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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER13
Shadow Chaser


Finding the library wasn’t as hard as Legolas thought it would be, as he took the elevator up two floors and then exited once again into the lands of gold and silver trees, invisible winds blowing dried and paper leaves this way and that. Following the signs that pointed him to the library, he pushed open a set of wooden oak doors with more embroidered gold leaves on them and skidded to a stop as he took in the magnificence of the library that he didn’t believe could be housed in such a building like this.

It was like walking into a museum; with at least hundreds if not thousands of books piled everywhere, fresco pictures decorating the ceiling and walls, lamps dating from in the human years of the early 20th Century. It gave it an ancient, yet modern feel as holo-terminals were sporadically placed in between various bookshelves. He walked in, examining a few of the shelves. He remembered with some embarrassment when he was very young he had come to the library in Rivendell and spent three days pouring over the history books, only coming out with a glazed look and at least too much information stored in his head.

He loved information and was curious about everything, but he had vowed to himself never to bury himself in piles of books ever again, lest only one or two random readings. Spotting couches in the corner between a few bookshelves and terminals, he flopped himself down onto them, closing his eyes as he tried to let his mind wander. He had to get out of the Situation Room, he had to sort out his anger ... he ...

“And here I thought Elves were always graceful,” a deep voice spoke from behind and Legolas opened his eyes, “this one seems to have lost that grace ...”

He was about to snap back a reply when he paused at the tone of the voice. Though the voice was a complete foreign sound to him, as he didn’t recognize the voice, there was certain gruffness, a certain tinge of sarcasm laced with the warmth of friendship ... something he hadn’t heard since he had crossed to the Undying Lands ...

Spinning around, he looked up at the tall figure of a man, dressed in a coffee-colored tweed suit, black-rimmed glasses on his face, framing his thin figure. If he hadn’t known of the Reincarnation he would have asked whom this person was, but he recognized Gimli anywhere, especially since keeping an eye on the man for the last thirty years, though infrequently.

“Gimli!” he sprang up from his seat and bear hugged his long lost friend, noting with some irony that the once short dwarf was now just about the same height as him.

“Good to see you again laddie, it’s been too long,” Gimli replied, thumping him on the back with still the force of a battle hardened dwarf. Legolas had forgotten how it felt like and nearly got the wind choked out of him.

As he stepped back he looked his best friend over. Thin, and ever more looking like the eager treasure hunter, with the exception of the glasses that somehow made him look more like a professor than a treasure hunter or geologist, a thick mop of reddish brown hair decorated Gimli’s head and bright brown eyes were magnified by those glasses.

“You haven’t changed,” he commented with a grin.

“Neither you, though I don’t except Elves to change at all,” Gimli replied, “by the way, the name is George Griston in Reincarnated terms.”

“You’re still Gimli in my books,” Legolas shrugged, “by the way, how did you get here?”

“The twins, Elladan and Elrohir, swung by after picking up the Hobbits, excuse me, the Reincarnated Hobbits, though they had a couple of Wraiths on their tail. Don’t worry,” Gimli grinned, “being fully aware that I was a former dwarf since I was born gave me a few advantages. Shot down those Wraiths like they were skeet in the air.”

“Uh ... how ...”

“When you’ve traveled as much as me, laddie, you see and use different techniques to get rid of Mages,” Gimli shook his head then gestured for them to sit, “though I had a feeling that things were going to get interesting.”

“Elrond never told me that you had your memories of your previous life back ... I was going to check on you,” Legolas frowned.

“And check on me you did,” Gimli leaned back and pulled out a pipe but did not light it, “I thank you for stopping by in those infrequent times that you did.”

“You knew?!”

“I told you, being aware since birth has a few advantages,” the former dwarf quirked a small smile, “Elves have a certain footstep and yours are very distinctive.”

“Oh ... great,” Legolas looked at his friend wirily, “if I knew that I’d change my steps.”

“So then,” Gimli took the pipe out of his mouth and looked forlornly at it before sticking it back in, “why the storming in? You seemed angry at something or someone.”

“Oh that,” he frowned, “the usual with my father, you know ... same old things that happened when I received Ithilien as my domain.”

“Ah,” Gimli dug into the pockets of his tweed jacket but then took his hands out empty and grumbled something underneath his breath. Legolas knew that the former dwarf wanted to smoke but to do it in a library was impolite. “When’s the last time you talked?”

“About four to five thousand years, give or take a few.”

The pipe dropped from Gimli’s opened surprised mouth and he spluttered before picking up the pipe once more and jammed it back into his mouth. “Four to five- you have some serious familial issues.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Legolas replied a bit sarcastically. “I had to call him, a few minutes ago, to persuade him to send troops and he called me an irresponsible son and called my dead mother a bitch, how’s that for a father figure.”

Gimli was silent for the most part and Legolas rubbed his eyes, irritated at his father.

“Well ... maybe the two of you should ... apologize?”

Taking his hand away from his eyes, Legolas stared at his friend incredulously, “Ha! Apologize? To him? What kind of warped lembas have you’ve been eating lately? I am not apologizing to that Elf, no he’s not an Elf, he’s a man, for his stuck up sense of pride.”

“Hey, I’m resenting that comment, Elf,” Gimli growled and Legolas suddenly looked chaste as he realized what he had said.

“Sorry,” he quickly apologized, “I keep forgetting that you’re not a dwarf anymore ...”

“It’s okay,” Gimli shrugged, “apology accepted. Just-“

“Excuse me,” a new voice spoke from behind them and Legolas turned to see an Elf dressed in robes reminiscent of Elven clothing from long ago, “I bring word from Lord Elrond. He wishes for the Fellowship to convene in the council chamber at the moment.”

“Is that the chamber that looks like Rivendell?” Legolas asked, not really sure what the Elf meant by the council chamber.

“Uh ... yes Prince Legolas,” the Elf looked slightly baffled but then recovered quickly.

“All right, we’ll be on our way,” he stood up, just as Gimli did and once again was surprised at how tall his best friend was now ... and knew that it would take him a while to get used to his friend’s new height.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes: Yes ... this is a slight Legolas-centric fic. But don’t worry; it’ll expand to the other characters as the chapters go on. Also for those who have not read my other LoTR fic, Pastime Promises, Memories, there are a few character references and situations mention in this whole fic (a.k.a. the library-book situation ... ) ^_^

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