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Summary: Bored of her life, Scully meets a mysterious man over the Internet, but is he what or who he seems?
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The Lure of Words

Dana Scully picked up the net address that Ellen had given to her earlier that week. "It's a chat room for mature professional singles. I already checked it out, you'll like it."

She had smiled and shaken her head at Ellen's new attempt at saving her from her dull existence. "I don't have the time, Ellen." It was the truth. Between being at work and jetting all over the country, not to mention their occasional trips outside of America, Scully really didn't have the time to sit and chat with a bunch of bored single people.

"Besides," Ellen continued, "you need to talk to someone besides Mulder once in a while. You're starting to sound like him." Her tone mildly disapproving. Scully had laughed outwardly at that but she secretly wondered if it was maybe true. She and Mulder did spend a lot of time together, maybe he was beginning to rub off on her. "No. I refuse to believe I sound as insane as Mulder. And besides we don't really see all that much of each other."

"Dai, your starting to look like each other. I mean slap on a stupid tie and bingo ..." Ellen snapped her fingers with such earnest Scully had actually thought Ellen was expecting her to transform in to her partner of five years.

"Maybe I should just tell him to dye his hair red and get it over with," she retorted. The accompanying visual of Mulder in a skirt and high heels bringing tears of laughter to both their eyes and some strange looks from other dinners.

She still smiled thinking about it. He, on the other hand, had found nothing amusing about it. Not that he had found anything amusing lately. The newest case they were on seemed to be getting to him. And the traveling from state to state trying to track down an elusive man who claimed to have knowledge of the secret experiments that were being done on young children, had made them both irritable. Mulder had been quite convinced that this man may have come in contact with his sister and may know her whereabouts. She had been quite convinced the man was a fraud but without him they had no idea whose theory was correct.

This tension brought on one of their rare fights. In the last five years she could literally count on one hand the number of real fights they had gotten into. But this morning's fight had been a real doozy. She should have expected it, as they were both exhausted when their last lead had proved fruitless and their travel to New Hampshire was in vain.

After Skinner had reamed them out about the lack of evidence they had and the wasting of bureau time and money Mulder had become even more frustrated and she had become a down right bitch. And that was exactly what he had called her, right to her face he had told her she was a damn cold-hearted bitch sometimes. She had spurred out some insults of her own to him, mainly about his obsessions, his *videos* and how others thought he was crazy. He had looked at her and told her if she ever wanted to create a band she should call it "Right Said Red," because she always had to be right. No wonder she was single, no man could stand her self righteous attitude. With that she had raised her hand with the full intention of slugging him, but when she saw the shock in his eyes, partly from her holding up a fist but partly because of what he'd just said, she instantly felt ashamed. They had made up and both agreed that they should take the rest of the afternoon off.

That afternoon of had turned into four days as the worst flu she had had in years had kept her in bed. Mulder had stopped by to see how she was earlier and was pleased to see she was up and around and looking a bit better. She felt a bit better and had actually been able to do some work for Mulder at home on her computer. After she had gotten the information he wanted she was beginning to feel lonely and a little bored. That's when she picked up the address for the chat room. Turning on her computer she typed in the addresses, the screen came up asking her to choose an online name. Scully wracked her brain for almost half an hour before typing in "Right Said Red," the name Mulder had insisted she use if she ever started a band. The name actually suited her thought as she looked at the new handle on her monitor.

"Okay, Dana, remember do not under any circumstances give your real name, address or phone number," she remembered Ellen telling her earlier that week when she gave her the address. "And especially, do not tell them you work for the FBI. Avoid mentioning Mulder as well. Can you handle that?" Scully vividly remembered the way her friend had raised an eyebrow when asking if she could handle not talking about Mulder. It left her wondering if maybe she didn't talk about him a bit to often. Lord knows she thought about him constantly.

"Okay no mention of work or Mulder. I can handle this."

Much to Scully's dismay, questions about where she worked kept appearing as she entered the already established room. She felt out of place, a feeling she remembered vividly from her childhood as an army brat, forced to move from base to base and never really feeling established.

~I'm a doctor.~ She wasn't lying in any way, she really was a doctor, she told herself.

~So am I. What's your field?~ The person called Mr. Ripper replied.

~Forensic pathology. You?~ she typed carefully.

~Neurology.~ Mr. Ripper replied.

~I'm a geriatrics doctor,~ someone named Ben-gay replied also.

As there were only six people in the room, she got to know pretty much everybody's handle and occupation before she was bombarded with the after dinner crew. She hadn't realized how fast the time had pasted until Mulder knocked on her door on his way home from work.

