Star Wars: Shackled Jedi
Chapter 1
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Bethany Handcuff

Author's Note: This is a sequel of sorts to Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage I have some more stories about Jedi Alema Rar planned. Please let me know if you like my story.

Pirates have been attacking trading ships belonging to the Hapes Consortium and enslaving crew members. Tenel Ka, Jedi Knight and Queen of the Hapes Consortium, believes that a Hutt named Schliebak is behind the attacks. She has asked her friends and fellow Jedi, Alema Rar and Tahiri Veila, to investigate the matter ...

"Why do I have to wear a collar?" Tahiri complained.

"I told you, it's to protect you from being choked," Alema Rar replied.

Tahiri recalled her recent bad experience with a collar. While visiting their mutual friend Tenel Ka on Hapes, Tahiri had been tricked into wearing a collar that caused intense pain when the wearer tried to use the Force. That wasn't necessarily the problem.

Due to her brainwashing and torture when she was a captive of the Yuuzhan Vong, Tahiri had secretly developed a love of pain, but not to the degree that the collar produced. Hapan traitors had used the collar to briefly capture her. Even with her incredible resistance to pain, Tahiri was barely able to save herself and Tenel Ka, ending the attempted coup.

The collar that Alema Rar wanted her to wear had no devious surprises like the Hapan one. It was about 5cm wide, with a double row of 3cm spikes completely around the outside. Alema Rar was wearing one just like it. Tahiri meekly let her lock the collar on her neck.

"So what about the cuffs?" Tahiri asked, holding up the matching spiked cuff that was on one of her wrists.

"Those are so no one can put stun cuffs on you." She glanced at the controls for a moment then continued, "Plus, they just go with the collar."

Tahiri started to ask another question, but Alema Rar cut her off. "And before you ask about the jumpsuit, if you're gonna be my partner, you have to dress the part. Those ol' Jedi robes the rest of them wear are just disgusting. I don't know why you would give up the inherent advantage of having a hot body by hiding it inside one of those things. I mean, it's OK for some of the ugly ones, or old. But not for a goddess such as myself."

Tahiri was taken aback by her speech. She was born on Tatooine, then went straight to the Jedi Academy when she was nine. Tahiri had no idea that the female body could be considered such a weapon. All the other Jedi wore robes, so she did too. The jumpsuit that Alema Rar had given her was about as far from the traditional thick brown Jedi robes as the jungle moon of Yavin 4 was from the desert world of Tatooine.

While Tahiri considered this, Alema Rar was busy landing the ship in Schliebak the Hutt's spaceport. Just before they emerged from the ship, Alema Rar whispered to her, "Just follow my lead." Tahiri was instantly apprehensive about the just follow my lead ambush, but it was too late to discuss it.

Waiting for them at the foot of the ramp was Schliebak's Majordomo, a fat Devaronian named Luattir with a long jagged scar down the right side of his neck. Accompanying him were eight guards. Three Humans, two Weequays, a Whiphid, a Gotal, and a hulking Togorian. Tahiri spotted another dozen or so of various species concealed farther back. Oddly, she saw no Gamorreans. Several of the nearer thugs were openly and lustfully staring at the two Jedi.

There was quite a bit to stare at, Tahiri had to admit. Both Alema Rar and herself were wearing skin-tight black jumpsuits that were open down to their navels. On their feet were black mid-heeled boots that came up to just below the knee. Alema Rar had to spend some time convincing Tahiri to wear the boots, which were just painful enough to cause a bit of pleasure for Tahiri. The only color in the outfits were the chrome spiked collar, wrist-cuffs, and magnetic belts that adorned the Jedi. Their lightsabers were secure at their sides. Tahiri perceived a tingle of pleasure from Alema Rar from all the attention

"Greetings Jedi. I am the Great Schliebak's Majordomo, Luattir. Welcome to Spraikela."

Before he could continue, Alema Rar strolled seductively down the ramp, and right up next to the Devaronian. She wrapped an arm around his waist and put the other hand on his chest. "Thank you soooo much. Me and Tahiri really need to speak with Schliebak. We'll just be a minute. We promise." She turned to Tahiri. "Isn't that right, Tahiri?" she said while nodding at her.

