Star Wars: Shackled Jedi
Chapter 2
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Bethany Handcuff

Tahiri awoke for the first time without the Force. After a few moments of fear and confusion she remembered where she was. The confusion left, but at least some of the fear stayed. Tahiri struggled to climb out of the bunk and shuffled to the 'fresher. It was so hard to move around with the frame and without the Force. When she finally finished she sat back down on the bunk.

After a few minutes of boredom, Tahiri started idly testing her bonds. Her collar and cuffs were each virtually one continuous loop of durasteel around her limbs. She could barely detect the weld seams. The anklechain was locked firmly to the anklecuffs, so there was no possibility of freedom there. She couldn't see most of the harness, but she did examine the quick-snap locks on the sides of the frame. After making sure she could open the catch, Tahiri gently pushed her left cuff against the corresponding lock on the ysalamir frame.


The lock snapped shut with surprising ease. Even if she accidentally brushed up against it, the lock would snap closed. Deciding that it would be good practice, Tahiri tried to free her cuffed wrist without using her other hand. Even with the added flexibility of having her upper arm free, it was futile. After fifteen minutes she reached over and with one finger easily freed her restrained arm.

About twenty minutes or so later the waist-high slot on the cell door opened. A guard ordered Tahiri to come to the door, turn around hold her hands up to the slot. He reached through and secured her hands to her sides and then opened the cell door. Three more guards and a Mandalorian were there. They secured Tahiri's upper arms to the frame and put the hood back over her head. Then came another long, slow, shackled walk.

They stopped and Tahiri was pushed into a chair and the hood removed. Alema Rar was sitting about a meter away. The Majordomo was in front of her, with the guards spread out to either side.

"Hello again, Jedi slaves," he leered at Alema Rar, who winked back with a suggestive smile. "Tonight the Great Schliebak will be hosting a reception for some very important guests. As a symbol of his power, his Jedi slaves will be the serving girls." He looked at Tahiri, waiting for her to object. When she didn't, he continued. "You'll have to be prepared, and in your case," he nodded to Tahiri, "Trained."

Alema Rar had grown up as a slave, so Tahiri assumed that was why she didn't have to be trained.

"Master, I could probably use a refresher course," Alema Rar told him sweetly. "I wouldn't want to embarrass the Great Schliebak."

"Good point, slave. Better safe than sorry," the Majordomo replied.

Under his supervision, heels about 13cm high were strapped onto the Jedi's feet. A serving tray was attached to the strap around each of their abdomens. Chains ran from the outer corners of the trays to the D-rings on the front of their collars. At this point Tahiri realized that she wouldn't even be allowed to use her hands to serve. She was just a mobile serving tray, no better than a droid or piece of furniture. Well, a droid could probably do more, Tahiri thought with humiliation.

Alema Rar must have realized the same thing, but it didn't seem to bother her. She seemed to be getting back into the life of a slave pretty well.

The Jedi spent a few minutes practicing walking in the heels. Both girls were naturals. Luattir was surprised at how fast they picked it up, especially with the ysalamir frames throwing their balance off.

Next, the guards sat a tall thin glass on each tray, and the girls practiced walking and squatting to give a seated guest easy access to the tray without tipping the glass over. This also proved an easy task, with Tahiri only tipping hers once.

Last of all the two Jedi had to walk and squat while the Majordomo and guards slapped, pinched, and groped the helpless Jedi. This was more challenging for Tahiri, who tipped her glass four more times.

When they finished the Majordomo instructed the guards to take the human slave to the dungeon and place her on the bench for her punishment. It took Tahiri a moment to realize that the 'human slave' was her.

"Punishment!" she shouted. "For what?"

Luattir gave a brief nod to a guard behind Tahiri. Fire lanced across her thighs. Tahiri fell to the ground. She faked being in pain for about ninety seconds this time, and felt a tingle between her legs. The Majordomo walked over and squatted down in front of her. He gently took her chin in his hand and pulled it to face him.

"Never speak out of turn, slave. And never, ever shout at your Masters," he told her in a soothing but firm voice. Tahiri glanced at Alema Rar, who smiled back smugly. What's wrong with her? Tahiri thought. She's acting like she's enjoying me getting whipped for nothing.

"Yes Master," Tahiri replied meekly.

"Now, you'll get an additional punishment. It doesn't matter what for. The Might Schliebak can punish his property anyway he sees fit. For any reason, real or imagined." He paused for a breath. "Now, the guards are going to take you to the dungeon. If I get a bad report, I will be displeased, do you understand?"