"Still working hard?" he motioned to the computer.

"Yeah, I was," she quickly disconnected before Mulder could notice that it wasn't work she had been doing on the 'net.

"Do you want to order in some Chinese while we go over these?" Mulder motioned to the stack of files he had laid out on the table. Scully shook her head and politely reminded him that she hadn't held much down and it was better not to push her luck. He watched as she went into the small kitchen and emerged with a plate of leftover tuna casserole, which he took and heated before they settled at her table to review the week's work. Four hours later Mulder stood up and gently removed the open file from Scully's hands, "Get some sleep." He placed a hand on her shoulder gently squeezing.

Scully had intended on going right to bed after Mulder left. She took a long warm shower, then made herself a cup of tea. Her eyes fell on the pile of files still tossed haphazardly on her table. She heard herself utter a groan, "I need a vacation." She tidied up the table then promised herself that she would go to bed now. But on her way into her bedroom she passed the computer. She stood behind the chair eyeing the keyboard in the way addicts eye cigarettes when they know they shouldn't give in to the craving. Sighing, she sat back at her desk, switching the monitor on, "I am an addict."

Her next visits to the chat room were gradually getting more relaxing. She no longer felt as out of place and she was getting to know the group of regulars.

~I saw "Contact" last night. It was pretty cool.~ Ben-gay

~I still liked "Men in Black"~ Mr. Ripper

~"Aliens" is still my favorite creature from outer space movie~ Lawman

~How creditable are those movies really? Firm-Girl

~Why? Do you believe in extraterrestrials?~ Lawman

Scully openly laughed. God this guy sounds like Mulder.

~I have no comment on the issue~ Scully typed in before anyone had a chance to ask her. Suddenly the conversation stopped while another member logged on. Scully didn't recognize the name, but the person was obviously known in this small group. She sat back and waited. "Hunter," she mused wondering what the handle meant.

~Hey. Long time no talk, buddy,~ Tank Lady, the phys-ed teacher, greeted him.

~Its only been four days.~ The new member was obviously well known and everyone greeted him or her.

~We've reeled in a new one this week. And howdy, is she a live one.~ Lawman.

~Must be you, Red. Hi, how are you?~

~Fine.~ Scully typed back, a little stunned that he would address her without hesitation.

~Red is a doctor. Hunter is a cop.~ Firm-girl made the appropriate introductions. Scully understood now the connotations of his name.

~Are you m/f?~ Scully didn't want to assume Hunter was a man.

~M is pretty accurate. You?~ He responded.

~F last time I checked.~ Scully smiled at the Mulderness of her response. She chatted well into the night before signing off.

* * * * * * * * * *

She often wondered what the people she was growing to consider friends were like while not in their private world. Over the past two months she had already come to the conclusion that "Lawman" was a hard-ass lawyer who had no family ties. Funny, she thought, he did remind her of Mulder. She even thought that he may have the same long lean body and boyish face Mulder did. "Tank Lady" was a teacher and private trainer for Olympic gymnastics. Scully pictured her as slender, but slightly masculine. "Firm-girl" was a high profile trader who had two young children. She was well-educated and Scully imagined her being shortish with a friendly but firm face. The elusive "Hunter," who popped in and out of conversations silently since his return from where ever he went, was a tough city cop. She assumed he was tall, muscular with piercing dark eyes. She often wondered if the images that she associated with her friends were that far off from reality. She juggled the idea around, not too sure if she even wanted to know. At least not knowing who they really were gave her a sense of security. She could easily have passed one of them on the street and never have known it. That's what made this chat room so irresistible. Here she was free to be who she was, without needing to prove herself or face discrimination. Scully smiled as she logged out. No one had the slightest clue who she really was. To them she was "Red" who loved Stephen King novels and Shakespeare plays.

"Scully, are you okay?" Mulder leaned in closer to her. She had been slowly fading for the past few hours and he was quite convinced that at any moment she would fall face first onto the stack of files that littered his desk.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said rather unconvincingly as she yawned.

"Why don't you pack this up and we'll go get some dinner," Mulder helped her onto her feet and lead her to his car. Once sitting, she withdrew as he fought the evening traffic.

Scully was tired. It was her own fault though. She had stayed up almost all night chatting with her friends, trying to catch up on lost time. She and Mulder had just returned from Louisiana that previous day. They had followed a lead given to Mulder by some man who believed "they" were among us. Scully had no idea who "they" were, but Mulder had insisted that they go and find "them." One look in Mulder's hope-filled hazel eyes and she boarded the plane without argument.

