Star Wars: Shackled Jedi
Chapter 5
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Bethany Handcuff

"Admiral. Jedi Tahiri has a bomb strapped to her. Do we have time to transfer her to another ship that has a bomb disposal expert on board?" Ai'ria asked.

The Admiral frowned slightly. "A bomb? Unless she is in immediate danger, I'm afraid not. We need to attack as soon as possible, before the pirates escape. Now, get into position, so we can launch the operation."

"Yes, Admiral," Ai'ria replied as she closed the link. She turned back to Tahiri. "Will you be OK a while longer, Jedi Tahiri?"

She really wanted to be rid of the ysalamir, not to mention the extremely uncomfortable frame. "I'll be fine," she replied.

As they moved into position, Ai'ria called Tahiri to a monitor. "We assembled this fleet to take out Schliebak's ships," Ai'ria said. "We hadn't planned on taking on all of the pirates at once. If they all stay and fight then we will only have a small advantage." As she spoke, the latest update from the spy satellite that she had left in-system came through.

"They won't," Tahiri replied. "Most of them will be happy if we take out their competitors for them."

"The Admiral and I agree. We are going to attempt to trap as many as possible, since we have the opportunity." She highlighted a heavily modified Hutt cruiser. "The Battle Dragons will try and take it out first. It is Schliebak's flagship, and the most powerful ship in system."

"What about the Golan?" Tahiri asked, pointing to an ancient Golan defense platform.

"We'll leave it for last. After all, it can't run," Ai'ria replied with a smile.

"What about Alema Rar? Tahiri asked.

Ai'ria took a deep breath. "We're going to give everyone a chance to surrender, and offer amnesty for the safe return of any slaves. But, this is a battle. Ships will be destroyed. Lives lost," Ai'ria said somberly.

They were both silent a moment. "What about help from the Galactic Alliance?" Tahiri asked.

"They've promised a task force. It should arrive in ten to twelve hours."

Tahiri knew that they couldn't possibly wait that long. She could only trust in the Force that everything would work out.

"Jedi Tahiri, I'm going to have to move you off the bridge during the battle. We can't have explosives, no matter how small, near the control stations."

"I understand," Tahiri replied, disappointed.

As the ship entered hyperspace, Tahiri was taken to a small cargo hold. She was handed a small holoviewer that had a tactical feed from the bridge. The door clanging shut sounded suspiciously like a cell door shutting. Tahiri climbed onto a small cargo container and sat down. Minutes later, the fleet exited hyperspace into the midst of a battle.

The Battle Dragons and Nova cruiser had emerged from hyperspace a mere forty seconds earlier. They offered the assorted pirates and slavers a chance to surrender. With only three Battle Dragons and a Nova cruiser, most of the pirates chose to fight.

When the rest of the Hapan fleet reverted from hyperspace, the Admiral offered them another chance to surrender, even as she launched her starfighters. None of the pirates seemed to be any more inclined to surrender than before. Giving up, she ordered her massive Star Destroyer to target a heavily modified yacht that was making a run for it.

The Battle Dragons headed straight for the Hutt cruiser. Under their combined fire the cruiser's shields collapsed in about twenty minutes. Once Schliebak's flagship was destroyed, most of the other pirate ships seemed to lose interest in the fight. The Hapan Navy disabled or destroyed as many as they could before they escaped. Nearly an hour after the battle started, it was over.

* * * * *

Alema Rar found Captain Prestiin talking with his Weequay Sergeant and a Hapan Lieutenant. She had taken a little side trip and retrieved the high heels that she had worn at the Hutt's party. Someone had handed her a jumpsuit while she was walking around. Luckily, it was barely big enough to fit, which was just the way she liked it. She had even taken the time to cut off the sleeves and pants legs.

Captain Prestiin noticed her and stepped away from his companions. Alema Rar walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his him. "Hey, Captain Prestiin, want to celebrate our victory?" she asked him in a sultry voice.

Smiling, he replied, "Well, we'll need someplace quiet, and out of the way."

"I know just the place," she said as they walked off, arm in arm.

Half way to the 'quiet place' Alema Rar had in mind, her comlink beeped.

"Tahiri! I'm so glad you're OK! How did they find you?"

"Oh, the pirate that bought me was actually an undercover Hapan agent," Tahiri replied.

"Really? Well I guess it's a good thing she took off before Captain Prestiin's troops tried to rescue you."

"Captain Prestiin? Who's Captain Prestiin?"

"He's an ex-GA soldier from the war. Him and some of his troops rescued me." She smiled up at her hero.

Tahiri thought about that for a moment. "So that's why you were always so friendly with the guards," she replied.

"Not really, I was planning on getting Luattir or one of the guards to free me. When Captain Prestiin told me who he was, I just kept up the act."

