Lady On A Box
Part Five: Probe Consideration

Rating: PG
Diana DeRiggs

Erisi had been talking to a particular tapcaf server a lot these past few days. She didn't tell him anything critical, of course. In fact, he probably considered her a heartbroken drunk and didn't take anything seriously, but Erisi had learned to me more careful about what she divulged through her actions or loose talking. The probe that Isard had implanted into her nether passage served as a very effective reminder.

Part of the reason Erisi took to drinking is that simply, she was forced to give up solid food. The probe inside her would act as a transmitter which would vibrate when it was time for Erisi to abandon her cover as a Rogue Squadron pilot and re-join the Empire. Unfortunately, it blocked anything from exiting her; it was Ysanne Isard's idea of a suitable punishment for Erisi's significant failures. First, she did not succeed in seducing or killing Corran Horn. Second, she dared to see Isard at her offices while still undercover.

Erisi had sobbed to the bartender about her predicament in the following terms: "Why are there those kind of guys? You'd do anything for them, but they treat you like dirt!" She was telling him about her unsuccessful seduction of Corran Horn, but also about how abusive Isard had been to her throughout their relationship. "It'd mean the world to me if he'd just do as I want him to!"

The human bartender refilled her glass and pat her hand, "Be thankful I'm in love with your pretty eyes and that I'm your friend." He smiled at her and she stared at him with her alcohol-soaked mind, wondering what he'd be like in bed.

He never charged her for drinks, and she had thought he was a sucker. But maybe he was just a nice guy. After all, for all the free drinks, he never asked her for anything in return.

Since the painful probe would not come out till Isard had it removed, Erisi had to hurry along the next phase of the operation long. Isard's instructions were the following: implicate Tycho Celchu in the murder of Corran Horn. However, Horn was to instead be captured by Imperial forces; Isard decided that a man who would resist the aggressive sexual advances of Erisi Dlarit would be an interesting speciman to experiment with in her "personal prisoner program."

Erisi had figured out that Tycho, who was X.O. of Rogue Squadron but also under perpetual house arrest, had been captured by the Empire then inexplicably returned to the Rebels. He had no memory of his time away; it was presumed that he'd suffered from traumatic stress syndrome from the imprisonment. The Rebels treated him as if he were an Imperial spy.

It wouldn't take much to give the Rebels any evidence that their suppositions about Celchu were true. The harder part was figuring out how to make it look like he'd killed Horn, yet somehow deliver Horn to Isard alive.

The Rebels were getting ready to mount a takeover attack on Imperial City, and thanks to Erisi's reports, Isard knew the timing and locations of the spies salted around the capitol. But she told Erisi it was up to her to decide how to bring her assignment to a successful conclusion. When her plan was submitted through the proper channels, appropriate resources would be released to her. Until then, Erisi was on her own.

Erisi hadn't been able to seduce Horn, but from this bartender, she realized that she could get further with Horn simply by being his friend. Then she'd be able to get close enough to him for ... for what? She still had no idea how to accomplish her objectives.

* * * * *

Corran was relieved that Erisi had stopped trying to sexually harass him. He figured she finally got the message that he wasn't interested in her that way. Anyway, she was turning out to be a supportive teammate, and was pretty good around a fighter engine, too. She told him she'd studied mechanical and electrical engineering when she was in school with the late Bror Jace; it was expected of the two heirs to Thyferra's bacta families to know how engines and machines worked so they could be used to deliver and defend the bacta products.

The memory of Jace stung at him. The two had been rivals when training for squadron eligibility; sometimes the rivalry had gone too far. But now Jace was dead, killed while exiting hyperspace — his ship had run right into the killzone of the Imperial Black Asp. Horn and Erisi had talked about this, and both had agreed that someone from inside the squadron had leaked the information about Jace's flight path to the Imps. She had suggested that the traitor was none other than the Rogue's X.O., and Corran admitted that he'd been thinking that, too.

He told Erisi that he'd seen Tycho talking to someone he didn't trust. Corran hadn't told her who it was, but Erisi was pleased to see she was succeeding at planting suspicion against Tycho in Corran's head. She made sure he talked to others about his doubts, too, so that if something eventually happened to Corran, people would quickly leap to the conclusion that Tycho was somehow to blame.

The plan to take over Imperial City was a simple one — it was almost elegant: destroy power controls to the planetary shields so that the planet could be invaded by New Republic forces. Everyone had a specific job — fly cover, or be on the ground to deal with the computer takeover and manipulations. All Erisi needed to know, however, was that she was assigned to fly as Corran's wingman and that Tycho Celchu had acquired the Z-95 Headhunters they'd be flying. A plan had formed in her head toward completing her mission.

Then maybe she'd be able to get that probe out of her anus!

* * * * *

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