Mulder had taken it hard when the lead prove fruitlessss and their travels were in vain. Scully's heart had gone out to him, he so wanted to believe, wanted her to believe. She believed in very few things, but she had always believed in him. It had hurt her to see him so upset. It reminded her about how helpless she was.

She couldn't take away his pain, or his anger, or the nightmares that woke him every night. Instead, Scully absorbed these things, made them her own in an attempt to ease his burden. He had become a part of her, a reflection of her soul, so much so that she felt his pain and dreamt his dreams. This was exhausting at times and she often felt emotionally spent. He needed her. He needed her to be strong, to give him strength.

Scully promised herself that she would never let him down. Mulder had been there for her when the world had turned its back on her. She needed him as much as he needed her. She needed his faith, his resolution, his undying need to believe. She reveled in the fact that they shared such a special bond, but at the same time it was also a very big responsibility for both of them.

"You okay?" Mulder turned to her, she had her head turned from him. But once she heard his voice she turned to face him, eyes trained on him. He smiled, knowing that he had caught her daydreaming.

"Fine," she smiled feeling the overwhelming urge to reassure him, to protect him from the thoughts that were going through her mind, "just recovering from the trip." They had gotten in only the night before and once she had unpacked she went directly to her computer. After checking her e-mail she had entered the chat room. Immediately, the conversation stopped as she was welcomed back. She had thanked them, then dove into the conversations. She had missed them and their often zany chatter during her week in Louisiana. She chatted well into the night. Slowly the people left until there was only herself, Tank Lady and Hunter left. She had formed a bond with Tank Lady and e-mailed her when she went out of town.

Hunter, though, remained elusive, not revealing too much of himself until there were only few people there. When it was him, Tank Lady and herself, he was more relaxed, but still not very open. She realized that it was her presence that made him wary. He wasn't sure about her yet but he was outwardly friendly, but not overly. She thought about telling him she was also in law enforcement but decided against it. He didn't need to know she traveled across the states with her conspiracy obsessed partner to chase little green men. "Grey," she corrected herself out loud.

"What?" Mulder took his eyes of the busy road and shot a confused glance at her.

"Nothing," she supressed a giggle.

* * * * * * * * * *

~He's got a nice ass. That's why I went to see it.~ Tank Lady wrote back.

~I agree, but I still think that that's an odd premise to go to a movie for.~ Not that Scully didn't agree that Harrison Ford had a nice ass, but that's not why she had gone to see his new movie.

~Its a great reason to see a movie. If the movie had sucked then I still would have got to spend the next two hours watching him sweat and save the world. Its a win-win situation. Don't you think, Hunter?~

~Well, excuse me for agreeing with Red. HF's butt was not why I saw the movie either.~

Scully laughed out loud at Hunter's unusual display of humor. It wasn't that he was overly serious but he wasn't the one-liner kind of guy.

~Okay, I mean if you were a woman,~ Tank Lady continued.

~I'd have very hairy legs.~

~LOL~ Scully typed in, shaking her head.

~Point taken. Change of subject.~ Tank Lady gave up on trying to get them to understand her movie selection system.

~Okay. Red, how did you get your name, its unusual~

Scully lifted an eyebrow. Hunter had asked a personal question, and it was directed at her. She didn't know why it thrilled her so much, but it did.

~I was told I always need to be right.~

~Answers the "Right" part. What about "Red"?~

Scully smacked her head lightly. "You fool, they can't see you through the computer." She paused before writing her answer. It was a little personal, a bit of her revealed.

~I have red hair.~

~Long/short?~ Hunter pressed.


~Are you fond of redheads, Hunter?~ Tank Lady stepped in.


That's right, don't give anything away. He was very good at that. She wondered if he was always like that. Had anyone ever gotten to know him? She wouldn't mind trying. For some reason, this secretive man intrigued her.

~What about you, Hunter. What color hair?~


HA! she had been right.

~Mine's #308, color vive.~

Scully smiled at Tank Lady's description before adding her next question. ~Eye color?~

~You first,~ came his answer.

~Blue / green.~

~Brown. Occasionally black / blue / purple depending on the week I've had.~

~Brown,~ Tank Lady replied, ~and heavy. I'll sign off now. E-mail tomorrow. Ciao.~

Scully said her good-byes. She was very aware that it was now just her and Hunter in the room now. Usually, she signed off before this happened. She wasn't entirely sure she had anything to say to him.

