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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER14
Shadow Chaser

Key: […] – Elvish words

* * * * *


Alec arrived in the council chamber room just footsteps before Legolas and the Reincarnated Gimli did. Though he at first did not recognize the former dwarf, only after being briefly introduced in his short time in the medical ward, did he realize that George Griston the caretaker of the Museum of Natural History and world-renowned geologist was actually Gimli. It was ironic and funny for him to think that the former dwarf became one of the tallest members of the Reincarnated Fellowship, even taller than him, yet still had the same sense of honor, duty, and comradeship of the dwarf that he once was.

He had received a clean bill of health after the Elves in the medical ward treated all of them for their injuries received by the Nazgul, Undead, and Orcs that had attacked them on their way of escaping the Black City. Though bandages still covered the scars and cuts of the attacks along with various magical burns, he felt fit and healthy, as if he had just woken up from a refreshing nap.

Though he couldn’t say the same for Ben as the other man, still pale, looked much better than he had been before. The Elves had said that they had severed the link between Ben and the Undead that had touched him, but Alec wasn’t too keen on their word, as Ben still looked extremely pale. He had exited the medical ward and had gone looking for Anna before a messenger came to him and told him that Elrond was summoning all of them.

Though the concept of him being the Reincarnation of Aragorn, King Elessar of the Reunited Lands still was fresh in his mind, he felt a familiar ease settle within him, giving him the confidence to see things through. It was a confidence and a sense of deep familiarity that kept him from freaking out at seeing gold and silver trees along with leaves falling every once in a while, along with other Elves, almost all who were golden-haired walking around, some dressed in clothing that was reminiscent of the Third Age, others in business suits, talking on cell-phones, comm systems, or watch-links. Though the familiarity was there, it was still a bit unnerving to see technology and archaic forms come together, especially if one Elf was dressed in the clothes of the old, talking to another Elf dressed in a modern business suit with a cropped hair, dyed with streaks of red.

As he took his seat in one of the empty chairs in the council chamber, he noticed that the whole place looked like it was reminiscent of Rivendell, right down to the oddly shaped chairs. He wondered if it was a giant holographic projection, but shoved the thought out of his mind as he noticed Anna, sitting next to a beautiful Elven woman with long blonde hair gathered up in a bun with a few tresses hanging down. He also noticed that Anna had changed out of her uniform and was now wearing a beautiful dress, a deep dark red color that accented her grey eyes, pale complexion, and long brown hair. The sight of her mesmerized him ...

He was thrown out of the trance as two figures thumped down into seats next to him and he turned to his left and right to see two very identical smiling faces ... both Elves ... They looked vaguely familiar until it hit him where he knew two identical Elves ... Lord Elrond’s twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir.

A very bad feeling began to settle in his stomach. In his past life he had traveled with the twins as he rode with the Rangers of the north as Strider, and even then the twins were fanatical about killing Orcs and such dark creatures, for reasons he didn’t really know why, but they were hyper ...

And with the smiles the two were wearing at the moment, he had a feeling that they hadn’t changed a bit.

“Otorno! Glad to see you awake!” one of the twins, Elladan he kind of remembered said, slinging an arm around his shoulder.

“You gave Dad a good scare you know ... and our poor little Reincarnated sister. You shouldn’t do that, you know?” Elrohir said, slinging his arm around Alec’s other shoulder.

“Uh ... good to see you again,” he shrugged the arms off of his shoulder, “uh ... ”

“Oh, that’s our mom, Celebrian, sitting next to Arwen -- sorry, Anna, don’t worry about her, they’re talking girl stuff, yuck,” Elrohir made a face before grinning again, “anyways, we’ve decided to become your personal translators in case you don’t understand Elvish, ne?”

“Here, try this: [He looks so out of it ... maybe we should ruffle him up a bit.] Did you understand that?” Elladan asked and Alec frowned.

