Undercover — Part 3 Rating: NC-17

I moaned. My vagina felt so empty, it was aching!

"What was that?" He asked. He was fucking my mouth with his fingers now, and I was licking and sucking them, because that's what he wanted me to do.

"You want me to stop?"

"N ... no!" I managed to gasp out.

"Hmn ... so what do you want me to do, Iella? What do you not want me to not stop?" His mouth smiled, but his eyes burned into mine, willing me to obey him.

Moaning, I tried to show some dignity. I tried to take back control. "Wedge Antilles, you are taking advantage of me -- and you should be grateful we're friends or ..."

"Or what, Iella?" Wedge frowned. For some reason, his frown terrified me more than his lustful teasing. "What will you do? Send me away? Tell your boss? Tell my boss?" He laughed unkindly, a short bark.

"Do you think they'd believe Wedge Antilles would rape a woman? It'd be your word against mine, Iella. It'd get ugly, unless you expected me to roll over and take the accusation, for your sake?" Wedge untied the rope around one knee. "If that's what you think, then fine. Like you promised, this never happened ..."

I looked at him and bit my bottom lip, willing myself not to weep. I willed myself to give him an impassive mien.

I can endure his disappointment when I reject him. But I can't stand his disapproval!

I was confused when he untied my knees and my arms and my throat. He didn't say anything; he simply sighed and got up.


He wasn't leaving me! I couldn't let him!

In a rush, all those times I could have had him -- could have made him my own -- came back to crush me, and I wept. Silently at first, then I started sobbing audibly. I tried to keep it quiet; my pride was still forcing me to act against my will.

Wedge heard me and turned around to look at me.

"Why are you crying, Iella?" He sounded like he was interested, or at least concerned.

"You ..."

"Me? I dont understand." He stood by the door while I lay on the floor. I felt pathetic.

"You're wasting my time again, aren't you, Iella?" He didn't look sad, as he'd done in the past. He looked ... I don't know ... disappointed.

I can't stand his disappointment!

"Please, Wedge," I was begging in a whisper, "please ..."

He leaned against the door. I have to say, he did a fine impression of Han Solo!

"Please me? Is that what you want to say?"

He was playing a stupid game! I shrieked in frustration!

"Fine! Please yourself, but do me! Finish me off! Please!" I was sobbing quite openly and squeezed my eyes shut in shame.

I felt him stroking my belly. I groaned and pulled my thighs open, trying to position his hand onto my pussy. "Oh yes ..."

"Hmn ... you ARE a greedy cunt, aren't you, Iella?" He looked at me with one eybrow cocked, but without a smile.

I sobbed, but felt glad that he hadn't left me. "Maybe ... yes ... Wedge, please fuck me ..."

"Fuck?" He sounded surprised. "As in put my penis in your cunt? In there?" He thumbed my clitoris.

I gasped, "Yes ... yes! Please ..." I was sounding monotonous to my own ears. My mind wasn't working like it usually did when I was with Wedge.

"Hmn ..." He sounded like he doubted me. I hated that he was playing with my mind, and that I had succumbed to his manipulations.

He poked my pussy with his thumb. "Well, I doubt I'd feel anything if I put my cock in there. Nope, doesn't seem to be a good idea. And though it was rather pleasurable watching you enjoy my fist, it's not exactly a sexual organ, you know?" He giggled.

It was angry that he was right. I had never really enjoyed sex because I simply didn't feel it the way the holos depicted it. How could anyone think it was worthwhile?

This was different. Wedge had involved my body and my mind, he was playing with my emotions and frustrations. I had never been so wet! Ironically, the hornier and wetter I'd get, the less I'd feel during sex, and I had concluded that sex was all in the mind. The act itself was nothing to get excited about.

I'd just never experienced this type of mind-sex before. And I desperately needed him to finish me off!

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