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A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic - CHAPTER03
Shadow Chaser


After getting cleaned up and into a fresh pair of clothing, Legolas shook out his wet trench coat, grimacing slightly at the condition of it. If the rain kept on for the rest of the night while he was traveling, then it would take him at least a day to dry the coat out. Though he could try to dry it with his magic, he didn’t want to risk burning the coat up ... like what he did to his last one.

Before he stepped out, he opened a secret inside wall he had behind his closet. In it held his most prized possessions ... including a few antiquated guns from different eras. If freelancing as an Irimage assassin didn’t work out to his liking, he knew that he could sell these weapons for a good amount of money to various museums. Picking one of the guns from the compartment, he checked its magazine then stuffed it inside of jacket. Though he didn’t know if he needed it, it still was good to carry at least some weapons on him, with Irimage gangs and the various Technomage mafias running around at night.

Stepping out of his room, he made his way around some of the overturned furniture caused by the twins’ mucking around and took a quick glance at the fish tank ... he shook his head. The fishes looked traumatized and he had been taking good care of them.

As he passed by the hall where he hung some of the swords he had, he wondered if he should take a hat or maybe tie a bandana to his head ... but decided against it as it was probably still drizzling, nothing as bad as a few hours before. Stepping out and closing the door behind him, he raised an eyebrow at the antics the twins were doing at the moment.

Haldir and Glorfindel apparently had gone ahead to summon an elevator, but the twins were playing a crude form of a game that Legolas noticed only deranged human teenagers with little to nothing to do played ... ding-dong ditch. Well, they were attempting to press the doorbell on the first door ...

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” he warned them and they stared at him with accusing eyes, “I think a few of my neighbors are Irimages.”

“So? We can handle them,” Elrohir sniffed.

“Eh ... let’s not, okay?” Elladan calmed his brother down, “besides, we need to get going.”

“Fine,” Elrohir huffed, but didn’t look too happy about it.

They followed him to the main hall where the elevators were situated and came upon Haldir and Glorfindel, both with blushing faces and the remnants of an elevator closing.

“Hey, that one said that it was going down!” Elrohir jumped towards Glorfindel, whose hand was hovering on the down button. “How come ... what’s wrong with you?”

The Eldar didn’t reply, but only gaped slightly like a fish out of water and Legolas felt a grin quirk to his face as he realized what the two Elves had stumbled upon. It was that elevator ... the same elevator that he had encountered when he had come back from watching the NYPD take down the Wilder.

“Ah, I see that you’ve found it,” he said smoothly, bringing the shocked faces of both Glorfindel and Haldir to him.

“How ... uh ... ” Glorfindel seemed at a lost for words.

“To say that two humans would do that ... in an elevator,” Haldir looked pale, but swallowed and started to recover color back into his face.

“What? Do what?”

“What do you think, ‘Rohir?” Elladan smacked his brother upside his head then whispered in his ear. The change in expression in the younger twin’s face was priceless. Gone was the curious expression to one of pure disgust.

“Come on,” Legolas had to usher both Glorfindel and Elrohir into the second elevator called, assuring them that it was all clear, free of any humans having sex in an elevator. Giving one more shake of his head he pressed the button to take them down to the first floor.

Exiting from the elevator, they made their way past the various piles of debris and gaping holes that littered the area, all the while keeping a sharp eye on their surroundings. Legolas warned them occasionally of the various calls used by gang members or mafia people that were on the prowl at night.

Occasionally they had to duck out of sight as a rampaging summoned creature created by an Irimage or a Vernomage came through, destroying almost everything in its path. Though with five Elves all whom were excellent warriors, they didn’t want to attract too much attention to themselves, especially if people noticed five glowing blue pairs of eyes walking in a bunch, or a few paces from each other.

They made their way down Grand Street, towards the Williamsburg Bridge, which still stood after thousands of years. As they neared it, Legolas could see a small hover-copter, its matte black rotating blades angular and pristine.

Though the hover-copter still used blades to propel itself into the air, its combustion was not of gasoline or oil, but of energy cells, and it was equipped with the latest technological weaponry.

“Nice hover-copter,” he commented as they approached it.

“Why thank you, it’s a present from Dad,” Elladan grinned and made a mock bow before his eyes darted to the street that they were going to cross, “he gave it to us fresh from the assembly line. He was going to give us a jet, but said those were for Cirdan and-”

“Hold,” Glorfindel suddenly commanded, and Legolas halted. He noticed that the Eldar was narrowing his eyes, a scanning spell being put into place. “A gang of Irimages ... I think maybe fifteen or something, headed our way.”

“How long?” Haldir asked, his hands suddenly crackling with blue lightning as he readied a spell. The command and authoritative tone in Haldir’s voice was enough to make Legolas cringe slightly.

