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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER04
Shadow Chaser

Golden City

The trip to the Golden City was but uneventful, as they skimmed over cloudy skies, the constant stream of storms that overcasted the Black City gave way to clear starry skies. Ever since the invention of modern flying vehicles, Legolas had never gotten too many chances to go up past the low cloud line and to see the stars from such a vantage point, that every time he went up in a hover-copter or a jet, it took his breath away to see so many glittering stars, all sparkling against the black night sky.

“Attention all passengers, we are arriving into the outskirts of the Golden City. Please return to your seats if you haven’t stopped staring out of the window and fasten your seatbelts,” Elladan’s voice said loudly over the hum of the hover-copter’s engines.

Legolas glared at the back of the Elf’s head before turning once more to look out of the window, his hand holding onto one of the handlebars on the passenger area of the copter, and saw that they were passing through some low level clouds before the magnificent glow of the former city of Boston came into view.

Bright lights were what gave the city its new name, the Golden City. It was like a crown that glittered in the light, tiny pinpricks representing jewels and the many facets of them. He looked down at the city in wonderment ... as for over five hundred years, give or take a few centuries, he hadn’t been to the Golden City, and now ... the change made a great impression.

“It’s not all that ... evil lurks there underneath all its pristine,” Haldir said and Legolas nodded absently, not really taking in the words as the lights of the city kept his eyes fixed to the cityscape.

“We resent that comment, Haldir! Dad won’t like what you said, just you wait when we tell him!” Elrohir called from the front cockpit seat.

“Well, it’s the truth,” Haldir shrugged, “I don’t really care if you listen to it or not.”

The touchdown at a landing pad was connected to a very tall skyscraper, at least seventy stories high. As Elladan brought the copter to a slight hover, Legolas glanced at the twins curiously, wondering if they were going to get off.

“Got things to do, fishes to buy!” Elrohir grinned at him and Legolas rolled his eyes and hopped off behind Haldir and Glorfindel.

With a salute, the twins rose from their hover position and flew off in another direction, off to do their own business, whatever it was. Turning to follow the two Elves inside, Legolas risked a peek over the edge of the landing platform and saw that though the lights were bright, there were patches of darkness that seemed to blot out the light. Perhaps Haldir was right to say that some sort of evil existed in what seemed like a paradise.

“Security is tight, so we’ll have to go through a checkpoint,” Glorfindel explained as they approached it, in which Elvish guards were armed to the teeth in an assortment of weaponry, some Legolas hadn’t seen since the Third Age, some modern high tech weapons, others what looked to be the work of Technomage, a fusion of weapons with magic to create something totally different. But what set these Elves apart from the others in the far distance who were walking to and fro, exiting and entering elevators, stairways or just walking down the hall, was that they were all dressed in black.

The first thing that entered Legolas’ mind was from a very old movie called The Matrix in which a few computer agents wore black suits and shades. Very creepy yet they looked like no nonsense Elves. He saw Glorfindel hand over his weapons before stepping through a metal detector, but it wasn’t a metal detector as a blue light raked over the Elf’s whole body before a green light appeared, signaling that he could pass.

Haldir stepped into the detector next, after pulling out what looked to be a much bigger pile of weapons than what Glorfindel carried. The blue light raked over him before also signaling that he could go through. He collected his weapons and waited patiently as Legolas approached, staring at the detector.

“It’s not going to hurt,” Haldir offered from the other side, “it might tickle though ...”

Legolas frowned at his best friend, “The last time someone said that to me it hurt ... a lot.” Sighing, he took the gun out of his trench coat pocket and handed it over to one of the black suited Elves, then pulled his two daggers out of the folds of his clothing. Stepping into the detector, he waited ...

It was as if someone suddenly jammed a knife in the back of his spine. No sound came out of his mouth, but Legolas felt his eyes bug slightly as the pain raked across his back before it suddenly disappeared as it had appeared.

“You’re clear to go through,” one of the Elf guards said, tapping him on the shoulder and handing him his three weapons.

Legolas shook his head slightly to clear the remnant phantom pain that was raking across his back, or was it still doing that, and stepped forward, taking the weapons out of the guard’s hands and glared at Haldir who had the absurdity to wear a smirk on his face.

“That was not funny. And it did hurt, a lot,” he glared at the Elf, shaking one of his daggers in front of his face.

“And to answer your unspoken question ... that was to detect if you’re an Irimage in disguise or not. Quite effective as in the White City, Lady Galadriel has caught quite a few assassins bent on killing her and Lord Celeborn,” Haldir explained as they walked on, Glorfindel leading them through massive open aired hallways that spoke of wealth and money ... elevators rising up and down, the clear glass in them almost glaring at the chandeliers that lined the roof and ceilings of the place.

Though Legolas had been in the building once or twice since it was built in the early twenty-first century, he had never seen so much gold, silver, or glass in such a massive building. Elrond had even made it look a bit like Rivendell with golden or silver trees and invisible winds blowing some leaves this way and that.

“And I suppose that she has those black suited Elves too, watching her place?” he asked, peering down to what looked to be fountains that burst forth water once every few seconds.

“Those black suited Elves that you so happen to be talking about,” Glorfindel turned his head slightly, “are an addition by Elrond himself. And one happens to be my son, thank you very much.”

“Sorry,” Legolas hastily apologized to the Eldar, but curiosity made him speak one more question, “did he, by any chance, watch an old movie called The Matrix to get the idea of black suited guards?”