"Yes Master," Tahiri replied, after only a brief hesitation.

"Will I get a bad report from the guards?"

Pain meant nothing to Tahiri. She was just biding her time until she found an opportunity to escape. "No Master," she told him.

"Good girl," he replied, with a pat on the head.

As the guards helped Tahiri to her feet visions, of herself decapitating the Devaronian were in her mind. They removed the serving tray as she imagined their severed limbs flying off. The hood was pulled over her head as her partner and friend, Alema Rar, giggled at something Luattir said.

It was another long, slow walk to the dungeon. It was odd not being able to feel what type of floor she was walking on through the bare soles of her feet. The hood wouldn't have bothered her greatly, if she had the Force. With the ysalamir strapped to her back, the hood, along with the heels and anklechain, made the simple act of walking a horrifying task. The guard holding her leash kept a steady pull on her collar. With her hands cuffed to the frame, Tahiri had to completely trust her captors. They definitely descended several levels, although the air felt warm and damp the whole time.

Once they arrived, at what she guessed was the dungeon, the guard unclipped the leash from her collar. The chain was unlocked from Tahiri's ankles and her feet were spread wide and secured again. She was pushed forwards and made to lean across a padded bench, about waist high. Her tits pressed against the smooth cold surface; some kind of nerfhide, she guessed. Next her wrists and biceps were freed and pulled up and out over her head. Tahiri felt her wrist shackles being locked to the bench. Her cuffs were even with the end of the cool nerfhide of the bench. Lastly, a wide strap was pulled tight over her hips, holding her tight against the bench.

Tahiri expected the punishment to begin immediately. Instead, she was forced to wait for over an hour shackled in that position. Finally, she heard the doorway open and the Majordomo's voice. Only then did the guard take the hood off her head. Tahiri looked back and was shocked to see Alema Rar at Luattir's side. She whispered into his ear and giggled when she spotted Tahiri looking.

While he was still looking at Alema Rar, Luattir nonchalantly gestured to a guard and he lashed out. Both Tahiri's legs felt the fire. This was a much stronger power-whip than before. Tahiri hoped they didn't tear her hamstrings with it.

Another lash and Tahiri screamed again. She kept up the sobbing between strokes. A third lash. By the fourth lash Tahiri had another fire going between her legs. With the fifth lash Tahiri was squirming from arousal. By the seventh Tahiri was screaming to keep from moaning.

"Hey Master Luattir, I have an idea," Tahiri heard Alema Rar say in her sultry voice.

"What is it, my pet?"

"Why don't I give Tahiri her last three licks?"

The first thought that Tahiri had was, How did she know I was only getting ten licks? The second thought was, Why is she volunteering to give them to me? Then it hit her.

The power-whip! Alema Rar is going to use the power-whip to overpower the guards, free me, and escape! The two Mandalorians would have to go first. Then the Majordomo since he could probably call re-enforcements. Then the other five guards.

"Sure you can," Luattir replied easily. "As long as you promise not to go easy on her."

"I won't, Master. She'll get everything she deserves," Alema Rar replied with a smile.

Knowing that Alema Rar was about to get the power-whip, the two Mandalorians took a couple of steps back and adjusted their grips on their blaster carbines. One of the guards found a better defensive position as well. The other four seemed to be trying to get a better view of Tahiri's punishment.

"There is one little problem though, Master," Alema Rar said.

"What's that my dear?"

"All that screaming is distracting. Can I gag her or something?"

Tahiri replayed the words in her mind. How can gagging me be part of her escape plan?

"Absolutely," Luattir told her with a smile. One of the guards retrieved a gag, and another released Alema Rar's wrists and arms. She gave the Majordomo a long hug and kiss before taking the ballgag from the guard and strutting over to Tahiri's bound form, which took some skill since she was still shackled. She knelt down, her face inches from Tahiri's.

"Trust me," she whispered. Then she pushed the black synthrubber ball into Tahiri's mouth and buckled the strap behind her head.

Alema Rar turned to the Majordomo. "Can I blindfold her too, Master?" she asked with a smile. Tahiri was still adjusting to the intruder in her mouth and didn't hear the question. Luattir nodded and a guard tossed Alema Rar a padded nerfhide blindfold. She quickly placed it over the startled Tahiri's eyes and secured it. Tahiri was now shackled, blind and mute.

