Tahiri Veilia: Bounty Hunter
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress' notes: This story takes place soon after the Fate of the Jedi series. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

"And you call yourself a Sith," Tahiri said with derision as she gazed at the young blonde woman chained to the X-frame on the wall. They were on Tahiri's ship, in the small cabin she had outfitted as a dungeon. "Cadeus would kill you just for fun"

Vestara Khai groaned, and twisted in her chains.

"What?" Tahiri asked as she gave her another lash with her flogger.

That caused her to scream into her gag again.

"Come on, Sith Girl," Tahiri encouraged her as she swung her flogger again.

Vestara screamed into her gag again, and thrashed in her chains. Then Tahiri felt her try to draw on the Force. She just bared her teeth in a grin, and flogged her harder, and faster. That broke the Sith's concentration, and left her pain, just as Tahiri had planned.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"I can't imagine what you want with her, Ben," Tahiri said as she looked down at the mostly naked woman lying on the floor of her cell. "She's not much of a Sith."

Ben Skywalker grinned at her. "And is that a bad thing?"

Tahiri eyed him a moment. "You don't need her for anything." Then she stepped closer to him, and put a hand on his ass. "You need a more experienced woman, Jedi Skywalker."

Ben grinned back at her, then put his hand on the back of her neck just above her nerfhide collar, pulled her to him, and gave her a slow kiss.

"Sorry babe," he said, with a wink once he broke the kiss. "I want one I can train up."

"That'll be fifteen thousand credits then," she replied, stepping away.

As Ben laughed, Tahiri's danger sense increased

"Better yet," he said, "I'll take the twenty-five thousand they're offering for you."

In a flash, Ben had produced a blaster, and aimed it at her.

Tahiri simply stared back at him.

"You really do need a more experienced woman," she said.

With that, her partner stepped silently out from the corner behind him and drove his rigid amphistaff into the back of his head, knocking him into unconsciousness.

While Ben Skywalker was a powerful Jedi, he didn't have any experience with Yuuzhan Vong. Tahri stared down at Ben. She could sense he was still alive. Then she looked back up at Jektil Rapuung.

"I wonder who'll pay us the most for the son of Luke Skywalker?" she asked.

Jektil pulled out his yorik coral binders, and quickly clamped them around the unconscious Jedi's wrists. Then he stood back up, and glanced at the Sith shackled in the cell.

"What about her?" he asked.

Tahiri followed his gaze. "We're keeping her," she told him. "We need a good, sexy, slave around here anyway."

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