~Do you like movies, Red?~ Ah, a tension breaker.

~Not my hobby. I like books better.~

~Reading as a hobby?~

~I don't have time for hobbies :-( . You?~

~I don't read much. I like hands on stuff, fixing and building things.~ He was opening up to her, she couldn't believe it.


~Cars, motorbikes, stuff.~

~Stuff's descriptive.~ She didn't want to push but he was initiating conversation with her.

~Can't give away all my secrets. Even to a blue-eyed stubborn red head. ;-)~

They chatted for a little while longer before she had to sign off. He hadn't revealed any more personal things, but she still felt as though she had seen a side of him he didn't share with everyone. "Stop! You're obsessing about a guy you'll never meet!" But that's what makes it exciting, she thought as she crawled into bed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the next few weeks Scully found herself alone on line with Hunter quite often. She had a feeling that Tank Lady had planned it that way. Their talk was easier now. They both seemed to have a lot to talk about when they were by themselves. He opened up to her revealing pieces of himself in rare but intimate moments. He had told her he had lost both parents. She shared with him the loss of her Dad and how horribly she missed him. She always avoided talking about Mulder, which was hard sometimes because he was so much a part of her life. Hunter never mentioned much about his co-workers either.

He did tell her that sometimes what he saw made him ill. She had asked him point blank if that's what made him so wary of new people like herself who invaded his hideout (the chat room). He had taken a moment to answer she assumed it was because he was surprised at the question. He had simply stated ~When I am here no one can hurt me.~

That one sentence had almost made her cry. He had shared with her a rare moment of vulnerability. And it had struck a chord in her that she usually only kept for the few people close to her. After that moment she understood him better. He was much like her. Hiding behind a faceless name where it was safe.

They often chatted long after the others signed off. Mostly their conversations were entertaining, revolving around movies they had seen or events in their lives that were funny or embarrassing. But every once in a while she got a glimpse of the man behind the name. He was strong, loyal and sympathetic, but also hard as nails and obsessively private. He would recall a painful of private moment, sometimes about the wife who died, sometimes about the war he fought in as a teen. Each time he opened up to her with these stories she had felt for him, consoled him. She had a feeling that if he had been right there in the room beside her he never would have told her about them. The only reason he opened up to her was because she was safe to him, just a name. He had given her his online e-mail address, one she knew he had made up just for the people he meet online. It had only the name "Hunter" as her's only said "Red." It was just another way of ensuring their private lives stayed private.

~How was dinner with Friend?~ Scully read the e-mail from Hunter. She hadn't spoken to him for six days because of the crazy hours she and Mulder had been keeping. But she had left a message on his e-mail saying she would be online tonight after her friend's dinner party.

~Okay. I still think it was an elaborate plan to set me up though.~ She replied before stepping out of her long dress. She decided against pulling on her night shirt and left her light slip on. The heat in her apartment almost matched the humidity outside. She was just about to log into the room when the e-mail indicator came on. She quickly opened it.

~Did said friend succeed? Meet me at 11 in room, Hunter.~

Scully had the overwhelming urge to write, "Jealous?" She secretly hoped he would have said yes. She had thought about him every spare minute she had. It took all of her strength not to e-mail him every day just to ensure he didn't forget about her. "Face it girl, you are obsessed," she told herself herself, on the second day she left a quick ~Hope you're having a good day~ memo on his e-mail.

~Maybe. See you @ 11~ There, that was a good answer. Just as soon as she had ensured it had gotten to him, hers had flashed again. This time there was a new address on her screen telling her to meet him there instead. She willingly wrote down the address and let her computer search for it. She was rather surprised when the manifest read that there was only one other person there. Why did he call her here?

~Hi, Red. Did said friend succeed?~

Boy, he seemed interested in this topic of conversation.

~Maybe. Why? Jealous?~


Ahh, he wanted to play this game.

She tried baiting him for a response, silently hoping that he recognized her flirting. She was in a flirty mood after all the wine she had consumed.

~Would you be heartbroken if I told you I hopped a plane to Mexico with him two hours ago and am, at this moment, a married woman?~

~Then I guess he should be the one to be jealous, Red.~


~Because you're here talking to me.~

Chalk one up for this guy, he is good. They avoided anymore mention of her alleged date for the next hour as she described what went on at Ellen's party. She had just finished telling him about the drunken guest that had come on to her friend's coat tree when he interrupted her.

