Transcript of a Holomemo to My Mechanic and Right Hand Man
Rosie and Susu

The Desk of Simon Greyshade
Senator for the Vorzyd Sector

My Dear and Loyal Mechanic, Gavance

There is no good time for a speeder to break down, but there are some that are worse than others... Itís bad enough that the hunk of junk just had 1,100 megacredits worth of repairs and refits done on it a couple of weeks ago. It decided to start spouting steam on a particularly busy stretch of freeway. And worse! The girlchild was in the speeder with me! Now, we all know how bad that can look if it should become public knowledge that she was in the speeder with me!

I know, I know, you'd told me I need to replace that speeder soon, but it's so hot, so powerful. It's always been my personal favorite. Even so, I didnít expect to have to do it quite this soon! Breaking down on the freeway was pretty scary Ė- again, especially since the girlchild was there too. You canít panic when ones so impressionable are with you or they will panic, too. Thank goodness for comlinks and the senatorial emergency squadron! They are discreet and prompt, that can be said for them. Who knew if my beautiful racer could even be repaired again, as good a mechanic as you are? But even if it could be repaired, I have to admit based on your advice and this latest incident, I no longer have confidence in it Ė- especially for important clients and pleasure trips. I had it hauled to our shop and went looking for a new racer.

I'm sorry to insult you thus. You did a superlative job building the speeder, with its open cockpit and podracer configuration. But since the Jedi "borrowed" it that night, it hasn't been the same. How did they manage to put so many klicks on it?

Anyway, buying a new speeder is more of a challenge than one might think Ė especially under pressure. Of course, I had the girlchild with me, and she is so difficult to impress. And there was the pressure of the salesmen anxious to make the sale and get the commissions. Disgusting! Why is that those without money are so obsessed with it?

So, I want you to go and deal with my choice. Ideally, I know I should have been researching the potential purchase and I should have had a pretty good idea of what I want. No, I didn't bother testdriving any of them. I found myself feeling fortunate to escape from the clutches of the slimy salesmen as it was!

I know it would have been a better idea to take you with me, but I did need to impress the girlchild. I don't know how you do it, but the salesbeings just never seem to intimidate you. They pressured me more, I think because there were people there with their kids with them, can you imagine! I think it's a ploy, myself. When the children get bored and start acting up, they provide the perfect excuse to escape.

Youíll be pleased to know that this story has a happy ending. I think the purchase was a good one, after all. And I'll be staying at the Galaxy Hotel with the girlchild until the sale is completed, so take your time with it, and the repair. I might just donate the old one you built to the Jedi, they seemed to like it so much. Did I tell you that's the fourth time this year they've borrowed it? And always the same two scoundrels! Ah well, I do love the speeder, but its time, as you have said, is past for my purposes. Who better than the Jedi to receive it? Please remove all the "special" modifications before I send it along.

Then again, do hurry along and get it done. The girlchild seems to be greatly impressed with the way I've gone about the incident, and I'm not a young man anymore, eh? She will doubtlessly speak well of me to her grandfather, so the old clunker will have accomplished something for me, after all. Need to keep both sides of this axle greased, with the future being as foggy as it is, and the old man will be very helpful to my ends.

You can reach me at the usual comlink. Try to see if you can get it yellow, which I much prefer to blue, as you know! You know which shades.

Do a good job, Gavance, and I'll double your normal bonuses. My heartfelt thanks, as usual. You are, indeed, a good servant, and a great friend.

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