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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER26
Shadow Chaser


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For anyone who was looking for Lord Elrond after the second battle to defend the Golden City, they were turned away and sent to his second-in-command Glorfindel who handled the Elven Lord’s duties as he was in the Healing Hall, trying to save Alec Richard’s life.

It was many hours before Elrond sat back from the bed Alec was laying on and said in an extremely tired voice to Anna who had been sitting next to him, praying and offering her Verno powers to add to his, even though she was never good at healing, “He is going to live, Anna.”

Anna, whose hands were laced together in prayer, her head bowed, nodded numbly before she reached over and held Alec’s left hand, stroking his knuckles unconsciously. “Thank you ... ” she whispered before looking at Elrond who smiled grimly before placing a comforting hand on her shoulder and stood up from Alec’s bedside.

“You have no need to thank me, Anna,” Elrond whispered before a clink of his armor grinding together told her that he had left. It was then that Anna allowed herself to cry, letting all her tears for her fallen love and for her former father, Elrond, pour out. Her grief encompassed her as she laid her head next to Alec’s and cried.

The pendent of the Evenstar twinkled briefly in the artificial lights of the private room that was Alec’s.

* * * * *

Once the door was closed behind him, Elrond rested heavily against it, taking deep refreshing breaths. He was very exhausted, something he had rarely felt as Elves did not tire easily. Healing was a gift to him, a combination of his Techno and Verno powers, but even so, trying to heal what damage was caused by the Nazgul to Alec was even hard for him.

“Elrond?” Celebrian’s gentle voice broke through his thoughts and he looked up to see his wife, dressed in Elvish robes reminiscent of the early Ages, standing before him. A Verno she had been working in the Healing Hall all through the two battles to defend the Golden City, and even now, she looked as radiant as ever. He had refused to let her participate in the battles outside ... he didn’t want to lose her again like he lost her in the Third Age.

“He will survive ... the Nazgul’s attack pierced his spirit and he should have died, but apparently, he wasn’t ready to,” Elrond sighed, pushing himself from the door and letting his wife’s arm encircle his waist as she led him towards their rooms. He knew that Glorfindel would take care of things while he rested ... he trusted his second completely.

“I’m glad,” his wife replied as they entered the lift to take them to their chambers. She rested her head against his chest and Elrond smiled gently down on her crown of golden blonde hair. He loved her so much ... On impulse, he gently kissed the top of her head breathing in the soothing scent of lily that was her trademark scent.

As the lift stopped and opened, both husband and wife made their way into their chambers to which Elrond took off his armor, and accepted a clean robe that his wife offered to him. Sitting down in front of a chair, he briefly watched the fireplace crackle and snap before he looked at his wife as she sat down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder.

He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close, letting his head rest on hers. “It’s begun ... the war against Morgoth ... ”

“Yes ... like the prophecy,” she replied softly as she sighed.

His eyes briefly looked at the old worn book that had survived so many ages and he felt a brief flare of hatred for the Valar and those that prophesized what was to happen. “Eru and Aru are playing too many games.”

His wife didn’t answer and he didn’t really expect an answer as he stared at the fireplace once more, watching as a log fell back a little, sending a shower of sparks all over the fireplace before the flames began to crackle once more.

“There is a problem ... Elrond,” Celebrian suddenly said and Elrond stiffened for a moment before looking at his wife.

“What ... what happened?” he wondered what had gone wrong. Did one of the Fellowship die during the battle? What happened?

“It seems that during the battle, the Nazgul were calling to someone. Haldir and Gimli realized it after the battle that the Nazgul were calling to the spirit of Sauron that inhabited Legolas’ body. They were trying to draw him out, to take possession of his body,” Celebrian said in a cheerless voice.

Elrond didn’t say anything as his wife paused for a moment. He knew that she would continue when she wanted to and didn’t rush her.

“They found the three guards who were guarding his room, burnt alive. Legolas himself was barely alive in the midst of it,” Celebrian looked a bit disturbed and Elrond frowned.

“Were they attacked? Did someone get into the Healing Hall and attack all of them?” Elrond asked in a gentle voice.

“No ... that’s the frightful part ... Elrond ... I think Legolas attacked the three guards then somehow stopped himself. The security cameras don’t show anything, except somehow, I think Legolas turned Shadow Elf for a brief moment, possessed by Sauron, before his spirit was able to fight back,” Elrond knew that his wife possessed seer-like qualities, an inheritance from her mother Galadriel and marveled at her deduction.

“What of the others? Did you tell them of this?”

“Only Haldir, Gimli, and Glorfindel know of what happened,” Celebrian replied, “but I have posted additional guards outside of Legolas’ room in case he has turned Shadow Elf when he awakens.”

Elrond smiled, “What would I do without you?” He kissed her gently on the lips before her head rested on his chest.

“You had an Age to think about that,” his wife replied before another snap of oxygen being consumed by the fire silenced them as husband and wife sat together in the lull of the storm.

* * * * *

A week had past since the battle and Alec Richard had awakened to pain, but the pain had subsided over the next few days he laid in bed, Anna by his side. The other members of the Fellowship and non-members had begun to clean up the Golden City and for the first time in many years, a clear blue cloudless sky dawned on the city.

