Rogue Hazing
Rating: PG-13

Bethany Handcuff

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During the Yuuzhan Vong War ...

Jaina wasn't surprised to find out that a little 'hazing' was part of joining Rogue Squadron—even in the middle of a war. She was surprised by the nature of the hazing, though. After spending her first day amenably running errands and fetching caf for her squadron mates, they had ordered her to a little used storage room. Then they told her that it was a Rogue Squadron tradition that every member of the squadron got to paddle new members.

The number of licks was determined by the number of kills the member had. Fortunately for Jaina, the Squadron commander, Colonel Darklighter, didn't participate. Neither did Majors Forge or Varth. Unfortunately for her, the other members insisted on dividing the senior officers kills amongst themselves, and delivering the licks to their new skygirl.

Of course, this being the extremely skilled Rogue Squadron, Jaina wasn't expected to take all several hundred licks at once. She could have them split up over as many days as she wanted. Until she received all of her licks, she was a probationary member of the Squadron, though, and would have to run errands and stuff for the others. The good news was that any kills Jaina accumulated during her probationary period would subtract ten licks from her total.

As her wingman, it was Anni Capstan's responsibility to prepare Jaina for her first paddling. When Jaina had arrived at the storage room, Flight Offficer Capstan had ordered her to strip down to her black body stocking. Then Anni produced a black nerfhide collar about five centimeters wide with ROGUE SQUADRON in white lettering around it. The Rogue Squadron Crest was on the maglock of the collar. Jaina blushed with embarrassment as she wrapped it around her neck. Then she hoped up onto a cargo container to await her squadron mates.

Later that night ...

Jaina's ass felt like it was on fire as she walked towards her quarters. When her squadron mates had arrived in the storage room, Anni had informed her that she could be paddled bare-bottom if she chose to, and any licks she received would count double. Jaina couldn't imagine being paddled naked, so she declined, and took her paddling through her body stocking. Several of the guys seemed disappointed, but the squadron took turns giving her a total of fifty licks on her ass with the paddle. Even her wingman and room mate, Anni, had given her some.

After the paddling, they had informed her that until she received all of her licks she had to wear the collar at all times. Any of them could demand to see it at anytime, and if she wasn't wearing it, she would have to receive another dozen licks. She even had to wear it underneath her flight suit on missions. While she was on her probationary period, she was also at the beck at call of all of her squadron mates.

Jaina walked into her room's compact 'fresher to clean herself up for bed. She looked at the collar in the mirror for a few moments, then reached up and took it off. It was weird, she actually kind of missed it. A few minutes later, Jaina walked out of the 'fresher, carrying her collar.

“That'll be a dozen more licks,” Anni told her with a smile as she lounged on her bunk.

“What!?” Jaina responded in confusion.

“You're not wearing your collar, so that's another dozen licks,” Anni explained with a smile.

“I have to wear it in my room?” Jaina asked incredulously.

“If a member of Rogue Squadron catches you without your collar, then you get another dozen licks with the paddle. That includes my room, and the 'fresher. Since there isn't a holo emitter in the 'fresher, you'll probably be okay there, unless someone barges in on you. Oh, and I suggest you put it back on unless you want another dozen licks added to your total,” Anni informed her.

Droyk, Jaina thought as she hastily wrapped it back around her neck. “Does that mean I have to sleep in the thing?” she asked as she closed the small maglock.

Anni smiled at her smugly. “Not exactly. If you wait until after I go to sleep, and wake up before I do, then you should be fine. Unless I happen to wake up in the middle of the night for some reason and check, in which case ... ” she said, trailing off.

Jaina grimaced. “Well, I guess I'll have to get used to it,” she said with resignation as she sat down on her own bunk.

The next morning ...

Jaina awoke in her bunk, still sore from her paddling the night before. It had taken her awhile to get to sleep, because of her sore ass and the nerfhide collar around her neck. Anni was still asleep across the small room. Jaina climbed out of her bunk, and stumbled into the 'fresher, still wearing her Rogue Squadron collar.

A few days later ...

Jaina nervously walked into the tattoo parlor. Several of her squadron mates—Lensi, Kivven, and Anni—followed her. Jaina had finally gotten her last paddling the day before, and was now off probation. Well, she was never actually on any sort of probation. Colonel Darklighter, Major Forge and Major Varth pretended not to know about the hazing, but everyone was aware that they knew, and had been hazed themselves when they joined the squadron.

In spite of the fact that Jaina was finished getting hazed, she was still wearing the Rogue Squadron collar underneath her jumpsuit. She had gotten used to wearing it, and even began liking it. Tonight she was going to get her first tattoo—of the Rogue Squadron Crest!

While not all the members of the squadron had one, several of them did. Kivven and Lensi both had it tattooed on their upper arms, under where the crest patch was on their flight suits. Anni's was on her shoulder blade. Jaina still hadn't decided on where she wanted hers, but she had a couple of options in mind.

The tattoo artist was a young, raven-haired human woman named Kerci who was virtually covered with tattoos. Jaina explained what she wanted, and with Kivven and Lensi providing examples, Kerci told Jaina that it wouldn't be a problem at all. Then she asked her where she wanted it, and how big.

“About ten centimeters in diameter,” Jaina replied with a nervous smile.

“Okay, now where do you want it?” Kerci asked again.

Jaina stood silently for a moment. “On my ass,” she replied softly. She could sense the shock from her squadron mates—and the excitement from Lensi and Kivven. She grinned at them as she began stripping off her jumpsuit. They admired her as she did. In a minute or so, Jaina was down to her collar, tank top, thong, and socks. “On my right ass cheek, near the top,” she said as she laid face-down on the table.

“No problem,” the tattoo artist replied with a smile as she approached her with the tattoo gun.

Jaina ran through a Jedi calming exercise as the tattoo gun hit her skin. She wondered what her parents—and Uncle Luke—would think if they ever found out.

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