Star Wars: Shackled Jedi
Chapter 3
Rating: X

Bethany Handcuff

The next day, Tahiri was awakened by her cell door opening and several guards, including one Mandalorian, coming in. She was still half asleep when they attached the leash to her collar and pulled her out of the bed. The black hood was put on her head and Tahiri was taken out of the cell.

Alema Rar was there when Tahiri's hood was taken off. They were in the kitchens. They next several hours were spent preparing for the feast. To Tahiri's annoyance, she was stuck doing the hard, messy work while the Majordomo sent for Alema Rar.

After Tahiri and the other servants had finished the set up, Alema Rar reappeared, fresh and relaxed. Tahiri was taken to a 'fresher, and to her embarrassment, forced to bathe in front of the guards. She was then reshackled, and taken back to the dinning hall.

Alema Rar was relaxing on a cushion at Luattir's feet when Tahiri shuffled in. They were both taken back to the Kitchen, under guard to wait for the dinner party to start.

By this time, Tahiri was understandably upset with Alema Rar. She tried to talk to the Twi'lek Jedi, but didn't want the guards to hear.

Since the two Jedi's arms were shackled behind their backs, they were each paired up with another slave girl that would take the food and drinks from the tray and actually serve them. Then guests arrived and they began carrying out the appetizers.

When Tahiri first neared the large table, she suddenly stopped, nearing spilling the contents of her tray. Her lightsaber and Alema Rar's were displayed as the centerpieces on the table. Each was held in some kind of forcefield, an equal distance apart from each other and from each end of the table. She quickly regained her composure and carried on.

Tahiri glanced back at Alema Rar, to see her reaction to the lightsabers. She didn't miss a step, but Tahiri saw her eyes turn cold like they did when they were first trapped. When Tahiri looked back at her a few moments later, Alema Rar seemed normal again.

Most of the guests were Hutts. There were also two Humans, a Bothan, a Devaronian, and a Trandoshan present. All had several guards accompanying them. Schliebak's guards were also present, as well as the four Mandalorians. Tahiri and Alema Rar were kept busy the next couple of hours bringing the food. Some of the things on her tray nearly made her retch. Her fellow slaves seemed to have no such problems with the menu.

Tahiri had to endure many appendages touching her. They seemed to prefer feeling her moist snatch, but her ass, tits, and even her hair was also popular. While she endured the attention, Alema Rar seemed to revel it in.

When the guests seemed mostly satisfied with the meal, Schliebak began the auction. At first Tahiri was confused as to exactly what was being auctioned, then she realized that he was selling their lightsabers to the highest bidders.

It was one of the worst experiences of her life. Tahiri was forced to stand idly by while some fat worm sold her lightsaber off. It had taken her months to build it. Most Jedi only ever had one. When a Bothan finally offered the highest price, Schliebak called the former owner to his side.

"Yes, Great Schliebak?" Tahiri asked, trembling.

He sat the lightsaber on her serving tray. "Present Kre'lya with his new property, slave," he replied.

Tahiri stood momentarily frozen. Then she shuffled down the length of the table to where Kre'lya was sitting. Fighting back tears, she bent slightly so he could easily take her prized possession from the tray.

It was like losing a part of herself when he took it. Tahiri silently shuffled back to her place near Schliebak, with her chains rattling.

Alema Rar's lightsaber was auctioned next. Tahiri watched her eyes turn cold yet again. This really worried Tahiri. The fattest of the Hutts (which was saying a lot) was the winner. The Twi'lek Jedi was also forced to present him his new possession.

After auctioning off the lightsabers, Schliebak and his guests retired to a Hutt's favorite relaxation place, the mud pits. The stench was even worse than the food. All the non-Hutts seemed to be fighting to keep their dinner down. The Hutts, on the other hand, were happy to slide down into the fetid mud. A repulsor deck was nearby for the other guests.

Several slaves had to wade into the mud as well, to slather the Hutts with the stuff. Since the Jedi were kept shackled, they stayed on the deck.

Tahiri was taken to the edge of the deck, and told to stay there. She turned and looked out at the mud pits. For the moment she didn't have anything to do. She was still wearing the heels, and her serving tray was still locked on. The loss of her lightsaber was hard. The Bothan had immediately departed with it. He was probably in the next sector by now. Getting captured, losing her lightsaber, even Alema Rar's bizarre behavior had gotten to her.