Tahiri was momentarily dumbfounded by the Twi'lek's seductive act. She quickly recovered and said, "Oh yeah. Just a couple of minutes. We'll be out before you know it."

Alema Rar ran a finger down Luattir's chest. He tore his attention away from her and back to Tahiri. "Um, the, uh, Great Schliebak is uh, indisposed at the moment. Perhaps if you would like to tell me why you need to see him, I can deliver a message," he stammered out, while looking back and forth between the two Jedi.

Tahiri sensed that he was just fishing for information. Schliebak was waiting for them. Luattir had been instructed to take them to him.

Alema Rar leaned in closer to him. "I can't do that, but if you take me too him, I'll personally reward you for your effort." She was practically in his pocket by this point.

"Fi ... Fine, but I need you to leave your lightsabers on your ship," he told them as he groped Alema Rar's ass.

She and Tahiri exchanged a quick glance. Schliebak hadn't ordered him to say that. It was his own idea. "We can't do that, sweety," Alema Rar cooed into his ear. "It's like a part of us. We promise we won't cut anything off anybody."

"She's right. We won't even pull them out," Tahiri quickly agreed, adding her own mental coercion to Alema Rar's.

"Well, alright, if you give your word not to use them."

The two girls nodded their consent.

Alema Rar stayed glued to Luattir while Tahiri secured the ship. The eight guards formed a loose circle around the two Jedi and the Majordomo and escorted them to the Hutt's throne room.

Tahiri stayed alert for danger, and could sense that, in spite of the slutty act, Alema Rar was on guard as well.

After walking for about five minutes, Tahiri felt her danger sense heighten. She slowed her pace to gain some separation from Alema Rar, and saw the Twi'lek's hand drop down near her lightsaber. The danger was not coming from their guard escort. They were somewhat alert, but no more than they had been all along. Tahiri let her Force presence expand beyond the hallways and rooms they were being led through.

They entered a long hall and Tahiri still could not get a sense of the direction of the danger. The guards still weren't anticipating anything in particular. Suddenly, the floor split down the middle and dropped out from under them.

Just below the floor level, Tahiri was shocked by the Force going blank. Completely blank. Like someone had turned it off.

Ysalamiri! Tahiri thought with dread, just before she hit the new floor several meters below.

Tahiri tried to land with a combat roll, but from so high and without the Force to aid her it didn't turn out so well. She managed to hang on to her lightsaber, and snapped it on as she jumped to her feet, only for her left ankle to almost give way. Tahiri winced in pain but stayed on her feet.

With a glance, Tahiri checked on Alema Rar. She was amazed to discover that the Twi'lek was still holding on to Luattir. Tahiri saw blood running down his neck and heard him gasping for breath.

Alema Rar's left arm was around his throat so tight that the spikes on her wrist cuff were sticking into him. He was over a decimeter taller than the Twi'lek, so she had to pull him down to her level. The hilt of her lightsaber was jammed into his side.

"Freeze, Jedi!" several voices yelled from above them.

Tahiri looked up to see two armor clad Mandalorians on a ledge, pointing blaster rifles at them. Another half-dozen or so guards were spread out to either side. Movement behind her revealed two more Mandalorians and more guards.

"Drop the lightsabers!" one of the Mandalorians ordered them from behind.

Tahiri turned halfway around so neither group would have a clear shot at her back. Alema Rar was doing the same. The Majordomo was still struggling for breath and trying to pull her arm down. Tahiri looked into Alema Rar's eyes and saw a dark coldness in them that was chilling.

"I said drop 'em NOW!" The Mandalorian yelled again. Tahiri thought about trying to grab one of the original guards' blasters, but the nearest ones were all scrambling away.

Before Tahiri could come up with another idea, Alema Rar suddenly released her iron hold on the Majordomo and dropped her lightsaber to the ground. The Devaronian fell to the floor, clutching his throat. Alema Rar gave a brief nod to Tahiri and raised her hands over her head. Her left wrist cuff was still bloody.

Regretfully, Tahiri cut off her lightsaber, dropped it, and held up her hands.

Four more guards came from each end of the hallway. Two of each group had a ysalamir in a frame on their backs.

The four guards that approached Tahiri all had stun batons. The lightsabers were each quickly tossed up to a Mandalorian on the ledge. One of the guards started removing the ysalamir frame from his partner's back. Tahiri was confused until they started strapping it onto her back.

