The Search Rating: PG

An entry for the Crack Pairing Roulette challenge. The pairing I received this time was Lando/Viqi Sheesh. Timeframe: The Corellian Crisis.

Lando Calrissian glances nervously at the man who calmly stands beside him. He tugs gently against the neck of his high-collared shirt, and wonders for a brief second why he didn't wear one of the looser shimmersilk affairs.

"Are you going to knock?"

Lando slowly turns his head to once more look at Luke. "Easy for you to say old buddy."

"I know. But you've come this far. After all, how much worse can she be than the one who wanted to drain your life essence?"

"True. Well here goes."

Lando reaches out and presses a small pad beside the door. A few moments later, a cultured voice sounds out from hidden speakers. "May I help you?"

"Yes, we're here to see Viqi Sheesh. We have an appointment."

"Very good, sirs."

There is a click, and the door in front of them slowly swings open. Luke and Lando glance once at one another and then step into the house. A porter droid walks up to them, it's ebony casing gleaming slightly in the dim light. "If you will follow me, I'll direct you to Mistress Sheesh."

The droid turns and quickly walks towards a drawing room, gesturing them inside. As soon as they eneter, the droid closes the doors behind them and leaves them alone with her. The reason they came. Viqi Sheesh.

Lando looks at where she sits comfortably on a nerfhide divan. She is dressed in a transluscent purple robe, under which she wears the bare minimum to maintain her decency. She crosses her legs, the robe slipping away to reveal the knee-high boot, and bare thigh.

She twines to of her fingers into her long brown hair as she continues to watch the two men. Finally she speaks. "And what exactly is it I can do for you Baron Calrissian?"

"It's actually quite simple. I'm searching for a wife."

She arches an eyebrow. "I already have two telbuns. What do I need with you?"

He smiles at her, trying to dazzle her with his charms. "You family lost a lot during the Rebellion. But you still hold substantial wealth and power. I can help you reclaim what you did lose."

"I have my own plans to reclaim that which has been lost. What can you do for me Baron."

Lando shrugs his shoulder slightly, stealing another glance at Luke, who just stands by the door. Motionless and perfectly calm.

"I'm not entirely certain then."

Viqi stands, her hands automatically running down the sides of the robe she wears, smoothing out any wrinkles, drawing Lando's attention to the way her hips move as she takes a step towards him.

"You could always become one of my telbun." She looks him over up and down, a gleam appearing in her eyes. "I'm certain you would enjoy it immensely."

Lando can feel his eyes widen slightly as the realization of what she wants him to become sinks in. "Uh..No. Thank you, but no. And I have to graciously thank you for the time you have given us for this meeting."

She quickly closes the distance between them, and runs a finger under his chin. "A pity." She spins from them, and waves her hand behind her head. "You are dismissed."

The door behind them opens, the porter droid once more standing there. "Gentlemen, if you'll follow me."

The two follow the droid, and are soon ushered outside of the Sheesh Estate. Lando looks over at Luke for a moment. "Did you hear that! She wanted me to become a telbun!"

Luke shrugs his shoulders slightly. "Well it could be worse?"


"Need I remind you of Karia Ver Seryan?"

"No, no. You're right."

Luke shakes his head again, and finally looks towards Lando. "So who's next?"

"Tendra Risant. So we're off to Sacorria."

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