The Shadows That Remain Rating: PG-13
A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER10
Shadow Chaser


As the door blasted open, Alec instinctively leapt out of the way, raising his arms to protect his eyes from the splinters of wood and shards of glass that accompanied the shattering of the windows too. Stinging pain raced up his back as a few splinters dug into his skin, but he ignored it and glanced up in the billowing cloud of dust and smoke to see David ... standing there with his hands glowing red ...

“Elessar,” David’s voice, no longer the perky cheerful ten-year-old was now a deep hissing growl ...

Alec stood up warily, his hands held to his shoulder height in the standard gesture of surrender, his eyes focused on what the little kid ... was going to do. It was kind of obvious to him now that David wasn’t a Vernomage as he had suspected him to be. He was either a very powerful Technomage or an Irimage. He actually hoped for the Techno rather Iri as Irimages were the mentions of a working disaster.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw both Ben and Frank pick themselves off from the ground and also put their hands up in a gesture of surrender. He had a feeling that the gesture wasn’t going to work as he saw David’s eyes, a normal color slowly turn into glowing red ones ... David was an Irimage ...

“Ah ... shit,” Ben whispered softly, but not so loudly that Alec had to strain his ears to hear the curse.

“Who are you, what do you want?” Frank asked the Irimage.

Nazgul ... kill ...” David hissed then suddenly held up his hands and the glowing crackling power brightened and Alec’s eyes widened, as he knew what that meant. He had only taken a few steps to avoid the inevitable blast when the magical energy ripped through the side of the office, tearing down desks as its path took it straight through the window and outside.

Then David screamed.

Except this wasn’t the reverberating scream of a Nazgul, this was the scream that somehow, in terms that even Alec couldn’t comprehend, merged with the magical energy and created a vacuum that sucked everything outside. He found himself flying out of the office, along with just about everything else that wasn’t secured or attached to the ground. He burst into the cloudy morning streets of New York City, at least a story up from the ground floor of the police station ... when the vacuum effect stopped and everything that was in the air dropped like stone to the hard pavement below.

Alec landed with a jarring impact that rattled his teeth, but he didn’t feel any of his bones give way and looked up ... then suddenly rolled to his right as a desk came crashing down upon where he was before. Dust, debris, and flying paper filled the air as various denizen of the city fled from the scene. Batting a few sheets of paper away from his vision, he looked up to where the second floor was and saw a gaping hole where everything had been blown away.

“Alec!” Anna’s voice brought his gaze from the gaping hole to his right and he saw Anna hunched over by a desk that had flipped over. Liz was with her, and he noticed that both women bore a few scratches, some which were still bleeding.

“Anna,” he called.

“Alec, watch out!” Ben’s voice alerted him and he spun without thinking, his hand drawing his gun and he fired.

His bullets impacted what looked to be a young woman ... someone he recognized as one of the secretaries in the front desk. But something was different about her. He watched, horrified as she jerked back from the bullets and fell down to her knees on the ground, blood dripping from her open, fatal wounds. But then, she suddenly lifted her head up and Alec stumbled back in surprise, slipping on a few sheets of paper and falling to the ground.

Her eyes were totally black, even the whites. It was as if the black cornea of the eye suddenly swallowed everything up and her skin was a lucid transparent color. White frothing saliva was dripping down her mouth and she stood up slowly and lazily, her arms hanging limply at her sides. A few patches of her once red hair fell out in clumps and what replaced them was some kind of vicious growth, ugly greenish-brown color. As she stepped towards him, Alec tried to find some kind of purchase to scramble up, but none seemed to cooperate with him.

The secretary was an Undead and every fiber of his being screamed for him to move before the Undead touched him.

“Don’t even think about it!” Anna suddenly appeared beside him, and Alec noticed that her blue-green glowing eyes were blazing as she prepared a defensive spell against the Undead.

The Undead secretary turned her black-eyed gaze onto Anna and tilted her head as if in morbid curiosity then suddenly smiled a wide, toothy death smile. That was when Anna fired what looked like a white ball of light and the Undead’s head suddenly exploded, showering the area around her in messy greenish goo.

“Thanks,” Alec forced himself not to stare at the green pile and instead took Anna’s outstretched hand and pulled himself up.

“Anytime,” Anna replied before another crash came from the floor that they had been on and they both looked towards the gaping hole ...

The little boy David came floating through, unaided by anything that Alec could see that resembled the pinkish shield that all Mages used when floating or shielding themselves from magical and non-magical attacks. The kid was floating on pure air, or was the floating due to an invisible shield that Alec had never saw the spell for.