~Tell me about the guy~

~There is no guy. I was just teasing you.~

~I don't like being teased Red.~

Scully had felt a shiver run through her. He had been jealous. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he did something totally unexpected. He asked her what she was wearing.

~What am I wearing? Why?~

~Because I'm nosey and want to know. What are you wearing, Red?~

Scully felt her skin tingle. This was a definite come on. WHAHOOOO!

~A slip.~

~Yes?~ He urged her to go on.

~What?~ She wasn't to sure what he wanted.

~I can't see it. Tell me about it~

Her stomach tightened. What was he doing?

~It's light pink and long.~ She let him lead, not sure where he was going.


~Yes. Very light.~ She felt suddenly very sexy. It must have been the alcohol slowly warming her veins.

~AND?~ He was urging her along still.

~And its sheer, with a slit up the right side. Under it, I'm wearing pink silk panties. Is that what you wanted to know?~



~I bet your beautiful red. I can imagine you sitting there with the silk of your slip hugging your body, your red hair spilling across your shoulders and your big blue eyes reading every word I write. Am I correct?~

Her hand shook slightly, hovering above the keyboard. Is that really how he saw her? Before she had a chance to respond he wrote again.

~I wish I could reach out through this machine and see you.~


~So I have a face to put to the woman I've been dreaming about.~

Scully took a moment to collect her thoughts. He had been dreaming about her. "Oh, God" She murmured out loud.

~Does that upset you, Red?~

Scully had to admit that it had surprised her. She had noticed lately that their conversations had taken a more personal tone. They e-mailed each other often, but she didn't think that maybe he was spending as much time thinking about her as she was about him.

~No. Just a little surprised.~

~You didn't think I dream?~


~Do you?~

"Oh, yes!" Scully avoided writing that immediate response. Need to change topic, Dana. This one is getting a little dangerous.

~Ellen is thinking about having another baby.~

~Ellen? Is she who you dream of? :-(~

Shit. Great Dana, let's use first names.


Good answer. Why don't you just tell him that even though you have no idea what he looks like you spent hours laying in bed thinking of him. Imagining what he would look like, smell like, feel like. Oh God, I need to sign off now.


~I need to go. Bye.~

~Wait! I'm sorry I offended you. Please don't go. I will behave. :_( ~

~I don't want things to get complicated~

~I don't want to lose you.~

Scully didn't respond. Why was she doing this? She had no intention of ever meeting this man. If he wanted to play these games then why shouldn't she go along. Why did she always have to be so uptight. Who would it hurt to tell him she dreamt of him.


~Aren't you curious what I dream about.~

~Why? Is it evil, Red?~


~Then yes. What do you dream about?~


~Excuse me?~

~You, Hunter. I dream of you.~ She bit her lip softly waiting for his next move.

~What do I do in your dreams?~

Oh, you're baiting me are you?

~Probably the same things you dream about. But I'm not sure.I guess you'll have to tell me your dreams so I can compare.~ HA! Nice way to turn the tables. It came naturally to her since she started working with Mulder.

~You want to know what happens in my mind when I'm alone, or lonely. Are you sure you can handle it.I can get a bit carried away.~

~Is that a warning or a challenge Hunter? I assure you, I can handle it.~ At least she hoped she could.

~Well, if you're sure.~

~Yes, now tell me about these dreams you say I'm in.~

~I meet you in some dark mysterious club. Your dressed in black and it's dark, but I can still see you. Your swaying to the rhythm of the music. Something sweet and erotic. Your body movies slowly, unaware that I'm watching you. You run your fingers through your red hair letting it fall back around your naked shoulders. You don't know I'm there, watching you, drinking you in. After a few moments I walk onto the dance floor a few feet away, still watching you, watching the way your body flows. I'm so close now that I could touch you, smell your perfume. I let my hands stroke over your body without making contact. The music is loud and dark and it pulses through my veins. It teases me. It dares me to touch you. The lights create a web of color trapping us there.~

He stopped.

Scully drew in a deep breath closing her eyes to let the images flow through her mind.

"Oh God, this guy is good!" She shivered slightly even through it was one of the hottest nights of the year. "And I think its going to get hotter," she murmured to herself before her fingers slid slowly down over her keypad.

~Is that all?~ she urged.

~I was hoping you could help me finish it.~

What? ~What do you mean?~

~You control it now, Red. My fantasy is in your control. I know how much control means to you.~

Scully's eyes widened. What did he want her to do? He wrote back before she had a chance to ask.

