The Shadows That Remain
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Shadow Chaser

Note: Please read this over instead of skipping it, as it is very important for the fic. If you do not get the terminologies within this fic after reading this, they will all be explained within.




  • Human – An advance human who underwent the process treatment of Mage-Link successfully, able to combine technology and Dust to create magic. Those who were not successful are called Techno-Wilders, or Wilders and are to be avoided at all costs because they are extremely dangerous. They can power up their magical ability by killing others.

  • Elf – All Elves are true Technomages and Vernomages, able to mimic the same things as humans are known to do, but in a more ‘pure’ fashion, they are also able to generate powerful spells. They do not need Dust or Mage-Link. There are no Wilders among Elves. They can power up their magical ability by killing others.


  • Human – Found mostly in women, they are considered Technomages with the same treatment of Mage-Link as human Technomages, but are able to summon mythological creatures or creatures of any sort, depending on their amount of power they have within themselves. Unlike human Technomages, there is no way for human Vernomages to power up their magical abilities. Most women are Vernomages, but to defile a Vernomage, who is a virgin, turns that Vernomage into an Irimage for good.

  • Elf – Like humans, Elves can be both Vernomage and Technomage though it is rare. It is also rare that male Elves show the talent of being a Vernomage. Glorfindel is one of the few exceptions along with Elrond Perendil. Galadriel is one of the few known Techno and Vernomages. To defile an Elf who is a Vernomage and a virgin does not turn that Elf into an Irimage.


  • Human – Men and women mages who have gone dark and only live to see the suffering of others. They are very powerful as they can channel their dark emotions into their spells. The Nine are the most powerful Irimages. They also can cast and summon hideous creatures. Irimages cannot be saved into the ‘Light’, and are forever in the darkness of themselves until the Game is over or they are dead.

  • Elf – For those Elves that had fallen to shadow, by methods of torture and so forth, but have not turned into Orcs yet, they are among the most potent enemies who only serve Aru’s purposes. In the crossroads of becoming dark, and Elf has the choice of becoming an Irimage or an Orc…if choosing to become an Irimage, he or she is bound to Aru’s will and domination.


Dust – The wellspring of magic/mana drawn from the person’s own will. It was first created by extracting the fibers of mythical beasts, created into a fine powder, and combined with the process of Mage-Link. Within all blood streams of humans who underwent the process of Mage-Link, it is bound to the person’s will. If the person’s will is strong, the ‘mana’ is strong. Vice-versa. Dust can be cut off if the person’s soul has been destroyed. When that happens the person falls into shadow and becomes an Irimage.

Mage-Link – A scientific experiment conducted on humans captured at random from young to old. No one knows who or why they conduct these experiments though it is linked to the manipulations of Eru and Aru to create a whole new battlefield. Started by Zenith Technology Corporations.

Zenith Technology Corporations (Z-Tech) – A corporation owned by Saruman the White/Black. He plays for both sides to see if he could get a gain on either Eru or Aru. The corporation is one of the two largest economic controllers of the world, with Lorien Technologies Incorporated as its rival. Headquarters located in London, England.

Lorien Technologies Incorporated (Lorien Inc.) – A corporation that specializes on technologies, which is also a front for the Resistance, headed by Celeborn, Galadriel, Thranduil, and Elrond (but mostly Celeborn, Galadriel, and Elrond as the Triumvirate). The Resistance serves to drive back the evil, in hopes that Eru would be able to dominate the Earth with his glory and power. Headquarters are located in the White City.

The White City – The-City-That-Will-Not-Be-Named, the City of Hope, The City-That-Cannot-Fall. The secret base of the Resistance, fronted by Lorien Inc. It is where dreams never die and hope still exists. Many bases of the White City are scattered, but there is one in Boston, now called the Gold City.

The Golden City (Boston, MA) – Where the population of humans live in peaceful serenity under the watchful eyes of Elrond Perendil who heads the Lorien Inc. in that sector. Security is heavy in and out of the city, as each crime can sentence you to either a life sentence in prison or instant death. But underneath it, is the city of lies, debauchery, and deceit as evil festers here. Mage-Link experiments are conducted here.

