Senatorial Oversight
Rating: PG

Author’s Note: Kyp has Tea with Viqi — Done for the TFN Crack!Ship roulette, this time starring Kyp Durron & Viqi Shesh.

Kyp Durron flickers out of hyperspace into the Coruscant Controlled Zone. A frown crosses his features as he thinks about what has brought him here, as he remembers that having to come all this way means having to listen to Luke drone on about how wrong he is, how his actions are drawing him closer to the Dark Side.

He sighs as his fighter slides into a landing spot in the Jedi Temple's hanger bay, and quickly goes through his shutdown checklist. His dark eyes scan the hanger looking for any sign of someone waiting for him.

He lets out a short growl of frustration as he sees who it is. Popping the hatch he propels himself from the cockpit, landing next to Corran Horn. "Is it over yet?"

Corran looks at him oddly. "Just waiting for you, I'll let Master Skywalker know you've arrived."

Kyp watches the older man walk away, and starts towards the meeting room, hoping that today is the day that Anakin Solo would start listening to what he has to say. As he nears the room, he notices Corran and Luke standing around talking in an office further down the hall and shaking his head enters the room, and takes a position near the front.

Hours later finds him in the quarters he keeps on Coruscant, rubbing the bridge of his nose trying to get rid of the tension headache caused by the Jedi meeting. A beeping noise on his console attracts his attention and he goes over to it and presses a button, pulling up the message. As his dark eyes scan the message, he frowns at it for a second and then as he reads who it's from quirks an eyebrow, suddenly very, very intrigued. Typing a brief reply, confirming that he'll show up, he sends it and then goes into the refresher to get cleaned up.

His flight to the Senate building is fast and reckless and he is out of the speeder as soon as he lands it. Walking as calmly as possible, he arrives at his destination, and knocks on the door. The melodious voice biding him enters attracts his ear, and as he walks in, he sees someone beautiful.

The woman behind the desk smiles at him, a bright charming smile, and though it moves Kyp on a physical level, in the Force he can feel just how fake it is. Bowing slightly at the waist, he straightens and returns the smile. "Good afternoon, Senator Shesh."

She stands and walks to a closed door, opening it and gesturing for Kyp to enter the second room. "Master Durron, how nice of you to join me."

"It is my pleasure, Milady."

He walks into the second room, noting a couple more doors, and a small luncheon set up for two. Her voice is smoky from behind him. "I do hope you will be able to join me for a meal."

He pulls a chair out for her, seating her and then takes the seat across from her. "Senator Shesh, I am not entirely clear why you asked me here."

She smiles at him, and bats her eyelashes. "I want to hear of your exploits against the Vong, Master Jedi."

Kyp smiles and tells her, of the missions they have done, the tactics they use, and even the new ideas for bypassing their defenses being bantered about among his squadron and similar units out on the Outer Rim.

As he finishes his tale, the senator smiles at him, and stands. Kyp being mindful of proper etiquette stands as well; his eyes narrow as he watches her walk around the table and close to him. Inhaling deeply, he can smell the woody scent that she wears.

She leans close to him, invading his personal space, her lips barely brushing his as she speaks. "Thank you for your time Master Jedi, but must you leave so soon?"

Then she is kissing him, drawing him forward into one of the other rooms, even as she shrugs out of her robes of state. Kyp knows that what he is about to do is not a wise move; it is not a smart move. It is merely the physical coupling of two animals, and as he was taught he is more than just an animal, but as the senator showers her kisses on him, he is unable to think of that, he is unable to care.

* * * * *

Later Viqi Shesh stands over the sleeping body of the Jedi. She smirks at him, as she thinks he is mildly attractive, the uncontrolled power he wields an unnatural attraction for her. She shakes her head, thinking he was a useful distraction, and smiles at the knowledge she has gained. She wonders to herself if she'll ever get the chance to seduce him again. Then with a shrug of the shoulders decides it doesn't matter.

Leaving the rooms where he still slept, she walks to her private quarters, and grabs the leathery ball, stroking it until the scarred visage of a Yuuzhan Vong appears. She hides the grimace of disgust she feels for how the Vong looks.

"Report, Infidel."

Viqi smiles at the Vong and begins telling everything that she has learned from the Jedi.

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