She Says She Loves Me!
Diana DeRiggs


No, please let it not be so! She fell out! What kind of a Jedi am I, to fail such a simple mission ...

Obiwan is saying something. No? He's leaving her behind! He can't do that!

Why doesn't he understand? She loves me! And I love her even more!

"Put the ship down!"

Obiwan is in my field of view. He's blocking the vision I saw. Padmé and I are overlooking that lake in Naboo, doing something ... together .... Back there, where I first had to tell her how I feel. She said no, but she didn't mean it.

Obiwan is saying no. Does he mean it?

Please, I can't lose her ... all these years, I've been sustained with only dreams of her. How I've longed for her! She's mine now, I can't lose her!

"Lower the ship!"

She said she loves me ... she said it so beautifully, "I truly, deeply love you, and before we die I want you to know." I can't lose her now, I can't! She's everything, why won't you let the ship down?

Would she have loved me if she wasn't going to die?

He's asking me ... what would Padmé do? Padmé -- so brave, so strong -- she wouldn't fear leaving me behind. I'd wait for her forever, she knows that!

But Padmé ... would she wait for me? Would she stay alive for me? I don't know ... she loves me, she said so ... but would she live for me? Could she?

I feel her, but barely. She's alive, but she's knocked out? I can't tell, I'm in agony! Is she dying? Please, I can't breathe!

"She'd do her duty." But only because she knows I'd do anything for her, even stay alive in this desert!

I need to know. I have to know!

Put the ship down! Down!

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