~I'm there, Red. Standing behind you. The club is dark and loud, pulsing through our bodies. Your dancing so close to me I'm sure you can feel my breath on your naked neck. My hands are moving like phantoms over your hips, your back, your hair without touching you. I want to touch you. What do you want me to do?~

Scully felt her stomach tighten in response to the visuals his words were conjuring up. He was seducing her over the 'net. What was worse was he had handed complete control over to her. Did he want her to seduce him? Did he want her to tell him to touch her, to kiss her? Was he asking her permission to think about her like that? Her mind was telling her to stop, to sign off right now and forget about Hunter. But her body, her body was begging her to continue, to tell him to touch her. She gave in to her impulses.

~I want you to touch me~ Oh shit. She said it.

~Are you sure? Do you want me to go on?~

~Yes. We're in the dark club ...~

~I'm going crazy with the need to feel you. I reach out slowly and run my hand softly down your back stopping just above the small curve of it. You tense. I whisper your name against your ear, "Red," and feel you relax. I rest my hand on your hip and bury my face into your slightly sweat dampened hair. I breathe the sweet smell of you into my aching lungs. We start to move together in time as I pull your swaying body lightly against me. I tell you how good it feels to hold you. To feel your body graze against mine. Your head rests back against my shoulder, your red hair lighting a trail of fire down my neck.The music changes, becomes more urgent, pulsing with the blood in my veins. Our bodies melt together in this new passionate rhythm moving slow and sensuously against each other. I pull you tighter wanting to envelope you, devour you. My left hand travels up your bare stomach to rest just below your tight halter top, your skin is so smooth like satin. The other hand falls to rest on the waist of your silk skirt. I feel your breath catch as I stroke your naval with my thumb. Now the music is louder, making my heart pound. Your fragrance seeps into my blood as my lips gently touch your ear. I whisper, "I want to kiss you."~

The writing stops. Dana closes her eyes once more trying to put visuals to his ...? Seduction? If this was an attempt at seduction it was working quite well. She could feel the tension in her stomach, the way it throbbed right down into her groin. She was aroused. He was turning her on without touching her. She was growing impatient waiting for him to continue. After another minute passed she realized he wanted her to ask him to kiss her, he still was giving her the control.

~Are you going to kiss her? I mean, me?~

~Do you want me to Red?~

~I want you~ She paused before adding ~to~

~The music is almost frantic, matching my desire. I turn you around, holding you at arms length and for the first time really look at you. You're beautiful. My eyes travel down your face, your red lips, your neck and shoulders, breasts and hips right down to your feet. I softly trace the patterns of light on your arms, lightly, letting my thumbs travel down the soft flesh to your wrists. Then I gently raise one, my eyes never leaving the whirlpool of yours, and bring it to my lips, kissing it tenderly before running my tongue over the sensitive spot at the base of your hand. You shudder then release a sigh that travels through every inch of me. Your eyes flutter closed as I repeat the action on the other one. I then trail kisses up it pulling you closer and closer to me. Finally your body is once again against mine. I can feel your hip bone brush lightly against me as I wrap my arm tightly around your waist. Your mouth is slightly open and I feel your intoxicatingly warm breath against my wrist as I reach out to touch your face. You move your cheek against my palm sending shivers to my very core. I can feel the damp air tickle my lips as my face inches closer to yours. Slowly, slowly I lower myself until I feel your lips graze against mine. The music is hard and fast, the lights a hot red as my tongue glides across your open mouth. I take one lip gently between my teeth, tasting it's sweetness, before moving inside. Your mouth tastes like hot satin, your tongue flows against mine like liquid fire. I want you. I want to devour you, consume you, taste the moans that escape your throat as I pull you tight against me again. I feel every part of your body responding to my urgency. Your skin feels like hot velvet as I run my fingers down your neck to trace your collarbone. I rest my hand there as my other one cups the rounded flesh of your ass and pushes you securely against my body, showing you the fire that you have created there. You stroke my chest through my light shirt while you cup the back of my neck pulling me harder into your mouth. Our bodies sway, every movement setting off a new spark of passion. I finally break away. Taking your hand I lead you to the darkest corner of the dark club. There I pull you onto my lap. Your arms wrap securely around my neck as you push your body against mine. I can feel your breasts through your shirt as they rub over my chest. My hand travels down you before stopping on your thigh. I caress your leg stopping periodically to fondle the silk hem of your skirt. Working up the nerve I slide my hand under. I hesitate waiting for your response, my hand resting on the warm flesh of your upper thigh. I whisper against your throat.~

~Do you want me to continue?~

Scully wasn't sure whether or not he was really talking to her. After a few moments she knew he was. And she knew what her answer would be. She didn't want him to stop, but at the same time she felt an incredible wave of shame pass over her. She knew her desire was becoming almost unbearable, but she was too embarrassed of her feelings to give herself any kind of release. At least not while he was there. "No, he can't see me. I'm okay. This is okay. I'm being stupid." Then why does it feel like he is in this room with me? She had been feeling his presence all night even through she knew it was impossible. Or was it? Either way there was no way she wanted him to stop, shame or no shame she wanted him.

