they were harmless. She also told them that they would be able to breath through the creature.

Then the Intendants lifted the creatures to the Jedi's faces. Intendant Nar held the back of Jaina's head as she gently pressed the creature onto her face. Jaina fought the urge to panic as it settled into place. It completely covered her face, including her eyes, nose, and mouth. True to Tahiri's word, Jaina was able to breathe, although it felt like she was breathing through a damp cloth or something.

Jaina ran through a Jedi calming exercise as she laid in the bath. She could feel the creature's cilla moving around on her face. They didn't hurt quite as much as the stuff she had worn on the Trickster, but they were definitely irritating. While the creature did what ever it was did, Jaina felt Intendant Nar return to doing something to her hair.

After nearly an hour soaking in the bath, Jaina felt Intendant Nar begin raking her fingers through her hair, and the thick cleansing fluid started coming out. Once Jaina's and Tahiri's hair was done, the Intendants pulled the creatures off the Jedi's faces. Jaina blinked her eyes several times to adjust to the light. Both Tahiri and Alema Rar were doing the same. Then the Intendants opened the lids of the baths, and assisted the Jedi out.

The fluid clung to Jaina's skin as she climbed out of the bath. When she finally stepped out though, she was completely dry, except for her hair, which was still slightly damp from the cleansing fluid. She also felt extremely clean, although she smelled a little ... odd. She asked Tahiri about the smell, and she explained that it was porrh, the Yuuzhan Vong cleansing agent. Next the Intendants took the Jedi—still naked—to the next room in the grashal. There Tahri explained that the Intendants had some jewelry for them, as gifts.

Jaina had to admit that she was interested in the Vong's idea of jewelry. She wondered if it would be anything like the restraints and stuff on the Trickster. Jaina could sense Alema Rar's curiosity as well—and her arousal, but that was probably just because she was naked. Jaina glanced over at her, and the blue-skinned Twi'lek winked back at her with a smile as she flexed her lekku. Jaina blushed and quickly looked away. Then she looked back, and stuck her tongue out at her.

The first things they received were black yorik coral bracelets. They were about six-centimeters wide, and smooth, but with a slightly wavy surface. Jaina was mildly surprised that the insides were smooth as well, without any of the spiky studs like the stuff on the Trickster had. The bracelets were oval shaped, and made out of two separate halves, not connected at all.

“Hey, these look like cuffs, Tahiri,” Alema Rar said with a teasing smile.

“Yeah, a little,” Tahiri admitted. “But they're jewelry appropriate for your purification ritual,” she explained as Intendant Rapuung closed a black yorik coral cuff around her own left wrist.

“Well, okay,” Alema Rar replied. “Not that I'd necessarily mind if they were ... ” she added with a flirtatious smile.

Jaina thought it was odd that the Intendants wanted to put the bracelets on the Jedi themselves. Since she really couldn't ask why though, she just held her hands out and allowed Intendant Nar to close the bracelets around her wrists. Despite Tahiri's assurance that they weren't cuffs, the bracelets made ominous clicks as they snapped together around her wrists. Bracelets or cuffs, Jaina knew that she wouldn't be able to slide them off, and she didn't know how to open them. Still, she quickly found herself liking them.

Next the Yuuzhan Vong gave them matching armbands that fit their biceps. The insides of these were covered with tiny cilla, but Tahiri explained that they were just to keep them armbands from sliding around. While the cilla were a little irritating, they weren't too bad, and they kept the armbands in place.

After the armbands the Intendants presented the Jedi with matching ankle bracelets. These were smooth inside and out, with the same wavy pattern as the bracelets and armbands on the outside. They were tight as well, just like the bracelets.

Then Intendant Nar approached Jaina, holding a black yorik coral choker. It looked identical to her bracelets, armbands, and ankle bracelets. Intendant Choka did the same to Alema Rar. Jaina turned, lifted her hair up, and Intendant Nar closed the choker around her neck with a 'click,' just like her other jewelry. Alema Rar also faced away, and moved her lekku out so Intendant Choka could put her choker on her.

Almost immediately Jaina felt a strange tingling on her neck where the collar was. It didn't hurt like the collar she had worn on board the Trickster though. After a few moments, she decided that it was probably just her imagination, and she wouldn't even notice it before long.

“Hey Tahiri, why didn't you get a black choker like ours?” Alema Rar asked her.

Jaina glanced over, and saw that Tahiri was still wearing her brownish-red yorik coral collar, along with the black bracelets, armbands, and ankle bracelets like she and Alema Rar had.

“Because my collar won't come off without killing it,” Tahiri replied with a smile.

