Pleasure & Pain: Chapter 11 Rating: PG-13

I feel a mental summons which I want to deny. I am happy and warm in the bed, luxuriating in the feel of the satin of the sheets, and the silk of Nethi's skin.

But the summons is from my Master, so I slip out of bed, gently kissing Nethi's forehead, and once more dress.

I exit my rooms, and feel the summons pulling me across the hall, so I enter the rooms across from my own.

I look around as I realize that these are Lumiya's chambers. They are decorated in reds and black, I glimpse Lumiya in a corner sitting at a large black desk. I look directly at her, and notice the power she seems to exude.

I notice that she is not in her customary shift, but rather a long black robe, clasped at the waist. The desk doesn't have a front, and I can see her long legs as she crosses them, hear the whisper of her robe as it slides off of her legs.

I walk over and kneel before her, then raise my head to look into her eyes. "Milady."

She smiles at me, causing my heart to jump. "Rise my friend."

I stand, and notice that she is playing with the edge of her robe. The movement draws my eyes, and I focus on her hands.

I frown slightly. There was something off with her hands, as if I was expecting there to be something there that wasn't. As if she was supposed to be wearing a ring.

I give my head a slight shake, and focus on her voice, her lips.

"You are to leave for Dagobah, and kill this Jedi for me."

She turns on a hand-held hologram and it is a somewhat blurry image of a young blonde. I look close, the image is really blurry, but the girl appears to be in her mid to late twenties.

"Finding her will not be hard; she will be the only human on Dagobah. There are two other Jedi there, one a wookie the other a barabel. Do not let them see you or know that you are there."

I bow my head. "It will be as you command Milady."

I can feel her pleasure in the Force. "I take it you have been enjoying my first present for you."

I can feel a blush start to color my cheeks. "Yes, Milady."

"Good, user her as you will, she is yours. But I do have another present for you."

I look at her, and she holds out a lightsaber to me. I grasp it and instantly like the design. It is silver and black, with a small d-ring on the side. I activate it and a red blade shoots out.

Smiling I shut down the saber. "Thank you."

Lumiya stands and walks over to me, leans close to me and kisses me. Her smile sends shivers down my spine; her sultry voice gives me goose bumps. "Please don't let me down, serve me, so I can bring you more and more pleasure."

She caresses my cheek and then returns to her desk.

"Now go to your task."

I turn and leave the room.

My first stop is my chambers. Nethi is still where I left her, tangled in the sheets. I smile at the simplicity of her posture, the innocence she exudes while sleeping.

I get my holster and blaster, attach my saber to my belt, and compose a note for Nethi, to let her know that I'm going on a short mission.

I stand and watch her for a moment, my mind flashing back over the past few hours, the time we shared in the bath and in the bed. I have a strong desire to just crawl back into the bed with her, and pull the blankets over my head and hide. Then I feel my Master's impatience, and desire that I should be on my way.

A fleeting memory of pain slides through my body at the thought of her disappointment.

Sighing, I turn from Nethi and leave the room once more.

I go to the armory and get the few things I think I will need for my mission, a couple of spare power packs for the blaster, two or three class-a thermal detonators and a couple of ration packs.

As I walk to the hanger, I realize that I am whistling, happy, eager to complete my task and return to Nethi.

If it wasn't for that dark empty hole where my hopes and dreams used to be, I'd be complete.

I smile as I see a lone X-Wing sitting in the hanger, waiting for me.

I launch glorifying in the feel of flight, the feel of an x-wing. I twist and turn, reveling in the simple pleasure, the feel of understated power which a snub fighter gives.

I laugh at the near ecstasy which flight imparts.

I feel Lumiya's urging once more, and put the fighter on the proper trajectory for Dagobah.

A quick pull of the hyperspace levers and I am off .On my way to Dagobah, still whistling.

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