The Shadows That Remain
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Shadow Chaser

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A test of Will…
A test of Courage…
A test of Time…

The trials of Technomages;
the trials of Vernomages;
the trials of those who live

For the Shadow that remains,
the Shadow that haunts all…
the last battle to prove worthiness…
The Fellowship has been reawakened…

Of the Shadows that Remain,
One to Rule them All

Elves, immortal and fairest of all, great warriors, poets, and excelling in everything; such a simple mistake. Hobbits, little creatures with such simple minds, yet such big hearts; the trials of those little ones. Dwarves, such greedy feelings, yet such simple desires…the temptation has drove them to madness. Men, the race that combines all, but falters into Shadow, until the Savior leads them not into temptation, but into salvation. Maiar, sheepherders, guides, wisest of all, yet easily corrupted except for those few. Valar, the Gods of them all – One who fell into dark, the rest doomed to such a similar fate? Eru, the One in the void, planning its schemes for all.

But this is the future, where nothing is written, nothing bound, nothing in the Light. Darkness covers, darkness falls…darkness tries to keep all and the rule all. All one very big game, one very large game Eru plays with his counterpart Aru.

And the stage is set for the last move.

This time the players do not want to play, yet are forced to join one last time -– in the 20th Age of the Sun, the Moon rises to dawn and new players join with the old –- the Fellowship awakened, and of the Shadows that remain, One to Rule them All.

The Fellowship:
Fredrick Baskerville (Frodo Baggins)
Sam Granger (Samwise Gamgee)
Matthew Biggs (Meriadoc Brandybuck)
Phillip Theatum (Peregrin Took)
Alexander Richard (Aragorn son of Arathorn)
Legolas Thranduillion
George Griston (Gimli son of Gloin)
Benjamin Greens (Boromir son of Denethor)
Gandalf the White

Supporting Cast:
Anna Elanore (Arwen Undomiel)
Elizabeth Ruthersfield (Eowyn daughter of Eomund)
Edward Ruthersfield (Eomer son of Eomund)
Franklin Greens (Faramir son of Denethor)
Elrond Perendil

The Valar:
Manwe, the Wind King
Varda, Queen of Stars
Ulmo, Lord of Waters
Nienna, the Weeper
Aule, the Smith
Yavanna, Giver of Fruits
Orome, Lord of the Forest
Vana, the Youthful
Mandos, Keeper of the Dead
Vaire, the Weaver
Lorien, Master of Dreams
Este, the Healer
Tulkas, the Wrestler
Nessa, the Dancer

The Maiar:
Radagast the Brown
Saruman the White/Black
Alethea the Blue
Olesia the Grey

The Enemy:
Aru the Counterpart
Melkor (Morgoth), the Dark Enemy
Sauron the Black
The Nine - Black Riders

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