The Elvish had sounded like waters running through stone, peaceful and melodic and though he didn’t understand it as Elladan spoke it, it slowly came to him, the understanding and translation. He glared at the twins, “[No thank you. I don’t need to be ‘ruffed’ up.]” He replied in a halting Elvish, surprising the twins.

“Wow,” Elrohir exclaimed, “that was quicker than what Anna had ... aw shucks, can’t translate anymore since he understands ... woe is me-“

The clearing of a throat behind all of them brought all of their heads around to see Glorfindel staring down at them with disapproving eyes. Though Alec barely recognized the Eldar due to his still slightly jumbled memories he did begin to remember certain aspects of the Eldar. When he had been Aragorn, he had been trying to lead the Hobbits to Rivendell, running from the Nazgul. Glorfindel had met them near the River Bruinen and had put Frodo upon his horse Asfaloth. Though the memory was still a bit fuzzy at places, he knew for certain that the Elf was more than he appeared ...

“Oh ... hi Glorfindel!” the slightly strained cheer in Elrohir and Elladan’s double voice was enough to bring a smile to Alec’s face.

“Are they bothering you, Alec Richard?” Glorfindel ignored them and addressed him.

The strained smile on the twins face suddenly evaporated into puppy-eyed looks directed at him. They were mentally begging him not to let Glorfindel take them away ... if it wasn’t almost the start of the council meeting, he would have laughed heartily. “Uh ... no, they’re not a problem. Just reminiscing about old times,” he replied then gave twin a glare that warned them not to push it.

They eagerly nodded to his glare then turned to Glorfindel and smiled cherubically and the Eldar left, shaking his head and muttering something that sounded like something about Elves and the Third Age.

“I have gathered all of you here because of a grave importance,” Elrond’s voice suddenly boomed out, startling Alec as he spun around and paid attention. He watched as Elrond’s deep grey-eyed gaze caught every one of the Fellowship and other people’s gazes.

Alec noticed that four humans who looked to be in their twenties or younger were sitting next to each other, Gandalf sitting next to them in his white robe and staff a stark contrast to the four men’s garishly college clothing. He realized with a start that the four men were the Reincarnated Hobbits ... all of them having hints of who they were in their past lives. He was able to identify and separate Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry from each other ...

Next to the Hobbits on his perspective right as Gandalf was sitting at the end of the semi-circled chairs, was George Griston and Legolas, a grim looking Haldir, Frank, Liz who looked to be in a better condition, but still wearing a few strips of bandages, her brother Edward, Ben, and Elladan who was giving curiously worried looks to the man next to him. Elrohir was still smiling cheerful to Alec’s left and next to him sat two grim-faced Elves he didn’t know, then Glorfindel who whispered briefly into the ear of a female Elf he didn’t know, then Anna and Celebrian, both looking as ever, serene and calm.*

“You of the Fellowship and key members were allowed to retain previous memories of your former lives with the intention of saving yourselves. The return of not one, but two Dark Lords has triggered these events in which you have been born to. Sauron and Morgoth have allied themselves with each other and to Saruman creating a Triumvirate of evil,” Elrond said just as one of the three humans sitting in the front stood up, walking to the middle and stood in front of a small table that Alec guessed was probably a holo-projector table of sorts.

The man wore pure white robes that seemed not to have even a smidge of dust or dirt on it, and long white hair that hung down. Though Alec would have thought that the man looked a lot like Gandalf, the exception was that he wasn’t even sure the man was even a man. Neither was he sure of the two other women who were sitting up front.

A silvery-white sheen seemed to paint the man’s face, but his bright, extremely bright pale green eyes were inhuman ... unnatural ... unearthly ...

“In time, even now,” the bright pale green-eyed ‘being’ started in a melodic thought haunted sub-rattling voice, “you will regain the memories of how ever many past lives you had lived. I am called Lorien Irmo, of the Valar, Master of Dreams.”

The gasp of surprise from all the Elves in the room save Elrond was quiet and hushed and Alec rattled his brain. The term Valar sounded familiar ...

“Begging your pardon, Mr. Irmo-“

“Lorien will do fine, Franklin Greens.”

