Undercover — Part 5 Rating: NC-17

Drooling and salivating, my oral fluids coated his cock in copious lubrication and he took advantage of the slickness to skullfuck me faster, then harder!

My eyes popped wide as my body was racked with an effort to cough. I tried to gasp for breath. My reaction pleased him.

Panting, he stopped fucking me. It made me anxious.

"I get you now, Iella," he whispered, keeping his dick in my mouth. "You need to suffer, don't you? You want to be controlled by a man who is your master, eh? Who can take control away from you?"

I couldn't answer him. I could only look up at him and plead with my eyes that what he was saying wasn't true ... though this past hour, I started feeling my unknown desires rising up though the depths of my being.

"Beg me, Iella," he looked at me intently as he pulled his dick out of my mouth, but still holding my head in his hands. "Beg me to fuck you."

I was panting too, being able to breathe freely for the first time in many long minutes.

"Wedge ... I can't ... it's too ..." I could barely hear myself speaking.

He gripped by head harder. "Beg me, Iella! Say you want me to fuck you!"

His voice had dropped an octave as he ordered me to do his will ... and I felt pulled — willingly — into that will.

"Please ... Wedge ... my Master ..." I was crying now, but not from sorrow, and not fully from humiliation. I started to shake, "I need you so badly ... please fuck me ..."

He smiled at me. "Are you an my asshole slut?"

"Anything! Anything!" I was crying harder. "I'll be anything for you! Please, Wedge, fuck me! Any hole you want!" I meant every word.

He put my head down and pulled my hips toward him. I felt him opening my pussy lips and probing and exploring. Then I felt him poking his fingers (I'm not sure how many) in my asshole.

"Mmmm ... Iella, I feel you twitch harder when I touch that backdoor of yours," Wedge had his fingers moving in and out of me, making me squirm in pleasure and pain. "You know what? I'd never satisfy that big pussy of yours with my cock ... I think I'll need to addict your ass to my dick instead!"

I'd had anal sex before, it's true, but nothing as big as Wedge's cock-head! Momentarily panicking, I nearly protested but his constant massaging of my anus overwhelmed my natural resistance to his suggestion.

"Yes ... oh yes, Wedge! If ... if my cunt ... if, like you say, it's too loose for you, please ... use ... use my ass! Just fuck me!" I was actually delirious with lust! It was an awful and inspired feeling.

Really, it was a new feeling for me, losing all control to my lust. I'm an undercover agent; I can't afford to lose control in anything!

I sensed that Wedge was not a native dominant, but he was responding to his own frustrations and to my need. As he probed my backside with more fingers, I felt him doing this for me.

I wasn't sure how I felt about him changing his personality to suit my needs, but that thought was really far, far away from where I was at that moment. All I wanted was to feel his cock in my ass!

He wasn't gentle. He wasn't careful. He even fumbled as he pulled his foreskin back to get his penis aligned with my nether. I know he fumbled because I was so desperate for him to enter me that every extra movement was agony!

While my front hole may be large, I was sure my back hole was tight. But apparently, I was wrong; Wedge slipped that big cockhead into my anal ring. It hurt like hell, but it happened easily enough. Maybe I was just so ready and open for him, but he withdrew and got up.

"Wedge, no! Come back!" I rolled over and was whimpering pathetically.

He'd gone into my bedroom and I heard him opening drawer doors quickly. Before I could get up to run in after him, he was back — holding a large dildo! It was one I never used; it still had the price tag on it ...

"No!!!" I was so upset! "I want YOU! Not a dildo!" I was actually shedding tears!

He leaned down and pushed my legs open, making me fall back. He pushed my ankles up over my head and instructed me to grasp them. "Don't move your hands," he was threatening and menacing, and I felt myself growing wetter as he grasped my throat with one of his hands. I complied, hopeful he'd fuck me. I was elated to feel him pushing himself into my pussy ... until I realized it was the large artificial penis. I gasped!