Someone bumped into her from behind. Chained as she was, Tahiri had no chance of keeping her balance. Luckily the deck was only about half a meter over the mud. Unluckily the mud tasted even worse than it smelled. Shaking with fury, Tahiri spat the mud out. Through her mud-caked bangs, Tahiri looked up to see her fellow Jedi standing on the platform with an amused expression on her face.

"Clumsy bitch! Watch what you're doing!" Tahiri yelled at her.

The amused expression vanished. "Clumsy bitch? You're the one that was stupid enough to stand by the edge!"

Two guards quickly pulled Alema Rar back. She kicked at Tahiri with her shackled feet as they did.

Schliebak's booming laughter rolled across the mud. "If my slaves want to fight, then by all means, they will," he announced.

Tahiri had grown used to doing a few Force relaxation techniques to quickly calm down. Without the Force, she couldn't gain control of her emotions quick enough. "Bring it on," she shouted from the chest deep mud.

Alema Rar seemed to be having similar problems with her emotions. "Anytime, frakking girl!" She spat out.

The Majordomo quickly laid out the rules. Fight till the other one gives up. No eye gouging or permanent injuries. If ordered to stop, stop fighting immediately and back away. The two Jedi followed by the spectators were taken to a shallow area of the pits. The guards freed their wrists, arms and ankles, and removed the trays that were locked to their collars. Tahiri then removed her muddy heels. Alema Rar's were already on the deck.

Keeping their balance in the calf deep mud was tricky with the ysalamir frame still welded on their backs. The spectators started laying out bets. Tahiri Veila, Jedi Knight, was oblivious to the fact that she was about to engage in a naked mud fight with a fellow Jedi for the amusement of a bunch of criminals.

All the resentment that Tahiri had been holding back since the Twi'lek had tried to steal Anakin away on the mission to Myrkr came boiling the surface. She lunged at Alema Rar, trying to tackle her and use her weight to wrestle her down.

The lithe dancer side-stepped and kicked her in the thigh. In the gooey mud, both lost their balance and fell. Tahiri face down, Alema Rar on her back. Tahiri dived again, and landed half on top of her opponent. Alema Rar tried to twist away, but Tahiri grabbed one of her head tails, and pulled it back. Howling in pain, she drove an elbow into Tahiri's solar plexus.

With an ummph, Tahiri lost her grip, and Alema Rar squirmed away, just enough to plant a swift kick to the side of her head. Tahiri fell into the shallow mud face down and Alema Rar landed on top of her. She grabbed the prone girl's hair and held her under. Tahiri slapped vainly at her hands, but the Twi'lek held on. Tahiri switched tactics and reached back, finding a bar on her ysalamir frame. She pulled and Alema Rar fell off, allowing Tahiri to rise and take a much needed breath.

Both grappled for about a minute, with neither gaining an advantage. From her back Tahiri pushed Alema Rar away with both legs. The Twi'lek got up and caught her breath. Tahiri did the same.

A few seconds later, they both attacked. Alema Rar tried to kick her in the knee, but Tahiri dodged and trapped her in a leg lock. Both went down, lost their balance and went down again. Both girls landed on their backs, with Tahiri on top of Alema Rar. Tahiri had kept her grip on the Twi'lek's leg, and was trying to twist her ankle, while Alema Rar was attempting a choke hold while keeping her own head out of the mud.

The ysalamir frame, as well as Tahiri's weight, was making it difficult for Alema Rar to breathe. Her knee and ankle were both killing her from the leg lock Tahiri had on. Her own choke hold was ineffective because of the frame and the wide collar that Tahiri was wearing.

Alema Rar released the choke hold and grabbed Tahiri's left arm. She pulled it back to the ysalamir frame and with the quick-snap lock and the D-ring on Tahiri's cuff, locked her wrist to the frame.

Tahiri muttered a curse when she felt her cuff lock to the frame. She reflexively yanked on the durasteel cuff in vain.

Alema Rar meanwhile got hold of her other arm and tried to pull it to the other snap-lock. She wrapped her legs around Tahiri's waist to hold her in place.

It was a losing struggle. Centimeter by centimeter, Tahiri felt her wrist being pulled closer to the snap-lock. She suddenly stopped trying to pull away and grabbed the frame. Unfortunately the frame and Tahiri's hand were both coated in the slippery mud.

