Vestara Khai: Bounty Hunter
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress' notes: This story takes place soon after the Fate of the Jedi series. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

"Move it, schutta," Vestara Khai — rising bounty hunter — said as she kicked her prisoner in the ass.

Tahiri Veilia stumbled in her shackles and fell to the deck. Since her wrists were cuffed behind her back, she landed face first.

Then she screamed in pain as the Sith-turned-bounty hunter activated her shock collar, stun cuffs, and shock shackles all at once.

"Now!" Vestara shouted as she jerked her — by her leash — to her feet.

Tahiri struggled to stay on her feet as the Sith dragged her towards the ship's docking port. A dozen meters — and several painful shocks — later they arrived.

While the airlock cycled, Tahiri was able to catch her breath. She didn't bother saying anything to her captor. She would say it when she escaped — when Vestara was the one wearing the shock collar and stun cuffs.

When the airlock opened, there were half-a-dozen armed GA security officers in armor, plus a tall woman in her early thirties wearing a regular uniform with Captain's insignia.

"Tahiri Veilia, convicted murderer and escaped prisoner," Vestara said as she jerked the chain leash towards them.

The Captain stepped forward, grabbed Tahiri's hair, and pulled her head back. Then she held a retina / facial recognition scanner over her face and eyes. After a few affirmative beeps, she stepped back, jerking her head down as she let go.

"Prisoner Two-Eight-Zero-Four-Zero-Seven," the Captain read Tahiri's prison number off the scanner, to no one in particular. Then she turned to Vestara. "Twenty thousand credits," she said, handing her a credit chit.

Vestara took a moment to examine the chit, then smiled back at her. "Twenty thousand credits," she agreed, slipping the chit into a pocket above her lightsaber. Then she glanced back at her prisoner. "You can keep the restraints," she said as she jerked her leash towards the armored troopers.

As she had planned, Tahiri stumbled and fell face first on the ground at their feet. Also as she had planned, none of them made a move to catch her. Instead, one took the leash from Vestara, while two more grabbed her upper arms. All three pulled her to her feet.

"Thank you for your service," the Captain said with a nod as the armored officers began dragging the prisoner away. "I'll see to it that you're cleared for immediate departure."

"Thank you," Vestara replied with a smile, even though she was practically telling her, get the hell off this station.

She almost warned them to be careful. Tahiri was a powerful Force user after all ... but after a moment's hesitation, she decided not to. Surely the GA could handle a prisoner that was already wearing shock shackles and stun cuffs. Instead, Vestara simply went back on board her ship, and prepared to leave, wondering exactly what she would buy with her reward.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Tahiri landed on the floor of the holding cell with a grunt of pain. She was really getting tired of being dropped on her face.

"Leave her restraints on," the tall Captain said. "We'll monitor her, and if she tries to escape, we can shock her until she passes out."

"Um, Ma'am, how will she eat?" one of the armored officers asked. "The Justice Department transport won't be here for two days."

Tahiri looked up at him from the floor, trying to recognize his armor, and identify him through Force. She would do her best not to kill him. Captain Shock Shackle on the other hand ...

"We'll just put her tray on the floor," the Captain said. "She can eat like the nek she is."

With that the cell door slammed shut, and Tahiri sensed all of the officers leave. Since she didn't hear the two guard droids moving, she assumed they were still outside her cell. She had to give them credit for that. She couldn't influence droids with the Force.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

One week later ...

Vestara Khai keyed the sequence to lower the ramp of her ship. Then she walked up it, her boots nearly silent on the durasteel plating. She paused at the entrance, reached out with the Force, then closed the door behind her, shutting out the harsh Tattooine suns.

The blonde Sith strode into her cabin, and began stripping off her weapons harness, knee-high boots, and jumpsuit.

Once she was naked, she laid down on her bed, and set her wrists in the open cuffs attached to the bar across the top of the bunk. The cuffs immediately closed, trapping her wrists. At the same time, automatic restraints flipped up from the sides of the bed, near her feet. She looked down, and set her ankles in the durasteel cuffs, and they closed, trapping her bare feet as well.

Seconds later, a figure practically flew through the still open doorway, lightsaber ignited, and landed on the bed, straddling her. The blade was held mere centimeters from her nose.

"Kriffing Sith," Tahiri Veilia spat out.

"It's about frakking time," Vestara replied. "I missed a good bounty waiting on you."

Tahiri shut down the lightsaber, then sat up, still straddling her naked body. "The fine, honorable GA officers left me cuffed behind my back, shackled, and collared in a cell with two guard droids outside."

Then she reached down, and twisted one of her lover's nipples. "By the way, next time, don't go so easy on the shock collar. I can take the pain."

"I didn't want you to be unconscious when you were supposed to be escaping," Vestara replied, fighting not to react to the pain.

"HA!" Then Tahiri thought a moment. "Actually I don't think we can pull that stunt again. One of the guards recognized you. Unless of course we get someone else to play bounty hunter?" She nodded her head to herself. "They should increase my price after this escape."

"How many did you kill?" Vestara asked curiously.

Tahiri smiled as she twisted her nipple again. "No one, you little Sith. Which made it a lot harder."

"Too bad," Vestara answered, wincing slightly. "That sexy Captain was a bitch."

Tahiri grinned as she slapped her other tit. "I left her naked and hog-shackled in her office. Should be great for her career."

"I hope not with our shackles?" Vestara asked, flexing against Tahiri's weight.

The shackles, cuffs, and collar were all custom made. They could be unlocked with the Force.

"Of course not," Tahiri replied. "They're in the closet."

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