Undercover — Part 2 Rating: NC-17

He was thrusting his body onto mine, dry-humping me so I could feel how hard he was. Pilots are small men, so I was surprised at how large he felt.

To my utter shame, I started humping back against him.

"Ooh, you're a nasty one," he smiled at me. "You like being taken, don't you, bitch?"

I couldn't look at him. He slapped my face, "Answer me, you tart!"

"No! Just stop! We can still stop this!" I regained control of myself.

He was fingering my panties. I had to fight to not pull my legs down, because of the cords to my throat.

"Please ... no, Wedge ..." I was starting to cry.

Because he started to laugh. "Look how wet you are! You're just a regular slut after all!"

Ashamed, I closed my eyes and turned my head away.

I felt him push the thin fabric away from my crotch. The cold air was a stinging shock. I squeezed my eyes shut, willing this to be a bad dream.

"Mmm ... you like this. You're a dirty slut, you like being dominated, don't you? Wish I'd known this years ago; I wouldn't have wasted so many years being nice to a whore like you."

The words hurt me. Tears started to creep out under my eyelids.

"Aww," he breathed at me, "does it hurt? Let me kiss it and make it all better."

I was totally unprepared to feel his mouth kissing my clitoris. I jerked my legs and felt the ropes tighten around my neck. I forced myself to relax as he made out with my pussy lips. I forced myself to not pant. I forced myself to think of something else, anything else.

Mostly, I tried desperately to force myself not to enjoy it!

"So wet ... not tight though, eh? Sluts like you should condition those pussy walls to please your men. Tighten around my finger, slut." He put two fingers in me, and I reflexively tightened, just as he commanded.

"That's better ... still, bet it takes a big cock for you to feel it, eh?" It was as if he was enjoying hurting my feelings. I squirmed.

"Let's try this," said Wedge, rather matter-of-factly. He put three fingers in me. "Can you feel this in your cunt?"

I tightened again, despite myself.

"Not quite snug in there," he giggled.

Then he put his whole hand in me!

I gasped and bucked, "Stop! That's not nice at all! Ouch, that hurts!"

He pushed deeper into me, "Oh yes, that feels nice ... Wish I had bigger hands though."

I couldn't help panting as I tried to control myself. It got worse when he started moving his hand in and out of me, slowly, at first.

I was panting hard now and moaning.

"Like that, eh? Ever been punch-fucked, slut?"

I opened my eyes in surprise. "W... w... what?"

"Ooh, you mean I might be first at something in your sexual experience, whore?" With that, I felt him ball up his hand what it was in me, forming a fist.

I nearly passed out when he slammed his fist into me, as deep as he could go! Maybe it was the tightening of the ropes when I tried to flail, maybe it was the pain of the intercourse. He did it again, saying, "Keep your eyes open, whore. I like seeing into your soul when I bang you up like this."

He wasn't gentle but ... but I liked it. It's true, I had never really regarded sex as anything special before. I suspected I'd never felt the way I should have felt with a cock in my pussy.

This felt unreal ... maybe I really was bigger than most. Maybe I had never felt full enough? Whatever the reason, I was feeling incredible!

"Ngh ... no ... Wedge ... stop ... don't ..." I was trying so hard to resist panting and groaning to his rhythm.

"You don't like this? But you're so wet ... and your clit is so swollen! You should see yourself Iella, you're like a porn queen on heat!" Wedge laughed again. It felt so cruel!

But he was right. I was getting off on his fist, squealing and squirming. When he stopped, I thought I'd faint.

"Wha ... what ..." I stuttered, not being able to make myself understood. Or maybe because it was all too much, and I didn't want it to stop?

"You told me to stop, Iella. You want me to stop. Should I obey you? Should I do all the things you'd ever told me, like a good, polite boy? Is that what you want, Iella?" He was leaning in very close to me, touching my face with the hand that had been in my vagina.

He smeared my juices on my face, over my lips, my nose, my eyes. "Tell me, Iella," he taunted me softly as he stuck his tainted fingers in my mouth, "shall I go back to being the obedient man who lets you disappear from his life, yet again?"

I moaned. My vagina felt so empty, it was aching!

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