Someone Her Own Age Rating: PG-13
Diana DeRiggs

The wedding of Mara Jade to Luke Skywalker did end happily, after all. There was the swoopgang incident that Booster Terrik had dispensed with easily (though he refused to say why the swoopers "respected" him so well) and that ugly guy disguised badly as an Ithorian threatening (impotently, it turned out) to destroy the Coruscant main planetary database. Fortunately, Jedi mindtricks are rather potent against those who had never experienced them before and the defusing of the situation became good publicity for the New Republic.

Afterward, the party was properly observed, and dignitaries were fed and charmed. This isn't an easy thing to have accomplished, considering all the political, species, environmental and security potential snafus. Even Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian -- the two miscreants of Rogue Squadron -- had behaved pretty well. Perhaps the adventures with the swoopbikers and Booster had calmed them down.

Very early the next day, after all the well-behaved people had finally gone home or to their hotel and the holocrews had left, a small core group of mostly-male friends were lying on the furniture, lifting their feet as housekeeping 'droids got underfoot to clean. The womenfolk had taken the children home as they fell asleep or got cranky, and many of the responsible husbands had eventually followed. Mara, used to living amongst men of questionable heritage, opted to stay with Luke and the boys.

"Mara, good job nailing the Farmboy here," Han raised his glass to his new sister-in-law, "never thought there was a woman alive who could force the kid to make a decision like this."

As Luke blushed, his new wife regarded Solo with a bemused look, "Not at all, Solo -- no more than Luke's sister did a good job nailing a smuggler, don't you think?"

"Here, here!" Hobbie Klivian's voice rang out -- clearly, if a bit slurred, "may girls always work hard at nailing the boys!"

His best friend Wes, just slightly more sober, shoved him, "No girls! No girls! We're too old for girls! Women! Just women!"

Hobbie shoved him back, "I'm not proud. Besides, younger women are so smooth and wrinkle-free!" He might have gotten further, but Mara tossed a bottle of something at him and he had to think fast to avoid being clobbered.

"Hobbie, I thought you were sticking to females your own age?" The voice came from Wedge Antilles, who had taken his family home then returned to hang out with the bridal couple. "Ever since Wes got caught with that young one, remember?"

"I was NOT!" Wes protested hotly, "I have NEVER been with an underage girl ... well except when I was likewise youthful. So anyone who says so is a dirty liar!"

"Yeah, Wedge," Hobbie giggled merrily, "that was ME! Only I didn't get caught!" He was guffawing quite loudly now. "Not like Wes, who gets caught with just about anyone he's with, regardless of her age or marital status or security measures taken!"

Luke mumbled beneath his breath, "Better than not getting caught for lack of doing anything." Mara poked him in the ribs as everyone laughed till they cried.

"But it's true!" Hobbie continued, "Married, single, working girl, he always gets caught! It's like some sort of unhealthy fetish or something!"

Wes rolled his eyes, but he didn't snort out a response.

Han laughed, "Hey, even Farmboy here gets a good one, and you two jerks are still single. What's the matter, don't feel like not sharing anymore?"

Hobbie shook his head vigorously, "Nope, there are still girls and women of every age and status who have not had a piece of Hobbie!" He contentedly pat his penis, "Still got a lot mileage in the old boy, and no one woman has proven herself deserving of all the old boy's attention!"

Groans filled the room at the display of vanity. "What about you, Wes? Same story for you? Never met a WOMAN who deserved your 'old boy'?" Wedge looked sideways at the mysteriously quiet playboy.

"I never said that."

Silence surrounded this statement, and everyone's interest was piqued, "You don't say, Wes? Well! As long as I've known you and I never knew you to be the marrying sort!" Wedge looked genuinely surprised.

Hobbie feigned a yawn, "Probably some dull, dull story about a childhood sweetheart who married someone else." When his friend reddened, Hobbie laughed, "Really? She married someone else?? Ooh, you got dumped! That means I win, we were tied in dump counts and I didn't know about this one!"

Mara snorted derisively, "You actually count those?"

