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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER34
Shadow Chaser


Cirdan stood grimly in the command center of his own flagship the Toriath.  It was one of the most advance warships ever in existence yet it looked very much like the ships of the Second and Third Ages.  He knew that the lands that were part of Morgoth’s realm barred any technology save those that were created before the Fourth Age, and the only way they would be able to launch a successful attack with their modern weapons was by sea.  That was why the forces that were launched from the White City had real horses and foot soldiers, mixed in with a few rocket propelled missiles that were able to be carried by hand.  However, if they touched the grounds that were Morgoth’s realm then they would immediately turn to dust ...

He knew that the crucial success of taking over London and defeating Saruman’s forces would be advantageous as Saruman would have spread from the island to the mainland and then cover a majority of the lands between his realm and the White City with Morgoth’s touch — thereby rendering trade with the neutral nations and travel all but obsolete.

But it wasn’t just for trade or travel did he fight — it was because the touch of evil that was Morgoth was more than a touch, it was a plague that needed to be cut out of the Earth and the Heavens above.  How Morgoth returned was beyond him, but he had a few speculations himself.  He knew of the scheming games the Valar played and while he agreed with Galadriel’s conclusions that the Valar were very manipulative, he believed they were doing so for other reasons then what Galadriel believed.  Galadriel believed that the Valar loved playing their mind-games and loved being under the control of Eru the greatest being of all.

However, Cirdan believed that this was different.  There was no love or hate between the Creator and his Gods ... there was just a rivalry.  It was all one big game — and just a simple rivalry that involved all of them and the fate of this Earth.  Yes the Valar were manipulative, but not all were their enemies — yet not all were their allies either.  It was a fine line that each of them was playing and Cirdan knew that the stakes were high.  He had discussed it with the four other members of Lorien Incorporated and they had come to the conclusion that Gandalf needed to be with the Valar to try to convince them that they needed allies in order to overthrown Morgoth — and he had suggested that the Maia take the reincarnated Hobbits Frodo and Sam with him ... they had innate powers in them that would be useful in confronting the pig-headed Valar about their grievous mistakes and the stupid game they were playing.

“My Lord, we’re getting conflicting reports from the task force sent to London,” one of his lieutenants suddenly spoke up, drawing his attention away from his thoughts and back to the battle at hand.  He could see in the distance on the cliffs of Southend-on-Sea Glorfindel and his army marching upon the enemy that was there to meet them, the flare of bright magic filling the stormy skies.

“What do they say?” he asked.

“Saruman is not within Barad-dur and that he has barred the task force in,” the lieutenant replied, “but Lord Glorfindel’s army doesn’t report seeing Saruman anywhere on the battlefield.”

“Odd,” Cirdan narrowed his eyes, thinking.  He was about to say more when the lieutenant spoke up again, this time his voice was laced with fear.

“Milord!  Shadow Elves on the move!  There’s at least of seventy-five and more on the land,” the Elf sounded panicky before Navigation burst in.

“Milord, five submarines converging on our position.  Detecting Irimage magic within them.  I believe their either human Irimages or Shadow Elves,” the Elf said in a calm, but hurried voice.

“Signal the carriers to fall back behind the destroyers.  Give me a targeting solution on the leader,” he barked, falling instantly into his battle mode.  He rarely used magic for his land battles, preferring to command from the sea, but he wasn’t weak as many had thought him to be.  He had his fair share of land battles and even sea battles with his powers growing steadily.  After all, he was Teleri ...

“Osse, Uinen,” he called out, knowing that the two Maiar could hear him even if he didn’t use the comm. with them.

“Uinen is shoring up the defenses at the sea,” Osse replied to his summons, appearing next to him in a splash of water that came out of nowhere.  However, the water didn’t drench anything and instead disappeared just as quickly, leaving the Maia dressed in blue and white hued robes that looked a lot like the ocean and whitecaps.