Alema got in position and turned the power-whip on. She reared back and swung the whip towards her friend's ass.

The eighth lash was worse than the first seven. It hit her right at the top of her thighs. Tahiri was so shocked that her friend had actually hit her with the cruel power-whip that she forgot to suppress the pain of the next blow.

Tahiri genuinely screamed into the gag. She pulled with all her strength against the unforgiving shackles. Her pussy juice was leaking down the insides of the thighs. By chance or intent, the last lash landed directly on Tahiri's wet cunt lips. Arching her back against the ysalamir frame, Tahiri orgasmed from the pain. She gave a long scream into the gag, which was barely heard by the guards.

Still coming down from the mind-numbing orgasm, it took Tahiri a few seconds to realize that something was between her legs.

Licking her pussy, to be more precise. Tahiri tried to squirm away from the unknown tongue, but the strap across her hips kept her in place. It was a talented tongue. Soon Tahiri was trying to squirm into the tongue.

A second orgasm was well on its way. The tongue definitely wasn't human. Tahiri felt her ballgag being unbuckled. It popped out and she moaned loudly. Something else was pushed past her lips. She opened her mouth and the cock went in.

Hands grabbed each side of her head as the cock thrust in and out. Luckily it wasn't very big. Only about a decimeter long by her estimation, and thin.

The magic tongue was still hard at work. The little dick in her mouth shot its load after only a couple of minutes. Tahiri nearly choked on the cum there was so much. It came, and came, and came some more. Her chin and the bench were covered with the stuff. She had swallowed all she could, just to keep breathing.

The cock pulled out just in time for Tahiri to scream with her second orgasm. The gifted tongue stayed busy, giving Tahiri the maximum amount of pleasure possible. Finally, it pulled out of her dripping snatch.

A few moments later Tahiri's blindfold was removed. She blinked several times and looked into the grinning face of Alema Rar.

"Now wasn't that fun?" The Twi'lek said with a roguish smile. While Tahiri was still processing that, Alema Rar leaned in and gave her a long open-mouthed kiss.

Tahiri was shocked by the kiss. She was doubly shocked to taste her own juices in Alema Rar's mouth. She was the one that had been eating her pussy!

Not that the Twi'lek hadn't made it clear over the years that gender, not to mention species, meant nothing to her when it came to the pleasures of the flesh.

During the Yuuzhan Vong war Alema Rar's reputation was legendary. She was known to do ANYTHING, and anyone, to reward troops for a job well done. When the 'C' Company of the 2551st, with 200 members, ambushed and destroyed an entire battalion of Vong, Alema Rar attempted to fuck the entire company. She was over half way through them when a Vong counterattack interrupted the whole thing.

Alema Rar licked her lips after the kiss. On the Majordomo's orders, Tahiri was released from the bench and re-cuffed. Alema Rar was also secured. The hoods were placed back over the Jedi's heads and Tahiri was taken back to her cell.

Once in her cell, Tahiri's hood was removed. Her wrists and arms were left cuffed, and the high heels were still strapped on her feet, not to mention the various sex juices drying on her face and pussy. Laughter was the answer to her complaints. After a while, the lower flap opened and a wide bowl was pushed through. Tahiri was starving. She pulled on the shackles in vain.

"Hey! I'm still chained up in here. How am I supposed to eat?"

"With your mouth, Jedi!" Came the reply through the cell door.

Groaning in frustration, Tahiri got on her knees and leaned over the bowl. She couldn't even tell what this stuff was. It looked like some kind of brownish-red gruel. Feeling like she was an animal, Tahiri begin eating the unidentifiable substance.

The stuff was on Tahiri's nose and face and in her hair when she was done. Since she was shackled, she was unable to clean it off. When the guard came to get the bowl, Tahiri meekly asked him if he could wipe off her face. After making her ask again, he opened the top flap and cleaned off her face and hair with a wet cloth.

She practically had to beg him to convince him to wipe the drying cum off her pussy, but when he did he grabbed her harness with one hand while he turned the wipe into a full blown fingering session. By the time Tahiri squirmed away she was thoroughly cleaned down there.

When she asked him to unlock her, he just laughed and slammed the flap shut. Softly cursing him in frustration, Tahiri went to use the tiny 'fresher. It took a bit of time shackled like she was. With nothing else to do she lay down on the bunk and, after a while, drifted off to sleep.

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