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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER27
Shadow Chaser


The next couple of days were flurries of activity as the Elves ran about preparing for the massive departure of not only the Fellowship and other Reincarnated Ones, but of also Glorfindel’s war fleet which was to head to England to combat the forces of Saruman who had turned red on their Situation Room’s charts just a few days ago.

Galadriel had summoned the members of the Fellowship and those who were Reincarnated to the White City, an unnamed city that was located in the former European countries, and they were preparing to leave on military jets with a few others like Haldir and the two other Elves of the White City. The only member of the Fellowship who was not going with them to the White City was Ben and his brother Frank. Both were going to go back to the Black City to try to convince their father, the mayor of the city, to send the National Guard of the city to help fight the second phase of the war against Morgoth.

Glorfindel was to command a fleet of ships carrying tanks and armaments to rendezvous with Cirdan and his great fleet to help defeat Saruman in England so they would not face a two-pronged attack when Galadriel gave the order to send out troops to face down Morgoth.

Firfenion was staying in the Golden City to help clean up while the twins were heading out with the Fellowship to the White City, mainly because of their fighters were an asset as an escort to the military jets the Fellowship were to ride over to the White City.

When the day came for the Fellowship and others to leave, it seemed that everyone who was in the Golden City came to send them off. Legolas felt a little embarrassed at all of the attention and shifted a bit uncomfortably as he shook hands with his little half-brother to whom he had relatively accepted as his kin, but steered away from as Firfenion was as rambunctious as the twins.

“Keep fidgeting and people will think you have a twitchy persona, bro,” his younger brother smirked at him and Legolas just sighed and shook his head.

He now wore a black leather glove on his right hand to hide his skull-palm and it was thick enough that whenever he shook hands, no one would feel the imprint of the twin ruby eyes that made his skull-palm different from others.

“Luck be with you Legolas, as always,” Rinaran approached him and gave him the salute that was of the Swordmaidens as she had always had whenever their paths crossed.

“And a good spring from your bow to you,” he replied in a formal tone, the correct way of addressing a Swordmaiden. He sketched a short formal bow before her before she grinned at him and stepped away to let Glorfindel say his goodbye.

Legolas clasped his forearm and shook it tightly, staring with grim eyes at the guard general of Elrond. He had heard what had happened when he was unconscious and heard from both Rinaran and Haldir that something seemed to have change with the guard general each time there was a battle. It seemed that there was more to Glorfindel than anyone knew…

Looking at him now, Legolas couldn’t really tell what had happened to the Eldar-like Elf. “Good luck on your mission,” he said to the Elf.

“And to you too. We will see each other again on the battlefield,” Glorfindel replied before stepping away.

Seeing that no one else was going to bid him goodbye, and to his relief, he made his way to one of the three jets to take them to the White City and saw that Haldir was talking with Rinaran near the side while Gimli looked a bit bored and out of place. Beyond them, Elrond and Celebrian were in deep conversation with Anna and Alec and for once, Legolas was glad that the twins weren’t around and instead were up in the skies with their fighters and squadrons, waiting for the jets.

“You look bored,” he commented in an offhand manner to his friend who harrumphed and crossed his arms around his tweed jacket. His glasses were perched precariously on his nose and Gimli did indeed look very out of place. Legolas knew that their armor were packed away on the jets and what they were wearing were casual civilian clothing, except for a few Elves like Haldir who was dressed in a business suit once more.

“I don’t like goodbyes. Too sappy,” he jerked his head towards where Alec, Anna, Elrond, and Celebrian were.

“Still the same dwarf,” Legolas shook his head sadly, “I thought you’ve become friends with Haldir, Rinaran, and the others.”

“Yes, but Haldir over there is trying to court Rinaran,” Gimli said in a slightly gruff voice, “it’s hard to talk to them when they’re together ... ”

“What?!” Legolas spun slightly and stared at his best friend and finally noticed that what he thought was just a casual conversation between the two was actually a little more intimate than that. “When did this happen?” he turned back around and faced Gimli who was grinning at his expression.

“Ah ... so you can surprise an Elf. Apparently, longer than I was alive. I’m surprised that you haven’t known about this ... ”

“I spent the last 30 something years keeping an eye on all of you Fellowship in the Black City. Of course I’m out of touch with my other friends,” it was Legolas turn to grouse.

“Apparently, very out of touch,” Gimli added softly but Legolas heard him and resisted the urge to punch his friend in the shoulder even though they stood nearly the same height. It was such a human thing to do and he had good reason, after all, he spent so much of his time around humans he had picked up a few of their mannerisms.

Silence followed Gimli’s words and both friends stood in amicable silence as they watched the proceedings around them. They watched as the Reincarnated-hobbits took in the presents of food and different stuff the various people of Edward’s army had unloaded upon them. It seemed that the army had adopted the former hobbits as their own and were now piling them with military freeze dried rations and clothing.

Frank and Liz were to the side, having their own private moment and Ben and Edward were trying to help the hobbits with their things that resulted in some hilarious activity going on and even made the gruff Army general laugh at times.

“Ithilien,” the quiet voice of Elrond made Legolas turn around to see his employer walking towards him.

“Ithilien?” Gimli questioned beside him.

“My codename within Lorien Inc. I’ll explain it later,” he said before he approached the Elven Lord and nodded.

“Since your mission was a success, you will be paid in full with extra bonuses for hazard pay. Is that satisfactory?” Elrond said in a business-like voice and Legolas nodded.

“Same account,” he replied. It was a bit cruel and frivolous, but he knew that back in the early Ages money did not count for anything, but now ... money counted for everything and though he was always welcomed at any of the Lorien Inc. branches (save for probably the Silver City), and would be able to stay for no charge since he was an employee, he rather have cash on him because of his other commitments.

“Galadriel will tell you of your next mission, unless you have a previous commitment to your other job?” Elrond asked and Legolas shook his head no. His other commitment was to the United States Air Force as an attaché to the CIA, but he hadn’t been in contact with any of his associates or employer in there for the last 30 years so he had no assignments from them.

“Good, then I wish you luck with your mission, Ithilien,” Elrond took his right hand and shook it but then suddenly drew him close and whispered in his ear, “Be careful of what evils lurk in the European continent. You will have to fight the demon within you.”

He drew back and Legolas looked at him, a bit confused, but knew that the answers would come soon enough. Elrond released his hand before walking away towards his wife who was waiting with the crowd that had all but finished saying their goodbyes to the Fellowship and other members.

As Legolas climbed the steps into the jet, he looked out at the Golden City, its skies now clear blue with patchy clouds, and he knew that it would be a long time before he ever saw the city again. He climbed in and took a seat next to Gimli who wanted to be close to the aisle, stating that he got air sick easily.

“Please fasten all seat belts and have trays locked and seats in the upright position. We will be leaving shortly,” the voice of their pilot, an Elf Legolas could not identify, said. A few minutes later the acceleration that pressed him back into his seat told him that they were lifting off.

As the three jets lifted off from the platforms of the Golden City, four squadrons of fighters joined them in escorting them to the White City. There, they would face off with the fallen Vala, Morgoth.

* * * * *

So ends Part I: Sauron ...

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