Alema Rar quickly broke her grip and locked her wrist to the ysalamir frame. Ignoring the groan of frustration, Alema Rar leaned close to her ear and whispered to her. "Everything is gonna be OK. Just trust me."

While Tahiri was distracted by the whispered confession, Alema Rar threw her off and climbed to her feet. With a triumphant smile, she took a moment to catch her breath.

The spectators begin exchanging credits. Most seemed disappointed; they must have bet on Tahiri. One female human in particular, seemed especially disgusted. Alema Rar turned back to her shackled opponent. She was on her knees, trying to struggle to her feet. Alema Rar was about to make her submit, when Schliebak shouted, "Enough!"

Experienced in what was expected of a Hutt's slaves after entertainment, Alema Rar turned to Schliebak and bowed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Tahiri following her lead.

"Stand," Luattir instructed them after Schliebak gave permission. Alema Rar had to help Tahiri to her feet. "After we wash the two of you, Jedi Alema Rar will receive her reward for being triumphant." Alema Rar knew that a Hutt's 'reward' was probably not much of one, for her anyway.

The two Jedi were taken out of the mud pits and re-shackled. They were then taken to the kitchen and a small cleaning closet. There they were hosed off with frigid water. Without even being allowed to dry off, the shivering girls were led on leashes back out to the repulsor deck.

The Majordomo welcomed them back, and announced Alema Rar's reward. "The Great Schliebak has proclaimed that for your reward for winning the slave girl mud fight, Alema Rar will have the honor of being auctioned off first."

Tahiri stood in stunned disbelief. She was going to be sold? Like an old speeder? Or broken droid? Alema Rar cursed and Tahiri glanced at her. For the first time since their capture, the Twi'lek was visibly despondent. Tahiri, on the other hand, felt a glimmer of hope. She didn't know what kind of security measures any of the buyers had, but they couldn't be as extensive as the fat one's.

The auction began for one female Twi'lek Jedi with a ysalamir frame welded on her, two additional frames, and three Force suppressing ysalamiri. Special pricing for additional supplies was also included. Tahiri idly wondered if the 'special' prices would be more or less than the regular prices.

The bidding swiftly rose. All the guests seemed to want a slave Jedi. Tahiri did notice that the one Human woman didn't even bother to bid, she just stayed busy on her datapad. One by one, all the other guest dropped out. A Hutt finally bought the Twi'lek for a price that would have bought a small island on an Outer Rim world.

Alema Rar was led to her new owner by her leash and the auction for Tahiri began. She noticed several guards slip away.

The bidding for Tahiri was just as intense. All the guests bid, even Alema Rar's new owner and the Human that hadn't bid on her. After about 10 minutes it was down to the woman and one of the Hutts. The price was already well past what was paid for Alema Rar, which honestly surprised Tahiri.

The human woman bought Tahiri for an outrageous price, nearly half again more than Alema Rar. Tahiri was led to her new owner by her leash. She looked like a veteran spacer, closer to 50 than 40, tall, with dark brown hair. Probably quite attractive in her younger years, still what one might describe as handsome.

The Majordomo accepted payment and passed her a datacard that he said had information on the ysalamiri, the frames, and the slave. Raven, as the Majordomo called her, thanked him and Schliebak for the wonderful time, and departed for her ship, Tahiri following on her leash.

They piled into one of Schliebak's speeder vans for the trip. Tahiri, her 'owner' or soon as I get a chance, victim, Tahiri thought ― her four Human guards, and a driver employed by Schliebak. Trailing them on a speeder bike was one of the Mandalorians. The woman, her guards and Tahiri rode silently. The driver tried to start up a conversation, but the woman was busy reading the datacard Luattir had provided her.

"Ma'am, how much would it cost for some time alone with that pretty little Jedi of yours?" The driver asked as they came to a stop at the landing pad. Tahiri hadn't considered what she would do if her owner tried to turn her into a whore.

The woman looked up and considered the question a moment. "Your life," she replied without a trace of a smile. Tahiri was confused by the answer.

The driver just laughed while they piled out. The woman held Tahiri's leash, but didn't pull on it like everyone else had been doing the last few days. They walked across the landing pad and to a mid-size freighter. The landing ramp was down, and they went up. As soon as the ramp closed, everything changed.

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