All in the Family Rating: X / Squick, Slash
Diana deRiggs

Warning: Very squicky sexual situation, be warned!

Ysanne's eyes bugged out — never in all her years had she imagined her father was so extreme a pervert! She'd heard about the sex parties among the Imperial City privileged, and she'd suspected her father knew about them, too. But she didn't realize that he was one of the major organizers ... and participants! She watched from her hiding place in the cupboard as her father reclined not a meter away from her, his legs spread and many mouths — belonging to both women and men — servicing him. She watched the intense concentration on her sire's face as he enjoyed the sensations of licking and sucking.

The young woman felt herself growing moist in her cleft, and when she pressed her palms over her firm young breasts, she was not surprised to feel the hardened nipples. This is wrong, the thought flitted through Ysanne's hazy thoughts, Daddy is so sexy ...!

She watched intently as a young woman — who looked no older than Ysanne herself — lowered her naked form onto Armand Isard. Ysanne admired how her father's penis split and spread the woman's shaved sex, how the woman groaned and sighed. The erotic view was blocked when another woman leaned down to lick the join between the two lovers. Ysanne felt herself touching that area on herself and shivered when her fingers found her clitoris — engorged, sensitive and slippery with her own arousal.

The girl was making bucking and riding motions atop Armand, and Ysanne's mind slipped into that place where she could only think about stimulating herself. She started mimicking the woman's motions, and her mind started imagining it was her with her father ... Ysanne moaned at the fantasy, almost come to life with the sexy view before her ...

Ysanne tumbled out of the cupboard and hit her head hard; her hands were busy on her clitoris and labia, and the unexpected opening of the door gave her no time to protect her head. Armand was shocked to see her lying there stunned, his daughter's skirt up over her waist and her hands wet with sexual juices. He sat up and pushed the young woman impaled on him off himself, and the noises generated throughout the room stopped as one-by-one, the rutting couples realized there was an uninvited guest in their presence.

They all gathered around her as Ysanne stirred. She looked up, rubbing her head. She realized her fingers were coated, and she was looking up at protruding penises and breasts. She remembered what had happened and started to panic. She'd been discovered!

"Well, well, daughter," that was her father's voice, "spying on your old man and his clients, were you?"

Sitting up, she felt the cool air on her wet sex and she hastily closed her legs and pulled her skirt down. "You were supposed to come to the school meetings."

Her father laughed, "So I was, I'm sorry I forgot about that, Ysanne. Friends, please meet Ysanne, she is my daughter." Appreciative murmurs were heard, and Armand was unaccountably proud of his child. "Ysanne, you were not meant to know about this, and since my clients' identities and preferences are now known by an outsider, I would normally have to execute you."

Ysanne said nothing. She knew her father's business as head of Imperial Intelligence was not savory.

"Or ..." he pretended to give it some thought, "... perhaps we can make you one of those with dirty secrets you cannot afford to have exposed? What say you, fellows?" The men — obviously the clients — laughed and applauded. Many leered at the young girl, wondering how she'd feel with her various orifices wrapped around their members.

Armand Isard did not miss these leers and knew he could safely spare his daughter's life. "Well, Ysanne, it looks like you get to join the party!"

She didn't show it in her face, but her body conveyed enormous relief. She had feared her father would be forced to kill her, but here was an option out of that situation! Her legs relaxed and her knees parted slightly.

Taking this subtle sign as notification of her assent, Armand signaled to two Twi'lek females on either side of his daughter. Ysanne started as they touched her and started undoing her clothes. The young girl struggled, but then saw the look on her father's eyes and remembered what she had been doing before she had fallen out of the cupboard. Her legs fell open involuntarily, and one of the women put her hand at the join between them.

"She's ready, Master," said the woman, who had been pushing her slender fingers into the young girl's vagina, "and she's a virgin!" The gathering moaned in approval!

"You go first," a short, fat man croaked out, "I love seeing a young girl broken by her father!" The others panted and jeered, all eager to see the depraved scene culminate.

Ysanne's eyes never left her father's as the slavegirl fingerfucked her. She was panting with lust and involuntarily gave her cunt muscles a squeeze. The slavegirl pulled her fingers out of Ysanne and put them to the girl's lips. Ysanne would have pressed her mouth closed, but she was too lost in her own lust to resist. Instead her legs opened wider and she tasted herself for the first time ...

