The Manacle Model
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: I was reading the book 501st, and ran across a little line about the Empire wanting to buy beskar manacles from the Mandalorians. So I thought, would you spend millions of credits on something without being sure that it works? Perhaps on a young, attractive, incognito Jedi named Scout who could model the beskar manacles before you decide to buy? I hope you read and enjoy all of my stories. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com

Scout couldn't believe she was going through with this. If she was discovered, it would mean the end. Not only of her, but of Kal Skirata and everyone he had been hiding at his compound.

Even if she died quickly, fighting, Vader and the Emperor would find out who had been harboring a Jedi on Mandalore. If she backed out now though, they still might get discovered.

When the Empire first put a garrison on Mandalore, they took an interest in beskar. They wanted to buy things made out of the virtually indestructible Mandalorian metal. Things like security doors, holding cages, and manacles.

Even though Mandalore hadn't accepted the contract yet, MandalMotors had taken the Empire's designs and created a few sets of beskar manacles, as samples.

The local garrison commander, Colonel Stinnson decided that he wanted some local women, and he was very emphatic about the women part, to model the beskar manacles for him and his staff in the garrison. When Scout heard about this, she thought that it was an opportunity to reconnoiter the inside of the Imperial Garrison. After a few hours of discussion with Kal and some of the others, Scout was able to convince him to let her go in.

Since she couldn't very well wear her Jedi robes to the garrison, much less at Kryimorut, Laseema had given her some clothes to wear. A tight black top that emphasized her toned abs, and a pair of rough gray pants. A pair of no-nonsense boots were on her feet.

A couple of days later Scout was standing outside the garrison, alone except for the half-dozen Imperial soldiers on guard duty. At first she thought she was late, since no Mandalorian women were there.

The agitated Captain however, explained to her that she was the only one who had shown up, “In spite of our generous promise of one thousand Imperial credits to each woman,” he said with pompous arrogance.

She was quickly ushered inside, where the Captain supervised the troopers that quickly and efficiently locked her into the unbreakable beskar manacles. Scout didn't complain though, she had been half-afraid they'd come up with some reason to strip her naked for the modeling session.

Scout hadn't expected manacles to include a collar, but the one now locked around her neck was perhaps half a centimeter thick, and five wide. She had heard that beskar was supposed to be light, but she was still surprised at how comfortable the collar felt around her neck. She did wonder how the sample collar managed to fit her, it was only a little loose around her neck.

The five centimeter wide shackles around her wrists weren't quite as comfortable, as they were connected behind her back with only a few centimeters of chain between them. Another chain ran from that one to the twenty-five centimeter chain connecting her ankle cuffs together. They did have to take off her boots to get the shackles on her ankles though.

Scout didn't bother testing the strength of the beskar, a Jedi, one strong in the Force, unlike her, couldn't break durasteel, much less beskar. Next the Captain attached a leash to the front of her collar. Then, to her dismay, someone put a thick black hood over her head, and the Captain led her deeper into the garrison.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

After nearly eight hours of modeling various beskar manacles and restraints, a furious Scout stalked out of the Imperial garrison. She immediately began using her meager Force abilities to calm herself, as opposed to going back to the garrison and trying to kill one of them.

Ten minutes and several Force exercises later, a landspeeder stopped next to her. Scout hopped into the back seat with barely a glance at its driver or passenger.

“Nice collar,” the passenger, Mereel, she thought, said.

Even after living with them for the past few months, she couldn't immediately tell some of the clones apart.

“It's a souvenir,” she replied sarcastically.

“So they've got a gift shop,” the driver, Jaing, she was more sure about his identity, added.

“Well, if you mean they charged me an outrageous amount of credits for it, then yes,” she responded even more sarcastically.

Now Mereel turned to face her. “So why did you buy it?” he asked, puzzled and amused.

Scout rolled her eyes in irritation, mostly at the kriffing Colonel Stinnson. “After I spent nearly eight hours modeling every kind of shackle and restraint the frakking Imperials could lock on me, they challenged me to get it off. When I couldn't, they informed me that I could keep it as a souvenir. Then they informed me that it would cost me a thousand credits, which they kindly deducted from what I had earned modeling beskar manacles all day for them.”

“So you don't have any credits to pay us for the ride then?” Jaing asked from the drivers seat.

Now Scout let out a sigh of annoyance. “Well, besides the thousand credits they charged me for this wonderful souvenir that I can't get off, even with a lightsaber, they charged me ten credits for the glass of warm water they so generously allowed me to have, and a hundred-ninety credits for Imperial labor, which I guess was the soldiers locking me in beskar manacles all day.”

Scout took a breath, then continued, still dripping with sarcasm. “So at the end of the day, I owed them two hundred credits. Lucky for me though, Kal had given me two hundred and fifty before I left, so I was able to pay Colonel Stinnson, which for some reason, upset him and his cronies.”

The two Null's glanced at each other, then Mereel said, “Oh, by the way, we'll need twenty-five each to take you back.”

“Frakk off,” Scout replied half scornfully, which caused both Nulls to laugh.

“So, did you get any actual scouting done while you were entertaining the troops?” Mereel asked after the two finally stopped laughing.

Now Scout frowned, and bit her lower lip in disgust. “They put a bag over my head as soon as I went in, and didn't take it off until we got to the Colonel.” She thought a moment, then added. “It was some sort of briefing room, I think.” Then her mood brightened, and she added, “I'm pretty sure I could get back there on my own, though!”

“Maybe to model some more manacles for them?” Jaing suggested with a leer.

A now lighthearted Scout laughed in reply. “Only after I model them for you,” she joked as she fingered the collar around her neck. From everything she knew about beskar, she would be wearing it for the rest of her life.

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