David hovered just outside the perimeter of the gaping hole and stared down at them. Out of the corner of his eye, Alec also noticed the various Undead that had been his former co-workers and fellow officers had also stopped, but were staring at them, as if waiting for an unseen or unheard order.

The little boy suddenly opened his mouth farther than Alec would have thought possible and even unhinged his jaw like some species of snake were able to and screamed again.

But this time three others answered his scream ...

A cold feeling swept through Alec as he looked around, the floating forms of three black hooded Nazgul suddenly appeared, and hosts of Orcs followed their wake ... all of them, combined with the Undead, forming a circle around him, Anna, Liz, Frank, and Ben. They were surrounded ... they were trapped ... they were going to die ...

“If I die,” Alec muttered mostly to himself as he drew out his gun and set it to full automatic, “then I’ll take a few with me ...”

“You’re not going to die, not without me,” Anna whispered back and Alec met her gaze, noticing that her grey eyes were hardening to like ice, the blue-green glow in front of them blazing with hidden power as her hands glowed a bright white.

“You sure about that?” he whispered back, staring at the hordes of enemies surrounding them. With a certain irony, he noticed that the Orcs hadn’t changed much. They still wore the grubby clothes and armor that they had, still carrying the bows and arrows, pikes, swords, and whatever medieval weapons they carried back in the Third Age. Killing the Orcs would be easy ... killing the Undead and possibly the four Nazgul would be a lot tougher.

“Real sure,” Anna replied with a tinge of sarcasm.

A sudden strangled yell made Alec turn around and what he saw froze him all together. Robert, who was apparently an Undead, had slipped up from beneath a pile of chairs and desk that Ben had been standing near and was now holding Ben in a hostage hold, the translucent skin touching Ben’s neck and seemingly transferring something into his friend.

“Ben!” Frank’s anguished shout died down as Robert released his hold on Ben and the man collapsed to the ground, twitching and shaking uncontrollably. Robert stared at Alec and smiled predatorily.

“You sick son of a bitch!” Alec fired his gun at his former friend, not caring if the bullets impacted him and didn’t seem to faze the Undead that was Robert at all.

He ceased firing as his gun clicked empty and he cursed silently, all the while glaring at the Undead. He noticed that Frank hesitated to approach his fallen brother for the risk of being touched by the Undead and instead was cursing a blue streak.

He wondered why Anna didn’t fire a ball of light at the Undead that had Touched Ben and turned slightly ... then started and turned fully, his jaw dropping a few centimeters before he closed it and stared at the Nazgul that had landed in back of them, Anna already building a shield to protect whatever spells the Nazgul was going to throw at them.

Alec placed a hand on Anna’s shoulder, ready to jump in front of her to stop a penetrating spell. For anything in the world, he wasn’t going to let Anna die like Gwen did, he was going to protect her until the end ...

The Nazgul raised a clawed finger and electricity started to crackle around the fingertips. Tensing, Alec faced the Nazgul ready to die ... he knew it was suicide of course, him without any weapons having emptied it in anger on the Undead that was Robert, but he could always use his fists to maybe beat the living shit out of the Nazgul before it killed him ...

The lightening charge was crackling in arcs now ... and the Nazgul, red eyes peering from underneath its black cloak and cowl blazed ...

Just as a bluish energy arrow struck it on the back of his head, pitching the Nazgul forward ...

Alec backed away as the Nazgul fell heavily to the ground, unmoving, then stared at the distance where the arrow had come from. A pair of glowing blue eyes met his and the owner of the glowing blue eyes held a familiar bow ...

Chaos erupted within the ranks of Orcs and Undead.

* * * * *

Legolas allowed himself a rueful grin as he watched as chaos erupted within the ranks of Orcs and Undead. He loaded up his Techno-fused bow again and fired off another arrow, just as Haldir blazed a nice path through the Orcs and Undead, frying just about anyone who was in the way of the fire spell he had conjured up.

Leaping down from the outcropping he had stood upon, he fired off another few shots at the Undead, destroying them instantly. He knew that human weapons couldn’t kill Undead and only magic was able to penetrate them and ‘kill’ them, as they were technically already dead.

Undoing the magic he had on his gun, he put away his gun just as he reached out with his right hand, the one with the engraved black glitter skull, and seized the head of an Undead. Even though the Undead was technically not alive, they still had souls and he quickly seized the soul of this Undead, before it could touch him.

