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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER06
Shadow Chaser


“No,” a new voice spoke from the door, “the return of two Dark Lords. Sauron and Morgoth.”

Legolas spun around in his seat to see a very old, but familiar face. Gandalf the White had returned.

* * * * *

Gandalf had not aged a bit since Legolas had last met him after his journey to the Undying Lands with Gimli. In fact, he didn’t looked as if he had aged at all ... But nonetheless, he rose out of his seat and crossed to the other side of the table and embraced his very old friend.

The wizard had disappeared a few hundred years after he had arrived from the Grey Havens, and this was the first time he had seen Gandalf since then. He had begun to wonder if Gandalf was off serving his masters, the Valar, or did he just fade away, nothing more than a spirit of the Maia he was.

“It’s been too long Gandalf,” he said, leading the wizard to an empty seat next to Glorfindel before returning to his own.

“And so it has Legolas Thranduillion,” Gandalf replied, evermore so the wiser in his face and voice, “I return at the turn of the tide.”

The familiar words brought a smile to Legolas’ face, but he quelled as soon as Gandalf’s expression turned grim. Though he was glad to see the wizard in good heath, he couldn’t stop but wonder what did Gandalf mean at the ‘turn of the tide’ ... a tide for the forces of good or for evil?

“The tide has not turned just this moment, but it soon will,” Gandalf answered his unspoken question with a twinkle in his eye then turned to Elrond who nodded a greeting, “Sauron, though his spirit was destroyed was brought back through use of cunning and bargaining. The one to do this is Morgoth ... or Melkor as the Valar still know him as. Melkor the Fallen, Melkor the Dark Lord.”

“From what Gandalf has told me, Morgoth took the remnants of Sauron’s spirit, or whatever was left of it, and breathed him to life. He has taken form, but in what form we do not know at the moment,” Elrond said gravely then brought up a holoprojector screen showing the detailed layout map of the Black City. “He has stationed himself in the Black City, but until roughly thirty years ago, he has not stirred in any way except to turn New York City into what is it now, a corrupt, evil filled city.”

“Then what do you want me to do?” Legolas asked, as he knew that there was some purpose for him being here.

“Do you know how various humans remember their past lives? Their Reincarnations?” Elrond asked, shutting the projector down.

“A little,” Legolas wasn’t really keen on people claiming that they were Reincarnations of famous people or whatever, but he had an open mind to everything, especially in light of what Elrond had said earlier about some members of the Fellowship being Reincarnated when major wars or evil was stirring.

“Through dreams, humans remember who they once were or what past events led up to how they came to be. Though most humans cannot sense or remember these dreams as they are quickly forgotten or they have no gift of interpreting what they dream, it is the select few that can,” the Elven Lord explained, “this is because of the Valar Lorien, the Master of Dreams. He has enabled a few humans to remember their Reincarnations.

“Tonight he will awaken the Fellowship and those key members once more. You are to help them escape to the Golden City as Sauron somehow knows of our plans. We must accelerate things,” Elrond said gravely.

“Haldir will accompany you as I have business to attend to in the Silver City, Los Angeles,” Glorfindel explained as he stood up along with Elrond and Gandalf, “you are to call the twins if you have successfully rounded the members of the Fellowship, they will pick you up to take all of you to the Golden City.”

Legolas stood along with them. He didn’t really see an option out of this, but then again, why did he have a sudden fear of doubt in him. He mentally shook his head; he was an Elf, an assassin, and a member of the Fellowship. With a start he realized that the doubt in him was brought on by hesitancy ... and fear ... something inside of him was afraid. Afraid of what he did not know, but he could probably put good money was that he was afraid for the Fellowship. After all, they were only humans and he was an immortal Elf. Humans were so easy to kill ...

So he asked the next logical question, and in doing so accepted the mission he had started thirty years ago, “What about the hobbits? They’re located at Columbia University, which is uptown.”

“Do not trouble yourself, Legolas,” Gandalf gave the ghost of a smile, “I will get them to safety.”

“Then we are all set,” Elrond clasped his hands together, “Elladan and Elrohir will drop you and Haldir off.” As Gandalf left the room, followed by Glorfindel the Eldar turned around.

“Do you want to leave a message with your father?” he asked suddenly and Legolas blinked.

“Excuse me?” he wondered if he heard the sudden question correctly.

“I will be talking to Thranduil, and I was wondering if you would like me to pass on a message to him,” Glorfindel stated.

“Um ... ” Legolas was a bit at loss for words, as he hadn’t spoken to his father for the last four thousand years or so, their last words ending in a terrible heated argument. “I guess you can just say a ‘hi’ or something ... ”

Glorfindel just stared at him for a second before shrugging and walking out of the room. Legolas went to follow, heading towards the landing pad when Elrond stopped him.

“Legolas,” the Elven Lord said and he turned back around. He noticed that Elrond seemed unusually grave, more so than he had been during the briefing, “I needn’t tell you what’s at risk. Sauron and even Morgoth will be targeting the Elves ... they will be tracking you and Haldir, but mostly you.”

Legolas inclined his head. He knew that with his vast amount of experience from living in the Black City and almost everywhere else, he was one of the few Elves who posed a huge threat in the long run to those who did evil. Though he was perversely flattered by the attention he was getting from the evil, it still disgusted him at times. But overall, he knew what was at stake, and for the most part, the Elven race was the first thing Sauron or Morgoth would want to take out as they were the everlasting thorns that always stuck on evil’s side.

“I know,” he replied, “but I will bring the Fellowship back.” He turned and was almost out of the room when he turned around and gave an ironic grin at Elrond who looked at him quizzically. “You know ... I had always thought that the Undying Lands were forever protected by the Valar, after all they were the ones who wanted us there. Now look at what the Undying Lands has become ... ”

With that he spun around and walked out, headed to the landing pad to meet with Haldir and the twins.

* * * * *

Two beings of light sat in front of a table, both staring down at what seemed like a holographic chessboard, but it was formulated differently. Various pieces moved everywhere, each marked by either a green dot or a red dot. One of the figures of light looked up at the other and smirked.

“I think I’m winning,” Eru, the Creator, said in a soft singsong voice, though that soft voice was as loud as having cymbals crashing in your ear.

“Not if I can help it, you nimwit,” Aru, its counterpart replied, “it’s only begun my dear friend.” Aru smiled malevolently and peered down into the depths of clouds, layers of sky and into the heart of the Black City where its spire black angular buildings rose out like thorns on bushes, spikes, glistening in the dull moonlight as night had settled there.

In the midst of it, a pair of blood red eyes, eyes that were like fire, snapped open and an unearthly voice whispered forbidden words.

Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk
agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!

But it wasn’t the One Ring that had awakened; it was the Shadow that had remained that awakened ... awakened once more to set his evil deeds onto the world of pawns.

Sauron had heard his master’s call and he was ready.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes: Sorry if these chapters seem so short. It’s actually what I have in my outline ... don’t worry; hopefully the next chapter will be quite long. A reminder to those again, this isn’t a rip or copy of The Nightrunners’ “Brothers in Arms” fic, this fic is of my own ideas!

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