Armand's penis was wet from the other girl he'd been fucking, but he didn't let it concern him. He was harder than he'd been in a long time, and the thought of deflowering his daughter filled him with erotic shame and wanting. "Very well, gentlemen," he did his best to convey an attitude of a man just doing his job, "enjoy the show!"

He rubbed the head of his sizeable penis up and down the slippery cleft of his only child. One man yelled out, "Not all of us are as big as you, Armand! Don't loosen her up too much for us less endowed ones, eh?" Laughter filled the space, but Ysanne didn't hear it at all. Her whole world was concentrated and focussed on the illicit touches between her and her father.

The women who had disrobed her held her shoulders up at an angle and pulled open her thighs, and another positioned a holocamera below her ass, so that everyone could have a view of the girl's first penetration. The room was silent as everyone held their breath in anticipation.

Armand decided his daughter was a willing participant, and that he needed to put on a good show. If this was a private moment, he might have been gentle with her, letting her feel him gradually. But as it was a performance — and one for which his clientele would pay dearly — he worked his cockhead into her vagina slowly and erotically, making sure he was giving a good show. Ysanne's eyes rolled up and she let out a gasp; this sight was too horny for him to resist!

He felt her maidenhead resist his pushing; he pumped in and out of her slowly with shallow thrusts, bumping up deliberately against the hymen. He waited till the crowd started egging him on, demanding he complete the dirty deed! They were yelling and clapping as he pressed harder and harder against her. He saw tears form in Ysanne's eyes as his large penis pressed against the skin the separated her from womanhood.

Showing no mercy, he pushed viciously into his daughter and her eyes went wide and she shrieked! The audience went wild, seeing his penis withdraw coated with streaks of blood — she really was a virgin! And her father was the man to take it away from her! The men pushed the hired women onto their knees to suck and fondle their penises, and so that the men would not miss a moment of this incestuous scene.

Ysanne panted and moaned, awash in pain, But I like it! Her mind exploded as her father buried himself deep in her birth canal. Her thighs strained against the slavegirls' grips as her impending orgasm started triggering; like for all women, orgasm for Ysanne was a muscle-contractive experience, and her body fought to clamp tight. The resistance as her father's penis worked it's way in and out of her, as the slave women struggled to hold her knees open — they all added to Ysanne's first coitally induced orgasm!

As she spasmed around his dick, Armand couldn't hold out any longer. In danger of orgasming the moment he entered her, his climax hit him unexpectedly and he felt himself ejaculating pressed up against his daughter's womb. He had intended to spurt his semen on her stomach and breasts — it always made for a good show — but the men watching applauded and hooted as they saw his butt muscles tighten and his body arch. They yelled out with him as his whole world exploded inside his daughter's vagina ...

He was still panting for breath when he came to, having become insensate for a few minutes. It was the most intense orgasm he'd experienced in a long, long time, and the fatigue of a good orgasm filled him. "Well gentleman," he took deep breaths, trying to speak clearly over the din, "sloppy seconds, anyone?"

* * * * *

It had been several weeks since Ysanne Isard had lost her virginity in a gangbang reminiscent of the expensive pornography holos she'd snuck out from her father's personal collection. She had been sore and tired for many days following, and now she was feeling queasy and unsettled. Perhaps it was because she hadn't seen her father since that day, and this morning she was called into his office and told she would be leaving for nearly a year on "training."

It was the tradition of those in exclusive positions in society to install their children and wards as interns and assistants in different sectors of government, business and politics so they could acquire experience in these high-powered environments. Ysanne had always thought she'd be placed within the Imperial Palace, perhaps in the Senate. Her father was head of Intelligence, after all; it was a coveted position among her friends — the parties, the glamorous clothing, the fine food, it was a fantasy job! But he had surprised her by introducing her to a man he called Karrde, a "businessman." In one glance, she could tell the young man was no ordinary businessman; he looked more like a hands-on trader.

She had wanted to protest, but her father's tone was cold and final. This was her internship year, and he told her that in order to be a good Intelligence operative, one needed to understand how information and goods were valued and traded. Karrde operated a fleet of ships for various business entities; Ysanne was instructed to make contacts and learn everything, from how databases were maintained to piloting starships and negotiating trade contracts. She might have argued more vociferously if the wave of nausea at the thought of living away from Imperial City hadn't gripped her.

Ysanne had never felt so ill in her life. Perhaps she'd picked up a cold from somewhere or someone. And she was so frightened at the prospect of living with this Karrde that she had been overcome. It got even worse when he realized of what Karrde reminded her — he resembled a pirate from the holos! More handsome and cleaner, for sure, but he had that air about him ...