~Yes. Please.~

~My body is on fire. I can hardly control my desire. I want you so bad. My hand trembles as I reach up to cup your breast passing my thumb over the firm nipple. I feel you moan, the sound sends shivers straight into my groin. My touch isn't as gentle as I continue to tease you through your shirt. Your body rocks slowly against me letting me know what you want me to do. I oblige willingly, sliding my hand beneath the hem of your skirt. The material is cool against the back of my hand in a sharp contrast to the warm flesh travelling under my palm. Your skin erupts into goosebumps under my fingers as they stroke your hip bone. The music is furious as my thumb moves forward finding the hidden silk between your thighs. Your body arches giving my lips full access to your neck. My thumb pushes softly against the warm fabric before travelling in long teasing strokes. You feel moist from sweat and excitement. I trace small slow circles over you. Daringly I slip my hand inside the flimsy material giving myself full access to the point of your arousal.~

~What happens next Red?~

Scully ran her tongue over her dry lips. She had actually believed for a moment they were there. She was sitting on his lap in a dark, loud corner and he was touching her. She realized that the hand was her own, but he was still controlling it as much as she was. She made a daring decision.

~I want to touch you.~


~Yes. That would turn me on.~ She might as well pull out all the stops.

~Then you touch me. Your hand slips from around my neck and slides sensuously down my stomach leaving a trail of goosebumps. You come to rest on my lap, letting your hand cover me through my jeans. My body shifts to give you better access to the hardened flesh there. You tease me with light strokes, cupping me gently until I moan with pleasure and anticipation. Lowering my zipper you slid your hand inside. At the same time my exploration continues. I gently stroke the damp curls putting mild pressure on the skin beneath. Your moans urge me on. My fingers separate the warm damp flesh reveling in their softness and moist texture. Your body tenses under the gentle strokes I place there until I feel the shudder of pleasure against my palm as I enter your tight, hot depths. Your hand begins to stroke me harder and I increase my own rhythm to keep pace. You respond by moving you body in a rocking motion against my hand. I trace slow circles on the sensitive areas as I push another finger into you. You arch against me allowing me to push in harder and further. My hands glide against the satin skin between you thighs with more fervor as your hands grip me in hard fast strokes. You're close now. Your moans adding to the burning fire in my mind. I continue to thrust needing to feel your release.~

~Come for me, Red.~

"Oh, God!" Her voice broke the silence. There was no way she couldn't now. She typed her answer with a trembling hand.


~I whisper into your ear, begging you not to stop. Begging you to let go and come with me. My thumb presses hard against you in small circles as I thrust into you again and again feeling your muscles tighten around me like a hot, wet glove. In the same instant your hand glides lower fondling the tightness there before continuing with the long hard strokes that threaten to take me over the edge at any moment. The music pounds heavily, pulsing again and again before erupting into a wail, taking our screams of ecstasy into the smoky air with it. You spasm around me as I spasm under you, each trembling and struggling to draw in a breath. A moment later I pull you against me and bury my face in your damp hair. I stroke your back while showering your scalp with light kisses. I offer to take you home now. We leave on my motor bike and head to your place. Once there we crawl into bed and I wrap my arms around you as you lay your head on my chest and we fall asleep.~

~What do you think, Red? How was it for you?~

Scully sat back in her chair trying to catch her breath before she answered. ~It was great. You?~ She wondered if he had also enjoyed his little fantasy.

~Oh, yeah. I think this was one of our better conversations.~

~Me too.~ She moved her hands over the keypad vaguely aware that they were still shaking. What did she say now, she had just had cybersex with a man she had never met. A man who she knew she was falling in love with.

~I don't know what to say now, I've never done that. I wish I was with you. I wish I could hold you tonight, Red.~

~You will, in my dreams.~

* * * * * * * * * *

In the next few months Scully's shame eventually disappeared as her conversations with Hunter were becoming increasingly intimate. He was still so damn secretive though. Scully tried not to take it personally, she herself wasn't being particularly honest. She still had yet to tell him about her real job. She didn't want it to get in their way, she didn't want her deception to bring tension into their relationship. But at the same time her guilt was beginning to get the better of her. So was her curiosity. She was seriously considering asking him to meet her. She definitely needed some advice.

