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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER25
Shadow Chaser


Author’s Notes: I know, I seem to be putting a lot of these right now, but it’s for my own sake. With only two weeks before Lord of the Rings: Return of the King comes out, there are three more chapters to go in Part I: Sauron of this fic. That means you’ll be seeing three chapters in the next two weeks, regardless of what I have to do! Yep, I’m determined to write three chapters. This chapter regresses to the early parts of the battle and subsequent happenings on the outside with Anna and Alec. Enjoy!

Legolas suddenly awoke to a dark musty place that reminded him too much of the Paths of the Dead. It was dark and cavernous, the cavern part should have reminded him of his home long ago in the forest of Mirkwood, now completely destroyed by human technologies, but he felt ill at ease and a shiver ran through him. He got up slowly ... wondering where he was ...

The last thing he remembered was being in the forests of Ithilien ... talking with Valiya. But Valiya was dead ... wasn’t she? He remembered that she had been killed during an Orc raiding party when he was ruler of the Elvish realm Ithilien. He blinked his eyes, noting that the Technomage glow of them seemed to brighten the cavern a bit, yet it gave it an eerie quality.

Cobwebs and vines hung all over the place and everything was dark and musty. In the distance there was water dripping from some unknown source and stalactites and stalagmites were all over the place. There was barely any light save for the glow his eyes were casting on the place.

He stepped forward cautiously and looked around, but saw no one. “Hello?” he tried and his own voice echoed back towards him.

“You shouldn’t be here, you know?” a sudden child-like voice spoke from behind and Legolas spun around and blinked in surprise.

Sitting on some rocks was an extremely younger version of himself, dressed in robes that he had not worn since he was in his father’s court in the Caverns. His younger self looked a bit sad, if not disappointed and Legolas took one step forward before his younger self shook his head.

“I am you, if that’s what you’re wondering about,” Young Legolas said, “this is your mind, if you were also wondering about that.”

“How ... how did I get here?” Legolas was confused.

“Don’t you remember? Sauron attacked you,” suddenly another voice spoke from behind, this time more mature, and he turned around again to see a slightly older version of himself -- dressed in the clothing he wore when he traveled with the Fellowship on their quest to destroy the One Ring.

“Who ... what ... ” Legolas looked between the two and stumbled back a bit, utterly and helplessly confused.

“Look at what you’ve done, you’ve confused him ... ” Younger Legolas berated his Fellowship self in what he deemed a slightly obnoxious tone.

I sounded like that? Legolas wondered as he felt for a place to sit down and sat down on a flat rock, in between his two personas ... or whatever they were.

“It’s your fault. I still can’t believe I sounded like that when I was just nearly fifty. No wonder Haldir treated me like a kid ... ” his Fellowship self sighed before adjusting something on his bow.

That was when Legolas noted that he had no weapons on him and he was only dressed in his usual fashion, black and more black, along with his trench coat. He felt oddly naked without his trusty gun or even his knives and looked at his two personas who were glaring at each other.

“Uh ... ”

“Oh, sorry,” his Younger self replied, looking at him, “you’re here because Sauron attacked you. Do you remember what happened?”

“Not ... really,” Legolas frowned and tried to concentrate, but he found that he couldn’t. Something was missing ...

“You were attacked by Sauron who in the form of Valiya, took over your mind and threw you in here. You’re actually in your subconscious, but that’s all relative to what’s going on right now. You were charged to absorb the powers of Sauron by Haldir, who in turn received the orders from your employers in Lorien Incorporated, namely Lady Galadriel. You did absorb his powers, but his spirit took over your mind when you least expected it -- that’s why you’re here,” his Fellowship self explained in a frank tone.

“So then ... who are you guys, besides being me ... I guess,” Legolas started to remember what happened.

“We’re actually going to help you defeat Sauron in your mind. You and he are going to switch places,” his Younger self gave a faint smile, a cocky one Legolas noted. He still couldn’t believe he was such a ... brat ... or something like a brat when he was very young.

“Yeah, I know ... you can’t believe it’s me, but hey, I’m you, and you’re me. Get over it,” his Younger self replied, shrugging.

“If you think you’re having a hard time believing him, how do you think I feel,” his Fellowship self looked pointedly at him and Legolas shook his head.

I have got to be going crazy ... I’ll just open my eyes and it will be all over, Legolas felt very human at the moment and tried to will himself to open his eyes ... but nothing happened, he was still stuck in the cavernous place with his two other selves looking at him with raised eyebrows.