But there was still one person of the Fellowship that was unable to see the blue sky, at least not yet.

Legolas slowly awoke to a soothing bubbling sound that was near his left ear and cracked open his eyes. They felt sandpapery and heavy and he blinked them a few times. A green-white ceiling greeted him along with the curves and leaf-like prints that made him realize that he was probably in the Golden City.

He wondered what had happened as he last remembered that he had killed himself, even though Elves never committed suicide, to destroy Sauron in his mind ... He turned his head to the side and saw that he was in a private room, and that an IV unit was hooked up to him, giving him nutrition. That was why his right arm hurt as he lifted it slowly up to see a needle with a tube sticking from a vein. Such a human thing, he realized as he slowly rested his arm back on the bed he was lying on.

He turned his head to his left and his eyes widened slightly before he blinked at the sight that greeted him. A good-sized fish tank assaulted his vision, but that was not the shocking part. What was shocking was the fact that a real, live, piranha was swimming lazily inside of it, its underbelly a bright red indicating that it had recently eaten. The piranha look quite content to be swimming around and Legolas found himself following its lazy movements before a yellow piece of paper caught his eye on the corner of the tank and he squinted his still slightly fuzzy-vision eyes to read what was on the note.

Elladan and Elrohir present to you, your very own piranha. We named it Bob, but Firfenion wants to call it Pishy.

Legolas resisted the urge to hit something as he laid back down on his bed and sighed. Trust the twins to come up with something as ridiculous as this. He didn’t know who Firfenion was, but whoever he was, judging from the message left by the twins, Firfenion had to be just like the twins in ways.

He curled his fists together ... then suddenly froze.

Sitting abruptly up, Legolas ignored the waves of dizziness that threatened to send him back to oblivion and stared at his right hand which was curled into a fist. His fingers rubbed his palm that held his skull-palm and he shuddered slightly before opening his hand slowly.

Two ruby-red eyes greeted him as they were embedded in the places where eyes would have been in his skull-palm. The two eyes that had never been there before were now there. He blinked at them for a second before he closed his eyes and tried to will his skull-palm away like he was always able to.

Nothing happened.

Opening his eyes once more, Legolas looked at the death head that was on his palm and realized that he had trapped the spirit of Sauron within his subconscious ... but the price of that was that he could access dark and forbidden powers that were only reserved for Irimages and Shadow Elves, but he couldn’t will away his skull-palm to hide his identity as an assassin, and he now had an unusual skull-palm ... a marking that could be used to easily identify him.

He squeezed his eyes shut as he brought his knees up to his chin and bowed his head so that his forehead rested against his knees. He had accomplished what Lady Galadriel and the others wanted ... but for this? For a brief moment, Legolas wished that he hadn’t lived for such a long time... He had trapped the spirit of Sauron, but at what price? Could he even use his magic and now ... what would the others think when they saw him? No one would be able to resist asking why he had two ruby eyes engraved on his skull-palm ...

Stop being so weak! You knew that something like this was to happen! A voice inside of his head berated him and Legolas started. He realized that he couldn’t mope around anymore ... and if Sauron’s spirit was indeed still inside of him, he would have to use his powers to contain the evil former Maia in case he tried to break free of his mental prison.

Legolas didn’t dare search his own mind to see where he had beaten Sauron and stuffed him to as he was afraid of releasing him again. “Get up ... focus ... you defeated Sauron ... ” he whispered to himself as he raised his head and looked around.

By a corner were some articles of clothing that looked to be the flowing robes that Elves wore. His weapons though weren’t lying on top of it and he wondered where they put it. His trench coat was also missing and Legolas frowned.

Glancing down at the IV needle that was in him, he pulled it out of him, wincing slightly at the pain before he placed it on the side of his bed and swung his legs over the side. Slowly, he stood up, one hand clutching the side of his bed as his knees wobbled a bit. He felt a bit weak, yet as he took a step forward, he felt fine, strong even. Walking slowly towards the sink and mirror that was near his bed, he grabbed a paper cup and filled it with water before downing it. After a few more cups of water, he looked at himself in the mirror and realized though he was still a bit pale and his hair was thoroughly mused he looked pretty healthy.

A digital calendar hung near the mirror and he blinked at he realized what the date was. He had been out for at least two weeks! Turning around, he made his way to the clothing pile and changed into it. After he was done with the last button, he felt odd without his weapons or his trench coat and walked in front of the mirror once more. Tying his hair into a ponytail behind him, he looked himself over then sighed. “Might as well see what’s going on,” he muttered before he walked to the door.

As he opened it, he looked back at the piranha tank and shook his head in exasperation. He turned back around and was greeted by five hostile looking Elves, all dressed in the red-gold armor of the Golden City, three of them with drawn swords that were glowing with magic Techno-fused in them, two of them conjuring up shields.

“Uh ... ” was the only sound he got out before the Vernos suddenly released their shields and stepped back.

“He’s clean. He’s not Iri,” one of the Vernos said and the three Technos sheathed their swords and stepped back, allowing him to move past them.