“Torpedoes detected!  It’s hot!” Sonar suddenly reported.

“Aide the carriers please Osse.  We’ll deal with these,” Cirdan asked and the Maia nodded once before disappearing with a splash of water magic.

“Target the first torpedo and launch countermeasures.  I want multiple firing solutions for the others,” he said in a calm voice.

“Targeting,” came the multiple replies of his command center.

“Central target acquired, launching countermeasures,” one of the Elves sitting at the firing control center said before the whoosh of countermeasures being launched from the tubes of the ship in the water was heard.

“Cannons, give me the solution of torpedoes five and six.”

“Roger, bearing two-two-six and two-two-three,” one of the Elves replied.

“Fire cannons at two-two-four and two-two-five.  Now and now,” Cirdan glanced down at the real-time map that showed the multiple torpedoes that were headed towards his ships.  The resounding boom from the cannons shook the ship, but he didn’t mind.  He watched as he saw little green arrows come from his ship towards the red that were the incoming torpedoes and they impacted in the areas he indicated.  Suddenly torpedo five and six weren’t aiming at them anymore and instead were diverted off to the other destroyers who promptly blew them to pieces with their own countermeasures.

He saw two little green ships headed towards where five giant mass of red were — they were his sub-destroyers, decked out in almost every spell, and depth charging the area to make the subs rise to the surface in range of his guns and the carriers’ jets that were waiting in the back.

He checked the land forces’ progress and noted with a small amount of satisfaction that the Shadow Elves that had come upon the scene, marked in a different color had not gotten past Glorfindel’s armies ... which meant that they weren’t able to summon creatures to battle his ships.  If there was one thing that annoyed him was that the enemy’s summons were always winged creatures against his ships that made it very hard to target — especially if there was a smart mage in there to summon small birds to make a flock of them do a suicide run at a ship.

“Problem with the London approach,” Osse suddenly appeared next to him, “it was a trap ... ” the Maia’s eyes took on a faraway look and Cirdan realized that he was using a far distance seeing spell, “Shadow Elves ... on the Big Ben ... your submarines are trapped by them ... Obsidian Wing is trapped too ... ”

Cirdan frowned ... he liked his submarines.  They were his own creations and though he briefly wondered where the enemy had gotten submarines as he had thought he was the only one with them, he knew that he should have realized that this was Morgoth they were dealing with — Morgoth was very resourceful ...

The Maia suddenly disappeared back to the carriers to help them defend themselves, leaving Cirdan alone.  If Shadow Elves were inside the Big Ben that meant that Saruman knew they were coming and had planned a trap for them.  He cursed softly to himself before he turned to his sonar, “Status of enemy subs?”

“Four remaining.  Two have been eliminated by the Grithinan and Sindar.  However, we lost the Othonum,” his senior sonar Elf replied.

That meant that they still couldn’t move without risking their exposed side to the enemy.  Cirdan wanted to go up the Thames to destroy the barrier, but he couldn’t right now ... which meant that he was going to lose more of his fleet ... and those under his command.

“Give me firing solutions on subs one and two.  I want them blasted to pieces,” he hoped that his second-in-command Tirilas would be able to get the task force out.  Unconsciously he clenched a fist in anger as the battle continued outside.

* * * * *

Glorfindel raised his arm and called forth a spray of water that blew back a group of orcs that were trying to attack him.  The water shredded the orcs into pieces and black blood mingled with the water as he turned around and Raithen flared in his hand.  He cut down an Irimage that had summoned a panther to attack him and immediately the panther fell down dead, a few inches away from him.

He could sense something was terribly wrong when the forces that came after them during the beginning of the battle were more numerous then they had expected.  So far there were no Shadow Elves or the Nazgul, but he had a feeling within him that these orcs and various mages were just the beginning.  He could feel the magic power swirling around him, drawing upon the magic that was once in his reserves, but now overfilling with all of the mages he was killing.  He had long abandoned the concept of modernized weapons, preferring his sword Raithen.

