Life On the Edge
Part Two

Rating: PG-13

"Anakin," Tahiri said.

It was barely a whisper — hardly more than a breath; but Han stiffened sharply at his son's name, and slipped the grip of his bare arm tighter around her belly — staring past her into the darkness.

What am I doing here? he asked himself, blinking once. What the heck is she doing here?

"It's okay, Han," she said, her hand drifting back beneath the sheets. "I was just thinking."

"I know," he sighed, watching the golden hair behind her ear dance at the brush of his breath. "You're beautiful."

She murmured something grateful in reply, her warm body stretching against him for a moment, her forearm rubbing softly across the back of his wrist.

For a moment, they both smiled.

The bunk in the Falcon's forward hold had always been his refuge. Recessed in the bow-end bulkhead, up behind the couch and the dejarik table.

He slept here most nights now. And she joined him, for warmth and company.

Is that so wrong?

It was warm in the bunk together, comfortable – but there was a place inside her that the warmth couldn’t reach — a cold, deep ache, like an old wound.

Somehow, he knew that she was staring at something far away, beyond infinity, and he felt a twist in his chest, his gaze tracking with hers, across the empty deck.

"I miss him too," he agreed, gently placing a soft kiss behind her ear.

She rolled around in his arms, and looked at him.

"He wouldn't mind, you know," she said, her eyes gazing into his — no longer the chlorine-ice eyes of the woman who had cut down Shiya's best enforcers in the cantina twelve hours earlier.

Han cleared his throat, and as he did, he saw her close her eyes and part her lips, and reach up to him.

The kiss was slow, tender — and, for Han Solo, it was a moment of wide-eyed amazement.

A revelation.

"Thank you," she whispered, not meeting his eyes after they had pulled away. "Thank you, Han."

"Hey," he whispered. "Thank you. That, um. Wow."

She laughed, then sighed, and rolled around again, staring out into the dark once more.

For the length of several breaths, they were silent.

"Just hold me," she asked him — and, until the dawn, he did.

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