Karrde himself came to fetch the young Isard. Her father had said goodbye to her in his office, so she knew not to expect to see him again till she was released from her internship. She nearly vomited again at the thought. She hoped none of her friends would know she was being sent to intern with pirates! She allowed her the luxury of envy at the thought of her friends in glamorous gowns attending balls and pageants as Senate interns and escorts.

Neither Karrde nor Ysanne tried to make conversation as they traveled off-planet. They both had their orders from Director Isard; there was nothing to say or discuss till they got onto the starship. Ysanne didn't cry as she remembered her father fucking her, and how he'd given her to the other men in the room, and how he hadn't sought to contact her after that. She wondered if this was his way of indicating that she was just trash now, to be used by pirates?

No ... I'll learn what I need to, father, she breathed slowly, willing herself not to tear up, I'll make you proud of me. Or I'll destroy myself in the process!

* * * * *

Ysanne had a lot of trouble concentrating on the tasks she was given. She had to learn everything anew in this new environment: to dress and move differently, how to do inventory, how to track secret channels, and it would make her head swim by the end of each day. She was embarrassed at how poorly she was performing; even she knew it, and she could feel the men, women and aliens on the ships rolling their eyes in exasperation and frustration at the thought of having to keep her for a year. It felt like a prison to the teenager.

The summons she got to enter the main onboard fleet office didn't make her feel any better. Why would they call her for a private meeting other than to dress her down for incompetence? She lifted her chin as she walked to the designated area and hoped she could keep her queasiness down. Ysanne had been feeling ill a lot, partly because of space sickness, partly from the anxiety of the internship.

Karrde was in the small office, along with a big man she hadn't met before. He introduced himself as Terrik; he offered her a seat and she was going to refuse and stand at attention, but then she thought better of it. She remembered that she'd forgotten to eat breakfast — she'd been too ill — so she'd best sit down. She felt like she'd collapse if she didn't.

There was a 'droid there too, which moved forward and looked into Ysanne's eyeball's, took her pulse, and pressed a metalloid instrument against her temple. The young girl tried not to show her fear. The 'droid whistled and clacked some code, then beamed a datastream to a datapad Terrik was holding. The man nodded, then the 'droid left.

"Ysanne Isard," Terrik's rumbling voice was more soothing than one would expect to hear from such a massive man, "have you been feeling ill?"

She swallowed hard, and decided not to lie. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry, it's just I've never been in ... I mean, I have, just not as a worker ... I guess it makes me dizzy to look at the readouts ..." Her hands fluttered as she spoke, nervous and wondering where this discussion would be going.

"Have you been feeling ill just since you boarded the ship? Or before then?"

"Oh! Um, a little before, but I don't have any disease, I'm not contagious, if that's what you mean, it's just that-"

"Be quiet, girl." Karrde put his hand on her shoulder. He felt her shiver and understood the depth of her nervousness. "We haven't brought you here to reprimand you. But Car'das has noted that your performance is not as expected." Ysanne dimly recalled the name of the man with whom her father had had contact, and who likely was responsible for taking her in for training. She looked up and said slowly, "Are you sending me home so early?"

She saw the two men exchange a glance and she feared the worst. What would her father say? She felt sick to her stomach again.

But the men surprised her, "Well," grumbled Terrik, "that is, considering your condition, don't you think you should?"

Her eyes fell to the floor and she looked at the tips of her boots. "You mean I'm doing so badly?" She felt her eyes sting, but she willed her tears not to come forward.

"Not considering your condition," repeated Terrik.

Ysanne was confused. "You mean that I'm too young?"


Ysanne straightened up, very upset at what the men were implying, "I'm not! I did well enough in school to be accelerated, I've had tutors, I'm not too young for this job!"

Her outburst was met by silence, which Ysanne took to be bad. I guess Father will send me out to work with Black Sun next, thinking she'd end up working for some organization worse than pirates. She told herself she didn't care where she worked, but she didn't like knowing she was a failure.

When the silence persisted, Ysanne couldn't bear the look the two men gave her. "If you're going to send me home, then why don't you do it already?" She regretted her petulant tone, but she was finding their silence nerve-wracking.

Karrde cleared his throat, "You should know we are not a 100 percent legitimate business, and you can't simply hop a shuttle and go home. We're lightyears from Imperial City, and it's not always safe." Ysanne knew this, of course, but she hadn't thought about the consequences of working with pirates.

