Stress Relief III Rating: NC-17 / Slash
Gillian F. Taylor

His visitor was Hobbie, his presence made welcome by the containers he was carrying.

"Food!" Wedge exclaimed eagerly. "Come in."

"I didn't see you in the canteen earlier," Hobbie explained, putting containers and a bottle of green wine on the low table. "I thought maybe you'd got to working in here and forgot to go out and eat again." He gave the towel-covered workstation a curious look.

"Um ... I was sleeping." Wedge became acutely aware of how rumpled his bed was. He fetched cutlery and glasses as Hobbie opened the food and drink.

The wine was nothing special, but Wedge savoured the food. Hobbie had got some of his favourites, including nerf chunks stir-fried in a spicy Corellian sauce. He ate all of that and had plenty of the other dishes, washing it all down with mouthfuls of the refreshing green wine. When he was full, he leaned back in his chair with a contented sigh.

"Thanks, Hobbie. I really needed that."

Hobbie peered at the empty dishes. "I hope you don't get indigestion," he said dourly.

Wedge grinned at the characteristic remark. "Good food and drink," he said, holding up his glass and letting light shine through the dark green liquid. "Two of the best ways of relaxing."

Hobbie grunted. "If I'd known that was all you needed, I wouldn't have had to find Cribbens to borrow his electro-pulsers."

"His what?"

Hobbie sighed, and brought something out of his pocket. They looked like broad, black cuffs, lined with soft leather and with some electronic gadgetry built in. Wedge took the one he was offered, and found it was heavier than he'd thought. He experimentally wrapped it around his left wrist, finding that it adjusted to fit comfortably.

"What's it do?" he asked, peering at the small controls.

"They send low-powered electro-magnetic pulses through your system," Hobbie explained. "There's a set of four, for wrists and ankles. You lie down, in the dark or with an eye mask on, wearing the pulse cuffs. The bio-sensors built in tune the cuffs to your body's responses. They generate a field that matches your natural levels; it acts on the nervous system, and relaxes you."

Wedge wasn't entirely convinced that the science involved would stand up to scrutiny, but biology wasn't his field, and the wine was starting to affect him. He was beginning to feel mildly and pleasantly muzzy-headed.

"You think it works?" he asked.

Hobbie looked mournful. "I'm told it does, but I've not tried it myself. I thought maybe you could use some help relaxing." He sighed. "I guess the food was enough."

Wedge reached over and took hold of the other cuff.

"I don't have to do anything myself, do I?" he asked. "Just lie down and let the electro-magnetic whatsit do its stuff."

Hobbie nodded. "They have to be adjusted properly, but once the system's working, you don't have to do anything. Just enjoy the experience."

What with the hot tub, a massage, food, wine and two unexpected and satisfying fucks, Wedge was already about as relaxed as it was possible to get and still remain conscious. He felt pampered, mellow and just nicely drunk. However, Hobbie had been thoughtful enough to borrow these pulse-cuffs for his sake and it seemed a shame to turn them down, especially if using them didn't even require any effort.

"Show me how to set these things up," Wedge said. "I'll give them a try."

Hobbie's dour face brightened. "Come on then,"

Wedge straightened his bedcover, then lay on his back as Hobbie directed him. He relaxed as Hobbie fixed a larger pair of cuffs around his ankles, letting Hobbie position his feet some distance apart.

"It works better if the muscles are under slight tension," Hobbie explained.

Wedge just nodded. He felt faintly foolish as Hobbie fastened the last cuff around his right wrist, but his bed was comfortable and Hobbie seemed to be enjoying himself as he adjusted the wrist cuffs. Wedge wondered for a moment whether Janson had put Hobbie up to playing some kind of practical joke. No, not after the way he'll snapped at Wes at lunchtime.

"Nearly ready," Hobbie said. He placed a black eyemask on Wedge's face.

The light mask of gel-filled soft material moulded itself to his skin, cutting off his sight completely. Wedge rolled his head slightly to one side but the mask stayed in place. He started slightly as Hobbie took hold of his wrists, then relaxed again as Hobbie raised his arms, moving them above his head and out to either side. Wedge felt a mild, pleasant stretch throughout his body as he lay almost speadeagled, as Hobbie had positioned him.

