The Shadows That Remain Rating: PG-13
A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - PROLOGUE
Shadow Chaser


A fire crackled in the most unlikely place, on the top of a tall building that housed one of the world’s greatest economic financer, but that fire gave off a homely kind of feeling. The snapping and popping of wood being burnt, oxygen being consumed by the burning flame was enough to remind the person sitting on a high backed chair what memories he had.

It all seemed so long ago, so distant, and yet so fresh in his mind. He wasn’t over sixty thousand years old for nothing, as the memories were permanently meshed in his mind. But some memories he had let fade away, like the pain of loosing his wife, but then after crossing over to the Grey Havens, he had found her again, alive, healthy, and still full of the love she had given to him ever since they had met.

He flipped through the pages of a very old book, his sharp ears listening to the crackling of the pages as they threatened on the brink of tearing themselves out of the page, or even to crumble into fine dust, as books this old weren’t meant to last. But they had endured, as a spell had been cast on them, to preserve them for all eternity.

He did not want history to repeat itself, but yet, it seemed that with the race of Men, as always, the Secondborn, they were notorious for forgetting such things, even with their great leaders. No, he couldn’t call them Men now, as that was the old term back in the early Ages of the Sun, they were now called Humans, diverse and multicultural.

In ways, he had to admit to himself, they had evolved like Elves, some appreciative of nature, others of the art of warfare, and they all spoke different languages, every one of them musical to the ears of his kind. But the same weakness remained, and he had to admit, Aragorn was right, humans, whether formally called Men or Secondborn, had a terrible weakness running through their veins.

Though some rose above it, the rest of the human race, populated into so much like rabbits, or coonies, were eventually doomed to their fate of the endless waltz of rebellion, war, peace. There was no end to the bloodshed, and he knew why this cause was so.

It took him a while to discover why this was happening to humans, and even to some Elves to an extent, but it was because of the growing darkness, the growing puzzle that was to end soon. He glanced down at the page he turned to and sighed softly. Here in this page lay everything that shone of the terrible manifestation that was to happen.

A test of Will ...
A test of Courage ...
A test of Time ...

The trials of Technomages;
the trials of Vernomages;
the trials of those who live

For the Shadow that remains,
the Shadow that haunts all ...
the last battle to prove worthiness ...
The Fellowship has been reawakened ...

Of the Shadows that Remain,
One to Rule them All

Technomages were now the Human Race, driven by years and years of genetic tampering, something even the Elves were not so keen to do, but the Human Race was always unpredictable, much like Hobbits, he fancied.

But there was a new wrinkle in the fabric of this so called ‘Game’ ... he had discovered that the Fellowship were being reborn ... an added bonus to let this ‘Game’ end on the side of good ... and he needed someone to keep an eye on them ...

“Celebrian?” he called, looking at the door that lead to the study he was sitting in.

“Yes?” his wife, a fair beauty, peeked her head in.

“Please contact Ithilien, tell him that we would need to use his services ... you know of what I speak about.”

“Then it is true, has Elessar returned?” Celebrian’s face lost all pretenses of a smile and grew serious.

“It’s true,” he replied then watched as she nodded once then closed the door behind her as she left to deliver the message.

For the Elven Lord Elrond Perendil, he knew that the war was only beginning, and that though it would take time to assemble the Fellowship once more, he also knew that the stakes had just been raised in this deadly game of ‘chess’ that Eru and Aru were playing. Valar only knew how the outcome was to occur ... or maybe they did not ...

But Elrond was willing to keep all his hopes on those he trusted.

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