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The New Jedi Order: Destiny’s Way: Feelings

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Author’s Notes:
After reading Destiny’s Way, which I thought was a superb book, especially when Luke got his reality check about his teachings of the Force (hee hee ... was waiting for that), I decided to write a companion piece to Traitor: Thoughts ... this time focusing on a particular Vong ship, the Trickster. Enjoy!

I didn’t know where I was going ... but what I do know was that I actually had a place I could call home. People who would take care of me, people ... these people my former masters called jeedai.  They connected to me through my feelings and somehow meld into me.   Though one particular jeedai I knew my master hated that was different yet familiar to this one, this jeedai told me her name was Jaina Solo.

She was the enigma ... the mysterious jeedai I knew yet did not know.  I could feel her through our mind-connection, though at times, I tried to reach her, she did not respond.  Slowly through the battles we engaged in where I gladly punished my masters for abusing me, I felt a wall build around her, like she was cutting me off.

I cried out to her not to, but she did not respond ... did not even think anything towards me.   I could feel her empathy, a cold rage of hatred, fire fueled by what I perceived as a loved one so forcibly ripped from her.

Probing with my mind-connection to her, I felt that there was another void in her, another that had hints of the same mind-connection we shared, but it was different. style="mso-spacerun: yes">  This mind-connection was originally a part of her, not the one created between her and me.  This one had an echo of blood ... an echo of family.

I remembered that bond that I once had.  It was with my sister Vong vessel ... but she had been destroyed so carelessly in the hands of my masters early on the conquest of these jeedai.  So this jeedai who called herself Jaina Solo had a blood relation that was also taken from her.

We should have connected then, but by then, when I tried to reach her, she had built a shell around her that was so icy cold to touch that it made me shiver deep in my core.  I didn’t know whether I should probe any further, but by chance, I did ... one little day ...

The reaction I received was not of a cold wall thrown into my mind, but that of a loose tension ... and of also another bond that flowed from her into me.  This other bond was the blood bond, I realized ... this was Jaina Solo’s blood relation ... and he, as I could feel from the bond, had been restored to her.

Her shell was coming apart, but I could now feel more tension within her, a pressure that was building slowly.  Was this pressure inside of the former cold wall that she had?  I couldn’t believe it ...

But now, as I prepare to face my masters once again, in what my current pilot called the Battle of Ebaq 9, I can sense that wall building around my mind-connection, cutting me off from the jeedai whom I respected as my rightful pilot ...

But building a lot quicker.

Author’s Notes:
Just a little something I thought up while reading Destiny’s Way.   I’m thinking of doing a little vignette series called New Jedi Order: Memories.

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