Lady On A Box
Part Four: Vengeance and Violation

Rating: X (sex, violence) / Slash
Diana DeRiggs

Rhysati licked her lips because they were dry. She'd learned long ago that to keep them from cracking she should keep them moist. But her tongue felt swollen and dry too, and she sighed to herself that she didn't feel like smiling much anyway.

Her mouth was feeling bruised and tender, having been kissed so vigorously and so energetically by her roommate. Erisi Dlarit had gotten up in the middle of the night and ... attacked. It felt like an attack. Rhysati had heard of women who enjoyed sex with other women, of course; she wasn't that naive. But she'd never felt like kissing another girl before, much less like having sex with one.

The intensity with which Erisi's mouth covered hers and the way Erisi's fingers groped and massaged her body made her react in an unpredictable manner — Rhysati had ignited like dry kindling and she felt her body contract in a rapturous orgasm unlike any she'd ever experienced. It was as if Erisi's roughness was necessary to unlock the wild passion contained in Rhysati's sexuality, and she found herself opening her legs wider in wanton need.

She had worked up to such an unthinking frenzy that she did what she later told herself would have happened naturally — she found her head between Erisi's athletic thighs, licking and kissing the woman's labia and clitoris with an oral fervor she'd never shown for any male body part. Erisi was doing likewise to her, lying over Rhysati, pinning her body to the bunk. There was no need to restrain her, for Rhysati had her arms wrapped around Erisi's hips, clutching at her buttocks to keep the two women together.

I liked it! Rhysati let a tear roll down her cheek as she lay in the bunk, but she didn't wipe it away. To do so would have forced her to touch the dried lubricating juices from Erisi's vagina on her face. It was bad enough that her tongue lingered with the taste of her own juices, from when the two women had kissed after licking each other to many satisfying orgasms.

Rhysati wondered what she should do ... was it rape? While it was true that Erisi had taken advantage of her sleeping bunkmate, Rhysati had not resisted and even enjoyed it immensely. Did that make them lovers? She wondered what it meant that Erisi was no longer in bed with her when she awoke. Surely, after such satisfying sex, she wouldn't have been abandoned? Surely?

She talked herself out of her panic, convincing herself that Erisi probably felt guilty about the incident, probably couldn't face her roommate, etc. Rhysati was aware that she wanted more of Erisi's fingers and mouth, and that she was shivering with the racy memories. I liked it ... more and more ... It was as if the two belonged together. Though they were both petit and blonde, they were otherwise like chalk and cheese — Erisi was lean and athletic, Rhysati was soft and curvy. Rhysati was almost painfully shy, while the other was forward and aloof. She was convincing herself that this was meant to be, that this was the reason she'd never found satisfaction with human males before. Am I a lesbian? She didn't think she was ... but what was this feeling taking over all her senses now?

When she finally washed up, she quietly walked out of her room toward the mess (Why am I feeling guilty? I'm an adult! I'm not a virgin!). She tried not to look directly for Erisi, but she heard her voice then tried to be nonchalant about looking toward the other woman. Rhysati then dropped her foodtray in shock at the sight. Grateful for having to bend over to clean up the mess, she pulled her long hair over her face and tried hard not to cry.

Erisi was draping herself around and over Corran Horn, clearly attempting to seduce the man from Corellia. Rhysati also noticed the sheepish look Corran had on his face and felt sure that Erisi needn't have tried so hard — it was obvious he was going to succumb.

In one glance, Rhysati knew she had been used as a masturbation tool so that Erisi could prime herself for taking Corran. She wasn't used to being a jerk-off toy, and she hated it. She ran off to Commander Antilles to beg for a new billet, though she wouldn't explain why. So of course, he refused her request.

* * * * *

Corran Horn couldn't understand what was happening. Why was this Dlarit girl showing so much interest in him? He could have understand if Bror Jace had still been alive; he'd heard there was some jealous karma between the two Thyferrans, like they'd dated in the past and had split with acrimony. But Bror had been killed over Noquivzor. True, he and Horn had disliked each other as rivals, but why come after him now? Surely, it'd do no one's ego any good to score a rival after your enemy is dead?