“Um, okay,” Jaina answered in surprise. “Will you ever take it off then?”

Tahiri grinned a moment. “I don't plan on it,” she answered.

While Jaina and Alema Rar felt their new chokers, the Intendants spoke with Tahiri a few moments. Then Tahiri turned back to her friends. “Now it's time for your massages,” she informed them with a smile.

The intendants had the three Jedi lay face down on low table-like ... things. The tables were concave, smooth, slightly warm, and surprisingly comfortable. There was even a circular sponge-type thing that was open in the middle that served as a pillow for their faces, and depressions for their breasts. There were also slots for their feet to slide into, so they didn't have to flex their calves to extend their feet while they were lying down.

The three Yuuzhan Vong began giving them some sort of massage, with occasional hard slaps and blows mixed in. Jaina couldn't quite decide if the massage was more painful or relaxing. If Tahiri hadn't been a couple of meters away, happily getting her own massage, Jaina didn't think she'd go through with it, though.

Since she was supposed to be thinking of it like a spa, Jaina decided to start up some girl talk with her friends. As soon as she began talking though, Intendant Nar made it clear that she should be quiet. Tahiri shushed her as well.

The Vong spent half-an-hour or so massaging the Jedi. They used various oils as well as hand-held knobby things on them. Every time Jaina tried to ask a question, Intendant Nar shushed her, and kept going.

Eventually, Intendant Nar seemed to be about finished. Jaina couldn't deny that she was very relaxed. Both Tahiri and Alema Rar seemed relaxed as well. The oils they had used did smell weird though. After a moment Jaina realized that they smelled ... Yuuzhan Vong. They smelled like the Trickster, and a lot of the other Vong and vonglife she had come across, especially the some of the workers she had encountered.

Jaina started to adjust her arms, but couldn't move them. She frowned, and tried to move them again. Her bracelets were stuck to the massage table. She tried to lift her feet, and found out they were trapped as well. Then she tried to move her head, and found that her choker was also stuck to the table.

“Um, Tahiri,” Jaina said tentatively. “I'm stuck to the table.”

“Just relax,” Tahiri replied calmly from her own table. “Everything's fine.”

Intendant Nar leaned down, and whispered something into Jaina's ear in Yuuzhan Vong. Then she slowly ran her finger down Jaina's back, from her neck to the crack of her ass, and teased her pussy.

Jaina wondered what she had said, but she was more concerned with her intimate touch. Before Jaina could do anything, she felt the bottom of the table split apart. Her legs, which were stuck to the table with her ankle bracelets, spread until her feet were about a meter apart.

“Tahiri, what the frakk is going on?” Jaina demanded. She lifted her head as much as she could, and saw Intendant Nar squatting in front of her, with what Jaina assumed was a smile on her face.

“Relax, Jaina,” Tahiri told her again.

Jaina could sense that Alema Rar was a little uneasy as well—and aroused. Suddenly Intendant Nar reached out, put her hand on the back of Jaina's head, and as she attempted to protest, the Yuuzhan Vong roughly pushed something into her mouth. It was round, yellowish-green, and definitely alive, with a lot of slim tentacle-like things hanging off the back. As Intendant Nar began wrapping the tentacle-like things from the creature around Jaina's head, it started expanding in her mouth.

Jaina had worn harness gags a few times before, so she quickly realized what the creature was supposed to be. Part of the creature covered her mouth, barely leaving her nose clear. She tried to scream, but absolutely nothing came out. It was like the creature had absorbed every trace of sound from her throat. Once the creature-gag was strapped in tight, Intendant Nar pushed Jaina's head back down onto the circular pillow. When she let go, Jaina tried to raise her head again, only to discover that now her head was stuck to the circular pillow.

A few moments later Jaina felt a strap-like thing being pulled tight across her lower back, and another over each of her thighs just a few centimeters below her crotch. Then there was one more across her upper back. Jaina tried again to move—any part of her body—but all she could manage was to wiggle her fingers and toes a little.

Then Jaina felt something else on her lower back. This time it was a Yuuzhan Vong creature. It sat still a moment, then crawled down onto her ass, causing Jaina to scream into her gag again, and try to twist her body to throw it off. The creature stayed on, and then Jaina felt it probe the crack of her ass with a thin tentacle or something. Jaina screamed again into her gag, and tried to dislodge the creature by twisting her pelvis.

As the creature's tentacle moved down to her damp pussy, Jaina ran through a quick Jedi calming exercise, and tried to knock the creature off with the Force. Instead of falling to the floor, the creature's multiple appendages seemed to spread out to get a better grip. It even stuck the tip of one into her asshole to stay in place.