“I think it be best for the twins to answer that question,” Glorfindel replied evasively before Legolas noticed another Elf running towards them.

They stopped as the Elf approached, a bit winded and he approached Haldir, pulling him to the side. Legolas heard snatches of their conversation, but Haldir nodded eventually then looked at the two of them.

“There is a communiqué from the Lady that I must take at the moment. Glorfindel, I will be touching base with you after your meeting,” he said and the blonde haired Eldar nodded. Turning, Haldir followed the messenger down another hallway, leaving the two of them alone.

“Come on,” Glorfindel beckoned and Legolas followed him, wondering what was the message that Haldir had to take was all about. His best friend seemed a bit agitated, but he shoved his thoughts into the back of his mind as Glorfindel knocked on a high cedar door, trimmed with golden leaves and its knobs were designed like small branches with little leaflets sticking out of them.

There was no answer, but the Eldar opened the door and stepped through. Legolas followed and his eyes widened as he stepped into what looked to be an exact replica of the opened aired Council Hall, or what was actually the porch to Elrond’s House, of Rivendell.

A breeze blew by; blowing some of his hair up and a few birds flew so low that Legolas longed to touch them but wondered if they were computer generated or not. This setting obviously had to be a massive CG'ed area, but everything looked so real ... even the trees and brooks that ran through the area. High backed chairs were set up in a semi-circle, with three chairs facing the inner circle. The smell of constant autumn mixed with a hint of spring filled the air and Legolas didn’t know whether to believe if it was real or not ...

“You would consider closing your mouth before flies get into it, would you? I do have real flies in here,” a familiar melodic drawl spoke behind him and Legolas turned sharply then snap shut his mouth that he didn’t know had fallen open with a click.

“Is it ...” he started before Elrond Perendil smiled and stepped down from what looked to be stairs that led to somewhere else.

“Real? Yes and no,” he pressed a button cleverly hidden in a tree by the stairs he had come from and the images dissolved into what looked to be a square room that shrieked money and riches. A few of the trees that had not disappeared with the images remained and Legolas noticed that a few wildlife creatures inhabited them. He also noticed that a stream that had been part of the background was indeed still flowing water through the side of the room.

“Lorien Incorporated created all this technology if you must know,” Elrond gestured for him to sit and Legolas noticed that Glorfindel had gone to the side and was returning with what looked to be a tray of a teapot and three cups along with a small dish of bite size lembas bread.

Walking over to the long table that stretched from one end of the room to the other, Legolas sat down in one of the leather chairs and Glorfindel sat across from him, pouring himself some tea; he noted that the tea was directly extracted from dry tea leaves, not the packets of tea that so many of the humans drank from.

“Tea?” Glorfindel offered and Legolas shook his head, declining it.

“No thanks,” he said.

Elrond came over and sat down, pouring himself some tea and taking a small lembas bread, “My wife made them. Though Galadriel and her Elves only know the secret to these lembas bread, she’s apparently taught Celebrian, too. But enough of small talk, I had you brought here for a purpose.”

Legolas leaned back a little, inwardly suppressing a wince, as his back still was sore from the shock that he had received during his passing through the detectors. He focused his attention on Elrond instead of on the decorations in the room, but even that was a bit hard since the sound of birds still rang out and the invisible wind blew by.

“Thirty years ago, I contacted you telling you of your mission to keep an eye on the Reincarnated Fellowship and key members,” Elrond steeple his fingers together, “but you might have been aware that some of the Fellowship have been Reincarnated before, at various time intervals. During the time that some were Reincarnated, major conflicts have occurred; for example, when the Reincarnation of Faramir and Eomer appeared, World War II begun just when they were entering their teenage years and were drafted into the war. They fought in the European theater at one of the major engagements, the Battle of the Bulge.

“During the Reincarnation of Aragorn, Eowyn, and Boromir, the Nano Wars were occurring. All fought in the infamous Battle for Therin’s Hill, but all also perished. In each of the battles or every time a member of the Fellowship was reborn, evil has always reared its head,” Elrond looked at him gravely and Legolas wondered if there was some kind of connection that the Elf Lord was talking about.

“Only recently have all members of the Fellowship and key persons have appeared in such a fashion,” Glorfindel spoke quietly and Legolas looked at the two of them ... the connection didn’t make sense ...

“Have you been following the police reports?” Elrond suddenly asked and he blinked.

“Um ... yes. I’ve been tailing the Reincarnations of Boromir, Aragorn, Eowyn, Eomer, and Faramir. I’ve also been reading their reports,” he didn’t dare tell Elrond that he had also been tailing the Reincarnation of Arwen for the fear of the Elven Lord exploding on him. He had heard that Elrond had let Aragorn marry Arwen back after the second War of the Ring, but wasn’t too happy that his only daughter was to become a mortal.

“What have you noticed,” Elrond prodded him.

“Regular Mage activities, though a few of them seemed nearly impossible for the NYPD to handle, that’s when I interfered to save their skins, but there has also been a growing number of Irimages ...” Legolas trailed off as the two pieces suddenly clicked. “You’re not serious, are you? If with this-”

“Precisely,” Elrond said, “with the all members of the Fellowship Reincarnated and key persons too, this evil has grown into something that we have not seen since the Second Age or in the Third Age.”

“The rise of a Dark Lord?” Legolas hazard a guess.

“No,” a new voice spoke from the door, “the return of two Dark Lords. Sauron and Morgoth.”

Legolas spun around in his seat to see a very old, but familiar face. Gandalf the White had returned.

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