"And," Terrik continued when Karrde had stopped, "I don't think we are having the same conversation. You think we are sending you home because your performance is not adequate?"

"You mean it is?" Hope surged in Ysanne's chest. Perhaps she wasn't a failure after all!

"No, it's not adequate, but it's understandable. And we promised Armand Isard that we would teach you about information and trade brokerage." Karrde ran his fingers through his long, black hair. Ysanne thought he'd be really cute if he dyed his temples a bit gray, to accent the angularity of his high cheekbones. "You're performing as well as I'd expect, considering you are pregnant."

"This is your first child, I assume?" Terrik asked in a tone that was sympathetic and curiously sympathetic.

It was Ysanne's turn to be silent. Well, that explains a few things ... Her mind tried to be rational, but her nausea built up despite it, and she vomited all over herself.

* * * * *

The men had generously left her along after their interview. After she'd taken a lot of time to think about her plight, Ysanne decided to ask Karrde and Terrik what her options were. They told her, frankly, they were nervous about having a pregnant young girl under their care, who happened to be the daughter of an Imperial Director; after all, it was now obvious that her father did not know about her condition, and they were uncomfortable about this. When she asked them why, the two men revealed that they didn't feel they could give her adequate medical care if she decided to keep the baby, nor would they authorize an abortion. She was too young and that sort of decision needed to be made by her parent. And what if her father thought they were responsible for her pregnancy?

Ysanne set her chin stubbornly when they said this last part. "My father would be very disappointed to learn I'm pregnant, I assure you. I understand your position, but I'm asking you to please keep me as per your agreement with him. I do not want him to know ..."

The two men exchanged looks before Karrde explained, "We will not be accomplices."

"And what will you do with the baby after it is born?" Terrik seemed very concerned about the baby. She had noticed this at their first meeting, and it had given Ysanne an idea.

The girl shrugged, "I don't know. I don't want it, but you won't authorize an abortion, and I don't want to go over your heads; you are my supervisors, after all." The two men were very surprised at Ysanne's coldness. Terrik would later explain to Karrde that she was frightened, and this was her mechanism for dealing with this awful situation.

Terrik decided to call her bluff, "And what's the benefit to us? You're asking us to keep your secret and provide you with medical care; so far you've worked below expectations. That doesn't seem like a good deal on our end."

Her eyes fell to her feet and she clasped her hands awkwardly on her lap.

Understanding what Terrik was doing, Karrde took the "good cop" role, "We understand you're at an awkward age, and we know it's a scary mountain to climb up without a guide. This isn't a trip you should make on your own, but we don't think we're the ones to be helping you through this."

Ysanne's voice was very low, "I'll arrange to pay you ..."

Terrik exhaled loudly, "This isn't about money —"

"I know that!" Ysanne's voice cracked as she spoke quickly to shut the big man up. "But I'll pay you. Keep me and my secret ... and ... and ..." She struggled to say the words. The two men kept silent, curious as to what she felt could be equal to this huge favor.

She mumbled something quickly, and nervously twiddled her fingers.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you?" Karrde wasn't teasing her; he honestly had not heard what she said.

Ysanne started sobbing, and she tried repeating her words, a bit louder. But the words came out so fragmented that Terrik didn't trust himself to believe what she'd said. "What are you trying to say? Speak clearly or we'll send you home!"

Her sobs were loud now, and her nose and eyes were running copiously. She was trying to wipe her face with her bare hands as she yelled out, with gasps for breath inbetween the words, "I said ... I'll ... give you ... give ... my ... I'll give ... my baby!!" The words were finally out and audible; she let out a long wail and her crying became hysterical.

Karrde was angry, "You'd give away a human being? Do you take us for slavers? What good would a baby be to us—"

Terrik raised his hand to stop his partner. He handed Ysanne some kerchiefs and let her sobs die down. "Ysanne, do you understand what you are offering? The life of your firstborn in exchange for room, board, training, and medical care, as well as our silence? Are you sure? Are you positive??" As Terrik said these words, Karrde wondered what his friend was up to.

The sniffles started anew, but the hysterical tears of the previous minutes didn't come back. "Yes. Yes, I've thought about it all night. I ... I ... you see, I don't know who the father of the baby is. But if the men involved learned I was pregnant ... I am sure I will be executed ... So ... so, isn't it better for me to live? You won't let me kill the baby, so if you want it, I'll give him or her to you. Then I can go back to Imperial City after this internship is over, and no one will be any wiser ... except for you two. I have to trust you. And ... well, if you accept, then I have something on you, don't you see?" She sighed and tried to suppress the hiccups that always seemed to overcome her when she was sobbing. "I know it doesn't sound so good when I say it like that, but it's all that I have. I can't think of anything else. If you send me back, I'll be executed, I know that for sure." Her eyes were so sad that Karrde had to struggle to stay angry with her. She's only a foolish young girl, after all.