After a couple of seconds Jaina felt the creature move further down towards her pussy. Then she felt a larger, rounded appendage enter her damp sex.

Jaina gave an involuntary gasp of arousal through the gag as the creature slowly pushed the phallus shaped appendage into her pussy. When she finally felt the main body of the creature press against her crotch, Jaina didn't know whether to be relieved that the dildo appendage wasn't any bigger, or disappointed. It felt a little over twenty centimeters long, and probably four in diameter. It was also obviously alive, wriggling and flexing inside her.

Jaina didn't know exactly what was going on with Tahiri and Alema Rar, but she could sense that they were both very aroused—just like she was herself. A few moments later, Jaina felt Intentant Nar run her hand through her hair. The she whispered in Yuuzhan Vong, and pushed something into her left ear, quickly followed by another thing in her right one.

The first thought Jaina had was that Intendant Nar was trying to implant her with some kind of yorik coral slave seeds. Then she realized that the things were more like slugs than surge coral. Once both were in place, Intendant Nar began speaking again, and to Jaina's shock, she could understand her now.

“Hello my little Jeedai pet,” Intendant Nar said to her as she ran her hand down her back. “I'm so glad you finally came to visit Riina. She really feels that she belongs to the Yuuzhan Vong now, and we've been looking forward to giving other Jeedai the same special treatment as her,” she said, pinching Jaina's ass with her nails. “The tizowyrms will allow you to understand when a Yuuzhan Vong gives you a command, or is talking to you. The rest of the time, all you'll hear is incomprehensible gibberish.”

It took Jaina a moment to remember that Riina was Tahiri's Yuuzhan Vong name. It took her a couple more to process the rest of what Intendant Nar was telling her. At least they're not slave seeds, Jaina thought to herself, relieved to learn that the things in her ear canals were tizowyrms. Then she wondered exactly what Intendant Nar meant by giving you a command.

Jaina's thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Intendant Nar's tattooed hand holding a pair of Yuuzhan Vong beetle things below the table, in front of her face. Both had a pair of large, vicious-looking mandibles opening and closing. At the same time Jaina felt the depressions in the table for her breasts open, leaving her nipples exposed. Suddenly, she had a particularly bad feeling about the beetles.

Jaina watched Intendant Nar's hand move down towards her breasts. Then she screamed into the gag as one of the beetles clamped onto her left nipple, quickly followed by the second beetle on her right one. Jaina sensed a similar flash of pain from Alema Rar, and a strange flash of arousal from Tahiri. Actually Jaina felt some arousal from Alema Rar as well. Jaina was sure her own arousal was just from the dildo ... and her restraints.

Jaina tried to wiggle her tits to knock the beetles off, but they only responded by biting harder, and fluttering their wings, causing them to vibrate on her nipples, which caused Jaina to involuntarily moan with pleasure. After only a few seconds, Jaina already hated the kriffing beetles more than the restraints, gag, or dildo.

“Now, we're going to go for awhile, and leave you and Riina and our other Jeedai pet with the implanters that are giving you so much pleasure,” Intendant Nar said as she patted the creature over Jaina's crotch. Then she reached down, and flicked the beetle clamped onto Jaina's left nipple, causing it to bite harder again, and vibrate. “These little sadobugs will keep you company too,” she added. “When we get back, I'm sure you'll have a much better attitude towards the glorious Yuuzhan Vong.”

font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: none"> Jaina was relieved that the Yuuzhan Vong wouldn't be there to further torment her, but she had the sneaking suspicion that the implanter and sadobugs would take care of that on their own. Jaina heard one of the other Intendants—Rapuung she thought—say something, then Intendant Nar replied. True to Intendant Nar's word, Jaina couldn't understand them at all. It didn't even sound like Yuuzhan Vong language. Somehow the tizowyrms could control everything she heard It just sounded like gibberish to her. Jaina listened as the three Intendants left the chamber, and the hatch spinster closed behind them.

The three Jedi were left cuffed to the tables; gagged and being thoroughly fucked by the modified implanters.

Not long after the Intendants left, Jaina discovered something else that the implanter could do. Besides wriggling and flexing, the dildo-appendage could actually expand outwards against the inside of her pussy. It could even expand just a portion of itself, resulting in an incredibly erotic pulsing sensation. What the kriffing implanter didn't do was allow Jaina to achieve orgasm. It kept her on the edge for what seemed like an enternity. The two sadobugs kept vibrating and biting down at random, and changed position on her nipples periodically. Jaina wondered how long she would be left cuffed to the massage table. She reached out with the Force, and sensed that both Tahiri and Alema Rar were as horny as she was.

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