"You're all ready now." Hobbie voice came from somewhere close to his head.

Wedge felt a pressure against his wrist as Hobbie activated the cuffs.

The cuffs seemed to grow heavier but Wedge couldn't feel anything else from them.

"Are they working?" he asked.

"I'll know in a moment."

Hobbie's voice came from somewhere close to Wedge's left ear. As Wedge was still wondering what effect he was supposed to feel from the cuffs, he felt a quite different touch. A soft touch on the sensitive skin under his left ear. Lips delicately kissing his throat. Wedge squirmed under the touch, and was alarmed to find his arms and legs pinned in place. He tugged hard, but the cuffs held him down, leaving him vulnerable to the lips and tongue that teased his weak spots.


"Mmmm?" Hobbie's warm breath brushed his skin. "Like I said, you just have to lie back and relax, Wedge."

Hobbie's mouth nuzzled under the corner of his jaw in a way that sent delightful tingles through Wedge's body. Wedge swallowed.

"Hobbie. I ... aaahh."

Light kisses scattered across his throat took his breath away. With the blindfold on, every kiss was a surprise. Wedge was taken aback by how strongly his body responded to the seduction. After eating, all he'd wanted to do was fall asleep, but his heart was beating harder and his breathing was faster as his excitement grew. With the cuffs holding him down, he was vulnerable to whatever Hobbie wanted to do to him. He couldn't even see what was about to happen. His skin tingled in anticipation of Hobbie's touch. Hobbie's mouth closed over his, his only point of contact with the galaxy. Wedge kissed hungrily, savouring the taste of the other man's mouth, the feel of Hobbie's tongue. Hands came down onto his chest, startling him. They slid inside his robe, over his nipples. Wedge wanted to respond, to touch Hobbie's body in return, but he couldn't.

Hobbie's hands moved lower, unfastening the sash of Wedge's robe, and opening the robe up. Wedge felt as though he was being displayed for the other man's pleasure; an erotic toy to be roused and played with. The sensation was incredibly exciting. He could hear a faint rustling of fabric, which he guessed to be Hobbie removing some or all of his own clothes. Then the hands touched him again, sliding from his chest to his belly. Wedge moaned with pleasure as Hobbie continued to tease him with touches and kisses. A kiss on his belly, a hand running up the inside of his thigh, tongue-tip flicking against a nipple. He could never see them coming, never anticipate; just shudder with increasing delight each time.

A pause gave him the chance to recover his breath a little. Wedge felt Hobbie do something to one of the ankle cuffs, then his legs were pushed further apart.

"Adjustable repulsor fields," Hobbie remarked.

The end of the bed shifted as Hobbie climbed on and Wedge felt bare skin against his legs. He started at the touch of a hand against his thigh, sliding up to his exposed crotch. Wedge couldn't change position, couldn't do anything as Hobbie fondled his penis, then gently probed his rectum. There was the cool, slick touch of lube, then something slid inside him. He heard a soft click, then it began vibrating.

Wedge cried out in surprise, his body writhing with the new sensations. He was so overwhelmed, he didn't know that Hobbie had moved until he felt Hobbie's lips on his. He kissed desperately, wanting the sensations in his mouth as strong as those inside his ass. Hobbie pressed his head back against the pillow, his tongue filling Wedge's mouth. Wedge felt as though he were being fucked from both ends at once. He was starting to lose control, his hips thrusting upwards as much as the cuffs would allow.

Hobbie broke off the kiss at last. Wedge felt the bed shift beneath him, felt hands on his groin, and whimpered as the vibrator was switched off. It slid out of his body, and moments later, Hobbie's cock was in its place. He sighed with satisfaction, body arching in response. Hobbie's weight pressed him onto the bed, further restricting his movements. Hobbie took him, filling him deeply with every thrust. Wedge's pinned body shivered, muscles pulling against the restraints. The inner sensations rapidly spiralled out of control, sweeping him towards a delirium of ecstasy. When he finally came, the orgasm seemed to tear through his body from head to feet.