“-Lorien, then, but aren’t the Valar supposed to be the so called gods of the world, or something of that nature?”

“In your human terms, yes. But then you can call certain humans gods, no? Can you can call Elves, immortal, as they are, gods? The concept of what is God and what isn’t, is fickle, yet we are not gods as we are gods. We have ‘godly’ powers, we create and protect, but like humans, we are only those that have ideals and creativity,” Lorien replied, “We are only, the Valar, servants of Eru, Iluvatar, the Creator. We have brethren beneath us, the Maiar, and we guide the fates of the Children of Iluvatar.”

“Which would be us, wouldn’t it, Lorien?” Fred suddenly spoke from his seat and Alec turned to regard the young man who had a curious expression on his face, “which means, if Morgoth has been released from his prison in the Void, being of a Valar he is, means he is attempting or has attempted to manipulate us, the Children of Iluvatar.”

“Perceptive, young human,” Lorien replied then raked his gaze across all others. Alec felt his skin chill slightly at the gaze of the Valar ... this ‘god’ wasn’t someone to play mind games with ...

“Using his treacherous ways, he summoned the spirit of Sauron, almost completely faded away, and once again stretched his hand forth to control and plunge the world into a chaotic evil spurned place. But there are some of the Valar who have fought to stop his advancement once more. There are also some who have fallen to Sauron’s calling, Mandos my brother and the Lord of the Dead, has become cunning, manipulative and deceitful.

“Releasing the spirit of Sauron to Morgoth before the appointed time of fading in which Manwe, the Lord of all Valar, had commanded, Mandos betrayed us. The balance of power has shifted as stated in the prophecies of Doom,

A test of Will ...
A test of Courage ...
A test of Time ...

The trials of Technomages;
the trials of Vernomages;
the trials of those who live

For the Shadow that remains,
the Shadow that haunts all ...
the last battle to prove worthiness ...
The Fellowship has been reawakened ...

Of the Shadows that Remain,
One to Rule them All

“It is also said,

That before the last battle Melkor will find a way to break the Doors of Night and destroy Tillion and Arien; and for the love of those will Eonwe seek him out. In that final terrible battle, where Tulkas, Turin, and Earendil take part, the world will be utterly broken.**

In the 20th Age of the Sun, the Moon rises to dawn and the new join with the old –- the Fellowship awakened, and of the Shadows that remain, One to Rule them All.

“That Shadow, is Morgoth, but in irony, he does not think that you, the Fellowship pose such a huge threat. It is to Firstborn, Valar, and Maiar he seeks vengeance. But his lieutenant and ally, Sauron, wants you dead. That is why the Nazgul have been resurrected, that is why you, Captain Franklin of the New York Police Department have found nine random humans captured during in seemingly unrelated cases of kidnapping,” Lorien said gravely.

“Children, men, women ... David ... ” Frank muttered quietly, but loudly enough that Alec was reminded of their escape from the Witch-King ... who had been interestingly deterred from attacking by the mere presence of Glorfindel. He gave a sideways glance at the Eldar, but there was no emotion written on the Elf’s face.

“So then,” Phillip suddenly spoke up, “what do you want us to do, destroy another ring?”

The glares from the three other men sitting around Phil along with rolling eyes from some of the Elves in the room was enough to shut the former Hobbit up. He gave a shrug then sat back in his seat, pouting slightly. “What? It was just a question ... ”

“On the contrary, Master Theatum,” the clear musical, but slightly sorrowful voice of one of the two women sitting in the seats facing them, said and Alec watched as she stood up, willowy and graceful. Her dress was as grey as Anna’s eyes and no jewels glittered her as the other woman had worn. Her expression was one of sadness, but her eyes, glittered with knowledge. Two speckled small jewels were encrusted into her face, just beneath the corner of her left eye, like little tears that looked like stars. Her raven black hair framed her pale face, but she still glowed as almost brightly as Lorien, if not dimmed a little.

Alec had a feeling that the sorrowful expression on the woman’s face was permanent and there was little to no happiness in her life.

