The Emperor's Hand
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

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Jaina Solo marched towards the Imperial Throne Room with assured strides. She wore black beskar armor with silver trim from head to toe. The Imperial Emblem was on each shoulder in silver. An ankle-length black cape hung down her back. The Imperial Emblem was displayed on the cape, covering nearly her entire back. Her silver-bladed lightsaber hung at her side. The handle was black. Underneath the armor, Jaina was wearing a beskar collar, and wrist shackles. The armored boots had twelve-centimeter heels.

The elite Imperial Guardsmen on duty quickly stepped out of her way. She noticed their movements through her visor, and the three-hundred-sixty degree sensors in her helmet through her HUD.

The door to the throne room opened, and Jaina marched in, and stopped three meters in front of High Moff Fel, who was sitting on the Imperial Throne. Then she removed her helmet, tucked it under her arm, dropped to one knee, and lowered her head.

“What is your bidding, my Master?” she asked him.

“Ah, my Emperor's Hand, welcome back to Bastion, my servant,” he replied with a superior smile.

“Thank you, Master,” Jaina replied obediently, keeping her head down.

“Congratulations on killing the legendary Boba Fett,” he commented.

“Thank you, Master,” she replied calmly.

“I'm sure your Dad appreciates it as well.”

“Yes Master,” Jaina agreed.

When she had first come to the Empire, it was as Moff Fel's lover. She still fulfilled that role when he desired her. The rest of the time, she was the Emperor's hand, serving him without question. Her parent's opinions mattered little to her now.

“Now, I have another task for you, my Hand,” Moff Fel stated.

“I live to serve, Master,” Jaina replied obediently.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jaina dragged her prisoner towards Moff Fel's throne room by the leash attached to the beskar shock collar maglocked around her neck. The prisoner's arms were wrapped around herself, and held in place by the thick, tight nerfhide straightjacket Jaina had forced her into. The prisoner was naked from the waist down, except for the crotch strap of the straightjacket that was pulled tight against her pussy.

Beskar shock shackles were maglocked around her ankles, connected with a forty centimeter beskar chain. The prisoner couldn't see because she was also wearing a thick nerfhide hood with no eye holes. The hood also included thick padding over the ears, so the wearer couldn't hear, and a synthrubber ballgag so she couldn't speak. Jaina didn't want to hear anything she had to say anyway.

A few meters outside the throne room, Jaina felt the Force go dead. Jaina knew that this was from the ysalamiri that was in place to neutralize her prisoner's Force abilities. The prisoner sensed the Force cut off as well, and tried to pull away. Jaina kept a firm grip on her leash, and activated the shock collar.

Without the Force to anticipate the shock, the prisoner stumbled and nearly fell, but a sharp tug on her leash kept her upright, and moving forward.

“Let's go, kriffing scum! Moff Fel is waiting,” Jaina shouted at her as she jerked her along. She knew that she couldn't hear her through the thick hood though.

They entered the throne room and Jaina came to a stop a few meters in front of Moff Fel's throne. Jaina pulled off her helmet as she dropped to her knees. She tugged down hard on the leash as she knelt. The prisoner followed the pull of her leash and dropped to her knees as well. Jaina glanced at her, then reached over and shoved her head closer to the floor, so she was showing the proper respect towards Moff Fel.

“Ah, welcome back, my servant, I see you have brought the prisoner I sent you for. I trust she wasn't too much of a problem for you?” Moff Fel asked her from his throne.

“Thank you Master,” Jaina responded promptly. “And no, she wasn't too much of a problem for your obedient servant.”

“Good. Remove her straightjacket so I can see her better,” Moff Fel instructed her.

“Yes Master,” Jaina replied, and quickly began unlocking the straps on her prisoner's heavy nerfhide straightjacket.

The prisoner was naked underneath the straightjacket. She didn't resist as Jaina stripped it off her. The beskar shock collar, nerfhide hood, and beskar ankle shackles stayed on, of course. Jaina finally pulled the straightjacket away to reveal that both of the prisoner's hands had been severed at the wrists. Blind, deaf, mute, and without the Force, the prisoner knelt meekly while Moff Fel examined her.

“I see she offered some resistance to my invitation,” Moff Fel commented.

“Yes Master,” Jaina agreed. “I apologize for damaging her, but it was necessary, Master,” she explained. Jaina hoped that Moff Fel wasn't too upset with her. The prisoner didn't hear a word of their conversation.

“She was a very dangerous Jedi, my servant. You did well to capture her so quickly,” Moff Fel assured her.

“Thank you, Master,” Jaina replied contently.

“We will attach prosthetic hands to her forearms—with appropriate control overrides!” he suddenly decided. “To go along with the other implants she will receive in order to serve the Empire.”

Jaina thought that was a great idea. Tahiri deserved what she got for killing Grand Admiral Pellaeon. Well, she deserved whatever Moff Fel gave her.

“For now though, you deserve a reward for serving me so well,” he said as he patted his upper thigh.

“Thank you, Master,” Jaina said she she crawled towards his throne, pulling her captive along with her. When she got to Moff Fel's feet, she attached Tahiri's leash to the restraining ring next his throne. Then Jaina pulled out his cock, and wrapped her lips around it.

A few weeks later ...

Jaina stood proudly next to her Master's other Hand. Where Jaina's armor was black beskar, Tahiri's was gray. Tahiri also had a beskar shock collar, and wrist shackles. Moff Fel or Jaina could take complete control of Tahiri's suit if the need arose. Thanks to the implants though, Jaina was confident that she would be loyal and obedient to Moff Fel, and the Empire.

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