But Horn simply wasn't interested. Rich girls always left him cold; they tended to want to make men into their toys, and he was no plaything. Besides, he was interested in someone else, and had no desire to jeopardize the potential in that relationship. As it was, he and Mirax Terrik had gotten off to a bad start, when they discovered his father had put her father in prison. It was only Wedge Antilles's intervention that saved him from being beaten up by the girl. For some reason, he felt he had to be on his best behavior to let her know he was sorry for being an ass. A lot about him had changed since he'd joined Rogue Squadron, but he still knew to trust his feelings.

Maybe she's the type of rich girl who needs to feel protected, he wondered, remembering that Erisi's first roommate Lujayne Forge had been killed on Talasea. Perhaps she was feeling vulnerable and needed a man in her bed to feel safe. Horn laughed to himself, Maybe she wants a short, hairy playtoy, and he noted to buy her a stuffed ewok doll next time he had the chance.

* * * * *

Enraged at being snubbed by Horn, Erisi was in a high emotional state when she returned to her room. She saw Rhysati backing away from her, holding her blanket over her partially clad body. Erisi became angrier, having just been scolded by the executive officer for being a difficult roommate, and was told the Rhysati had applied for a transfer from their bunking assignment for unspecified reasons. How dare she deny she wanted it!

Erisi flew at the other woman, who in her panic climbed over a footlocker to try to get away. But as she stood perched on top of the box, Erisi knocked her off and banged her up against the wall. Rhysati slid, stunned by this behavior, and lost grip on the blanket. Erisi wrenched it out of her hands and hauled her to a standing position and started pulling the clothing off Rhysati's body. Poor Rhysati couldn't even scream, so intense was the attack, but when Erisi pushed her tongue into her mouth, Rhysati tried to repel it. But it was useless ... the stress and emotional angst of the past few hours collapsed over Rhysati's psyche and she let out a sob as her lips embraced the violating invader.

In Erisi's inflamed mind, she was not molesting her roommate — she was attacking and debasing Mirax Terrik, the woman for whom Corran Horn was apparently saving himself. How ridiculous! Erisi was fuming. It was not only a blow to her professionalism — she'd been ordered by Ysanne Isard to seduce and "deactivate" Horn — but to her personal pride! She'd started to feel so good about herself — she'd accomplished mission parameters, she'd done a lot! She'd salvaged that awful situation by having Lujayne killed, she managed to transmit the information that got Bror Jace killed ... she was feeling invincible for the first time in her life. How dare Horn not do as she wanted!

She took her rage out on the supple body of her roommate, pushing her fingers violently into Rhysati's wet core. She heard Rhysati scream as more fingers penetrated and twisted in her, then felt the other woman shudder in pain as her whole hand slipped into the slippery, moist slot. Erisi was relentless, she balled up her fingers in the tight enclosure into a fist and hammered Rhysati hard. She even started telling the weeping, shivering blonde how useless she was, how she was only good as a fucktoy, how no one would want her after she'd been enslaved to this type of sex ... Erisi was aware that these were all the things her demons taunted her with over the past years and it felt good to unleash them on someone else. She felt no guilt as she pummeled and squeezed her roommate's body with a fierceness she hardly recognized. As Rhysati's legs spread to take in more, Erisi shrieked out, "Slut! Harlot! Bitch!" and the other woman moaned and begged for more. The sight of Rhysati impaled on her arm made Erisi grab a handful of coins and throw them at her face, "For services rendered, whore!" Rhysati was screaming and crying and wishing it would never stop ...

In Erisi's dreams that night, Mirax was standing on a pedestal-like box off to the side encased in plastene. She was immobilized, force to watch and begging for mercy. Corran was under Erisi, moaning and babbling in helpless, giddy enjoyment.

When Erisi awoke, Rhysati was lying on the bunk with her legs over one of Erisi's as if to keep the both of them in the bed. Rhysati was touching Erisi's nipple, fingering it tenderly. When she saw the sleeping woman responding, Rhysati moved her hand down to Erisi's mons, then slowly and tenderly pushed into the vagina. The fingers met resistance and Erisi moaned, remembering how the Xucphra directors had ordered her hymen be surgically restored when they assigned her to seduce Bror Jace.