“I am Nienna the Weeper, Mistress of Death, and on the contrary, Master Theatum, there is no One Ring forged in the 20th Age of the Sun. The Rings of power have long faded from history,” she said, looking at each of them with her forlorn eyes, but holding the gaze of Phil the longest as she had addressed his question.

“We, of the Valar who keeping fighting against Melkor, Morgoth in your tongue, from harming the world, ask that you of the Fellowship, and the Fellowship alone,” her tone took a slightly steeled edge, “to slay Sauron.”

Silence greeted her announcement and Alec blinked, staring at her for a few seconds, his mind furiously processing what she had said. She and the Valar wanted the Fellowship to what? To kill Sauron? To eliminate one of the most powerful enemies he had faced, even in the Third Age when they had almost lost if not for the strength of two hobbits, Frodo and Sam. And now, just like that, the Valar wanted them to assassinate Sauron?

“Killing him is easier said than done,” Ben spoke gruffly from his seat.

“But to kill him is easier done than said, Master Benjamin,” the other woman now stood up from her seat. Her voice was regal and held no fear, powerful and deep. Wavy brown hair framed her face and pooled down in tresses down her long dark red dress that was weaved through with various hints of colors. Her bright purple eyes framed her sun-kissed skin and she held herself up like a queen.

“Vaire the Weaver, the fabric of time and history are in my hands,” she introduced herself with a small nod, “Sauron, of what history has been woven, is only human, an Irimage, nothing more, nothing less. He is not the terrifying Maia you once fought against, but he does hold a great deal of evil in him. Since his spirit had been nearly faded and destroyed, he has been brought back only to become an Irimage, nothing more.”

“If that, then why us? Why not someone else?” Sam spoke up and Alec nodded his head slightly, agreeing with the former hobbit. If Sauron was just an Irimage, why them? Why couldn’t they go after the ‘bigger fish’ so to speak? Why not let an Elf Army deal with Sauron.

“Sauron will not be expecting you to return to the Black City as that is his stronghold, remodeled into a modern Mordor, he will expect you to flee or to seek the protection of the Elves. He will be concentrating his forces on the Golden City, besieging it in order to flush you out,” Elrond stood from his seat as the three Valar took theirs and the Elf activated the holo-projector, dimming the lights.

* * * * *

Legolas recognized the projection that came up. It was almost the same as the projection in the Situation Room, filled with the same dots and landscapes, except this was smaller in size than the one in the Situation Room.

“Sauron hunts all of you because of what he fears you may become, another threat to him. He knows of your potential to bring him to ruin once more, and though he has the skills of an Irimage, he is no more than mortal. We will make it so that you are still here in the Golden City when he attacks,” Elrond explained but Legolas still doubted the whole plan ...

“But what about Morgoth?” Alec suddenly spoke up, mostly silent for the whole time. “If he is the one controlling Sauron, why not kill the source of evil?”

“Not all evil exist from Morgoth, Alec Richard,” Elrond replied, “humans have created their own evil, in the existence of Irimages. Elves have created their evil in the forms of corrupted beings called Orcs. All who live, breathe, and give live on Earth have their counterparts of evil.”

“Morgoth is of a spirit form as we speak,” Lorien stood up gracefully, “he needs a body to inhabit and using Sauron as his puppet, is able to achieve that. To slay Sauron at this time is to render Morgoth unable to possess. He will not possess a lesser being as Sauron is the most powerful Irimage there is at the moment.”

“You’ll have to give us some time to think about this, you know ... after all, like you said, we’re only human,” Alec replied wirily and Legolas quirked a small smile at the man’s tenacity. The personality of Aragorn and Alec Richard was certainly an interesting combination.

“He, Morgoth and all that is evil will be destroyed. The Alliance of Humans, Elves, Maiar, and Valar will be reinstated,” Lorien spoke softly but gravely from his seat.

* * * * *

* = To see a map of where each of the council peeps sit, please Click Here.
** = This prophecy was taken from The Silmarillion

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