Mom, Dad, I Want To Be A Mando
Rating: PG

Bethany Handcuff

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“Mom, Dad, I'm thinking about leaving the Jedi Order to become a Mandalorian,” Jaina told her parents.

It was only a couple of weeks since the war, when she had killed the man that had once been her twin brother, Darth Caedus.

“What!?” her Dad replied indignantly. Her mom just raised one eyebrow expectantly. “Why?” Dad asked.

Jaina shrugged. “I just need to get away from everything for awhile,” she explained. “I met some nice people on Mandalore.”

“Look honey, your Mom and I love you very much,” Dad said. “I know that Karen lady has made them out to be a loving, honorable bunch; but trust me, they're just a pack of mercenaries,” he said emphatically. “They just fight for who ever pays 'em the most credits.”

Jaina knew that was pretty much true. “They aren't all like that Dad. Some of them won't fight for certain things, or people, and I don't think Fett was paid to train me,” she replied.

“So a few of them don't work for slavers. Fett's so rich from hunting other beings that he doesn't need the credits. And didn't Goran Beviin do a lot of your training? Wasn't Fett more concerned with his wife that had just got out of carbonite after fifty years or something?”

“Jaina, we really don't want to lose you,” Mom said. “Especially fighting in someone else's war.”

While Jaina knew that it wouldn't be easy to talk to them about this, she hadn't expected these arguments. She had basically expected them to just play the 'loving parents and only child' card. In fact, the Mandos hadn't really trained her a whole lot at all past not stopping the fight until her opponent was dead. She had spent more time doing regular household tasks with Mirta and the others.

“Well, I don't have to fight at all,” Jaina replied.

Dad caught her eye. “If you don't fight with them, then what are you going to do on Mandalore then?”

Jaina hadn't really thought about that. She had actually planned on going on some missions with Goran Beviin. “I'll cook for them, and maybe polish their armor between battles,” she replied earnestly.

Being a Jedi, and her Mom, Leia caught on to the fact that she wasn't serious almost instantly. Dad on the other hand, sat there dumbfounded a couple of seconds. “You little—!” he exclaimed in mock anger, then laughed. Mom chuckled at his reaction.

“Maybe I'll just visit Nal Hutta, and see if one of Jabba's cousins needs a dancer?” Jaina mused.

“Ooo, can I come along?” Mom asked without missing a beat.

“Great, I'll have the place to myself awhile,” Dad added just as quickly, leaning back in his chair with an amused smile. “Maybe I'll call Lando and Luke over and we can have a guys night in,” he added smugly.

Then Mom reached over and slapped his arm.

“OW!” he shouted, rubbing his arm where Mom hit it.

“Nerfherder,” she said with an annoyed smile.

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