Luke pat her hand, "Yes, men do count them. Even if we don't admit it."

It was Han's turn to laugh, "Only if we have enough fingers."

Luke smiled gamely as everyone choked with giggling, "We only count the ones who matter!"

Amid the laughter, Wes agreed, "Yeah, only one matters, don't need a whole lot of fingers for one."

"Wes, you're a man of many surprises. We think we know you -- inside and out! -- and yet we don't know you. You're amazing ... who was she?" Han said this in a tone that indicated that it was not a matter of choice for Wes to respond appropriately.

"She was the friend of ... a relative." Wes's face was blank.

"Ya don't say? Which relative? Brother? Sister? Cousin? Pet?" Hobbie was now genuinely curious.

Wes shrugged. "That's not important. She was a friend of someone I knew. We decided to part company, and she married someone else, end of story."

Everyone exclaimed. "Whaddaya mean 'end of story'??? That's not the part we want to know!" Hobbie was genuinely flustered.

His friend's distress made Wes smile just a little. "I know. But that's the part I'm not going to tell."

"Aw, Wes!" That voice belonged to Tycho Celchu, who'd just returned from taking several dignitaries back to the former Imperial Palace, which had been renovated to accommodate guests during the wedding. "And here I thought I walked in on the juiciest part!"

Wes's smile got broader, "If I'd known you were here, I would have prolonged the teasing even further!"

"Wes! Pleeeeeeeease???" Hobbie was wailing plaintively, "I wanna know! And ... and ... you owe Tycho!"

"Yeah, you do!" Wedge suddenly remembered, "The time you made him tell you about when he slept with Luke's sister!"

"I did NOT sleep with Luke's sister! She was only disguised as Luke's sister!" Tycho protested hotly, "And yeah, asshole, you owe me for that one!"

Mara arched one eyebrow up sharply, "I had heard about that one, wasn't sure if it was "canon" or not."

Even with the laughter, Hobbie's whine could be heard clearly, "If Tycho could tell you about sleeping with Princess Leia and you spread it around with your big mouth, you at least owe him this tale of being dumped by someone who didn't want to marry you!"

"Hey, I didn't say she didn't want to marry me! And okay, so maybe I owe Tycho, I don't owe any of you other jerks!" Wes was defiant and set his chin firmly.

"Wes, get over yourself. As soon as you delicately whisper it into my ear, I'm going to blab it to everyone anyway." Tycho smiled broadly, "So just spill it right here, right now, in front of the gathering."

By then, everyone had gotten up and surrounded their friend, determined to find out what he was hiding. Wes momentarily contemplated beating his way out of the circle consisting of two former commanders, one current commander, a New Republic general, two Jedi, a smuggler, and his best friend. Even when staring down the barrel of an Imperial blaster, he'd known he could escape, somehow. This might have been the very first time Wes had felt completely trapped.

Okay, the second time ...

They'd met when Wes was living at home with his parents. He was by no means still virginal, and neither was she, but they still felt a spark fly between them when they first set eyes on each other. They averted their eyes, they tried not to get too close to one another. After all, they had a common acquaintance who would have been upset if the two of them had hooked up.

But when something is inevitable and strong, it happens. One day, Wes found himself close to her, eyes closed ... he could smell her, feel the heat emanating from her body. He was young and he'd never felt this way before. He had felt affection for various and sundry women, and then lost interest after having sex several times with them. He wondered if this woman would be the same? But it certainly felt different!

He felt her fingers trace his chin, her palm cupping his cheek. He felt like molten lava had burned him where he'd been touched. He felt her lips against his and he felt himself sinking into a warm, soft pool of lust. The sex they'd had was phenomenal, and he was aching and sore for days after.

His mother had asked him if he was all right? He explained he'd just started a new job that was more physical than he expected, and he was sore, that's all. His mother accepted the explanation, and told him to be careful not to hurt himself, though as a young man, she doubted he'd come to much harm. Hard work never hurt anyone, after all.