He stared at the Undead as his hand was still holding its head and watched as its black eyes suddenly drip dark red blood before he let go and the now destroyed Undead collapsed to the ground, disappearing into a puddle of messy goo.

Turning around, he used the recently acquired soul of the Undead and blasted the other Undead that were trying to ambush him. They flew back as if an invisible force hurled them and impacted walls and windows. Each one of them turned into messy piles of goo, the powers of an Undead unleashed against their own rotted flesh was enough to kill them all.

Legolas however, grimaced as an awful taste filled his mouth. He rarely drew the souls of Undead, as it was nearly black magic that shook the core of his being and re-drew his gun out. Releasing the soul of the Undead that he had acquired, he fused his gun into a composite bow once more and fired off another round of arrows, killing a few Orcs that were hiding behind the Undead.

He didn’t bother to check on Haldir’s status, as he knew that his best friend was probably doing a better job than he was, using his Technomage skills to blaze warpaths through the Orcs and Undead. But he also knew that they couldn’t keep this up too long, as the magic happening in this area was surely to attract the various gangs and mafias of Irimages and Technomages. Then things would get extremely messy.

He reached the open area where the police detective Anna Elanore was holding a pink shield over her friends and Legolas casted a reflective spell to penetrate the shield, just as Haldir did the same. With a raised eyebrow Legolas stared at his friend who shrugged. The warpath that Haldir took was effective as it reduced a great amount of Orcs on either side of the encircling enemies. But he also knew that it was extremely taxing to the magic of a Technomage to blaze such a path.

“Don’t worry,” Haldir gave a shrug, “I still have some magic left.”

“I know you ...” Alec greeted them, “Legolas! Haldir!”

“Its been too long, old friend,” Haldir embraced Alec fiercely before releasing him, “I see that you’ve gotten your memories back ...”

“We all have,” Frank interjected, a bit suspicious as he approached from where he was hunched next to his injured brother, “I’m sorry ... I know you’re an ally but I only have been introduced to Legolas here ...”

“No worries, introductions can be dealt with later,” Haldir replied then narrowed his eyes at which David and his two other Nazgul were hovering above ...

A black cloak seemed to ripple in the air and form around David, clothing him in the garb of a Nazgul. “So that is the Witch-King,” Haldir murmured.

“The what?!” Frank stared in surprise.

“Lady Galadriel has said that the Witch-King of the Nazgul is a young boy with that description,” Haldir explained. “We won’t be able to fight him at the moment, not with Boromir and Lady Eowyn injured.”

Legolas blinked then glanced down to where the captain of the police force was, twitching on the ground, but still conscious. He didn’t notice before but noticed now was that Elizabeth Ruthersfield, the Reincarnation of Eowyn, was bleeding some serious wounds. Even Alec and Anna didn’t look too healthy, more so Alec than Anna as he was bleeding heavily from a gash above his eye and his uniform was ripped in the shoulder. Only Franklin Greens looked almost healthy, save a few dirt smudges here and there.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the various Orcs and Undead who were still alive were backing away slowly ... and even the three Nazgul who were still floating were frozen in place, eying the sky above them warily.

Looking up, Legolas saw that at least fifteen hover-copters, all painted a matte black color were hovering above the Nazgul ... and the pilot in the lead of the pack of copters was none other than Glorfindel, who was staring at the Witch-King with a simple gaze, but not so simple as David the Witch-King twitched slightly in fear.

Grinning, Legolas watched as two other copters flew down above them and a few Elves inside of the main belly threw down ropes while a pinkish bubble encased Ben and Liz and brought them into the copter unharmed. Taking one more look at the quaking frozen Witch-King, he turned and climbed up the rope and was helped inside by an Elf he didn’t know.

“Do you dare attack, Witch-King?” Glorfindel’s voice amplified from where he hovered, and Legolas saw the young black cowed boy float back slightly and stand on the lip of the gaping hole that was once the former second floor of the police station. “You know of what I can do, what we can all do ...”

David’s eyes blazed once but he then bowed his head down, “Go ...”

An unspoken signal was passed through all fifteen hover-copters, but as one, they rose into the air and sped away from the Black City. Legolas stared at the copter that Glorfindel piloted ... he had forgotten that the Nazgul, though seemingly feared no one save their master Sauron, feared the golden haired Eldar, for whatever reasons he did not know…

Fifteen hover-copters flew towards the Golden City, bearing all of the Fellowship and companions, away from the grasp of Sauron and the Nazgul.

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