“I told you, Sauron has taken over your mind, and probably soon your body,” his Fellowship self sighed a bit irritably. “Are you ready?”

“Ready?” Legolas half-stood, confused.

“Never mind, just relax, and don’t worry. I’m just going to absorb myself into you, as will your Younger self,” his Fellowship self walked over, after having put his bow away and reached out a hand and the tips of his fingers gently touched his forehead.

Legolas felt a jolt run through him and he shivered slightly before he blinked then found that his Fellowship self was gone. “Where ... ” he trailed off as he felt something inside of him awaken and he realized that he had been missing something all along ... no wonder he couldn’t recall everything.

Somehow, when Sauron attacked him, he had split something inside of him and scattered his memories into three different personas. And now ...

“I think once I meld myself into you, Sauron will know ... you have to be ready, because I think this is the only chance you’ll get,” his Younger self cautioned before walking forward and lightly touching his forehead. Another shiver ran through him before his Younger self disappeared before his eyes.

He could feel the pieces of him clicking together and he felt whole once more ...

“So you think you can defeat me?” Sauron’s harsh voice filled his ears and Legolas snapped open his eyes and glared at the blackness that filled his surroundings -- gone was the cavernous place -- and in the midst of the blackness was a pair of blood red eyes that belonged to Sauron the Irimage.

“You will never take over my body nor my mind, Sauron,” Legolas reached behind him and drew the bow his Fellowship self had been plucking at and simultaneously notched an arrow.

“Then come, little Elf, attack me if you dare,” Sauron taunted and Legolas narrowed his eyes and launched the arrow ...

* * * * *

To any outsider who was looking into the deep parts of the Healing Hall, they would not notice anything out of the ordinary, so when the three Elven guards outside of Legolas’ room heard something crash and break in his room, they glanced at each other before looking at the door that occupied the recently fallen Elven prince.

One of them gestured to the others to cover the door as he opened it and the two others Elves nodded silently before their hands crackled with magic. The Elf designated to open the door opened it slowly and all three peered in ... nothing seemed out of the ordinary ...

Just as the lead Elf’s gaze rested on Legolas’ bed there was a sudden flash and crackle of lightning before the lead Elf flew back from the door and impacted the wall across from the room with a jarring thud. Smoke wafted from the room and from the Elf’s body as his two companions looked at him and saw that he was completely burnt and quite dead.

The two remaining Elves looked at each other and nodded silently before they stared back at Legolas’ room. They were about to step in, hands raised, crackling with magic, when a figure stepped from the shadows of the room and lifted his head up.

Ruby blood-red eyes stared at the two Elves and an air of inhuman power seemed to make an invisible wind blow around the figure.

It was Legolas, yet it wasn’t.

It was Legolas ... not the Technomage, but Legolas the Irimage.

Legolas the Shadow Elf, taken over by Sauron.

The scream of a Nazgul howled through the air, seemingly magnified by the inner confines of the room, even though the Healing Hall was deep within the Golden City’s Lorien Inc. complex, and Legolas the Irimage grinned wolfishly at the scream -- an expression that twisted his face to something that had never been seen before.

The two Elves who had been guarding him took one step back before they launched and attack at the Elven prince together. Once an Irimage ... nevermore a Technomage.

* * * * *

Legolas twisted away from Sauron’s long sharp claws, feeling their passage through the air close by him. He had long dropped his bow and had taken out his milky white daggers and was trying to find some weak point in Sauron’s attacks. It was purely physical, as magic did not exist in his conscious and subconscious, but that still didn’t count the fact that Sauron was still an Irimage, and he, a Technomage.

But even so, he had to admit that in spirit form, Sauron was a dangerous and hard opponent. He did a quick double slash and encountered resistance as Sauron brought up his mace in a parry. One-on-one long battles was never Legolas’ strong suit as he tended to take up his bow and shoot down as many of his opponents as he could before resorting to his daggers. Even so, with the advent of magic, he had relied on his magic to blaze warpaths among his opponents.

It wasn’t the fact that he didn’t like doing one-on-one combat; it was the fact that he just wasn’t good at it. He knew that many thought of him as one of the best combatants and magic users, but they didn’t know that even the best had their weaknesses. As an assassin he was skilled in making quick kills and didn’t linger to engage in single combat.

