Leia's Discovery
Rating: PG-13

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress' notes: This story is a sequel to Jaina's Discovery, and takes place later the same day. In that story Jaina Solo discovers a Jabba the Hutt Slavegirl Outfit that her parents had purchased for a roleplaying session. Jaina tries on the outfit, and gets stuck in it. Lando then shows up, and the two race to free her before she is discovered by her parents. They succeed in the nick of time. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

Leia listened to her husband in the sanisteam as she slid her feet into the calf high maroon boots. They were overlaid with gold, and had twelve centimeter high heels. Next she picked up the gold durasteel bra, and put it on.

It was a high — quality replica of the one she had been forced to wear on Tattooine decades ago. She had ordered it weeks ago, and it had arrived just as they were leaving to survey systems for settlement.

During the trip, she had done her best to rush Han along, only to have Lando insist on taking them to dinner as soon as they landed. The next couple of days had been hectic, but now she and Han had the whole evening to themselves. After she locked the bra in place Leia put on the durasteel belt, and attached the long strips of lashaa silk to the front and back of it.

Next Leia closed the seven centimeter wide gold durasteel armbands around her biceps, and the matching cuffs around her wrists. Last of all, she locked the thick golden durasteel slave collar around her neck.

As soon as she did all the maglocks on her boots, belt, bra, cuffs, armbands, and collar clicked again, simultaneously. Leia felt a jolt of pleasure as she was locked in the outfit. Now only Han could release her, hopefully after a long night of enthusiastic sex.

Leia attached the chain leash to the front of her collar, then took a few moments to admire herself in the mirror. She was amazed at how sexy she looked — especially for a woman nearly fifty. Han would go crazy. After a couple of minutes, Leia heard the sanisteam turn off. Impulsively, she decided to go out into the living room to await — and surprise — her husband.

She laid down on the pouf — couch, and draped the lashaa silk to cover her essentials as she listened to Han finish up in the 'fresher. She was practically dripping in anticipation. After a few long moments, Leia snuck her hand underneath her lashaa silk. Suddenly, the front door opened, just a couple of meters to her left.

"Hey, Han 'ol buddy," the familiar voice said as he entered.

"AAEEEE — SKRAG!!" Leia yelled out as she grabbed the throw pillow and clenched it in front of herself.

"Jain — LEIA!" the voice shouted in alarm.

"LANDO!" Leia yelled back at him. "GET OUT!" she shouted when he didn't seem to being moving.

Lando hastily jumped back, and shut the door. Leia leapt to her feet, and locked the door. The she leaned against the door, panting in relief. Suddenly she saw Han emerging from the bedroom.

"Hey baby," he said curiously. "Did I hear Lando, he was supposed to drop ..." he trailed off as he caught saw what she was wearing.

Han stood there speechless a few moments. Leia had planned on a little role play, leading up to a long night of fantastic sex, but she was far too horny for that now. Leia practically leapt towards him. They didn't even make it to the bed. She dragged him to the floor, and stripped off his pants.

Eventually they made it to the bed, with Han pulling her by her leash. After her second orgasm, Leia finally calmed down enough to pretend to be a Hutt's slavegirl pleasuring a favored smuggler. Needless to say, Han loved the outfit, even though the strips of lashaa silk were still on the floor.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"What the frakk is this?" Tendra Calrissian asked in derision as she looked at the assorted gold durasteel and maroon nerfhide boots.

Lando had seen Jaina in the outfit a few days ago, then Leia a few hours ago. He had been so turned on he had to get it for Tendra. He left Han and Leia's apartment, and went straight to the All Species Pleasure Boutique, then straight here.

"It's a roleplaying outfit," Lando explained hopefully. "Just try it on, you'll love it," he added hopefully. "Trust me," he added with a smile after a few heartbeats.

Tendra stared back at him a moment warily, then grinned. "Okay," she said as she began stripping off her jumpsuit. "You be the cruel guard, and I'll be the Hutt's helpless slavegirl."

Lando's eyes went wide with shock. "Wow. Awesome!" he said with a broad smile as he watched her lift the durasteel bra to her breasts.

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