Terrik leaned back and crossed his arms. "So let's say we agree to this deal. Then you do this by our rules, do you understand? You don't do anything, you don't go anywhere, you say nothing — unless we say so. You break a single rule, at any time, any place, under any situation, and the deal is off. Think hard on this; it's not easy for anyone to accept, and I fear you will not understand how onerous our terms will be."

"That's assuming we have a deal at all," Karrde felt he had to remind both the girl and his partner that this deal was still being negotiated. He really wondered what Terrik was thinking to even consider such a payment!

Her head hung down, her hands gripping the sides of the seat she was slumped into, Ysanne Isard trembled. She was so young ... she had such a lot of plans in her life! She thought of her father, and how cold he'd been to her. If she went home and told him she was pregnant, he'd order an abortion — or worse. An accidental pregnancy often resulted in the "disappearance" of the female; she'd learned about these situations in holodocuments she'd peek at from the work he'd bring home. It was one reason Twi'lek dancing girls were preferred for sexual trysts — being of a different species, conception was impossible when coupling with human males. The humans were the ones in power.

Ysanne realized that being pregnant, the father was one of the several dozen human men who had fucked her when she'd been discovered spying on the orgy. Worse, it might even be her own father! Could her father afford to trust her silence, even after an abortion? And what if any of the men found out? What would happen to Armand Isard's career? No, his only option would be for his daughter to "disappear." There would be no escape from this conclusion, and Ysanne was sure he was capable of carrying out the order. First and foremost, he was the Emperor's man.

Ysanne had spent all her waking and dreaming hours thinking these things over, ever since she learned she was pregnant. She thought of all the things she wanted to do in her life; being a mother or trophy wife was not among them. What she really wanted was a position like her father's — to be an important Imperial Director. Perhaps to be Emperor, herself! She'd allowed herself to indulge in her fantasies about taking her father's job ...

But none of that would be possible if she went home pregnant. Her only option was to throw herself at the mercy of these pirates to whom she'd been seconded by her own father. Despite the shady nature of their business, they seemed to be honorable men — more so, in fact, than she'd trust her father to be. And what's the worst that might happen? Could she become their slave? Could they refuse her? Then she'd be no worse off than she'd be if she went home now ... and she resolved it would be better to run away than to go home in her present condition. No, she'd simply have to wait till after the baby was born to go home. And these men didn't seem interested in sex with her ... the big one, Terrik ... he seemed only interested in the baby!

She was so still that Terrik wondered if she was okay, and squatted down so his face was level with the drooped head, her long, straight, black hair draped over her face. He placed one large, callused hand on her forehead and she raised her head in response. He looked into the red-rimmed eyes, "Do you understand, Ysanne? Do you understand the terms of this deal?"

Without blinking, Ysanne's bleary eyes focussed into his, and she said, "Yes. And I accept." She surprised them by saying it clearly, with firmness and conviction.

He looked up at Karrde, who looked perplexed at this whole unfolding drama.

Terrik sighed and stood up, "Ysanne, go back to your room and get some rest. We'll talk more about this later. Karrde and I need to discuss many things before we can even consider your offer."

She did as she was told, and other crewmembers who saw her looking like she'd been crying hard simply assumed she'd been scolded for her bad performance as a trainee. Business as usual.

* * * * *

"Booster," Karrde was calling his friend by his forename, a privilege the big pirate reserved only for those closest to him, "what is going on? Why are you even considering this arrangement??"

Booster Terrik smiled, something he did only rarely. "I've always wanted a baby."

Karrde was aghast, "What???"

"Talon," Booster used his lover's first name as well, "how long have we been together?" His gentle, soothing tone was a marked contrast to the way he spoke to Ysanne just moments before.

"As a couple? Um ... since we were kids, Booster ... what does this have—" Karrde didn't think he liked where this was going.

"Talon, I want a baby. You and me, we're never going to have one like a normal couple can." Booster put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "She's a smart girl, the father is someone of some social or political significance. The baby will likely be smart, beautiful, wise ..."

Karrde shook off the embrace. "Booster, have you been glitbiting?? We don't know anything about the father, we only know stuff about HER from her father! And what would we do with a baby??" He was still incredulous.

