The Shadows That Remain Rating: PG-13
A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER11
Shadow Chaser


For Legolas, seeing the once again glittering lights of the Golden City was enough to bring a smile to his face. Even though it was nearly mid-day, the lights still managed to give the city an everlasting glow, and as their pilot touched down on the platform, all the other Elves that were in the copter hopped out and began to help the injured humans out.

Legolas stayed inside as he gently lifted Ben’s unconscious form up and placed the Touched man onto a stretcher that two Elves, both dressed in robes reminiscent of the Third Age and before, were holding. As soon as Ben’s twitching form was placed onto the stretcher, they bore him away probably to a hospital or something that was located in the Golden City branch of Lorien Inc.

Slipping past Frank who was carrying the unconscious form of Liz into another stretcher he hopped out of the copter and looked around. A few of the copters that had arrived with Glorfindel were now buzzing overhead, no doubt on patrol, while some of the others were landing and the various Elves in them powered down their copters. They stepped out and were talking with each other, some clapping each other’s backs while a few just stood there, stolid and quiet.

As he rounded the side of the copter that he had been in, he saw Anna peering down at Alec’s eyes, and both were whispering to each other, Alec being placed on a stretcher. Moving to the side as not to feel that he was intruding into their private conversation, he stepped a bit ways towards another copter and pretended to be interested in it. Truth was that he didn’t really know what to do now…should he follow the rest of the humans to the hospital since most of them were injured or should he just wait for Haldir or perhaps Glorfindel, hell maybe even the twins to some extent, to direct him around…

[Haldir ... Altarial and Teleporno ... importance of ... ] bits of Quenya Legolas recognized and picked up alerted him of both Glorfindel and Haldir talking on the other side of the copter that he was staring at and though he could understand only sporadic comments of Quenya, he didn’t really pay too much attention to it as he stepped away from the copter and looked into the distant city lights, overshadowed by the bright noon sun.

When he turned back once more, he saw Haldir quickly running into the building and Glorfindel was walking towards him. He gave the Eldar a quick nod of greeting. “Thank you for saving us back there, I would have thought I’d be stealing one of the hover-copters from the police and calling for back up,” he said, “but I thought you had business in the Silver City.”

“That’s what I need to talk to you about,” Glorfindel explained then gestured for him to walk towards the entrance and Legolas obliged, “we might be having problems-“

“ON-O-RE*!!!” the double cry of familiar voices was enough to make him and Glorfindel cringe. They watched as two blurry forms suddenly latched onto the extremely surprised Anna, giving her a giant bear hug. Behind her, the two Elves who were taking the stretcher bearing Alec to the hospital shook their heads and sighed in what looked to be exasperation.

“What the hell?!” was Anna’s surprise reply before she shoved the twins away and stared at them.

Legolas felt almost sorry for Anna, as she was staring at Elladan and Elrohir with uncomprehending eyes and the twins were grinning at her, not at all fazed by her confusion.

“Who the hell are you?” the next words from Anna’s mouth made both twins drop their jaw in shock, which also started Glorfindel chuckling silently.

“Aww ... I can’t believe it! After a few thousand millennia and she doesn’t remember us at all!” Elladan looked very put out.

“Yeah ... don’t you remember your two beloved brothers, sis?” Elrohir asked, a wide-eyed pouty child-like look on his face.

“Uh ... you two are my broth-oh ... ” the memory seemed to be triggering something in Anna and the confusion that had been on her face was wiped away. “Reality check guys ... I’m only the Reincarnation of Arwen, not Arwen herself,” she said.

“Same difference,” Elrohir shrugged, “you’re still our sis, no matter what you say,” he suddenly glanced beyond Anna to the prone form of Alec, “Oh look, otorno’s got some bruises ... you figure that the first thing he does when getting his memory back is to get himself all injured ... bad otorno** ... bad, bad, bad.”

“Guys ... would you-“ Anna’s face closed up once more and there seemed to be a hint of dread that fell on her face as she stared beyond the still bright and smiling twins to someone standing by the entrance to the building ...

Legolas looked towards the direction she was staring at and saw Elrond standing there, no emotion on his face as both father and reincarnated daughter stared at each other for what was probably the first time since Elrond’s passing into the Undying Lands at the end of the Third Age.

“Elladan, Elrohir,” even the soft commanding tone of Elrond was enough to stop the twins in their tracks from possibly ‘attacking’ the injured Alec in much the way they did to Anna, and they turned around, looking very sheepish.

“Atar***,” the greeted cheerfully, “what brings you here?”

Elrond chose to ignore their cheerfulness and instead focused on him and Glorfindel. “Glorfindel, have you told Legolas what we need him to do?”

“Not yet, I was just getting to that,” Glorfindel replied and Legolas stared at the Eldar, curious. He continued to follow the Elf into the building, passing by a beautiful Elf-maiden who could have passed as a kin to Galadriel, Legolas realized that the Elf-maiden was Elrond’s wife, Celebrian.

He looked back to see the two approach the twins and Anna ... a family reunited, broken apart since the beginning of the Third Age.

Of life’s little curves, Legolas suspected that this was one of the rare peaceful moments before anything was to happen. A calm before the storm.

But was kind of storm was it, he did not know.

* * * * *

Elvish vocabulary:
*onore – sister
**otorno – sworn brother (an almost brother)
***atar – father (can be spelled adar)

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