“You think you can escape me?!” Sauron hissed at him and Legolas only silently glared at the evil creature, a creature he could barely see as they fought in the darkness of his consciousness. He knew that Sauron had taken control of his body and possibly his powers, and he hoped that wherever he was that no one had gotten hurt. He knew that Sauron would not hesitate to use his magic against his allies and friends.

“I don’t plan to escape, Sauron,” Legolas finally replied before hacking away at him, trying to get through his defenses and his mace. His eyes widened slightly and he ducked as Sauron swung the mace towards his head. It was the same mace that he had seen in paintings Elrond had in Rivendell, the same huge, ugly, sharp mace that Sauron wielded during the Last Alliance.

Suddenly the shriek of a Nazgul reverberated through their battle and Legolas shuddered and clapped his hands to his ears against the sound. It sounded so horrible and he looked up to see Sauron smiling evilly at him and bathing in the glory of the Nazgul’s scream.

With a sudden burst of insight, he realized that there had to be some kind of battle going on outside of wherever he was and it involved the Nazgul; which meant that the Nazgul were trying to call to their master and with each of their screams, he drew on more power, more evil, to overpower and dominate his mind. “Never,” Legolas said in a soft voice, “never will he rule.”

He forced himself to lower his hands from his ears, even though they were bleeding from the Nazgul’s continuous shrieks, and stood ramrod straight, his daggers turned inward, parallel to his forearms. He refused to bow down and cower at the Nazgul’s shrieks and instead defiantly looked at Sauron who was staring back at him, his ruby eyes narrowed.

“You will be beaten Elf. I will rule once more and with your body and your strength, nothing will stop me,” Sauron hissed softly.

“Even if you defeat me, there will be others to stop me,” Legolas replied, as another shriek rang through their mental battlefield and he steeled himself not to flinch. The shrieks were tearing into his soul and being, and he felt an intense pain all over him, but he forced himself to stand straight and not give into the pain.

“You are beaten already, Legolas Thrandullion. No one will stop me,” Sauron waved his mace lightly in the air, but even its swishing sound cut through like a razor sharp scissor.

“Haldir, Gimli, and the others will stop me. Lady Galadriel and the Valar will stop me,” Legolas replied, taking a painful step forward.

“Your friends are no weaker than you are. And do you think Lady Galadriel,” Sauron sneered her name and sliced the air with his mace again, except this time it cut across Legolas’ chest and left a bloody trail, “will be able to? She is of the Noldor and they weren’t able to completely eradicate me. Do you think she would be able to now? Ha! And the Valar ... the Valar are nothing! Morgoth is Vala and he has risen again! Your precious Valar are bound by the rules of engagement held to Eru and Aru!”

Legolas frowned at the new name. He had never heard of any creature or being named Aru ... who was Aru? But he put that behind him as he caught another of what Sauron had said. “So you admit that Morgoth is your leash holder ... ”

“I am no one’s pet you insolent whelp!” Sauron sliced the air again with his mace and this time, Legolas could not help but grimace at the fiery pain that coursed through his back as another bloody line appeared there. But he forced the pain away as he took another step forward.

“You forget, Sauron,” Legolas took a deep painful breath before he stared at Sauron, his eyes staring into the depths of the former Maia’s red ones; “you are only human.”

Bringing up his arm around him, Legolas threw one of his daggers at Sauron and smiled grimly, tasting the coppery metallic taste of blood in his mouth as the dagger imbedded itself into Sauron’s chest.

“What ... do you think your measly dagger can defeat me? You even missed my heart!” Sauron stared at the dagger and then at him before he began to laugh, throwing his head back.

“No, I did not miss,” Legolas replied coldly before he took his other dagger and plunged it into his own heart. He staggered back a few steps before his knees gave way and he collapsed to the ground but still kept the dagger embedded in himself. “You ... f-forget ... ” he could feel his life draining away, “my ... w-weapons are ... m-myself. If ... I-I die ... s-so do you ... ”

He watched with hazy eyes as black splotches began to fill his vision, as Sauron fell to the ground, his hands paralyzed, unable to move as his chest began to split apart slowly. His skin began to hiss and crackle as if burnt away before his muscles underneath turned to mush and fell to the ground, leaving the stark white of his bones. “W-What ... ”

It was a bloody gruesome scene and Legolas was actually glad that he didn’t have to see any more of it as the black splotches that were filling his eyes completely took over his vision. He fell to the oblivion that was death ... unable to hear, see, speak, or do anything anymore.