Wes had, in fact, picked up some work doing odd jobs after school, which started out as helping with some lifting and repairs around the house and yard of his new target of lust. But instead of doing actual work, he'd meet his lady friend and they'd fall into each other. He never grew tired of her, and her passion equaled his! This was a completely unexpected thing; his previous relationships with girls required him to do all the work, while the recipient of his sexual release lay on her back; maybe she moaned a bit if she was especially turned on. In contrast, this woman was noisy, participatory, and she made Wes feel incredible!

This affair went on secretly -- albeit noisily -- for quite a number of weeks, and Wes learned everything good about how to treat a woman during sex. This knowledge would be very useful in the future, but at the time, Wes had no reason to leave his lady friend. He thought this could last forever!

But then one day, she confessed to him that there was someone else. He had wept and asked her if she didn't love him anymore? "No," she cried, "I will always love you! But we can't be together, you know that!"


"Think, Wes! What would your mother think?"

Wes had not considered his mother. "What does it matter what she thinks? I want you, I need you! I'll graduate soon, let's get married!"

This declaration had stunned the woman momentarily into silence. Then she gasped out, "We can't do that! What about my age??"

Wes had pleaded, trying to make her understand how serious he was. She simply cried and quietly said, "Wes, you know we can't. You have so much to do in this life, so much to see and experience; you'll make someone very happy when you've lived your life to the fullest. As for me, right now, I have the opportunity to make another man happy, though not as happy as you've made me ..."

Wes wept, knowing she would leave him.

"Wes, Wes ... don't cry ... don't cry ... you love me, I know that. If you love someone, you have to set them free. It's the ultimate expression of your love."

It didn't make sense to him, but he wiped his tears, "You'll be happy with him?"

"Yes, Wes. I love you, I love having sex with you. But I need to be with someone my own age ..."

Wes had gone home and cursed their difference in age. What did age have to do with it?? He felt trapped, wondering how he could break out of this restraint! But he loved her, he knew he did, so he did as she asked, and let her go ...

There was a stunned silence in the room, which was finally broken by Luke Skywalker, "Wes, you did the right thing, letting her go to someone her own age. I assume she was very happy."

Wes shrugged, "I don't know. I couldn't bear to seek her out. But I know I was miserable. Still, it didn't turn out all bad, I drowned my sorrows and joined the Tierfon Yellow Aces, through which I met all of you fine gentlemen -- and lady," he nodded to Mara, "so all's well that ends well, eh?" With that he took a long pull from his lomin stein.

Hobbie looked thoughtful, "I had thought originally that she was younger and you were taking advantage of some schoolgirl ... but I was wrong, wasn't I?"

Wes simply nodded once and took another long swallow.

"Wes," Wedge couldn't help himself, daring to voice the hard question, "just which relative what this woman a friend to in your family? Your mother?

Wes was pretty drunk at this point, having taken many long draughts of his ale, and his better judgement had dissipated by then. He winked and loudly and conspiratorially whispered out, "Grandmother!"

Wes Janson had been in love with a friend of his grandmother's?? The thought didn't have to be spoken out loud. Everyone understood now why Wes hadn't wanted to talk about it. Or they thought they did.

"Hey!" Wes was suddenly not so morose, aided by the alcohol, "I'm not ashamed of banging a woman old enough to be my grandmother, you morons! But I am ashamed I let her go so damned easily. I know this now, dammit -- she was way special, better than any other girl or woman or hag I've been with ever since. She was the absolute best, and I let her go!" He was crying now.

The night was an ongoing roll of surprises, it seemed. But Hobbie, true to form, had the perfect cure, "Aw, but think how lucky you were to have her at all! I mean, if you waited, she would have been dead!" He yelped for cover as everyone threw things at him.

"C'mon, Wes!" Hobbie pulled at his friend's sleeve as the others groaned at the blond man's lack of tact, "The sun is coming up and I have the perfect, wholesome antidote for you! You know how my sleeper balcony overlooks that all-girl's school? I figure they're like your mental age, give or take a few weeks! If you stand on your toes and lean hard to the left, you can see them suiting up for gym class every morning about this time ..."

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