“What ... are you talking about?” he asked and the Verno that had pronounced him clean shook his head.

“Lord Elrond will explain, Prince,” the Verno replied and Legolas looked at him, puzzled before shrugging and walking past them. He headed down the mostly empty halls of the Healing Hall, save for a few Healers who were running about, and took a lift up to the entrance area. He needed fresh air ...

Passing the guards, he headed outside and was momentarily blinded by the bright glare of the sunlight. Raising a hand to shade his eyes he squinted and blinked a few times to adjust his vision to the glare. The warmth of the sun beating down refreshed him and though he rarely saw it in the Black City, it was a welcomed sight to see it here in the Golden City.

As his eyes adjusted he saw what looked to be repair crews and various humans and Elves working to repair the landing platforms and other places around the Golden City. Had a battle occurred while he was unconscious? The repairs looked to be recent and he realized that a battle did occur ...

He looked around the area for any sign of Gimli or even Haldir and spotted the two working together to help repair a section of the building that had collapsed. That was a sight ... he had never expected his two dearest friends to actually get along so well and to actually help each other ... He was always the middleman between the two ... maybe something happened that had them become friends while he was out ...

Before he could even take a step forward to go see them a yell from behind startled him. “LEGOLAS!!” it was either Elladan or Elrohir’s cheerful voice, he couldn’t tell before he was bowled over from behind and landed a bit painfully on the platform with a jarring thud.

Stars danced in his vision as the weight on him was gone and he blinked it away before staring up at the cheerful faces of the twins. Menaces, that was what he would call them from now on. Complete menaces.

“You’re awake!!” Elrohir grinned at him before offering him a hand to get up to which he shook his head and stood up slowly, feeling that at least this time nothing was broken.

“Oops ... Elrohir you idiot. You shouldn’t have glomped him. He’s still injured, ya know?” Elladan chastened his brother to which his brother sniffed.

“I didn’t hurt him. I was careful,” he said and Legolas shook his head at the two.

“Its okay ... I’m fine. Just a bit winded,” he said before he smiled at them, “thanks for a gift ... it was ... uh ... odd.”

“Yup. That’s what we were getting when we first dropped you off to go see ada!” Elladan replied, “So, what name did you choose? Pishy or Bob?”

If Legolas wasn’t used to the antics of the twins, he knew that his jaw would have dropped onto the ground for such a question. They were honestly children! “I ... don’t name my fishes,” he said in a slightly confused voice.

“Damn! Now Firfenion doesn’t owe us money!” Elrohir looked a bit sad at the prospect.

“Who’s Firfenion?” Legolas asked.

“Oh ... um ... ” suddenly the twins looked a bit embarrassed until a voice behind them spoke up.

“Hi, Legolas,” an Elf with a fairly human male haircut stepped in between them. He was about as tall as he was and looked oddly familiar, but Legolas knew that he had never met him before. He was dressed in clothing that was stylishly cut with trimmings of green and silver that made him realize that Firfenion was probably one of the troops that his father had sent over from the Silver City.

“I’m Firfenion ... the commander of the Silver City troops sent to the Golden City, and your half-brother.”

Legolas was stunned. Half-brother? He stared at the Elf and realized that he could see hints of his father in the much, much, much younger Elf ... and guessed that his father remarried sometime in the Fifth Age when they first broke contact in the long spells that they communicated.

Firfenion, he could see, inherited his father’s brown-blonde hair and eyes, but his facial features were probably that of his mother’s ... whoever she was.

“Yeah ... I know ... shock. Dad married Mom during the mid-Fifth Age. Her name’s Lariel and she’s Vanyar,” Firfenion tossed the last word as if it was nothing and Legolas blinked.


“Yeah ... ” Firfenion replied looking a bit embarrassed. “I was born shortly after, but now she runs the Silver City branch of Lorien Inc. along with Dad. You know-“

Firfenion was cut off by Gimli’s relieved voice. “Laddie!”

Legolas turned around to see Gimli jogging as fast as he could towards him while Haldir was walking, taking his time. Gimli engulfed him in a back slapping hug to which Legolas returned, feeling the wind being nearly knocked out of him. He was going to have to tell his best friend sometime to restrain himself, or at least restrain the dwarven part of himself when giving hugs. Sometimes, Gimli didn’t know his own strength.

“Bless you laddie,” Gimli held him at arms length and Legolas felt a bit embarrassed to see tears in his best friend’s eyes. He released him and Legolas turned to face Haldir who was grinning before he held out his left hand to which Legolas took and gripped it firmly and shook it.

Whereas it was always backslapping hugs from Gimli, he and Haldir never needed to embrace each other, always communicating by their hands. Legolas smiled, but his smile faltered slightly as he saw Haldir glance at their clasped hands briefly, before a serious expression appeared on his face and his eyes flashed briefly in concern. He knew that his best friend felt the two bumps on his palm that were the ruby eyes and Legolas imperceptibly shook his head, a gesture that said that he would explain it later or at least try to.

Haldir nodded once before the smile appeared back on his face, now a façade. “Good to have you back Legolas.”

“It’s good to be back,” he replied.

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