"Mom, I've met someone." Scully tapped her fingers lightly on her coffee mug.

"Oh? Really!?" Her mother's pleasure was evident, it brought a smile to Scully's face. "What does he do? "

"He's a cop here in the city." She measured her words carefully.

"Really? What's his name?"

Good question. "Hunter." She didn't want to tell her mother she didn't know his name.

"That's different. Don't let him near Fox," her mother smiled at the pun she had just made. "Is he good looking?"

Great, another one, this was beginning to seem a little strange even to her. She sighed before giving in. "I don't know. I've never seen him." No but we've been having cyber sex for three months. Maybe telling her mother this wasn't such a good idea.

"I don't understand honey. You just said you met someone."

"I did, Mom. I met him six months ago in a chat room on the Internet. We've been talking every night, I really like him."

"Dana, honey, you don't even know him," her mother protested.

"I do. I know a lot about him." Except his name and what he looks like. "I really like him. I think I may have fallen in love with him."

"Dana, you don't know him!" Her mother was flabbergasted.

"That's my point. I want to meet him. I'm just not to sure about it though. I think I'm afraid."

Maggie surrendered her lecture when she saw the seriousness in her daughter's eyes. "What are you afraid of honey?" Beside the fact that he might be a *HOMICIDAL MANIAC!* Maggie thought to herself.

"I don't know. What if we meet and have nothing to say? What if I'm not attracted to him in person? What if he thinks I'm too short or too tall, or too thin? What if I meet him, and hate him?" The words spilled from her mouth like water from a broken dam.

"Is meeting him in person really important to you?"

Scully nodded in answer.

"Important enough that you may lose the relationship, what ever it may be, that you have now?"

Scully once again nodded.

"And you say you're in love with him?"

"Yes," her voice was low and slightly choked.

"Then will it really matter if he's ugly?"

Scully wanted to say no, but she wasn't entirely sure.

"Then meet him, Dana. But do it in a public place with someone you know," her mother cautioned her.

"I already thought of that. Ellen and Rick said they would go with me."

"Then Dana, do it."

* * * * * * * * * *

Her mother's words echoed in her head as she logged on to their private room. Hunter was there and greeting her telling her he had missed seeing her voice all day. They chatted for a while before he pointed out how distracted she was.

~Hunter, I've been thinking. I want to meet you, in person. I really like you and I just think it was time you were the one touching me at night.~ There, not as classy as it could have been but it was there. She waited nervously as a whole minute went by without a response.

~Tonight, Red. Meet me at the Viperpit.~

She breathed a sigh of relief, ~Okay. I'll be wearing a black lace halter top and short black silk skirt,~ she typed in, referring to the outfit she had worn in his first fantasy.

~Then I'll be the one in the black jeans, white shirt and raging hard on.~ He joked back.

10:00 rolled by. She was at the club with Ellen and Rick. She contemplated moving to the dance floor.

"Go on, Dana, we'll keep an eye on you." Dana nodded, sliding out of the booth and onto the dance floor. She moved slowly hoping to imitate the movements in his fantasy. She could feel her adrenaline whirling through her body. She felt hypnotized by the pulsing rhythm and lost herself into it. Suddenly she felt him. She didn't know how she knew it was him, she just did. He stood behind her watching her, she knew. Then slowly she felt him stroke her back before pulling her lightly to him. She felt the warmth of his body. He was a tall muscular man who dwarfed her, she realized. His large hand rested on her hip as he brought her into his seductive rhythm. Her body was responding wildly already. He buried his face into her hair, inhaling deeply.

"God, I've wanted to touch you forever." He breathed into her ear, his voice dark and husky. Her body slid down his, reveling in the heat their close contact was creating. She wanted to turn around, to see his face. She no longer cared what he looked like. She just wanted to kiss him, feel his lips on hers, his tongue exploring hers. She moaned before spinning around. She was going to throw herself into his arms. She wasn't even going to look at his face. But the instant he came into view she froze, paralyzed. Her breathe caught in her throat, her moan turning into a faint cry of shock. She saw his eyes widen, the recognition flashing like fire through them. Neither spoke for a long moment, they stood there inches from each other, the music loud and pounding. Finally, Scully managed to choke out his name ...

"... Skinner ..."

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