The frame was heavy. Tahiri staggered under the weight. They tried to put stun cuffs onto the Jedi's wrists, but the spiked cuffs got in the way. One of the Mandalorians tossed down some fibercord, and they tied Tahiri and Alema Rar's hands behind their backs. Tahiri winced as the spikes on the cuffs stuck into her arm. The skin-tight jumpsuit she was wearing was just thick enough that the spikes didn't stick all the way through it. The four Mandalorians and about a dozen guards escorted the now bound Jedi to Schliebak's throne room.

Schliebak was only a little over four centuries old, and not that big?for a Hutt. What was even more unusual was the collection of scars he had criss-crossing his body. Tahiri could see several on his head and chest. One looked like someone had thrown acid on him, covering a big part of his left side. They were stopped several meters in front of the raised platform that he was resting on.

"Ah, my new Jedi slaves," Schliebak said with a booming laugh.

"I'm no frakking slave, you fat slug!" Tahiri yelled back at him.

Schliebak gave another booming laugh and made a motion with his hand. One of the guards flicked a short power-whip and hit the back of her thigh. Tahiri screamed and fell to the floor. She overcame the pain in a few seconds, and then faked pain another minute or so. When she judged that she had cried enough, she looked back at the Hutt, still holding her thigh with her tied hands. Tahiri didn't want them to know about her resistance to pain.

The Hutt gave another booming laugh and said, "Foolish Jedi. Soon you'll learn your new place in life." Tahiri bit back another scathing insult. Schliebak barked some orders in Huttese and the two Jedi were taken away.

The group arrived in some kind of workshop, and an old human tech tried to remove the spiked collars and wrist cuffs.

"They can only be taken off with the Force," Alema Rar explained to him. He laughed and brought over a laser cutter. Then he carefully cut the collar and cuffs off of the Jedi. Alema gave Tahiri a conspiratorial wink as he cut her collar off.

Alema Rar was placed in stun cuffs and the ysalamir frame was taken off of Tahiri. "Strip, Jedi," one of the guards ordered. "Take it all off."

"Go frakk yourself," Tahiri replied almost without thought. A guard behind her flicked the power-whip again. It snapped right next to Tahiri's head, just missing her ear. She flinched reflexively.

"Look Jedi, you can take off your clothes, or you can be unconscious and we'll do it for you," the guard said slowly. Tahiri glanced at Alema Rar, who had been forced to her knees by two of the Mandalorians. She nodded, and mouthed the words Trust me to Tahiri.

Reluctantly, Tahiri pulled off the boots and skimpy jumpsuit in front of the leering guards. Once again she wished that Alema Rar had let her wear underwear with the outfit.

Tahiri tried to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands, but a guard ordered her to put them at her side. Two of the guards started putting another ysalamir frame on her back. This one was lighter than the other.

"Hey, what about my clothes?" Tahiri asked.

"This is all you get, Jedi," he replied with a laugh.

The young Human was humiliated by the thought that she wouldn't be allowed to wear anything. She thought about trying to make a run for it, but knew that she couldn't with the ysalamir frame, even as light as it was. Tahiri was further dismayed when the guards pushed her to the worker, who stood waiting with a heatless laser welder.

Tahiri was forced to stand idly while he welded the first durasteel strap of the harness onto her hips, which supported most of the weight of the ysalamir frame. Another strap went tightly around her abdomen. A pair of straps was also welded in place just above and just below her breasts. The last strap was welded vertically to the four other straps, and ran between her tits. The frame and straps were designed to be a little flexible, so Tahiri didn't have to be completely immobile.

Next they forced Tahiri to her knees and strapped her forearm and hand down. Her wrist was over an opening on the anvil. The welder fastened a durasteel manacle around her wrist and welded it into place. Then, to Tahiri's surprise, they pulled her arm forward and welded another shackle tightly around her bicep. The process was repeated with her other wrist and arm, then she had to lie on her back and lay each of her ankles over the anvil to be shackled.

Last of all Tahiri was forced to kneel with her head down so he could weld a collar around her neck. The wrist, ankle and bicep cuffs each had a small D-ring welded to them, to make it easier to attach the captive Jedi's limbs in place. The collar had a larger D-ring on the front, as well as another one at the back of Tahiri's neck.