Right then, Erisi saw a line-up of men, all standing on boxes, one after the other. It seemed her life was highlighted with unsuccessful seductions: most significantly Bror, then Captain Hotok, and now Corran Horn. At least Rhysati is a success, she scolded herself as she spread her legs with her own hands, hoping at last to lose that scrap of skin she hadn't been able to break with a man.

Rhysati was too gentle, not reciprocating Erisi's fervor from the night before, only succeeding in annoying her. Somehow, in the cold light of day, Erisi couldn't seem to get up the energy to attack again; her anger had already abated. At last, frustrated and unsatisfied, Erisi mumbled about having to use the refresher, dressed quickly and slipped out of the room.

* * * * *

Rogue Squadron was to infiltrate Coruscant as private citizens in disguise. By a quirk of fate (or so she thought), Erisi had drawn the assignment of being a Kuati upper class woman and Corran Horn would be her telbun — a combination of breeding stud, escort, houseboy, and slave. No one questioned how perfectly Erisi could play such a part — spoiled, rich, cold, demanding — it was a custom-made part for her. Members of the squadron noted how pleased and smug she looked when the assignment was handed down. They all wondered how — even with his undercover experience — could Corran tolerate her oppressive company? Especially since it was obvious to everyone that he was falling hard for Booster Terrik's daughter. As a result, Mirax and Erisi had only shown each other icy regard, but otherwise had ignored one another. The squadron started taking bets as to what Mirax would do if Erisi succeeded in bedding Corran?

Corran found himself grateful for the heavy purple and red robes with the tall collar and cylindrical hat which served to hide his body features and made his body move in a rigid fashion. Corran had been assigned this role because he was highly recognizable and had an Imperial deathmark on his head. But Corran was grateful because he could use the formal clothing and stance as armor against Erisi Dlarit's ongoing amorous onslaught. I mean, she's a friend, he told himself. That wasn't quite the explanation that satisfied him about why he didn't want to be intimate with Erisi ... but it would do.

Outwardly, as they traveled and roomed together on the starship Jewel which would take them to Imperial City, Erisi would feign affection, alternated by coldness, toward her conscripted middle-class breeder. "You are telbun, you understand," she would say to him, as their agreed-upon phrase to let each other know this was just for show. "I am telbun, I understand," he'd reply in acknowledgement. But Corran felt Erisi wholeheartedly believed in her role.

Once on Imperial City, and even on high alert, Erisi continued to attempt seduction. Corran had kissed her in a crowded plaza to cover his surprise at seeing someone on the planet he hadn't expected; Erisi took it as a sign that she was weakening his resolve! When it proved to be untrue, her frustration raged again, but this time, she didn't have Rhysati to help calm herself.

Blind with anger, she wasn't thinking clearly when she snuck away from Tracker and Corran, and ended up in the Imperial Palace, seeking out Ysanne Isard. The older woman did receive her but was clearly upset with Erisi; the younger one was failing at a simple mission and what's worse, she came directly here, where she could have been followed!

Faced with her stupid mistakes, Erisi's anger rapidly turned to fear as she was slapped and beaten into submission. With her head tied firmly between the Director's spread, naked thighs, Erisi suffered the pain and shame of rough anal penetration by an unseen and anonymous underling, as Isard instructed the proceedings. The Director felt every twist and shiver of Erisi's violation; she orgasmed as the vibrations of Erisi's loud, tortured screams stimulated her sex. Isard had made the girl kneel on a white box to take her punishment, like the ones Erisi had seen those woman standing on to display their bodies so many years before. Isard was manic about these humiliating details.

Broken and humbled, Erisi was ordered to transmit the remote code channels for Corran Horn's Z-95 Headhunter starfighter directly to Madame Isard. The Director had pushed the two-way encrypted transmitter directly into Erisi's torn-up anus, telling her that it would vibrate when it was time for Erisi to abandon her mission and re-join the Empire; "For your sake, you'd best resolve the job quickly," threatened Isard, referring to how Erisi would have a great deal of difficulty relieving herself otherwise, with the implant in the way.

It wasn't as if Erisi didn't already have very good incentive to do as she was ordered, but now she was crampy, achy, and tired, too. Corran Horn was so relieved she'd stopped trying to molest him that he didn't notice the obvious, even when it was too late ...

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