"Oh, OK. Hey, I'm on the Hapan flagship. A couple of their bomb disposal techs are going to take a look at this thing on my back," Tahiri said.

"You still got that on? We captured the guy who made it. Come on down and he can disarm it. Or get the Hapans to take him to the ship."

"Really? That's great," Tahiri gleefully replied.

"Alright. I've got to take care of something. I'll talk to you later," Alema Rar said as she gently squeezed Captain Prestiin's crotch.

"I'll see you soon," Tahiri said and shut down the link.

Alema Rar and Captain Prestiin arrived at the quiet place she had in mind. He wasn't surprised at all to be in the dungeon. They both set down their blaster carbines.

"I heard about what you did to Jedi Tahiri down here," he told her as she stripped off her tight jumpsuit.

"And I bet you can't wait to do something like that to me," she replied with a smile as she began stripping off his clothes. When he was naked, Alema Rar sunk to her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth. As she sucked him off, she felt him pull her arms behind her and lock her wrist and arm cuffs together. She just kept bobbing her head.

Before he blew his load, he pulled out and picked her up. Alema Rar meekly let him unlock her cuffs, and secure them to a padded nerfhide bench. She was on her hands and knees, straddling the bench. Her ankles and wrists were locked to an O-ring on each side. He took a wide strap from underneath the bench, and buckled it tight over her waist, pinning her abdomen tightly against the nerfhide. With the Force Alema Rar would have no problem freeing herself. But that wouldn't be any fun.

She looked back as he mounted her. With a few caresses of her lekku, he plunged in. Alema Rar moaned in pleasure. She tugged at her bonds, loving every second of it. Captain Prestiin fucked her till he shot his load into her. She was still building to her own orgasm, but lucky for her he barely missed a stroke. He matched her orgasm with his second. After they were both finished, he noisily plopped out of her, and strolled around to her face.

"Hey, you mind cleaning this off for me, babe?" he asked her with a leer.

As she was licking his cock dry, Alema Rar was surprised to hear the door open. The Force hadn't alerted her to anyone coming. She still couldn't sense anyone at the door. Captain Prestiin seemed shocked as well. He pulled his cock out and Alema Rar turned to see who had interrupted her celebration.

"Tahiri!" She greeted her friend with a smile.

"Alema Rar," Tahiri replied with a bland smile. She walked into the dungeon followed by four Hapan Marines. Alema Rar could see more taking up position outside. Several meters away, she felt Tahiri's ysalamir cut off the Force.

"You must be Captain Prestiin?" Tahiri asked him as she slowly walked towards the bench.

"Yes, Jedi Tahiri," he replied as he fumbled to pull his pants on.

"Tell me Captain Prestiin, were you here when Luattir strapped me down and whipped me?" Tahiri asked him.

"Um, no Ma'am. I wasn't," he answered as he pulled his shirt on.

"Oh, that's too bad. It was quite a show." She picked up a power-whip from a table. "Tell me, Captain Prestiin, do you know what setting Luattir usually sets this to?"

"Level three normally, but for punishments like yours, level five," he replied, puzzled.

Tahiri looked at the power settings on the handle. One through Seven. She put it on level three.

Alema Rar was growing concerned over the direction of the conversation. She yanked uselessly on the durasteel cuffs.

"Well, Captain Prestiin, it looks like you've already had your fun, so you can leave. Me and Alema Rar have a few things to discuss." She slowly walked around the squirming Twi'lek, gently stroking her lekku and ass.

"Tahiri, it was all an act. I didn't really want to whip you. I promise," Alema Rar plead.

Captain Prestiin seemed hesitant to leave Alema Rar alone with Tahiri. On the other hand, Tahiri did have a power-whip, and there were four armed Hapan Marines on her side.

"Thanks for all the fun, Jedi Alema Rar," he said as he grabbed his blaster and walked out the door.

One of the Marines locked the door and Alema Rar became even more alarmed.

"I'm really sorry about whipping you, Tahiri," Alema Rar said quickly, as she struggled with the unforgiving cuffs. "I had to keep up the act for Luattir, so he would trust me!"

Tahiri sat down next to her. "Alema Rar. My dear friend." She lightly rubbed the back of Alema Rar's neck. "I'm such a nice, forgiving person." Alema Rar looked back at her with the beginning of a smile. "I'll just set the power-whip on three."

"Please don't! Please! I'll make it up to you! I'll do anything!"

Tahiri ignored her as she stood up. "Now, I seem to remember that someone or another said that I made too much noise and wanted to gag me."

"Sithspit," Alema Rar muttered, as Tahiri picked up the very same gag that Alema Rar had shoved into Tahiri's mouth the day before yesterday. She stared at the gag as Tahiri brought it to her face. After a moment's hesitation, Alema Rar gave up and opened wide, letting Tahiri strap the synthrubber gag into her mouth.

