Pleasure & Pain: Chapter 12 Rating: PG-13

As I drop out of hyperspace, I shut down my Force presence and gaze at the planet. It has not changed since I was last here, I turn on my scanners, and they easily pick up another starship sitting on the planet's surface.

I land a short distance from the other starship, and can't help but smile as I recognize the tree cave.

I briefly entertain thoughts of going in there just to see what I would see, but quickly dispel them. After I complete my small task, I should have a bit of time to do so if I so wish.

I slip down from the X-Wing and begin looking around the area, trying to find their camp site, and not get seen while doing so.

I smile to myself as I find their campsite. They built in the same general location which Yoda's hut use to stand.

I crawl up into one of the spider trees downwind of their camp.

I see the blonde Jedi that is my target sitting in the middle of their camp. She is calmly meditating, unaware of the fate that my presence implied. Of the barabel and wookie, I see nothing.

So I sit there and watch her meditate. I watch and wait for the others to turn up.

After a while the wookie comes rambling up, bellowing a greeting in shryiwook. I smile as I recognize Lowbacca. If my Master had not demanded I not be seen, I would have enjoyed talking to him again.

I stay in my tree and continue waiting.

Finally my patience, which had been wearing thin, pays off. The barabel comes up from the swamps dragging the corpse of some animal. Again it is someone I recognize.

The blonde finally gets up from her position and the three of them begin cleaning and preparing the animal.

I slip out of my tree, and return to the X-Wing for a short nap and to eat one of my rations, confidant in the fact that they'd be awhile cleaning that carcass.

Night falls fast in the swamps, and soon it was fully dark. As it neared midnight I slipped out of my X-Wing and went back to their camp.

As I arrived, I smile as I realize that they are all asleep. I open myself to the Force ever so slightly, and place the wookie and barabel into an even deeper sleep. For the blonde, I send her my memories of killing the nexu, whisperkit, and the brunette.

I watch as she starts to twist and turn on her cot, and then suddenly sits up. Even from my spot in the spider tree I can see her chest heaving. I can feel her fear in the Force. With a smile, I revel in her fear.

I slip out of the tree once again, and beckon to her with the Force, heading towards the X-Wing, towards the tree cave.

I track her with the Force, feeling her fear and confusion as she silently slips through the swamps, coming to me.

As she enters the clearing I turn on the flood lamps of my X-Wing, creating a pool of light. I smile as she is effectively blinded now.

I hear her voice, it's raspy, sandy as she says, "Who's there?"

My answer is the snap-hiss of my lightsaber.

I jump into the pool of light, the lamps to my back.

I see the blonde take a step back and ignite her blue lightsaber.

I smile at the confusion in her voice as she once more asks, "Who are you?"

I lunge towards her, swinging my blade in a fast overhand attack. Her blade is there blocking me, and her foot kicks out catching me in the stomach.

I grab her foot and flip her over.

She lands in a crouch, her blade held ready for an attack.

I laugh.

Once more I can feel the blonde's confusion. I savor it, taste it. Her confusion feels as if she's trying to dredge up some old memory. I smile; her distraction will just make things easier.

I swing my saber and she catches it and pushes it to the side. I step into the first ring and slam my shoulder into her jaw.

I twist my saber sending hers flying.

I spin around, pull the Force to me and slam my fist into her jaw. She drops to the ground with a grunt and her pain blossoms in the Force.

Joy and despair war in my chest.

I kneel beside her and lift her head by her hair. I finally get a good look at her face and am dumbstruck.

I roll her over so I can look closer, and my confusion spirals out of control.

Everything from the shape of her jaw to the three scars of domain Kwaad. The face that is before me is Nethi's. The only difference is this Jedi is older and blonde.

I raise my blade to strike her, to cleave her, but I just shut it down. I sit down beside her and just stare.

As I sit there watching her, she finally starts to stir, coming to. Her eyes pops open, and Nethi's green eyes stare up into mine.

Oddly she is the one who gasps.

Then tears springs to her eyes. "Anakin? But you died. Oh! I've missed you so much! Where have you been? Why are you so young? Why did you attack me?"

I stare dumbfounded, as she springs up and throws her arms around me, not attacking, but hugging. Grasping me tightly to her. Clinging to me with her considerable strength.

I don't know what to do as she bursts out crying. So I reach out with the Force and put her to sleep.

I frown as I decide whether or not to remove the past thirty minutes worth of memories. Turning from her, I decide on leaving them intact.

Then not knowing what else to do, I get back into my X-Wing and begin my preparations to return to Kalkalar 6.

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