Tahiri in Her Prison Cell
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place between the Fate of the Jedi novels Allies and Vortex ...

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Tahiri Veila sat in her cell, staring at the featureless gray duracrete wall. With her left hand, she reached up and rubbed the scars on her forehead. She had gotten them when the Yuuzhan Vong had kidnapped her as a teenager. At least now no one was torturing her ... at least physically.

It had been weeks since the Solos had visited her. She couldn't blame them for that, though. Daala was trying to kill the Jedi again.

Tahiri loved the Solo's youngest son, Anakin, even now, long after his death. Years later she had worked for their other son, after he had become a Sith. Since she had worked for a Sith, the Jedi Order didn't really want anything to do with her anymore. She couldn't blame them for that either, though.

Jaina Solo had helped get her a lawyer who wasn't completely worthless. She never came to visit though. Tahiri couldn't blame her for that, though. Once the darkmeld organization was exposed, Jaina didn't have anymore use for her. She certainly hadn't spent her own credits for a lawyer. Still, Tahiri couldn't blame her for that, a lawyer for her was a waste of credits anyway.

Tahiri glanced down at the piece of gray plastex in her right hand. It was about ten centimeters long and roughly the shape of a vibroblade. She had smuggled it from the courtroom a few days ago. Then, while reaching out with the Force to make sure none of the guards were nearby, she sharpened one end to a knife-like edge, and a needle point. She had also had to use the Force to help hide it during her twice-daily cell searches.

Now Tahiri examined her home-made knife. It would be of little use against any of the guard's protective armor. It would be completely useless against the the durasteel stun cuffs and shock shackles they locked on her before letting her out of her cell. It was sorta funny; the only physical human contact she had was with security officers shackling her. Tahiri was sure the knife would work great for what she intended it for, though.

First Tahiri calmed herself and reached out with the Force. None of the guards were nearby, and the ones watching the holoscreens two floors up didn't seem particularly attentive. It had taken her over a week to find the control room with the Force.

Then Tahiri blurred the holocam in her cell with the Force. Next she took a deep breath, and ran through another Jedi calming exercise. Then Tahiri methodically pushed the tip of the knife into the inside of her left wrist, about ten centimeters from the base of her hand. There was a sharp pain, but she barely even noticed it.

When the tip of the knife was about a centimeter deep, Tahiri quickly cut towards her hand, opening her veins. As her blood flowed, Tahiri made another cut, almost parallel to the first one, and nearly as deep. Strengthening herself with the Force, Tahiri made a third cut, then a fourth. Her left hand was already going numb.

Tahiri sensed panic from the control room as she raised her bloody knife to the left side of her neck, and her jugular. With the Force guiding her rapidly weakening hand, she stabbed underneath the vein, with the knife edge facing out. Next she cut through it, and out the side of her neck. More blood spurted out. She was amazed at how much blood was on her bunk, and the floor.

With her remaining strength, Tahiri tried to cut her other jugular, but she couldn't seem to cut deep enough. She couldn't bring herself to worry about that as she slumped over on her bunk. Last of all, Tahiri thought of Anakin, and became one with the Force.

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