Stabbing an orc through the head, he whirled around and decapitated a Technomage that was creeping up on him before lifting his hand up high and a maelstrom of lightning spewed from his finger tips, electrocuting those around him.  They all fell, blackened and smoke rising from their crisp bodies.

He walked forward, Raithen swinging back and forth as he cut a swath of destruction.  Concentrating on a spell in his mind, he suddenly stopped and held up two fingers near his forehead.  He briefly closed his eyes, sensing his opponents around him — Irimages and orcs, and suddenly snapped open his eyes, feeling the power that he had only touched briefly in the battles he had fought in the Golden City surge through him.  Letting loose that power, he raised Raithen up and set forth a huge Fire Circle that blew back his enemies.

However, those around him were immediately burnt to cinders and ashes, the fire roaring in a perfect circle that expanded outwards.  As the fires from his Fire Circle died down, he charged ahead, yelling a war cry before facing an Irimage head on.  The mage was immediately cut down by his sword, before he lunged forward, splitting another Techno in half.  Blood sprayed in the air from his vicious attack, but Glorfindel didn’t care anymore.  He could feel the power surging with him, giving him the strength that he wouldn’t have had if he was just a normal Techno-Verno hybrid.

Suddenly a chill entered his mind and he felt the presence of something familiar, yet alien at the same time.  He froze as he sensed the growing presence ... he knew what they were ...

Come to us ... Children of Iluvatar ... come to us and be free of your bonds ...

Come ...

Join us and have power beyond your limits ...

Come ...

Their siren cry rang through his mind and Glorfindel shook his head slightly, trying to will them away but they wouldn’t stop.  He growled underneath his breath as he pushed the voices away and slammed up mental barriers.  Shadow Elves — fallen Vanyar and Eldar along with a few Moriquendi and Umanjar Elves; all of them who had fell to shadow but had not gone to the service of Orcs and instead had embraced the dark powers within, turning them into Irimages only to server their master whose name Glorfindel didn’t know.

These were the deadliest of opponents, their strength and power rivaling the Nazgul who were former servants of Sauron, now with him dead, their allegiance changed to Sauron’s master Morgoth.

Glorfindel touched his earpiece to contact all of his troops in the area, “Shadow Elves, number unknown — proceed with extreme caution.”  He touched another button on a wrist band he had and the channel switched to a direct link with Cirdan’s flagship, the Toriath.  “Cirdan, there are Shadow Elves here.  We can’t estimate the number right now,” Glorfindel suddenly ducked as a troll waved a halberd where his head used to be and he immediately side-stepped before lunging forward, skewering the troll in the heart, killing the creature instantly.

Pulling out his sword, he turned around and threw a burst of light at a group of orcs who were immediately incinerated before touching his ear piece, “What did you say?  I didn’t copy.”

“Rinaran’s task force is also trapped by Shadow Elves.  They knew we were coming.  It’s a good bet that Saruman is probably somewhere on this battlefield.  We’ve got your backs, but at this rate I don’t know how long,” Cirdan’s voice came over, a bit strained, but Glorfindel could hear anger in it.

“Don’t take-“

Glorfindel was cut off as an animalistic, almost metallic roar filled the air and reverberated though his ears, cutting to his core.  His eyes widened a bit as he recognized the sound.  It was a sound that chilled him to the core and he hated it ...

He suddenly saw himself fighting in a blizzard of snow, rock, and fire ... battling a creature of Morgoth — something that he had corrupted from Arien, the Maia who was to take care of all these beings of fire and light now fire and shadow.

Glorfindel suddenly snapped out the vision barely in time to catch the fiery blade of a Balrog that had charged at him.  He gritted his teeth in an effort to keep the blade from falling on him, but it wasn’t easy as he held Raithen up, shaking rather violently against the strength of the Balrog.

Fire on fire ... he hated Balrogs ...

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