"I have not — I never take that stuff, and you know it. As for what to do with a baby ... well, you love it and raise it, and hope it does better than you did with your life." Booster remained surprisingly calm.

"But ... but ..." Karrde was shocked at how serious his lifetime partner was being about this baby, "it's illegal!!"

"No, it's not ... she doesn't want anyone to know where it came from, or that it even exists! For all anyone will know, we found it ... it happens all the time, you know that." Booster was smiling, which irritated his partner.

"It does not, Booster! What would a male-male couple be doing with a baby? And we're traders and smugglers, Booster, people will think we're into slaving!" Karrde was quite panicked at this new revelation about Booster.

"I'll take care of that, Talon. We have at least 7 or 8 months before it comes down to the nitty gritty, and I'm sure we'll think of someth—"

"We?? We! Ohmigosh, we??" Karrde was really struggling not to yell or be as hysterical as Ysanne Isard had been. "Don't you think this is something we need to consider, together??"

"Talon, I'm talking to you about it now ... I never had before because the possibility had never become real." Terrik put his arms around his partner and held him close. "But here's a chance — maybe the only one we'll ever encounter! I want a family, Talon. Maybe it's the Force, or some other aspect of fate, but I have a feeling about this baby. She'll be very special!"

"She? You know it's a girl??" Karrde could not believe how surreal this conversation felt.

Booster shrugged, "I've heard that the more sick a woman is in the early stages, the more likely it's a girl. But I'll take it, girl or boy. C'mon, Talon, let's do it ... let's have a baby ..."

They discussed the matter for many more hours, but Talon Karrde knew something had changed in his long-standing relationship with Booster Terrik. He knew it would never be the same again, whether they agreed to accept Ysanne's offer of the child in exchange for their care and silence. He wondered what will become of him and Booster.

* * * * *

When they didn't see her in person, the crew assumed that Ysanne had been assigned to some other part of the fleet. Many were relieved to not be assigned to look after the Imperial brat. Her data processing work and ability to analyze trade and information requests had improved. She was not among the best, but she wasn't bad, and normally they'd keep her on until she got bored and left to do something else.

The crew did notice that Terrik and Karrde did not take on so many assignments or projects together like they used to. In fact, the two were hardly observed together anymore. Most of the crew hadn't realized the two were in any relationship, and since Jorj Car'das had been trying to grow the business, they simply assumed the two were needed at different places. Car'das was likely spreading them out more thinly over a greater variety of opportunities.

Ysanne Isard's time as a mother-to-be was tense, but not otherwise eventful. She was healthy and smart, and once her first trimester passed, she was much less sick and felt better immediately. She did most of her work locked in her stateroom, which was equipped with access to the data she needed, but she could not otherwise communicate with anyone. Terrik or Karrde would bring her meals daily, and show her some new task from time to time. She didn't dare question or ask for more.

The birth was administered by a medical 'droid who had no information about her or the conditions under which she arrived on the ship. There was no need to apply a mind-wipe, but they did use a 'droid who was scheduled for that procedure the following morning. Better to be careful and safe, they all agreed.

The baby was taken away before Ysanne could even hear it, see it, or even know the gender. Booster had decided he did not want to risk her bonding with the child, though in the end, everyone honored the agreement and he turned out to have nothing to worry about. Ysanne was happy to no longer be pregnant and had no interest in seeing the child, not even to nurse it. She was given hormones immediately to stop the flow of milk and to pull her body back to normal as soon as possible. She left the ship a few days later, when she was confident her pregnancy could not be detected. She didn't even say good-bye to the men who had agreed to keep her secret.

Booster Terrik and Talon Karrde agreed to go their separate ways; as much as he tried to do it for his lover, Karrde was not ready to be a father. But he did love Booster enough to let his partner pursue his own dreams. Booster left Jorj Car'das's organization and moved to Corellia. His closest neighbors, Jagged and Zena Antilles, heard the unhappy story of a widower left with an infant, and felt sorry for him and the young child. The family had an infant son, named Wedge, so they had something in common, and Booster grew close to Jagged and Zena. They even looked after each other's infants time and again.

The baby had dark hair and intense, clear eyes. He had named her Mirax, and she was beautiful, smart, clever and wise ... and Booster loved her dearly. He never told anyone the truth about from whom or from where his daughter had come, not even when he heard rumors that Ysanne Isard had executed her father to become Director of Imperial Intelligence, herself ...

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