Lady On A Box
Part Six: Fear and Loyalty

Rating: NC-17
Diana DeRiggs

While the Lusankya was indeed a big boat, it was full of Ysanne Isard's "collection" of rebel and Imperial prisoners — all male and human — and thus there was a definite "clutter" about the place. Whole sections and deck levels had "environmental" considerations more bizarre than Erisi had ever experienced, and she thought that was saying a lot. The Vratix of Thyferra, the insectoid creatures who produced the bacta on which Erisi's family's fortunes were based, required special climates to do their work. The Xucphra entity humans resented it, as the creatures were native to Thyferra — what more could they possibly need?

You could tell which areas held prisoners because specialized gravity generators were placed in proximity. Isard must have installed them to make escape very uncomfortable and jarring for the inmates, or perhaps to keep other occupants of the ship from accidentally stumbling on the prison areas? It was said that the inmates had no idea they were on a ship for all the long years they were incarcerated.

When the Super Star Destroyer rose up from beneath the surface of Coruscant, the plug which Director Isard had placed high up in Erisi's anus started to react. At first, she felt an uncomfortable warmth; it grew quite hot before the woman realized what was causing the sensation. She'd thought it would vibrate violently, given Isard's nature, but a gradual heating up was a more practical alarm. Erisi did worry how hot the thing would actually get?

Thus it was with panic that she broke off from her wing formation; there was no need to fake her hysteria that she was being forced to head for the escaping Lusankya. It was with the greatest urgency that she needed to land there! She didn't want the anal probe melting while it was inside her!

Erisi had realized that Wedge Antilles had programmed the astromech 'droids to broadcast the conditions of her ship. At the time she had discovered it, she rolled her eyes at his lack of sophistication. But she hadn't reversed the programming; doing so would have called attention to her, and created a situation for which she could not think of an alibi. And it was a hard decision to make a run for the Lusankya immediately upon getting the signal, rather than modifying the data stream emitted from the astromech. But since Ysanne Isard was obviously in a rush to get her ship off-planet, Erisi had to act fast.

So now the rebels knew she was the moll. Corran Horn had escaped the prison ship and would have blown her cover; she had no choice but to run for it. Sloppy, but at least she didn't have to suffer the torture of being cooked from her innards, outward!

* * * * *

Isard had ordered Erisi into a stormtrooper uniform and had her escort some rebel prisoners who had had direct contact with Corran Horn. Erisi tried hard not to flinch as the physically weakened men were subjected to Isard's wrath. She didn't admire their resolve to say nothing to the former Imperial Director of Security; Isard had clearly gone berserk over Horn's escape and was being brutal to the men. It would have been better/easier to just say anything she wanted them to say!

The stormtroopers were there not just to escort and guard prisoners; Isard ordered the uniformed armed guards to rape the restrained prisoners. Apparently, this was a "textbook method" — a tried and true way — to break a man's resolve. Or just a way to humiliate a man because you were insane with anger ...

The men must have been used to it; Erisi didn't know how long they'd been imprisoned, or how often they'd been subjected to this torture. They seemed stoic or resigned, but not one of them succumbed to the psycho- and sexual pressure. Not that she felt sorry for them ... men are jerks, as far as Erisi experienced them, and she had no trouble jamming the dildo affixed to her uniform armor's codpiece, or the end of a live blaster, into one of the two obvious male orifices in her assigned prisoner. She had to suffer sex the same way, let these bastards suffer, too!

Isard crowed almost joyfully at Erisi's vicious strap-on sex session with one of the bigger men. There was something so comical about a small girl in an armored anonymity-preserving uniform, butt-fucking and mouth-raping a big strong man! As a reward, she selected Erisi to service her after the torture sessions, which always got Isard all worked up and horny. From Erisi's moans and twitching responses, the younger woman also enjoyed the brutal foreplay with the prisoners and the subsequent lesbian release.

Taking an underling to bed was something Isard normally did not do while she resided on the capitol, but out here in the relative lawlessness of deep space she became uninhibited about her baser needs. Forced to flee Imperial City, she now never slept, and filled in the hours by engaging in sexual acts with those beneath her in power. She'd eventually take every crewmember at least once. It temporarily satiated the fallen Director, and put fear of their mistress over the crew, or it made them loyal to her.

In her chambers, there was always a man or group of men invited to watch and masturbate as Isard bedded her fuckholes-of-the-moment. She loved pushing the men and women to screaming, writhing, enslaving orgasms that echoed in her cranium like the screams of the prisoners earlier.

Isard liked displaying her nubile boys and girls to her formerly powerful colleagues; an invitation to her bedroom meant you were the audience if you were a "higher-up" rather than a performing sextoy. Afterward, the invited guests would curry favor to the former Director, hoping to "purchase" one of these sextoys for their exclusive use. Though she might have been uncomfortable to know she was on display and on a bidding block, Erisi would have been pleased if she knew how many men craved her body! Even if the only reason for her pleasure would be to fantasize about (finally) losing her virginity!

* * * * *

The feel of a penis in her mouth wasn't really anything like she'd read about when she was in school. Each one of them was different; they reacted to different strokes and pressures, the bumps and rills on each stimulated her mouth in unique ways. Some men preferred a softer stroke, some liked a bit of light biting and scraping with her teeth. Many liked to feel the cockhead entering her throat and the pulsing of her gag reflex. Some liked the blowjob to be wet, noisy, and messy, while others preferred tidier approaches.

But all of them liked having their dicks sucked, often more than putting their penis in any other orifice. At least, that was Erisi's experience. She was in her mid-20s and she was still technically a virgin. It seemed men weren't interested in her vagina at all, especially not if they could use her mouth and her anus. Perhaps she shouldn't have been so eager to please these men, and instead demanded satisfaction of her own?

Some men returned the favor and tried to lick her to orgasm, but she had to admit that the best oral sex she'd had was at the hands and mouth of a woman. Erisi would be reminded of this every time she reported to Ysanne Isard's quarters. As abusive as the former director of Imperial Security could be, she was a superb lover, in a rather forceful and controlling way.

Moff Flirry Vorru could kid himself about having Erisi as his willing and depraved lover, but the truth was that it had cost him many promises and favors before Isard had let him take Erisi for his own satisfaction. No matter if he had to bid for her, it was still a privilege to have such a sleek, intelligent lover. Even better, Erisi was not quite girlish looking, feeding to his predilection for young men ... After he was sated, they'd lie together and he'd stroke her hair and fondle her boyish figure and tell her how they'd plot to overthrow the former Director. All the while, Erisi would simmer with unfulfilled lust and wish she could just leave her official lover and jerk off or find a voluptuous woman to have real fun with ...

She had thought something had been wrong with her that she was undesirable, but she was starting to think that men in general had fed women the big lie. All those years ago when she first saw the pretty women in their beautiful dresses displayed for whoring along the side of a certain road, she thought "love" equaled "romance" and "respect." But she discovered that all of these things could be bartered for money, power, information ... sex was a universal currency at the highest and lowest levels of humanity.

And men were not into procreating. Maybe they were with the women they married, but with Erisi they were dirty, depraved, kinky, and selfish. And so she stayed virginal, yet was sexually experienced in all manner of "alternative" sex acts.

Figures that I'd get one who wants a boy! Men suck, Erisi muttered under her breath, and they're really, really bad at it.

* * * * *

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