Ever since Haldir received the title of a guard general from his predecessor Thorwen, the personal general of Galadriel and Celeborn, during the rise of Angmar and Sauron back in the early fifteenth century of the Third Age, he had become a commander to all, and developed a type of ego that conflicted with other Elven generals. With him and Glorfindel, the Eldar being Elrond’ guard general or right hand, Legolas wondered if a small tiff or conflict was to brew between the two Elves.

“We won’t be able to get into the air unless we can fight them off,” Glorfindel frowned.

“Leave that to us,” Elladan said, “you just keep those Irimages off our backs.”

“Better hurry it up, they’re here,” Haldir called wirily before combining the crackling electricity in his hands together and shooting off a column of blue lightning towards the group of Irimages running towards them, their glowing red eyes hungry, scattering them apart.

The Irimages had blood red eyes that seemed like everything dripped, and their bodies hunched, but their teeth were fangs and they glistened with inhuman predatory smiles. As soon as they scattered they began to rush forth, abandoning all pretenses of slinking up to them stealthily.

Legolas drew out his gun, but instead of firing at the Irimages, he combined it with his magic and created a composite bow, much like his Mirkwood one, but instead, as soon as he drew on the string, an arrow appeared. Quickly, he notched it and shot it, spearing an Irimage in the eye, making it fall down dead. He notched another arrow and with a natural agility, shot it at another Irimage, felling it through the heart.

Shooting off another arrow, Legolas blinked as this one bounced off a pinkish shield had been invisible, and suddenly leapt out of the way as the Irimage he had been targeting turned its sights on him, a malicious grin spreading across its thin gaunt face, shooting what looked to be a fireball at where he was.

He disengaged the magic on his gun and stuck it back in his jacket as he created an energy spell. Leaping out of the way again, Legolas fired an energy spell at the Irimage, but that bounced off also and he frowned. If he couldn’t reach the Irimage at this distance than he would have to take it closer ... a lot closer.

Avoiding two more blasts of energy coming from different Irimages, he ducked beneath another column of blue lightning Haldir was generating, then ran towards the Irimage who smiled and prepared another fireball. “Not this time,” Legolas called to the Mage and with a snickt drew out his two milky white daggers he had and sliced the throat of the Irimage.

Spinning around, he stabbed the other blade into the chest of another Irimage that had been creeping towards him. Pulling it out swiftly, he gave his daggers a quick flick to get rid of the blood that was on them. Turning, he saw that Glorfindel was finishing up the last Irimage, decapitating him with a defensive triage spell he had created.

It was then that he also noticed the silence that reigned throughout the street. He sheathed his twin daggers and gave a quick nod to Haldir who looked satisfied. “How many you got?”

“Five. You?”

“Only four,” Legolas replied then suddenly stumbled as he felt something slam into him. It was as if a warm energy filled him, reviving him. He could feel a high amount of energy entering him and he realized that it was the transferring of power from those that he had killed. Closing his eyes briefly, he let the transfer rush through him. Though he was used to mostly one or two power transfers happening at the same time, the four that he had killed who were transferring their powers to him felt a bit overwhelmed.

When he opened them again, he saw that Haldir and Glorfindel were finishing up their transferring of powers, them receiving more kills than he did. He noticed that Glorfindel had a kind of pale look to his face, but otherwise didn’t comment on any of whatever discomfort he was probably feeling. Legolas knew that at times, the power transfer left something in you that felt very evil, he had that happen to him one too many times, but he had gotten used to it over time.

The sudden whirling sounds of the hover-copter’s blades made him look up to see Elladan in the pilot’s seat, maneuvering the craft to hover above them. Elrohir was grinning at them, giving them the ‘thumbs up’ sign and holding what looked to be a green ceramic jar with words written on one side of it, a cork covering it.

Legolas suddenly felt a lurch in his stomach as he noticed that he was enveloped in a pinkish bubble and floating in the air. He glanced at Glorfindel who was concentrating on bringing them inside of the aircraft, him already sitting in the open passenger compartment.

As soon as he and Haldir’s feet touched the floor of the compartment, Elladan pulled away from his hovering mode, so fast that he had to grab onto something in order not to fall. Haldir gave a noncommittal grunt as he grabbed onto a handlebar, all the while glaring at the back of Elladan’s head.

Legolas glanced down and saw that a few red glowing eyes of Irimages and of the green glowing eyes of Technomages were peering from their hiding place. Elladan was right to pull out fast ... with that many number of eyes, it would have been a form of suicide to stay any longer. He glanced up towards the cockpit, just in time to catch the green corked jar that Elrohir had been holding.

Looking at it, he suppressed a groan of exasperation as he read what the contents of the jar held [Ashes of Former Hijackers]. Daring himself to open it, he sighed as he saw that indeed there were ashes inside of the jar. He wondered how the twins had such a weird sense of humor in such a dismal place. But then again, as he mused to himself, if no one had a sense of humor than they would be as dark as the Black City itself.

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