Undercover — Part 4 Rating: NC-17

I'd just never experienced this type of mind-sex before. And I desperately needed him to finish me off!

"No ideas, eh, Iella?" I felt his hardened cock against my hip. Whether I could feel it in me or not, that's what I wanted right now!

I was trying to un-do the fastenings in his trousers, and in my excitement I was fumbling badly. Gasping and squealing, I finally pulled it free -- and was amazed by his dimensions.

I had no idea that Wedge was packing such a monster. It was longer than average, but what was amazing was its heft and width! I couldn't get my hand around its girth, and the head of his penis was twice as wide in diameter than the base, meaning it would hurt going in -- no gentle gliding was possible.

I tried putting my mouth around it, but just couldn't. Wedge pushed me down and pulled my lips open with his thumbs. "You'll need to stretch that mouth ... lick them or your lips will crack," he advised, and he pulled my mouth open wider. When he was satisfied, he moved his cock to my chin and I willingly licked the enormous head.

Using my tongue to guide him, he pushed his dick into my mouth. I was lying on the floor, struggling to take him in, trying to remember to breath as he started pumping my face.

"That's not a bad hole, Iella," he smiled. His approval made me so happy! But I was having trouble breathing and tried to slow him down by putting my hands on his belly to keep him from pushing into me so deeply.

"Uh-uh," said Wedge. "A slut like you should be able to take my dick like this. No hands, show me how good you are, bitch." He pulled my arms onto the floor and tucked them under is legs, which straddled my upper body.

I really was struggling to breath and I probably looked a little blue. Wedge seemed to enjoy the sensations of my gasping and gagging as he pumped his dick langorously in and out of my distended mouth.

"Get it wet with your oral cunt ... make it slippery. Lube it up or you'll regret it, you whore!" I tried desperately to comply.

Just as I was getting used to Wedge's size, he suddenly popped his cockhead out of my mouth. The sensation was audible and I cried out in disappointment, which made him laugh.

"You naughty girl," he giggled, "you really want my cock bad, eh?" To emphasize, he bounced his hard dick against my lips as I tried to lick it. "Too bad, it was boring me."

I stopped in surprise at hearing this. I felt a sob welling up in me. I had tried my best, and he said I was boring!

"Now now," admonished Wedge, "surely, you can't have fucks with such low standards! You're a master at information gathering. I'm sure you've done better for less, eh slut?"

I was embarassed and sputtering. "I'm not a slut!"

"No? Then why the drippy cunt? Oh, Iella, you have that gorgeous 'fuck me or I'll die' look to you!" Wedge was downright playful, which was only serving to humiliate me more. "Tell me you want my cock in you, go on!"

He was fingering me again, rubbing his rough digits vigorously over my clitoris after first dragging them over my sloppy-wet cunt-hole. The lubrication made me so sensitive to his touch, so that it pleasurable rather than annoying or painful.

I felt my hips thrust against him, trying to build up pressure, making him know how much and what I wanted without having to say it.

But Wedge was having none of it. He reduced the pressure, tantalizing me by letting his calloused fingertips flick and drag at my sex as he pleased. He grabbed my bare breast tightly around the nipple and squeezed hard, making me pant harder.

"You're not much good as a whore, are you? Refusing to give in, yet you've hardly held anything back, have you, bitch?" He emphasized the profane word with a slap across my sore tit!

I groaned ... I had to admit, I was loving the abuse!

I'd never been hotter for any man than I was for Wedge Antilles at this very moment.

And he knew it. He let go of me and got up again.

"Well, you blew it again, Iella."

At his suggestion, I leaped for his cock and took is as far down my throat as I could. I was going to give him the blowjob of his life, make him want to fuck me!

I was gagging on that big, fat dick -- I grabbed his ass and held him onto me. I was a woman obsessed, and I did not want that cock to leave me till he gave me what I needed!

I was used to men begging and pleading for a fuck, promising to leave their mates for me. I was going to make sure Wedge was on that list of men ... and once he was, I would hold power over him again.

But then, I would probably also lose interest. Truth be told, I never could respect a compliant man. That's what made it easy to fuck someone for what I needed. Once that need was sated -- whether for information, for help, for access -- I'd move on without any regret or back-thought. It's the nature of business in Intelligence, and also the nature of me.

I'd probably lose Wedge's friendship, but for what he was doing to me, it was a risk worth taking for the resulting jolt to my pride. I wasn't thinking of that at the time. All I wanted at the time was to make Wedge sorry he'd started down this path!

My eyes were watering as the enormous cockhead distended my throat. It was so large that I could not make myself breath through my nose. It felt like my sinuses were pinched shut and I fought the desire to gag.

Making more room in my mouth, I pushed my tongue out and wriggled it to try and get more of him in. He moaned and threw back his head as he pushed in deeper. I was sure I was going to choke, but the satisfaction in that moan was delicious. I was getting somewhere!

So I wriggled and pulled and swallowed, and finally the tip of my tongue was tickling the base of his testicles. He grabbed my head and held it in position. "Keep doing that," he growled. "Keep doing it or I'll strangle you!" The fingers of his hands wrapped around the base of my skull, his thumbs under the hinge of my jaw, locking me in a position most pleasurable to him.

He pushed his hips in deeper, held in for longer than I could stand, then pulled out. Knowing he was loving the feeling of my mouth, I was finally relaxing and savoring the gagging feel as he dragged that big, heavy cockhead in and out of my throat.

Drooling and salivating, my oral fluids coated his cock in copious lubrication and he took advantage of the slickness to skullfuck me faster, then harder!

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