Wedge came back to reality slowly, becoming aware of Hobbie's own frantic gasps. He shuddered as Hobbie came inside him, his body yielding to the hard thrusts. The urgency died away, leaving them spent. Wedge lay quietly, Hobbie's body warm against his. When his breathing had slowed to normal, Hobbie moved, stretching up to reach Wedge's wrist. A moment later the energy fields holding him in place were gone. Wedge tried to move his arm and groaned. Hobbie helped him, bringing his arms slowly down into a more comfortable position, and rubbing the tired muscles. The mask was lifted from his face, and Wedge blinked at the sudden light.

"Are you all right?" Hobbie wore a look of mournful concern.

"Uh ... yeah." Life was starting to return to Wedge's limbs. In spite of the discomfort, he felt light-headedly wonderful. And thoroughly, thoroughly limp.

Rolling onto his side, he snuggled close to Hobbie, who responded by wrapping his arms around him. Wedge sighed, relishing the feeling of security. A couple of minutes passed in contented silence before he spoke.

"Ingenious bit of design, those cuffs. Where did you get them?"

"Why? Do you want a set for your next lifeday present?" Hobbie asked.

Wedge chuckled, and kept his face buried against Hobbie's shoulder. "Maybe." He yawned suddenly.

When the yawn was done, Hobbie kissed him on the cheek and disentangled himself.

"This is your night off. I'll tidy up a bit and leave you to sleep," he said.

He fetched tissues and cleaned them both up before removing the cuffs and getting dressed again. Wedge rolled himself up in his crumpled bedcover, making a mental note to send it to the laundry in the morning. He watched sleepily as Hobbie cleared away the remains of the food and finished the last of the wine in a couple of swallows. When everything was done, Hobbie came back over to the bed. Wedge smiled up at him.

"Thank you, Hobbs. If there was a medal awarded for improving the morale of stressed officers, I'd put you up for it."

Hobbie's anxious expression lifted. "Sometimes, Wedge, you need someone to mutiny and take the burden of command from you." He smiled and made a mock salute. "Sleep well."

"Good night."

Wedge yawned again as Hobbie left. He really wanted nothing more than to bury himself under his bedclothes and fall asleep. Bathroom first though; and probably a good idea to straighten up his bed. And drink some water, too. Reluctantly, he eased himself off his bed and stood up. He pulled the robe around himself and tied it. Wedge had taken barely two steps towards the bathroom before the door buzzer sounded again. He froze, his imagination flashing through half-a-dozen possibilities. He was strongly tempted just to dive back onto his bed and stuff his head under the pillow until whoever it was went away. There was always the possibility though that his visitor was someone who wanted to see him in an official capacity.

Slowly, Wedge approached his door. He pushed hair away from his eyes, belatedly realizing just how mussed-up his hair was. Bracing himself, he opened the door a little way. Wes Janson stood outside, holding a holodisk with a lurid picture on the cover. As the door opened, his face lit up with a roguish smile.

"Wedge! I know it's getting a little late, but I thought you might like to take a break and watch something." He held the disk up.

"No." Wedge said abruptly. "I mean, thanks, but no. Not tonight, Wes. Definitely not tonight." He closed the door in Janson's face.

Inside, Wedge did a quick mental count. Wes was the last of those he'd seen at lunch today, the last of those he'd told of his stress. Unless they'd spread the word to the rest of the squadron, he should be left in peace now to sleep. Wedge yawned. All he needed now was sleep. His pilots had made sure of that.

Outside, in the corridor, Janson scratched his head and walked away. He'd thought Wedge might not be in the mood to watch a holo, but he hadn't expected to be snapped at like that. He recalled Wedge's state of undress and his mussed hair, and his imagination ran wild for a moment. Had Wedge been irritable because Wes had interrupted him in the middle of ...? Janson shook his head and smiled to himself. Wedge was just irritable because he'd been that way all day. The man really needed to find some way of relaxing.

By the time Janson had reached his own quarters, Wedge was curled up in a rather rumpled bed, fast asleep.

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