Without even bother to say anything, Tahiri picked up the padded nerfhide blindfold and put it on the struggling Twi'lek. Smiling with anticipation, Tahiri picked the power-whip back up and walked around to Alema Rar's helpless ass.

Tahiri swung the power-whip with about three-quarters of her strength. Alema Rar howled it pain. Even through the gag, Tahiri could tell the blow had really hurt. Startled, Tahiri turned the power-whip down to level two. She pulled her arm back and swung it again. Alema Rar howled again, not quite as loud as the first time. Tahiri quickly gave her another lick.

Without the Force, gauging how much pain Alema Rar was in was a little tricky. Tahiri knew that she had been whipped a lot harder than the Twi'lek had. Tahiri didn't realize how much pain she had taken. She cut off the power whip and set it down. Alema Rar was crying in agony. Tahiri gently rubbed the welts on her ass and thighs.

Any sympathy Tahiri might have had was lost when she touched the larger and much more painful welts on her own thighs. She turned away from the bench and went to find something else to use on her friend.

After looking over the various implements of pain on the walls, Tahiri found something that intrigued her. It was something she had heard of, but this was the first time she had actually seen one. As matter of fact, Alema Rar herself was where Tahiri had heard about them. Tahiri looked at her escorts. Two men and two women. Tahiri called one of the women over to help her get ready for her next piece of revenge on Alema Rar.

First, Tahiri stripped off the jumpsuit that she was wearing. Now she was only wearing the durasteel harness, collar and cuffs that were welded on. Tahiri picked up the strap-on and held it in place while her assistant buckled the straps behind her. The black synthrubber cock was about 25 centimeters long, and about 5 in diameter.

The bench placed Alema Rar's quivering pussy a little to high for Tahiri to fuck. Conveniently, there was a lever that adjusted the height. Once the Twi'lek's blue snatch was the proper height, Tahiri stepped up and shoved her fake cock in. With one hand, she grabbed the nerfhide strap across her back. With the other, she spanked Alema Rar's ass while she fucked her. Every so often, Tahiri would switch hands.

When Alema Rar was on the verge of orgasm, Tahiri would cruelly pull out and leave her helpless until she calmed down. Time after time Tahiri took her to the edge, and back. On the fifth time, Tahiri impulsively shoved the slick synthrubber cock into her ass.

Alema Rar screamed into the gag, more in shock than in pain. Smiling evilly, Tahiri fucked her fellow Jedi in the ass with her strap-on cock. She gave up spanking her, and grabbed the belt of Alema Rar's harness with both hands, pulling back for leverage.

Tahiri was used to having the Force to tell her when one of her lovers was about to orgasm. She had had to pay careful attention to keep Alema Rar from coming. Tahiri was so into fucking her ass that she was caught by surprise when Alema Rar moaned in orgasm. She shoved her cock in to the hilt and held it. Finally Alema Rar came down from her orgasmic high.

With out bothering to take off the strap-on, Tahiri sat down next to Alema Rar's head. She removed the gag and blindfold from her friend. "Now, Alema Rar, I forgive you," she said soothingly as she caressed her sensitive lekku.

Alema Rar looked up at her, still trying to catch her breath from her orgasm. "No problem babe. By the way, you swing a power-whip like a youngling."

Tahiri's mouth popped open in mock outrage. "You little slut! I turned it down from three to two after the first lick. And I got whipped on level five!"

"Well, you want to see how level seven feels? I've had the experience."

Tahiri winced in sympathy. "No, I think I'll decline the honor."

"Come on, I'll only whip you once," Alema Rar said.

"Forget it, I got to go get this kriffing bomb off me."

"Oh, yeah. Well, if you could unlock me, I'd really appreciate it," Alema Rar said with a smile.

"Well, I guess so," Tahiri replied with a shrug. She unlocked the quick-snap locks on the bench and the two Jedi got dressed. Alema Rar pulled on her too-tight, abbreviated jumpsuit, and Tahiri her too-big one. The only differences in the two were the high heels that Alema Rar was wearing, and the sleeves and pants legs on Tahiri's. With Tahiri's guards in tow, they went to find the imprisoned bomb maker.

After the bomb was disarmed, the two Jedi faced the slow process of getting the durasteel harness, collar and cuffs cut off. It was wonderful being able to feel each other with the Force. While they were lying face down letting the engineers work on the durasteel, Alema Rar asked Tahiri about their lightsabers.

"The Bothan that got mine left the system immediately." She wouldn't use the word bought. "The Hutt that got yours escaped during the battle."

"I guess we'll have to track them down then, won't we," Alema Rar replied, smiling with anticipation.

"I can't wait."

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