The guards pulled Tahiri's hands to her sides and her wrists and biceps were locked to the ysalamir frame. Small quick-snap locks were part of the frame. This made it easy to lock her cuffs to the frame. Then she was moved to the side and forced to kneel again with two of the Mandalorians standing over her. This 'slave' outfit is going to be hard to get used to, Tahiri thought to herself.

Alema Rar was pulled to her feet and her stun cuffs and ysalamir frame taken off.

"Strip, slave," the guard commanded her.

The lithe Twi'lek didn't have to be told twice. Alema Rar took the simple act of undressing and turned it into a sex act. Even Tahiri was almost mesmerized by her slow, sensual strip show. The Mandalorians didn't seem to be affected, but who knew what was going on under that armor.

While the guards strapped the ysalamir on her and it was welded it into place, Alema Rar flirted like, well, like a Twi'lek slave girl. She was still smiling seductively when the old man welded the cuffs and collar on her. Alema Rar even thanked him for her new jewelry with a slow, open-mouthed kiss.

The Majordomo Luattir came in, and put a stop to the extended thank you. He had a thick bandage on his throat.

"Jedi Bitch!" he rasped at Alema Rar when she finally turned away from the welder.

"I'm really sorry about that, Master. If there's anyway at all I can make it up to you, just let me know." She licked her lips slowly. "I'll do anything you want me too," she added. One of the Mandalorians was holding her back from walking to him.

The Majordomo looked her over a moment, as if judging her sincerity. "The Great Schliebak chose not to inform me of his true intentions for the Jedi. However, he has instructed me to tell you," he looked directly at the two Jedi. "That the ysalamir frames have a small amount of explosives built in." He let the words sink in for a moment. "They can be set off by remote or by proximity. If you escape, you die. If you cause problems, or if someone attempts to rescue you, you die. Do you understand?"

Tahiri was dismayed by the precautions. Alema Rar had no such worries. "Yes Master. We'll be good girls. We promise." She glanced over to the scowling Tahiri. "Won't we be good girls, Tahiri?" She asked.

Since she didn't see any other options at the time, Tahiri agreed to be a good girl.

"Excellent. Now you'll be taken to your cells for a while. Oh, and one more thing, please don't insult us by trying to disarm the bombs. They are tamper-proof."

Alema Rar's arms were locked to the ysalamir frame like Tahiri's. The guards hauled Tahiri to her feet. They attached a chain about half-a-meter long to the Jedi's ankle cuffs. Then a thick black hood was pulled over each of their heads. Tahiri felt them snap something onto the front of her collar and a tug from it.

Walking blindfolded, with a heavy pack and ankle cuffed was very difficult. Luckily there was a guard on either side of Tahiri that kept her from falling several times. After what seemed like an eternity they arrived at the cell.

Tahiri was pushed against a wall. A guard told her, "This cell is monitored at all times. If you tamper with anything, especially the ysalamir, we will do bad things to you. Very bad things. Oh, and in case you were thinking of killing the ysalamir and having your precious Force back, forget it. The bomb will explode immediately. More are around the outside of the cell anyway."

They released Tahiri's hands, and pulled the hood off as they backed out of the cell. Tahiri turned in time to see the door slam shut and heard the lock click into place. She started to walk over to the cell's bunk and almost tripped. Her ankles were still shackled. She shuffled over and sat down.

Tahiri had hoped that Alema Rar would have been here, but for all Tahiri knew she could be in the next cell or off planet by now. For the first time since getting captured, Tahiri had a chance to ponder her current situation.

She was imprisoned and stripped of the Force. Any escape or rescue attempt would probably result in a quick death. When had Schliebak started working with Mandalorians? Tenel Ka is going to have some explaining to do when I get out of here, Tahiri thought.

The cell had a small refresher station in one corner and the bunk in another. The door had a rectangular slot, about the right size for a tray, at waist height, and another at the bottom. Tahiri laid down on the bunk, which had a depression just right for the ysalamir frame built in.

Jedi can use the Force to rejuvenate themselves and stay awake for days at a time. Without the Force, the stress of the day and weight of the frame caught up with Tahiri. About 15 minutes after lying down, she was asleep.

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