The Black City (New York City, NY) – The City of Lost Souls and of the Undead, it is the Middle Earth equivalent of Mordor, and the Empire State Building is the equivalent of Barad-dur. A haven for festering evil, Sauron lies in its innermost quiet and waiting while everything runs rampant above. This is where Aru sets the stage for the final game play as it is the irony where long ago, the Trees of Valinor once stood on this city.

The Grey City (London, England) – The Middle Earth equivalent of Isengard, as Saruman the Betrayer and Trickster holds his lair here. It is where Mage-Link was found and still is performed. The northern areas of England are populated with mythological creatures that it creates a perfect defense or army to invade the rest of the world.

The Shadow Horror City – Here is where Melkor, Morgoth the Dark Enemy lairs. The city of modern day has no name as he has erased all traces of it. It is one of the most powerful stronghold Aru has on the Earth and to defeat it, will take many lives.

The Silver City (Los Angeles, CA) – One of the few cities left on the Earth that is a safe haven for those who want not to be touched by the war brewing on the whole of the Earth, it is where Thranduil placed his Mirkwood Elves here.

The Nine – The Nine Nazgul, Ringwraiths no more, but now just the Nazgul, who have fallen into shadow, they were the first nine original experiments of Mage-Link and Dust. Gone insane from the first experiment, they are formerly men and women and their leader is the Witch-King, a young boy with hideous powers, enough to frighten even the Elves.

Undead – The Undead are the names for dead Mages, killed in battle, their powers unable to be absorbed by others. They are summoned by others, Techno, Verno, or Iri to bind them to their will. You cannot kill and Undead rather kill its host to kill the Undead. Their power becomes twisted as they rot in the spirits unable to reach into Heaven. Once touched by an Undead you are bound to it in different ways. Fredrick Baskerville becomes bound to an Undead (the LoTR equivalent of the One Ring to him).
  • If you have killed a mage you receive a certain glow in your eyes and in some cases, a brand of a skull on your palm. The skull brand, only reserved for Elves, enables you to destroy the souls of others and take their soul into yours, though it becomes poison once their soul enters yours and must be gotten rid of quickly.

  • Also for any being to kill a Mage, then the dead Mage’s power is transferred to the person, or persons that made the finishing blow on the Mage…however, if the power is too great for the person to receive and absorb successfully, then the person will be destroyed or go insane.

  • Usually a Mage that has killed a Mage can successfully absorb powers, but it has not happened on rare occasions. A regular human usually cannot absorb powers of a Mage that has been killed without either going insane or killing themselves. If a regular human successfully absorbs the powers of a killed Mage, then they become Technomages themselves.

  • Humans only think that certain humans develop skull-palms, but in reality they are the Elves with the skull-palms. To have one, in human standards, is to acknowledge a skilled assassin.



  • Technomage (Glow) – For a human to kill a Technomage their eyes have a green glow. Faint for a few that they have killed, bright for a lot they have killed.

  • Vernomage (Hue) – For a human to kill a Vernomage, it is the hair that changes color. They develop an albinism, and the hairs turns a pure shiny white, almost glowing, and cannot be cut or have done anything to it. With each Vernomage killed, more white strands are added on with the others.

  • Irimage (Marked) – For a human to kill an Irimage; if the powers are absorbed successfully, it will create a flower mark that becomes darker and darker with each Irimage kill. Usually Irimage absorption kills the person.


  • Technomage (Glow) – For an Elf to kill a Technomage, it is the same as humans, except their eyes take on a blue glow.

  • Vernomage (Hue) – Elves try not to kill Vernomages, but if they do, the light that surrounds them is dimmed.

  • Irimage (Marked) – For an Elf to kill an Irimage, they become branded with a skull on their palm, usually known as skull-palms. With this, they can destroy the souls of others and tap into darker powers without falling into shadow.

Thanks for taking the time to read over these important notes. If you are still confused, they will be explained in the dialogue surrounding the characters of this story. Enjoy the story!

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