* * * * *

Outside, the body that was Legolas’ that had been taken over by Sauron suddenly collapsed boneless to the ground. Sprawled in between two other crisp bodies that had been burnt alive, it seemed like an odd scene for one to walk in upon, but for one being, she did not care for anything that happened.

“He can’t fail ... I won’t let him,” she whispered in a tinkling musical voice that was soft yet sad.

Her bare feet made no sound across the floor of the Healing Hall as she stepped lightly and carefully towards Legolas’ fallen body. Her bright inhuman blue eyes were teary eyed and she blinked away tears for the three noble Elves that had sacrificed their lives for this battle. Her long blonde tresses fell down her back and created a trail behind her, but they seemed to blend in with the bright glowing white of her dress.

She was small, even what humans called petite, but she carried an aura of extreme power behind her small form. But that power she rarely used and didn’t like to use it at all.

“Legolas ... ” she whispered the fallen Elf’s name as she knelt down next to him, her hand lightly hovering over his head. “If you were born earlier ... what a wonderful Noldor or Vanyar you would have been. Eldar you would have been and the greatest of them all.”

She felt a tear run down her face and raised her other hand to her face. One of her fingers caught the tear and she looked at it before she gently touched Legolas’ lips with it. “Be reborn, Legolas. Reborn to fight for us once more. You will face hardships, but you will prevail.”

“The spirit cannot die, but you are willing to sacrifice your life to stop one of our fallen Children ... I do not care of the consequences, but you ... Varda has granted me permission to live once more. Live, my Prince Legolas Thrandullion. Live to serve, serve to live. Live to be free,” the gentle being said before a glow encompassed her hand and she placed it on Legolas’ head, transferring the glow to his whole body.

She held it for a few seconds before the glow faded away and she stepped away from his body, staring at it with her sad blue eyes. “This war makes us see the faces we do not want to see. You have shown your true face, Legolas. Este the Healer grants you your wish ... ”

With a sudden flash, she was gone.

* * * * *

Gimli was helping the others carry the bodies of the dead and the injured ones to various stretchers that bore them away to the Healing Hall. He himself was injured, but not as severely as some of the other Elves and humans that had fought in the battle. He wanted to go see Legolas and check on his friend, but he knew that duty prevented it. He had to help ...

Near him, Haldir was giving encouragement and carrying some of his fellow wounded Elves. Right now, he was helping Firfenion to a stretcher, the leader of the Silver City troops having been injured while defending the pillars. Gimli patted the shoulder of one of Edward Ruthersfield’s soldiers and handed him a water bottle before making his way to Haldir who gave a nod of encouragement to Firfenion before the Healers spirited him away to the Healing Hall.

“You okay?” Gimli asked as Haldir hung his head briefly before staring back at him.

“If I said yes, you’d just say in your slang ‘yeah, right’. So, not really. Too many have been lost tonight ... ” Haldir looked around the area with a sad eye. “Too many losses.”

“We won though,” Gimli shrugged. “Odd, though,” he continued, “that everyone seemed so ... suicidal ... ”

“Yes,” Haldir looked disturbed, “I thought that it was probably Morgoth being a harsher master than Sauron, but ... now ... it doesn’t seem so. It seems that they were trying to get at something ... ”

“Or someone ... ” Gimli’s eyes widened when he said that and he realized why the Nazgul were screaming and why everything happened tonight ... The Nazgul and the troops weren’t making a last ditch effort of attacking them; they were trying to reach their master ... Sauron ...

That was why Gandalf said that Legolas had fallen to shadow. Sauron inhabited Legolas’ body ... and the Nazgul were screaming for ...

“Legolas!” both Haldir and Gimli stared at each other, realization evident before they turned as one and pushed through the crowd and ran towards the Healing Hall. When they got to the Hall’s area where Legolas was sequestered, a pungent odor assaulted them and both skidded to a stop at the scene that was before them.

“What happened here?” Gimli whispered as he saw that one Elf was across the room’s hall, burnt to a crisp while the two other guards that had been guarding Legolas’ room were by the door, equally burnt. Smoke was still rising from the bodies and between the two blackened bodies was Legolas, lying faced down on the ground, motionless.

* * * * * *

Author’s Notes: Cliffhanger! Tee hee hee! That’s all I have to say. Two more chapters to go before Part I is over and Part II begins!

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