"Good that you feel that, whore," he spat at me, pumping the vibrator fast in and out of me. He let the generated juices drip down to my asshole. With a grunt, he thrust the dildo into me and held it in hard. It was actually hurting me, but it was such a lovely kind of hurt. I groaned.

Which turned into a yelp, as he shoved that huge cockhead back into my ass! He leaned his body forward, and his pelvis kept the dildo in my pussy as he shoved himself deep into my ass.

I felt so full! I could feel both phalluses sliding in and out of me. I barely noticed him squeezing my throat in time to his fucking, but it added to my heightened awareness of the feelings in me. It was so new and so exciting, I was cumming fast ...

"Ooh, Iella, are you cumming? Without permission?" He slapped me across the face ... and I couldn't help it. I was cumming again, screaming out my passion!

I saw him smile as he mauled my tits, interspersing with tight squeezes around my neck and smacking my cheeks. It was the most spectacular ongoing orgasm of my life and I was begging him for more the whole time, promising all manner of anything he wanted!

"Tell me you're my whore, Iella ... tell me I've ruined you for any other fuck!" He growled out the words and he punctuated them with deep cock punches.

"Yes ... yes! I'm yours, Wedge! Only yours!" I could barely breathe, but it was so important that I tell him what he wanted to hear. "No one has ever fucked me this good! More! Harder!" I didn't want him to stop!

"Mmm ... I'll bet you say that to all the guys you fuck, you slut!" He slapped me hard as he said this. "You're such an easy fuck!"

"No! No, I swear, I never said it to anyone before! I never wanted to! Oh, keep fucking me! I'm so full!" I was babbling and crying, I was so happy.

Wedge was groaning. "Yep, shoving that big dong into your other hole, it tightened you right up. I'm going to cum, Iella ... I'm going to dump my splooge into you, to mark you as mine ... you understand, slut?"

"Oh yes, Wedge! Cum in me! Please fill my ass with your spunk!" I was so happy he wanted to own me, that I could make him orgasm in my asshole.

He screamed and thrust so hard that I thought he tore my perineum between my two holes. He was right — bleeding and cumming, he'd ruined my holes. I'd never achieve satisfaction with anyone else. He owned me!

As his orgasm burned through me, I felt myself explode. It was so strong that the other orgasms I'd had up to them were just teasers; this orgasm lead up to it's nickname, "la petite morte," or "little death." I had died with pleasure ... I passed out.

I woke up with Wedge sponging my naked body and toweling me dry. He'd cleaned up the mess we'd made. I didn't open my eyes for a few moments because it felt so good to feel him ministering to me so tenderly. But my lips were parched and I allowed myself a sigh and a grown.

He stopped wiping me down, and I felt him kissing my lips. "Thanks for coming back ... I was afraid I'd have to leave before you'd revived!"

I breathed hard as I sat up. "You're leaving! But ..."

He helped me up and wrapped my bathrobe around me. "Iella, it's not like you to be so needy ... are you unwell?"

I blushed, aware that I was always so aloof to him, and he'd never seen this side of me before. "Wedge, I'm sorry. I really mean that." My pride no longer meant anything compared to my need to have him with me forever. "I was so ... not-nice ... I was afraid ..."

He smiled in that cocky Corellian manner. He kissed me. "I have to go. You know why. You do as you think is right ... take good care of yourself, so we can see each other again, okay?" Then he got up, this time to leave.

Grabbing his hand, I pleaded with him. "Wedge," I suddenly felt shy, " ... promise me ... before you go ... my pussy ... next time?"

Smiling at me again in that distinctively Corellian manner, he kissed me harder and deeper than before. "What kind of a boy do you think I am?" He was grave and playful, all at once. I found him irresistable!

How had I let such a treasure of a many go? "Please Wedge ..." I was so tired, but so happy to be with him! I couldn't let him go again, without the promise of seeing him once more.

"I'm saving myself for marriage," he responded, as he activated the door controls.

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